It was a dark and stormy night…

Dark and Stormy

by stephanie

It was a Dark and Stormy Night…

…and Cold! The sleet was pounding across the deserted highway, and the wind seemed to zero in and seek me out. i was wet and cold enough after changing the first tire about 5 miles back – when the spare blew, i knew i was going to get much colder…

The thought of walking to Appalacha or Owego made me shiver – still, i was closer to Appalacha (I think). I put on my ex-wife’s pink baseball hat, (a souvenir from a Lake Placid hiking trip), turned the truck off, and stepped out onto the ice-covered macadam.

i could feel the wet cold of the night seeping through my clothes after the first quarter mile, and began to notice ice forming on my jeans and the brim of my hat after a half mile. The village’s lights still eluded me, but i pressed on. i looked back, and the truck had disappeared around a bend in the road, but i thought i saw a flicker of light. i turned and walked on. i could’ve sworn i heard an approaching car, but things went black…

i was warm and cozy – and the blackness of the night had given way to sunshine and the next day. i opened my eyes to a place i had never seen before, obviously a guest bedroom of sorts, as i sat up i felt the sensual feel of satin against my skin. Where was i? i pushed away the soft, floral comforter and swung my legs over the edge of the bed. i was dressed in a pretty, pink baby doll with a matching thong. my legs were rubbery and my head spun as i tried to stand, but somehow i managed. The door into the room was locked, but there was a small bathroom. i never needed to “go” so badly in my life. i made it back to the bed, put my head down, and I was asleep again.

The next sound I heard was a woman’s voice. “Hi, sweetheart, are you awake?” She couldn’t be talking to me, could She? As my eyelids fluttered open, there was a figure sitting beside me framed in the warm glow of electric light. “Hi!” She smiled at me. “Hi,” i said rather drowsily. “Where am i?”

“We saw you pass out on the road last night, you didn’t look good and we couldn’t find any ID, so we brought you to our place. Our next door neighbor, who is a doctor, said you were suffering from hypothermia, to keep you warm, and to call Her when you woke up. Would you like some tea?”

As i sat up i noticed that i still had the baby doll on and i reached for the comforter to cover up. She waved my had away saying “Its okay, relax, dear. When we peeled your wet and frozen clothes off of you, we couldn’t help but notice your peach colored thong. i thought you’d be more comfortable this way.”

She was still smiling as She handed me my tea. i thought i would gag on the first sip, but then the warmth seemed to seep all through my body. “Careful, I put a little brandy in that.” i managed a weak smile back. “So what is your name?” “stephanie…i mean Steve and Yours? “I’m Yvonne, but you may call me Kyssi. My slut’s name is Bill, and you may call him billi.” “Thank you for picking me up, i would probably be dead if you hadn’t stopped.” “That’s pretty much what the Doctor said…”

i took another sip of tea – it tasted and felt so good. “stephanie? May I call you that?” i nodded. “Are you a cross-dresser or a sissy?” …i almost spit out my tea! “i guess there’s no reason to lie – i consider myself a “would-be” sissy.” “Well, sissy stephanie, you owe us your life, and when you’re feeling better we’ll talk about that. Get some rest now. i brought in a portable TV if you want to watch a little. Finish your tea and get some sleep. We’ll talk some more later…”

Daylight was prying at the cracks of my eyelids when i awoke. i felt more myself, less scrambled – and i carefully made my way to the bathroom. Something in the room was different – but i couldn’t put my finger on it. On the counter in the bathroom there was a butt plug and a new woman’s razor. A post-it note on the mirror read, “you know what to do with these…Ms K”.

i looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that i was very pale – even through the two days worth of beard on my face. The tub looked very inviting…But first, i was hungry, and craving that first cup of coffee that i hadn’t had. i went back into the room and looked around. Just to the right of the bathroom was a beautifully organized vanity with one straight mirror and two angled ones. Everything a girl could want was there, from perfumes to makeup and deodorant to nail polish. There was a short dresser next to the vanity, with a coffee maker and a toaster on top. Off to the side was a small refrigerator. There was food in the fridge, but not just food, my favorites. A fresh package of English muffins, a loaf of Italian bread, cheese, butter, a quart of milk, some cold cuts, even my brand of orange juice. The coffee maker was loaded and ready to go so i flipped the switch, and to the smell of fresh coffee i checked out the rest of the room.

The door was still locked, which bothered me a little, and then i spied a laptop computer sitting on a small desk by the window. The note on the screen read “Turn me on…Ms K”. The LCD display popped on instantly. Words seemed to dance across the screen until they assembled a message: “Hi stephanie. i hope you are feeling better. There’s food in the fridge and coffee in the pot. Help yourself. When i return i expect you to be bathed, shaved, plugged and dressed. you’ll find whatever you need in the dresser and the closet. you will have put on make-up, perfume and nail polish. Show me what a good sissy you can be. When you’re done with all of that…press ENTER…Ms K.”

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It is now almost three months since my Wife and i have begun reading your site, and it has made a radical difference in Her approach to my feminization. She has decided, much to my humiliation, that i must be… Read more “sondra”

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