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Girlish Essence
The sugar and spice and everything nice part of the sissy that makes up you. Let's cultivate that girlishness!

smooth sissy

Silky Smooth sissy!

Once again this sissy thanks The House for these wonderful assignments! This sissy has been shaving all the appropriate areas ...
cute panties

To Tuck or To Tuck: There is no question!

Tucking is an extremely important skill for the sissy to have. A bulge is so unsightly and does not look ...

First time smooth (A daring act of rebellion )

The first time experience of shaving my legs was a revelation of emotion. Excitement, apprehension, anxiety, euphoria, determination and contentment ...
Shaved smooth

Shaved smooth

This sissy did go and buy a womans razor to do this assignment. S.he did soak in the warm tub ...
Being Smooth!

Being Smooth!

joan's hands can't help but roam now, feeling the silky smoothness of her legs and how her budding breasts run ...

Shaving is a pleasure! 🙂

The first thing silvia thought before she started to shave her legs, chest and arms was what will people think ...
Tucked tightly

Tucked very tightly!

As kelly learned cages are for punishment and not for training. Kelly took her cage off and is now tucked ...

ashley’s first tuck

Dear Madame, a good girl tucked for the first time today. she wore a mini skirt and top and tank ...
tucked pretty

kittykat has a gap

This sissy was in chastity 24/7 but was instructed by the House that tucking was much better for her girlish ...

Ritual created and first attempt

ayesh worked very hard this weekend to complete many assignments. She cleaned her house, scrubbing her floors and her toilets, ...


This girl has been tucking for years but I have not yet started my journey until yesterday. That was when ...

Tucking is now a natural part of daily life.

This sissy was very happy to learn  "Tucking" and to be able to put in the boy's things that were ...
donnella in the bath

Silky smooth sissy

This sissy is slowly learning the rules of her strict sissification under the watchful eyes of Madame. This sissy has ...
shaved smooth

Slick and Smoothe

rebecca has been shaving herself for a long time now, making sure she is slick and smooth all over, cherishing ...

The sissy’s molt

Good day to all Superiors and sisters. taliah has carefully read the assignment and s.he really enjoyed it. sissy agrees ...
Becoming a smooth and sexy sissy

Becoming a smooth and sexy sissy

Shaving one’s body is more than just a necessity but is an important part of becoming the beautiful woman we ...
tighten that corset

Figure Training For a sissy

Corsetry is a wonderful experience. Though a seeming contradiction, being under complete control can be very liberating. A corset can ...
sissy magda's first attempts at shaving

sissy magda’s first attempts at shaving

Curtsy, Dear Superiors. sissy magda tried to completely shave her body for the first time today. The whole undertaking could ...
sissy training assignments

shaving to perfection

Shaving is so essential for a sissy. The feeling of vulnerability is exquisite. After a long time shaving, waxing and ...

Tucking! It’s like Fucking but with a “T”

Dear Superiors and beautiful House Staff, please accept this sissy’s assignment report on “Tucking”. This sissy hopes You find it ...

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