Truck Stop Sissy

Truck Stop Sissy

Chapter One

by sissy ginalee

“What is a Conditional Job Offer ?” She mocked, rudely parroting back the question offered.

“I see the Instructors have got Their hands in place firmly so that movement is not possible. Stop struggling, and listen attentively and learn !” said the Mistress.

She turned her attention to the Men, and spoke to them next.

“Guys, do you think this sissy will turn out as most of Our rated applicants do ? Happy to be an obedient pet of Ours and Our Clients ? Eager to perform the tasks that We assign ? Eager to suck cock or eat pussy, or perform any other task, no matter how humiliating, as ordered without question when commanded to do so ?”

The question was apparently not intended to be answered, as the Instructors remained quiet. The question seemed to answer itself. She continued speaking.

“Some of My trainees become like these Men whose arms unquestioningly obey My commands and hold My new pets so firmly and expertly. That is, if it turns out that it suits My needs to have an additional Instructor. But I have another occupation in mind that I know is appropriate in this case.”
She continued to speak.

“New sissies enthusiastically enjoy their new role here once they have been trained. I find that, contrary to wanting to leave Us, Our graduates usually work far too hard for Us at first, upon graduation, loving the new simplicity, and performance-based existence that We provide. It will be a wonderful change! There will be obedience to commands and hours of servicing Clients, both female and male, but showing obedience and dedication to Our Clients will bring reward with special, wonderful things and experiences that We know from practice affect every sissy right down to the very core of the soul, simplistic moments that most people would laugh at but which give sissies a sense of pride and well-being, even making them cry sissy tears of joy sometimes. But, those moments must be earned, dear. There will be days when your cheeks, and I do mean all four of your cheeks, will ache, as will your tongue and also your arms. Some days will cause crying from the exhaustion and confusion that a sissy feels.”

Somehow, this Woman who seemed to be arranging abduction, bondage, and subjugation, and even perhaps sodomy seemed regal, in Her command, even…noble suddenly…it was the way She looked then…noble. It was strange…even in the midst of the fear there was already admiration for this person, admiration that would soon grow to worship…

“And, dear, there will be something else…” She paused and looked upon Her dominion with triumph, like a person who is holding a straight flush in a poker game. “There will be incredible frienships with other ‘girls’ here, peers to be learned from and loved as if they were blood sisters.”

She pressed a button on an intercom, and spoke to some unknown person, saying, “Send the ‘welcome wagon’ ladies in here.” Shortly, three of Her girls came through a door. They filed in and knelt down on the cold hard concrete floor in front of Her. The one who knelt directly in front of Her seemed surely a male wearing makeup and Women’s clothes, but the other two ‘girls’ were so incredibly beautiful and feminine that it was only their height, well over six feet in their high heels, that made me suspect they were all males, or, at least, had been at one time in their lives.

“Lick properly, left” She commanded. The ‘girl’ kneeling at Her left rose and walked over to the instructor on Her left, behind me.

“Instructor, teach this girl her place” said the Mistress.
The sound of the left ‘girl’ unzipping the Instructor’s fly filled the otherwise quiet room.

“How do you feel, sissy?” the Mistress asked.

“Lucky, Mistress, very lucky.”

“Very well,” the Mistress replied. “Obey the Instructor.”
The Instructor took over.

“Kneel and suck sissy, until you are told!” said the Instructor firmly. The left ‘girl’ knelt and began to suck cock.

The Mistress turned Her attention to the ‘girl’ on the right now.

“Lick properly, right!” the Mistress commanded.

Soon, the ‘girl’ on Her right had received the same command from the other Instructor. The two ‘girls’ seemed to suck cock obediently and methodically for at least a full half hour while the third ‘girl’ in the center remained still kneeling at the feet of the Mistress.

