Tips from a cum junkie

Cum Junkie

by stephanie

The following occurred when I was 19 in high school. It was the turning point in my sexual development leading to my current submissive nature and unquenchable desire to be a cum junkie…

I was a relatively meek loner in high school with virtually no social life. The few times I gained the courage to ask girls for a date I was usually turned down or rejected after a single uneventful date. Although reasonably physically fit, I was not involved in any sports or major school activities.

Most of my time was spent fantasizing about the exploits of the school jocks and especially two twin brothers, Jim and Jerry. They were sports stars and always dated the most beautiful and desirable females in the school as well as sexy college coeds. I had been in a number of classes with them and helped them to pass their math and science courses but I never thought they really considered me to be a good friend. Thus you can imagine my surprise when they asked me if I wanted to spend a weekend at their house – they said they were planning a big party and needed some help setting things up on Saturday. I jumped at the chance. After begging my mother for permission over several days, she eventually agreed to let me go.

We went directly to their house after school on Friday…they drove me in their sports car (with me cramped into the almost non-existent back seat). Their house was an elegant large colonial set on a beautifully landscaped lot just like you would expect to see in the movies. The private back yard included a large pool and hot tub.

We went into the kitchen and Jim handed us each a beer. I’m sure they drank regularly, but I had led a sheltered life with little opportunity to drink. They explained that their parents were away for the weekend on a 4 day vacation in Cancun, which eased my fears of being caught drinking. We sat around the pool for a while and had another beer…I was getting pretty tipsy when they suggested we go for a swim. I mentioned that I didn’t have a bathing suit with me to which they said “no problem” – we don’t need any since the pool was very private and we were the only ones at home. We stripped and jumped into the pool and then into the hot tub. Jerry went to get some more beers …at the time I didn’t notice that he had picked up my clothes and taken them into the house. He returned with the beers and a stack of towels. We finished off another two round of beers while lounging in the hot tub and talking about girls. The guys were telling about how hot their current steady’s Debbie and Pam were …even holding out hope that they might be able to come up with a girl for me this weekend. (As you will learn later they didn’t mean it quite the way I interpreted it.)

I was pretty drunk when I got out of the hot tub and grabbed a towel. I noticed something leather, like a belt or something, between the towels. It was then that Jim and Jerry grabbed me, pulling my arms behind my back and attached leather wrist cuffs which locked my hands behind my back. They also attached a wide leather collar with rings around my neck. Finally, they clipped a leather leash to the collar.

My meek protests were ignored while I begged them to tell me what was going on. Jim eventually answered saying that I was going to be their slave for the weekend …and if I relaxed and followed orders I might even enjoy it. He said it was time to for them to pickup Debbie and Pamela so they tied my leash around the pool ladder and left. I tried to get it untied, but that proved impossible in my uncoordinated drunken state with my hands cuffed behind my back and the wet leather leash tied tightly in a double knot.

It seemed like they had only been gone a few minutes when they returned and untied me. I was completely naked as they led me back into the house by my leash. The girls were already in the family room. I was totally embarrassed, blushing as I was introduced to Debbie, a 19 year old petite blond with a very attractive figure and 22 year old Pamela. Pamela was an auburn haired amazon of a woman, tall with large breasts and long muscular legs. I turned crimson as Jerry introduced me as their weekend slave and asked Pamela what she thought of me. “Looks OK but how he performs is really the test.” she responded. Then Pam’s voice turned commanding, “On your knees slave and come to me.”

I stood there petrified for a moment before Jim and Jerry grabbed my shoulders and forced me to the floor. I really had no choice, so I decided to follow orders and see what happened rather than put up what I knew would be an unsuccessful fight. I managed to get across the room on my knees. Pam raised her skirt and spread her long legs exposing an incredibly sexy pair of black silk bikini panties. Pulling me toward her with the leash she ordered me to lick her cunt through the panties. This was closer to a pussy than I had ever been in my entire life and my rock hard six inch cock nearly exploded from the excitement.

After a few minutes she ordered me to remove the panties with my teeth so I could lick her cunt properly which I did with great difficulty to the taunts of Jim, Jerry and Debbie. After a few more minutes of licking, Pam started to breath heavily…but then stopped me saying she didn’t want to cum yet, but reassured me that I was doing OK for a beginner. Pam ordered me to repeat my performance for Debbie.

