Perfect Holiday

Perfect Holiday

by: christine

When we boarded the plane, everything looked like I was going on the holiday of my dreams – and I was – although it was a holiday I had never dared to dream of. Sitting next to me on the plane was Julie, my lovely girlfriend. She is quite tall and not what you would call a full figure, she has rather small tits, a slim figure and long legs. She never dresses “sexy” like us men would like the girls to but she sure turnes some heads when we go out. So, after a long time of both of us working in our jobs we were finally off to our hard-earned vacation in the sun.

When we finally got off the plane after ten hours of a daytime flight, we got stuck at the baggage-claim. Her suitcase – always twice the size of mine, got out right away but we waited for mine till the moving band stopped.

“So” I said. “I guess that’s it. We gotta talk to lost and found.” And we did that, went through the charts and I described my aluminum suitcase, its contents and sure, I had my nametag on it all right. We grabbed a cab after spending two hours at the airport and arrived at the hotel all wasted and smelling like a person who has just spent an entire day in his clothes. You know what your clothes are like after a flight like this. The receptionist didn’t care, I guess she was used to this. I left a note that should my luggage arrive I wanted to be notified immediately.

The room was finally a break. A great bed, a spacious bathroom with a separate restroom and a nice balcony with an oceanview. While I was checking out the remote and buzzed through the channels, Julie hopped into the shower. After twenty minutes she got out and kissed me. “Oh Dear” she said, “you could use a shower, too!” – “Yeah, I know” I answered. She started to drag some fresh clothes out of her suitcase. A thong, a tanktop and an ankle-long skirt. “Problem is, I wont have anything to wear after the shower.” – “Don’t worry, sweetie, your suitcase can be over here any minute.”

So I went into the shower. There was the reason for her twenty-minute-shower, her lady’s razor. She always got carried away shaving her legs and yes, her clit. She always spared plenty of hair on top of it but started to shave her labia a while ago. I suggested it, because I love to eat her out and she loves it too and she agreed that her hair doesn’t really help the licking and sucking. I had asked her to shave me once, and she did, but she didn’t like the feel of my “sparks” as she would like to call the short hair growing back rubbing on her clit. But for me it was quite a sensation to see my naked cock and feel my soft skin touch her clit. Anyways, I sometimes used her razor to shave around my balls and my “bikini-line” as they call it in the women’s mags. And so I did now, making sure I could quickly put the razor away, in case she’d come in. Even more difficult was avoiding a hard-on from shaving, but after years of practice I could do without. And she didn’t come in. I got out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist. My clothes, which had been spread out on the bed, were gone. “Julie, where’d you put my clothes?” – “I had the laundry guy come and pick them up.” – “But what am I gonna wear for dinner?” – “Don’t worry honey, dinner won’t be before eight and the laundry guy said he’ll be back at 7.30.” – “Okay, but….” – “Don’t be silly honey, you couldn’t have worn this for dinner!” And she was right, again.

“Come on over honey, I have something in mind that doesn’t require any clothes” she added. And she lay me down on bed, on my back and climbed on top of me, undressing herself. She started rubbing her chest at mine and took off my towel. “C’mon baby, caress my little pussy, make it moist and lick me off, won’t you?” I didn’t need any further asking. I used my fingers on her labia and boy it felt good to touch that freshly shaved pussy. I turned her around and buried my head between her legs. I licked and sucked and swallowed all I could. I love the taste I love the sensation I love just to please HER. And what better way to do that than licking her into a frenzy. After a while she rolled back on top of me and started rubbing her clit on my dick and balls while pressing them on my belly. She usually drives me really crazy doing this and she knows it. She only doesn’t know, why, I always thought. I love being her “toy” and getting her off without fucking her, i.e. me entering her sacred pussy. Finally, I’m allowed to enter her. She rolls over, grabs my penis and my balls with one hand and drags my manhood into her, gives it a few strokes and I can’t help to come right away. The feeling of her being in control of my dick, fucking herself with it like a dildo turns me on so much, I can never hold my juices for long. And she knows that for sure. But I thought that she loves it when I get off and that’s why she does it – not cause she knows what I’m feeling and thinking, while she’s doing it to me.

I roll over to my back and slide out off her pussy. I would love to lick her clean now, but I just don’t dare to mention these things. She gets up, takes another shower, and gets dressed, while I also showered again.

It was close to 7:30 and I was still hanging around our hotel room with a towel around my thighs with my girlfriend dressed up and made up for dinner. “Hon, when’d you say the laundry will come?” – “Seven thirty, but you can call housekeeping to make sure. Dial 6 or 7.” I called and received some exciting news. Sure, they said, laundry will be there at 7:30, tomorrow morning that is! I stuttered something like “Sure thanks!” and was perplexed for the moment. “Anything wrong, honey?” I burst out laughing. “My clothes won’t be here before 7:30 tomorrow morning.” Julie started giggling. “Looks like I’m gonna call roomservice and have dinner here.” – “O no darling, you just can’t do that.” – “But Julie, I…” – “Tonight’s the receptioning dinner and you know that, too. There’s a special six-course dinner and I want to start enjoying my vacation as it is with you starting right now.” – “But Julie, there’s no…” – “Don’t be silly, darling, I’m sure we can find something for you to wear in my suitcase. It’s not like I only brought a miniskirt.” She was very insisting and I know there was no use in trying to start an argument over this. She’d burst into tears in no time and we’d have a relationship from hell for two straight days.

“Okay honey I’ll try and do it for you. Let’s see what you got for me.” Julie quickly started to look through her suitcase and produced a number of clothes for me to try on. It was not silk and laces but it all had some distinct feminine touch to it. First she inspected her assortment of panties and ended up handing me two to choose from: A white silk french knicker “loose fit!” she commented, and a pink plain cotton slip with floral ornaments and a cotton-coated button on the front “the regular one”. Then she handed me loose khaki pants with sort of like a ribbon to tie them up at the waist. “I’m sure you’ll manage to get into them!” And her denim pants. “But you probably won’t be able to slip into them.” Next came a loose shortsleeve white linen blouse and a grey blouse with a trimmed waist cut. “Hurry up honey, try it all on, we don’t want to be late for dinner.” I had all the clothes piled up on my arms. I started to head towards the bathroom, I was too embarrassed to change in front of her. “Where are you going, darling. I want to see how it looks on you.” I started to feel a little tension building up against the towel wrapped around my thighs. I couldn’t help feeling a little aroused. Just like I use to, when I’m shaving. But I know how to handle this. Just think of something completely different, something about my job. And it did the trick! I quickly slid on the pink cotton slip – and there it was again. Uncontrollable this time. My dick started pounding and swelling. And this panty slip was so little, it would hardly contain my cock and balls anyways. I turned away from Julie in embarrassment. “Turn around, I want to see you!” I did as she told me. Why?

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