Throughout that long time period, the Instructors were quiet and my legs ached. The self-discipline of the Instructors and the ‘girls’ was amazing! They were the ones working yet the legs of the one held doing nothing but standing ached ! They showed no discomfort! The Instructors apparently had not yet come despite the way these ‘girls’ were working their cocks. The ‘girls’ would take the entire length of their shafts down now and then, their throats distending slightly where the heads of the stiff cocks were lodged momentarily deep in their throats. In between the deep penetrations, the ‘girls’ would suck and swirl their tongues around the sensitive foreskin of these circumsized males, and would occassionally kiss the balls of the males in the careful knowing way that only males can kiss the balls of other males, in such a way that gives only pleasure and no discomfort…

Finally, the Mistress spoke.

“Instructors, finish now.” the Mistress commanded. One Instructor soon said, “Finished, Mistress.”

A short time later, the other Instructor echoed the first Instructor, saying “Finished Mistress.”

The ‘girls’ stood up and there was the sound of their hands zipping up the pants of the Instructors. The two ‘girls’ stood facing the Instructors, in a frozen curtsey pose, holding the hems of their short skirts for at least two minutes. It seemed like forever.

“Center, lay open.” was Her next command to the ‘girl’ at the center who had remained kneeling at the feet of the Mistress during the entire time. The ‘girl’ directly at Her feet lay down on her back and opened her mouth.

“Sissy left may ejaculate now!” she ordained. The ‘girl’ on the left knelt over the other center ‘girl’ and lowered her mouth until it was close to, but not touching the wide open mouth of the center ‘girl’. She opened her mouth and transferred the come into the mouth of the center ‘girl’ laying prostrate. The semen fell in globs into the mouth of the center ‘girl’.
“Swallow” said the Mistress. The throat muscles of the center ‘girl’ clearly took the semen of the Instructor all the way down.
“Right, kiss.” She commanded. The right ‘girl’ stepped out of her curtsey pose and came over and knelt down on the other side of the center ‘girl’ and then leaned over and kissed the left ‘girl’ over the head of the center ‘girl’ the one that was apparently to be the ultimate receptacle for the semen. The breasts of these two ‘left’ and ‘right’ girls were large enough that they draped out of the sheer deep plunge blouses worn without bras and their breasts brushed each others breasts as they kissed.

I t was shocking to realize these ‘girls’, probably once males, had been developed to such a size in their busts. One could only marvel secretly at the accomplishment of the Mistress and her organization to so totally transform these ‘girls’ in this way.

The right ‘girl’ ceased ‘kissing’ the left ‘girl’ and had clearly finished transferring her load of semen into the mouth of the left girl who now held semen again in ‘her’ mouth, this time from the other Instructor, the one the right ‘girl’ had serviced. The next command from the Mistress was for ‘her’ to empty ‘her’ come into the center ‘girl’ again, and as before, the left ‘girl’ dropped ‘her’ load of come in globs into the mouth of the center ‘girl’.

The Mistress spoke once again.

“These well-trained ‘girls’ will make great friends for this new rated applicant, don’t you agree, Instructors ?”

“Sure will !” the Instructors replied. “Lucky honey, this one, to have such obedient and well-trained girls as friends to learn the ropes from !”

“Sissy, see that you learn from them. They have alot they can teach in technique and obedience”, She said, addressing the shocked yet fascinated ‘rated applicant’ held before Her in morbid fascination, by the Instructors.

“There will be true, true friends here.” said the Mistress.
She spoke to the Instructors next.

“Instructors, check that the ‘girls’ have been sincere in their avocations.”

The Instructor on Her left spoke to the left ‘girl’.
“Left, what do you say to the Mistress ?”

“Mistress, this sissy is very, very lucky to have been permitted to ejaculate twice” the ‘girl’ said carefully and cheerfully.

‘Ejaculation’ apparently meant having come fall out of ‘her’ mouth into the mouth of the laying ‘girl’.

“Right!?” The Mistress’ said, Her word being both a statement to everyone, and also a cue for the right ‘girl’ too. It was such an incredible double play on the word ‘right’ that one could not help but realize then that alot of practice had gone into the performance being witnessed. The ‘girls’ knew their lines and their cues, and their places expertly, perfectly. Humiliation, choreographed, and the Mistress was the Choreographer.