Servicing Debbie was a different experience. She had white frilly panties and her well trimmed blonde bush had a light flowery fragrance compared to Pam’s heavy musky scented pussy. I was again stopped when Debbie started to get excited …this time my leash was tied to a coffee table in the middle of the room and I was ordered to lie on my back.

Pam and Debbie stripped completely exposing their beautiful bodies and succulent tits. I wasn’t too surprised when Jim and Jerry stripped as well – Jim joined Pam on the sofa and Jerry was with Debbie on the other sofa. Bound on my back in the middle of the room, I was about to see what sex really was for the first time in my life. I watched the four of them make love for the next 30 minutes with both guys ultimately cumming and depositing their cream in their girl’s pussies which I had orally warmed up for them.

I thought my humiliation was complete when Pam got up from the sofa and came over to me. Squatting over my face she ordered me to lick her pussy clean and that I damn well better swallow every drop of Jim’s cum and make her cum again in the process or else there would be hell to pay. I did my best but nearly gagged when a large glob of Jim’s cum slid down my throat. (The only sperm I had ever tasted before was my own when at age 11 I had just started to masturbate and once tried licking off my finger…it was horrible then and Jim’s cum was much stronger). As I continued, I started to associate the taste with the humiliating but stimulating feeling I was experiencing and almost enjoyed it as my mind drifted off to fantasy land.

My attention was brought back to reality when Pam came with a shudder clamping her strong legs around my head. As she got up she called to Debbie, “OK Deb …your turn to get cleaned up!”. The younger girl followed the amazon’s example forcing me to suck Jerry’s cum from her fragrant blond pussy until she was completely clean and had enjoyed a few delicate little orgasms.

I was left on the family room floor as the four got dressed. They announced that they were going out for pizza and beer – telling me to relax and stay were I was (as if I had a choice with my wrists bound and the leash tied to the table.) I expected them to return soon with a couple of pizzas and a few six packs…but an hour went by without them returning. I drifted off to sleep after two hours …and was awakened when they returned noisily at about 11:30 obviously drunk.

“Glad to see you’re still here – we didn’t forget about you” Debbie said as she produced a single slice of cold pizza from behind her back which she fed to me as I kneeled obediently in front of her like a begging dog.

“OK, time for bed” Pam announced as they led me up the large curved staircase. We all entered what was apparently the master bedroom – a huge room with an incredible oversized four poster bed in the center of the room. I’m sure it was at least 50% bigger than a normal King size bed. My leash was looped over one of the bedposts at the foot of the bed while the four of them stripped again.

What followed was two and a half hours of fucking and sucking in every imaginable combination. I was brought into the action occasionally to provide oral services …sucking a pussy clean, licking an asshole or sucking a nipple while one of the guys fucked a cunt. My humiliation was raised to another level when Jim forced me to lick Jerry’s balls and suck his limp cock back to life for Debbie (fortunately I wasn’t forced to give Jerry a full blow job as I had always been repulsed by the thought of a homosexual encounter …but as I was to find out later, that was also to occur before the weekend was over.

It was after 2 am when everyone was completely spent but I had not been allowed to cum at all. I begged them for permission to relieve myself. Pam agreed but on her terms. Debbie was laid in the middle of the bed on her stomach with me kneeling between her legs and my cock pointing at her ass. Pam used two silk panties to tie up my cock and balls – one at the base of my cock and the other around my balls forming a neatly tied sack. She then stroked my engorged cock while the guys watched. It didn’t take long until I was ready to cum, but my orgasm was delayed by the tightly tied panties. When I finally did cum, it was a mixture of intense pleasure combined with some pain as my sperm was forced from my captive balls through my constricted cock. The evening ended as Pam ordered me to lick my slave cum off Debbie’s ass. I was then locked in the dark in one of the guest bedrooms to sleep for the rest of the night with my wrists again cuffed behind my back.

