Chapter Two – From shades to panties

Corporate Ambitions

From shades to panties

I had been hired, and pantied all in a matter of mere minutes. What was going on? Was this Women’s World company getting the better of me? Me, the big MBA, who would certainly turn the business world on its ear? I was sure I was ready to take charge in business, but in the course of events I had been given a first assignment to get myself panties from a lingerie manufacturing plant! Where was our lingerie manufacturing plant, anyway? And what about my office?

I quickly called Doris in HR, and explained that I was accepting a position with the firm. I threw in, for the benefit of my damaged male ego, “If you have any questions about it, please speak to R. Williams!” I was so macho! “That’ll carry some weight,” I thought.

Doris kept breaking off, seeming to have someone else on another line. There must have been something terribly amusing going on in that other conversation, she kept chuckling every time she came back. “Where is my office, anyway?” I asked, irritated with all the interruptions and giggling. “And where is our lingerie factory, I have an assignment there.”

Doris let me regain my composure before she hit me with the next bombshell… “We’ll take care of your office when you get back. And the lingerie factory is in Paris!” Damn her laughter! “If you get the Concorde, you have just enough time to do your ‘assignment’ and get back in time for dinner with Ms. Williams.”

“How did you know about that?!” I demanded. Doris just told me to get down to the street, that the car was waiting for me. I could not believe this was happening but I had to go through with it.

When I got to the street, sure enough, there was Janie, waiting in the long, sleek Limo. It was comforting to see her now familiar face. To my surprise, she seemed to know all about things. “That’s a good girl,” I thought to myself as she rambled on about how I could walk right onto the Concorde, all the arrangements had been made. “First class, of course, Mr. Smith.”

Again emboldened, I threw my body over the seat to sit next to Janie as she sped us to the airport. God, she looked hot! Janie had legs that went from here to there and back again! I couldn’t stop myself from putting my hand on her helpless right leg, which was busy working the pedals of the car. That long leg, encased in black nylon was just begging to be stroked, I thought. When she let her already too short skirt ride up like that, I took it as an invitation. Pretty soon she was moaning softly, and I felt better. My manhood restored, we had arrived at the airport.

The Women’s World corporate jet landed in New York City and the transfer to the supersonic Concorde, true to its nature, was very quick. It was as though they were waiting for me. I was surprised at how small and cramped the Concorde really is, even in first class. But the trip was fast, and I was still recovering from the events of the day, when we touched down in Paris!

Women’s World, also true to style, had a waiting Janie counterpart in Paris to whisk me away. “All this, just for panties?” I mused. “Certainly, it’s Rebecca’s way of showing me the international side of the business. A business that will soon be mine!”

Toni was Janie’s European counterpart, and she picked up right where Janie left off. Legs to die for, and I put myself in the front seat next to her like I had been doing it all my life. Pretty soon, I had my hand on her leg, too. Toni didn’t speak English very well, so I forgave her for constantly referring to me as Ms. Smith whenever she asked me to stop that. It was only when I thought about whipping out the hard proof of my manhood that I remembered about the frilly panties I was wearing. I had stop, but there would be others like her, I thought, many others.

I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, business wise, at the lingerie factory, but I supposed I would just look cool and figure it out from there. Meanwhile, I would pick up a few things to satisfy my bet with Rebecca. I was determined to pay the debt, and definitely to get her back someday. She would be surprised when I pulled a coupe and took over her company!

I thanked Toni for the ride and for holding the door for me as I went in. All the while I was thinking, “Once I get out of these panties, baby, look out!” Now I had two, no three female conquests in mind. Two chauffeurs and one CEO. How easy in the case of the former; how appropriate in the case of the latter.

Women’s World, Paris, LLC, was impressive. I was received by a gaggle of girls all dressed in the cutest French maid’s uniforms I had ever seen. Pretty, black, satin edged with the daintiest lace at the bodice, sleeves and hems. Their little poofy skirts were all pushed out by unthinkable volumes of petticoats: all there to show off some very well shaped legs, which were encased in the most elegant, sheer, black nylon stockings. Just out of view, those stockings were being drawn taught by the black satin garters that surely were there.

“You have a nice flight, Ms. Smith? Lunch time now, no?” Not another one! But, they began serving me like a king, so I decided to let their insubordination go. But I made a mental note of it. Finishing lunch, I copped a few feels of the servant girl’s cute asses. They seemed even to enjoy it and did not discourage me in any way. I was constantly reminded, though, of the cursed feminine panties that I myself wore beneath my male clothes. I would have to make sure to pick up some samples here, to satisfy my bet with Rebecca. How I began to hate that bet!

Lunch over, it was time for my tour of the Paris plant.

.. continued

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