The Instructor on the right spoke next.

“What do you say to the Mistress ?” said the Instructor to the right ‘girl’.

“Mistress, this sissy is lucky to have been permitted to ejaculate once.”

The Mistress walked up to the laying girl and stood over her, straddling her.

“Center, what do you say to this Mistress, or any Mistress ?”

The center ‘girl’ said, “Mistress, you are the most beautiful and kind and benevolent Woman and Mistress. Your perfection, complete in every way, both spiritual and physical, is excelled only by your generosity and goodness.”

“What is the place of the center sissy?” said the Mistress.
“The center sissy’s place is to lay open whenever a Mistress instructs that a receptacle is needed. The center sissy is a well-trained slut and whore and functions as a perfectly accepting cum hole for other sissies so as not to get the Males and Clients dirty with a filthy mouth and so that her friend sissies may come in her.”

The Mistress continued with the center ‘girl’, saying “What are you ?”

“Happy that my sister sissies come in my mouth. Lucky to have these sissies as friends. Lucky that they care about me enough to ejaculate in me.”

The Mistress really had glory in Her eyes then.

“See what true friendships will be found here ! Oh, darlings, to a life of happiness may your new inexperienced girlfriend look forward ! What will be your first task with this new sissy, girls ?”

They replied in unison, like a singing group.

“We are to teach this rated applicant to be a girl like us, just like us. Then this new sissy will be a girl among her equals.” It was like listening to the chipmunks cartoon characters. The oddity of it frightened me…wondering how it had been achieved that their voices had been (altered ? trained ?) to have that high-pitched twangy chirp which reminded me vaguely of Betty Boop…it was unnerving and caused some fear to surge again…
My thoughts slowed to a frozen focus on Her phrases then, suddenly, the queerness of the bizarre scene unfolding and comical sounds juxtaposed in a way that would have been funny if it were not so frightening. “…true friends…?” the words echoed in my mind “…because you will be one of them, among equals…” What did She mean, “one of them, among equals?” Hadn’t She said my true friends would be these…’girls’ ? How could that be, unless…Oh God, fear smashed in like a baseball going through a window…

“Oh God, please ! “Please don’t castrate me, Oh, for the love of God, please don’t, please…! please…!”

She had a smile that can only be described now as patient and amused and somewhat bored. The pleading was so loud that She took a napkin off a nearby table and handed it to one of The Instructors, who stuffed it in as a gag. The fear now bordered on terror! What would they do to me now ? Flush and hot and almost in pain with the realization that my alarm would only make things worse, and was stirring up only more potent and frightful images of what was to happen, some futile struggle occurring against my patient Male Instructors, to no avail…

By and by, however, the fear subsided and was suddenly completely displaced by the incredible scene that unfolded next. The Mistress was totally unconcerned with Her new sissy at the moment, having effectively silenced it easily, and it was clear she was genuinely fascinated with the center ‘girl’ now exclusively. The center ‘girl’ was clearly an objection of fascination to the Mistress. It was dumbfounding that the Mistress could focus so intensely on this denigrated and totally humiliated center ‘girl’. Right now, though, it was nevertheless a fact that the Mistress seemed to be unaware of anything except this lowly humiliated person who had been ‘fucked’ in this entirely demeaning way by these other ‘girls’ who had ‘inseminated’ ‘her’ in this obnoxious way…
“Center, you are my joy, my most wonderful sissy and creation …” and as She spoke the Mistress removed Her panties from under Her black leather skirt, Her eyes looking seemingly up into the sky in a kind of, well, glassy-eyed rapture. She stood over the center ‘girl’, and suddenly began to urinate all over the center ‘girl’ from Her now unclothed crotch. The Mistress distributed her pee all over the pantyhose, short skirt, and tight fitting blouse of the center ‘girl’. The Mistress finished by directing a steady stream all over the face and into the mouth of the center ‘girl’. The center ‘girl’ clearly was incredibly, gulping down as much of the urine from The Mistress as she could, although she gurgled and coughed a bit as she strained to swallow as much as possible too quickly. The Mistress was close enough that her urine splattered on the pants of the three of us, and on the faces of the ‘right’ and ‘left’ girls kneeling next to their ‘friend’.