It was nearly eleven on Saturday when Debbie came to get me from the locked guest room. We went downstairs where Pam was sitting in the breakfast area. She ordered me to make breakfast – coffee, toast, bacon and eggs. When it was ready, Pam, Debbie and I sat down to eat. Pam asked if I had enjoyed yesterday to which I responded that it had really been a different unexpected experience but one that had turned me on and I had ultimately enjoyed being dominated and humiliated.

Pam said that was good because there was more to come this weekend whether I liked it or not, but it would be easier with me as a cooperative slave. I asked where the guys were – she said they were already at practice and would be gone most of the day. She and Debbie had me to themselves today and they were planning to train me as their servant.

Once I had cleaned up our late breakfast, they ordered me to get into the hot tub while they prepared a few things. After about 15 minutes they came out back with a bucket, cosmetic case and a shopping bag. I was told that the first step was to remove all the ugly slave hair from my body. I cringed at the thought but was unable to resist – I realized I was truly under their power. Pam watched as Debbie applied shaving cream to my entire body from my neck to my toes. Debbie went through three disposable razors as she worked her way down shaving my body

– I stood perfectly still, petrified, while she did this. Then Pam had the somewhat sadistic pleasure of washing me off with a cold garden hose. This was followed by Debbie’s application of depilatory cream to my body…this time including my face. After it had time to work, Pam again took the pleasure of hosing me off with cold water.

I was laid on a divan as Pam directed Debbie’s work… working from my feet up, she painted my toenails bright red, glued on long finger nails which were also bright red, finally doing up my face with mascara, false eyelashes, makeup and red lipstick. As Debbie finished, Pam directed us into the house and up to a special guest bedroom to continue.

The room was dark with deep purple carpet and drapes. The furniture was heavy Spanish style with dark wood, black leather and brass ornaments. The bed was round with black satin sheets

and a deep purple velour cover that matched the carpet. The room included a large throne-like high backed leather arm chair. The opposite wall was covered with a floor to ceiling mirror making the room look larger than it was. The furniture, colors and mirror combined to make it more like a kings court chamber from a castle than a guest bedroom in the suburbs. A black marble lined bathroom was connected to the bedroom.

In the bathroom, as directed by Pam, Debbie filled some kind of red rubber bag with warm water and added some scented bath oil. When it was full she screwed a hose onto the opening…I did not know what was happening as I had never seen anything like this before. Pam forced the nozzle into my ass, as she explained sarcastically that I was about to get an nicely scented enema from Debbie’s douche bag. With me on my hands and knees and with Debbie holding the bag as high as she could, Pam released the valve filling my bowels with the high pressure warm liquid…it was a feeling I had never had before. When the bag was drained,

I was required to hold it for three minutes before I could relieve myself on the toilet. The process was repeated to assure that I was completely clean. Finally, a plastic butt plug was popped into my ass by Pam “to be sure I didn’t soil anything”.

I was then taken back into the bedroom to be dressed in my “uniform” which consisted of white lace panties, black stockings and garter belt, black high heel shoes, a short black wig and finally a French maid’s uniform. The bodice was given some form by medium size breast inserts …these were held in place by small nipple clamps attached to the center of each and the backs were diabolically covered with rough burlap material on one breast and smooth silk on the other – the tight uniform pressed these against my chest and moved with my every movement providing contrasting but continuous stimulation to my sensitive nipples – I had never realized that male nipples were sexually sensitive.

Pam announced that my transformation was complete – Jim had said that Pam and Debbie might be able to come up with a girl for me this weekend…little did I know it was to be me. Pam spun me around to see for myself in the mirrored wall. I was indeed astounded when I saw a sexy, slutty French maid in the mirror …my masculine self had vanished. My self reverie was broken as Pam, now sitting in the throne-like chair ordered me to get to work…I was to start by licking and worshipping her feet. After sucking every toe and tonguing every square inch of her foot I worked my way up her long muscular legs. Ultimately arriving at her pussy. Her cunt was hot and wet from directing my transformation. My tongue quickly brought her to a powerful orgasm.

As usual, after Pam was satisfied it was little Debbie’s turn. She was laying on the round bed with her legs dangling over the side. I proceeded to give her feet a thorough tongue bath followed by servicing her sweet pussy.

It was now late afternoon and Pam announced that they had to get ready for the guys who would be returning soon. She told me to be a good maid and keep myself busy cleaning the house, warning me that it had better pass her demanding “white glove” inspection.

