Corporate Ambitions – Prologue

by ashley and sarah

As I relate this account of my incredible reversal of purpose, I cannot avoid a confused mix of emotions when I realize the clarity of my own recollection. It cannot be that it was so short a time ago that my passions were focused in quite another direction. Indeed, it seems a lifetime ago when my resolve was to be what I am fond of thinking of as “the other”.

I was a graduating MBA, mature but still somewhat young, and ready to launch what I knew would certainly be a “go-getter” career. I was graduating near the top of my class from a well-known “B” school, as we in the business world call such institutions. I was enthusiastic about my future, and to paraphrase a popular rock song, “My future was so bright, I had to wear shades.”

The time for interviews with prospective new employers had arrived, and I was quite sure of what would happen. You see, I had put my social life on hold, put my nose to the grindstone, even laid out big dough to get here. All to be in a position to choose instead of being chosen. Now it was payday, and things would be different from now on!

I would not take a job with one of those blue chip corporations only to start as “associate something or other.” No way! I would pick a company that would start me near the top, and it would be up from there. AND, I would leave a trail of tragic female conquests in my wake as I rose ever surely to the top of the firm lucky enough to have me ultimately as their CEO.

Given my current circumstances, such ideas seem completely foolish to me now.

My name is Heather Williams. I am the personal assistant to Rebecca Williams, the CEO of Women’s World, LTD., a major corporation catering to women’s fashion, cosmetics, lingerie, and such other needs as girls do enjoy. Rebecca has instructed me to write this story as part of my duties in my new job. A job that will be, I’m at once afraid and happy to say, is the pinnacle of my success. As I sit here typing this I am dressed in my usual style of work clothes: a short, tight, satin dress in red with dark silk hose reaching up my legs from 4″ stiletto heels. My make-up is done to perfection, and the lingerie under my dress is satin and is simply exquisite. You see, there is a dress code here at Women’s World, and all we executive assistants are required to abide by it. We are expected to portray the image of absolute femininity at all times. Rebecca and our relationship are unique in that she is my Boss, my Mistress, and yes, I am her Wife. In truth, I am a now a submissive transvestite slave to her.

I’m sure you are wondering how I let this happen to me. Let me explain …

.. continued …

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sissy krystal

I’m a newbie, but have observed for a while.Came here to gain the confidence to live full time as a sissy and talking to the girls and exploring the site have already given me a steroid sized boost. I’m going… Read more “sissy krystal”

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