When The Mistress was done, she seemed to return to the scene fully, and She spoke to the other two ‘girls’ on either side of the center ‘girl’.

“Girls, how do you feel about My favorite ‘girl’?”
“Jealous” they replied in unison.

“How jealous ?” she asked with a gleam in her eye.

“Let us show our jealousy and our love for Your favorite, Mistress, please !” they said in unison, in their chipmunk Betty Boop voices.

“Show me how much, then” said the Mistress.

The ritual that unfolded next was mesmerizing. It began with the two girls gently and with what can only be described as loving hands, removing the soaked clothes and lingerie of the center ‘girl’ until ‘she’ was naked. The center ‘girl’ was incredibly thin, with a very small penis between her otherwise gorgeous smoothly shaved legs. Her breasts were small but clearly large for a male, but they were not as big as the large breasts of the other ‘girls’. For at least 15 minutes, the left and right ‘girls’ cleaned the center ‘girl’ with their tongues. The image that came to my mind immediately, automatically, was that of kittens caring for each other, preening each other. The remarkable thing was the reaction of the Mistress.

“Oh, isn’t it touching, everyone ! Isn’t it lovely ! Isn’t it beautiful how much My sissies love each other !” The long dark hair of the Mistress flowed to and fro as she tossed Her head back in a kind of ecstacy. It was stunning, the entire proceeding.

It was truly, truly, without question, amazing. The left and right ‘girls’ cleaned the center ‘girl’ meticulously, washing the urine off of her with their tongues and lips, pausing for a minute or so to clean her nipples especially carefully. At that point the center ‘girl’ was obviously in a state of pleasure, as they sucked the urine off of her breasts and nipples. The small penis of the center ‘girl’ grew briefly during this licking of the tits to what was apparently it’s full size of about 2 inches, but deflated very quickly. For lack of a better word, it was, incredibly, despite the strangeness of the scene, an adoration of the center ‘girl’.

“Gino, don’t be ridiculous !” said the Mistress, suddenly returning to quell the silly paranoia and fear that had crept in when the fear of castration had gripped me. Seeing the penis of the center ‘girl’ had reassured and calmed me. The Mistress seemed to sense my sudden relaxation upon seeing the penis of the center ‘girl’ to calm my castration complex.

“We are not going to do any such thing ! My, We did profile this case well, that’s obvious ! It’s really touching that the shemale imagination would lead to such fantastic conclusions so quickly ! No, We aren’t going to castrate, or anything like that ! That is an enormous task, expensive and very complex, and We have Real Females in Our employ who are much more capable at things involving that sweet place than Our sissies could ever be, with the advantage that their ‘surgery’ , shall we say, took place before they were born so that We did not have to go to the expense to fix them. In other words, They were born with a level of perfection that you as a sissy cannot know. No, We discover the special skills of each sissy here. There are, however, some things our Real Girls can’t always do as well as Our sissies, but which, strangely enough, the Clients will want. And of course We have some Clients who don’t relate as well to Real Girls…they prefer ‘sissies’ strange as it is. We find it’s better that way…to sissify but keep male…it avoids jealousy between girls like you and the Real Girls who also serve Our Organization. Anyway, sometimes the Clients enjoy themselves with the unique assets of our sissies. We found that it gets messy and catty when we alter the males and the clients find the sissies boring when the perversity of their dual existence is no longer obvious. A cock hanging from an otherwise female sissy is usually very pleasing to our Clients. Of course Our sissies learn to perform any task the Client wishes and sometimes the Client will want a sissy to play the ‘male’ role, however amusing that thought might be. Some of Our sissies are actually still ‘functional’ in that role…it’s quite amazing and very useful.”