I was dusting and vacuuming the living room when Jim and Jerry returned. They were wearing shorts and sneakers and were covered with sweat…practice had ended with a three mile fitness run and neither had taken a shower before coming home. They were astounded when they saw that I had been transformed into a very convincing sexy maid. Jim let out a loud wolf whistle. He walked up behind me and announced that there was some other cleaning and vacuuming to do…forcing me to my knees in front of Jerry. “Dust his balls with your tongue and vacuum his cock you slut!” commanded Jim as Jerry pulled down his shorts. The smell of his hot sweaty crotch was initially repulsive but then started to turn me on as I actually began to think of myself as the French maid I had seen in the mirror. After licking his salty balls, I was eagerly sucking his cock just as Pam and Debbie descended the steps having heard Jim’s wolf whistle. They all watched the cock sucking performance and applauded as Jerry tensed and shot his cum down the back of my throat. The brothers quickly changed places as the now experienced maid worked on Jim with equal vigor and success.

As Jerry watched me sucking his brother, his cock started to harden again. He pulled my panties down and removed the butt plug …replacing it with his now hard cock. Jerry fucked my ass as I sucked Jim …in a few minutes both came together. After I had sucked Jim dry, he pushed me to the floor and turning to Pam said, “You’ve done a great job …better than we had expected” as the four of them stood over me laughing.

They were planning on going dancing Saturday night …I was ordered to grill some hamburgers for them while they got ready. Later all four sat around the table talking about what a good cook I made as well as a good maid. Shortly, they left, but before going Pam ordered me to clean up everything and then to stay in uniform should they need my help when they returned from their date. I cleaned up the kitchen, finished vacuuming and straightened up the bedrooms making sure that everything was neat and spotless. I straightened up my wig and reapplied the lipstick from Debbies cosmetic case. Then I went back down to the family room to watch TV and wait.

There wasn’t too much on TV so I decided to see if they had any videos worth watching. There was an unlabeled tape next to the VCR which I popped into the machine out of curiosity. You can imagine my surprise when I saw myself on the screen being forced into the living room …they had secretly taped everything that had happened last night. I was mesmerized by the sight of me licking the girls’ cunts, the fucking and eventually me sucking the juices from their pussies. I couldn’t help but pull down my panties and jerk off as I watched. It was almost instinctive and felt natural to find myself licking the cum from my hand as the video finished with the orgy in the master bedroom. My conversion to their cum eating slave maid had been swift and too easy…

Coming back to reality, I decided to check out the house and indeed, there were two or more video cameras hidden in every room …I’m sure that today’s transformation of me from high school kid to French maid as well as my vacuuming performance had been recorded. Down in the basement I found what was apparently a security control room where several monitors continually switched between the various cameras in and around the house and four VCR’s stood ready to record any action. As I learned later, Jim and Jerry’s father was the president of a large multi-national company with extensive third world dealings. The sophisticated system was installed by the company to provide security and surveillance, but apparently the kids had found other uses for it when their folks were away.

Around midnight, they all returned from dancing and drinking. They all had a good laugh taunting Nicole, their French maid as I was ordered to get them some wine and cheese. For entertainment while they sat and drank, Pam put on the video tape of my transformation made earlier in the day. As Jim and Jerry watched the video, she took great pleasure in referring to me as their new “slave maid”. Eventually each of the couples retired to their separate bedrooms for a night of intimate passion rather than another orgy like Friday night.. I was required to stay on call until 4:00 am providing any requested maid services. That night would need a whole other story to relate, but suffice if to say that I performed my duties well as the French sex slave maid.

I was allowed to have copies of the weekend videos on the condition that I returned whenever their parents are away. My service has continued through much of college every time I return for holidays and summer breaks. Pam and Jim broke up three years later when I was in my second year of college and I was required to continue servicing her and her new boyfriend as well as Jim and his various girls…but those are separate stories. Now you too know the story of the weekend that set my life’s sexual course.

The End

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The House of Sissify has encouraged me to be the real me and experiment with all sorts of idea’s. Before I started I would rarely dress up, now I can’t go a day without wearing at least panties. I would… Read more “Jess”

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