Girlish Essence Reports

Girlish Essence
The sugar and spice and everything nice part of the sissy that makes up you. Let's cultivate that girlishness!

shaved ass

A Lifetime to Grow But Gone in a Jiffy

This sissy finds it interesting and appropriate that this Assignment is filed under Girlish Essence and not Beauty Secrets. S.he ...
Sexy walk in red.

How she Learned To Stop Worrying And Love her Heels

Today, sissy anna was feeling kind of down on herself. she let herself get consumed by a body-image/shame spiral, and ...
The men should have kept this one

The men should have kept this one

The walk is still wobbly, But at least s.he don’t fall, At least near as much, As when first answered ...
lamb is smooth

Sweet Sissy Shaving

Maintaining the fundamentally girlish nature of a proper sissy requires the appropriate shaving. While this sissy has also been scheduled ...
The Kiss

Week in the knees

This sissy just completed reading the sissy kiss assignment as oh how the mind is spinning. s he had never ...

Morning routine

Erika tucks her clitty every day with tape and puts her panties on. That makes her feel her best and ...
no shame

What “walk of shame”?

Good morning A/all. This girl hopes to find all well in Superior World. The subject of “sissy walk” has been ...

3 hours of smooth bliss

Until working through this assignment, and learning to shave the House way, joslin did not understand why keeping herself smooth ...
jane does her sissy walk

One Giant Leap for Sissification

For The Staff of Sissify and fellow sissies this sissy calling h.erself jane is presenting a sissy Walk Report. The ...
Shaving Ritual

This sissy is dripping wet!

There’s an old joke this sissy remembers hearing when this sissy was younger: There were these three people in a ...
red pump

5 inch heels for proper sissy feels

Bathed, shaved, and done up with makeup and nail polish, this sissy dressed appropriately to seek he.r sissy walk badge ...
proper tuck in pink

On the Act of Concealing the Clitty

Though this girl had been tucking herself for a few years prior to joining the House, this Assignment still provided ...

finding the proper tuck

To Madame Stewart, Superiors and House Staff This sissy has read and reread this assignment and has experimented with the ...
Shaving Ritual

jane Shaves the Right Way

This sissy has previously shaved in the bathtub in previous years, but not like this. These last two times however, ...

Tucking the clitty

This sissy has read and reread this Assignment and has experimented with the tucking methods within the assignment. This sissy ...
The Kiss

The bliss of the kiss

To Madame Stewart, Superiors and House Staff: sissy jenn has read this assignment over and over again and has discovered ...
Creating the “nice clean line”

Creating the “nice clean line”

Tucking… because no one needs to see it. This sissy has been instructed to tuck, not only by the House, ...
Soak Time Ritual

A Time for Growth

To be silky smooth, is the cornerstone of a feminine vision, a ritual to relish. After a long and stressful ...

Embrace Softness

Hello Superiors, Please accept this maid's submission for the sissy shaving assignment. Although heather is no stranger to shaving he.r ...

The Physical and Mental Conditioning Benefits of Tucking

This sissy totally accepts the need to tuck the sissy’s sissy-clitty. It is a vital step in the acceptance of ...

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