“But Right now, dear, We are simply giving a conditional job offer, just as I said at the beginning of this little chat. But after the earlier paranoid fantasies I saw here, I guess it’s safe for me to assume now that you will feel an animal thrill if I begin referring to you as Gina, the new girl at the training school ! Say hello to our ‘new girl’ guys !

The “Instructors” as she called them brought their mouths to each of my ears, one on each side, even as they still held me quite firmly, and whispered in my ears, very gently and carefully, distracting entirely from my fear, saying “Relax, honey, we will hold you and protect you, that’s our job.” Then The Male on the left said, “I think you are

very handsome, honey, you’re lucky…you’re one of the prettier ones, you’ll look real nice on your special days…wish I was as pretty as you…I have to settle for being an Instructor most of the time, but you, they’ll like you, I know they will…”

Fear no longer existed. It vanished completely at Their soft whispers penetrating the mind. Their words and the shock from what had been seen, had somehow replaced all fear with something recognized as both amazing, and out of place with the current situation: Hope. The word rolled somewhere in the soul. It was incongruous with the bizarre proceedings, but nevertheless, it was there. How strange it was ! It became hard and real, that word hope, and it began to multiply like a virus inside me into doubles: Hope, Hope. The words had become hard and firm, taking on three-dimensional form like a pair of dice spinning down the hard way of the mind. It was as if someone had hit between the shoulder blades and opened another dimension, another reality of consciousness. The resonant Male words of the Instructors, spoken with such masculinity, and the strangely loving act of humility by the ‘welcome wagon’ girls had somehow sent a packet of information down a road to that soul that had all but been given up as an abandoned road, a part that would always have been blocked off if not for Her and The Instructors and the three ‘kittens’. A road with a weather-beaten wooden sign with peeling reflective tape that said, “Road Closed, Use Detour”. That road was more than just little used, it had been completely forgotten until His words had entered and had somehow activated some little old man driving a highway maintenance pickup truck to pull up at that road, and move the barricade to that unknown roadway inside back, back, allowing entry, the road that She and The Instructors would open…

Her words awoke the feeling of shock of the new, of the way The Instructors’ words had energized parts within thought to be long dead. Their words had revealed within places with which intimacy would be discovered, places unknown, never utilized, fully, to their potential. A huge precipice of experience welled up dark and deep, like a huge canyon the bottom of which held a raging river, strong like the Colorado, carrying me, assuming survival upon hitting bottom, to where …? But to a place which already irresistibly called, sadly, beckoning by the things seen this night, and the feelings that had been unlocked, releasing new elements into the blood pulsing through my veins, the veins in the arms which the Instructors still held so…firmly…yet confidently, without excess force…it was so cloying, the way the events were seducing and fascinating.

The Mistress returned to the ‘welcome wagon’ girls now sensing perhaps my impending conversion to see things Her Way. She dismissed the ‘welcome wagon’ girls.

“Laundry, mop, and bed.” She said flatly to the ‘girls’. Already, the commands were becoming clear to me. The girls were to wash the urine soaked clothes, mop the floors under our feet, and then go obediently to their beds, wherever those were.

She looked at me without a word seemingly forever. It may have been only a few minutes, or it may have been ten minutes. Her patience was astounding. The Males were quiet too. Then She went to a drawer, and got out a pair of black leather gloves, and put them carefully onto Her delicate hands. This time the feeling was not only fear, but also excitement and anticipation, wondering what She was going to do with those black leather gloves on! Fortunately little fear was shown, and so She approached to within arms length and extended Her arm and very simply removed the rag. She smirked and looking deeply already She could see the anticipation being replaced by disappointment. She knew that Her new employee had already started to imagine things She might do with Her black, long, leather gloves on.

She did not say a word to me then, but we both understood silently that She found it amusing that it had not been realized that the gloves were simply to assure, admittedly elegantly, the cleanliness of Her hands while She removed the gag from a mouth. It was too discomfitting then to realize what a good omen and honor it was that She had removed the gag from my mouth Herself. Only later was it learned that it was indeed rare that She ungagged any rated applicant Herself, let alone a fresh new untested novice.

She had total confidence that She had the upper hand now, as She resumed speaking. She had the sight, she see through people, into what they were and made them tick, how to bend them to Her will and Her vision of the world. I felt incredibly naked suddenly, in Her presence, even though fully clothed.

“Isn’t it true, Gina, that in your previous jobs you could never count on being evaluated on your performance ? Rather, you were evaluated on who you knew in your company, or how you formed your political alliances with different coworkers, or on whose ass you kissed, and how well you kissed it ? I assure you, there is none of that here, except ocassionally the latter”.

The Instructors both laughed at the last comment of the Mistress.

“In our employ you will feel a new joy and freedom ! Your success and promotion is totally in your own hands (and she might have added then, in your own orifices, as well!) you will shape your own success and your own destiny. Does that idea appeal to you, Gina?”

Speechless, and a vortex of excitement and relief and confusion was all that was felt then. Her words were so incongruous with the situation at hand, which felt in every way like abduction and forced behavior modification! But Her tone was so honest, so matter-of-fact and gentle, that somewhere in the back of my mind reassurance condensed. It was the beginning of the absolute Love, Worship and Trust that all Her sissies come to have for their benevolent and understanding Mistress.

Later it would be learned that The number of males, and females, who put their trust in Her is really incredible! If you knew just how many serve Her, and how many more depend on Her, you would know just how incredible She is.

“But I am afraid that is awhile off for you, Gina. Today you begin service to Me as a rated applicant only, a novice. At this point you are being given a conditional job offer. To continue in the process, you must complete the paperwork in front of you.”
She looked at the men holding my arms, and then looked at me and and said “I can see that you are excited but also very suspicious still, about filling out the paperwork and signing the application, that is. It is in your eyes. There is nothing to be afraid of, Gina. If you don’t like the training that you are going to be given here, you can leave of your own free will in six weeks. And although we will have lost $2500 dollars as a result of your training, you will not owe Us anything…provided of course that you don’t use what We have taught you elsewhere, for some other, shall We say, firm. Mine is the last large-scale United States training academy. I am not interested in paying to train you to work for another firm. But you, will not have to pay anything, if you, in the end, want to go back to your old life and your old job. Now how does that sound, Honey ? I will give these two strong and good Men a few minutes alone with you to reassure you that We only want what is best for you, Gina, and of course to make some money for Ourselves to make it worthwhile for Us in the process. Since they are your “own kind” you should trust The Instructors. It’s really simple, Gina…you help us and We will help you.”

Then She turned and walked out, leaving me with these two Men who were so strong and well, it felt so strange to hear the thought in my mind…exciting! It was confusing, frightening, strangely soothing at the same time. But my fear surged when this maternal yet commanding and spectacular Woman began to turn Her back and walk out. I was excited by The Men but was not yet at all eager to face the possibility of being violated by them…
“Wait, please don’t go ! Please don’t let Them hurt me …” . She turned as She was going out and looked at me exasperated, and said “Dear, They aren’t going to hurt you ! My, you are a fearful one, now aren’t you ? No, darling, they will most certainly never hurt you, of that you can be sure…as long as you never hurt Us. Do you understand ? Never make a pathetic attempt to hurt Us. you must never attempt, never, to reveal Us. In the case that you tried, however fruitlessly, to hurt us, there are many things They, or I, could and would do to you. Things that I assure you would not be at all pleasant, to anyone involved. But you’ll learn about our proprietary trade secrets rules soon. That will be one of the classroom studies which you will attend…when you are taught the unhappy life of one of ‘your kind’ who does not respect Our secrecy…

Do I make myself clear on that, Gina, sweetie?”

“Direct her attention to the paperwork, would you, guys ?” said the Mistress, as She walked out of the room.

To Be Continued…

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I wanted to thank you for the insight into TransGendered Persons. As a Psych student doing a thesis on Gender Issues In Counseling your information helped to clarify and reify my own position with regard to gender identification psychology. I wish… Read more “Todd”

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