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Your report has been received.

Good sissies submit their reports, and now you have joined the ranks!

Your Assignment Report has been received, and will be reviewed by Our Staff soon. Being that each Report is hand reviewed by multiple Staff Members, queue time can often take up to 2 weeks. After it's review and grading, and if deemed worthy, it will be posted at the House for Insiders to see and comment on.

If your report is deemed exemplary - you may just receive a Sissify Training Badge for your hard work! Regardless, your report submission is worth 100 points towards your goal to Princess.

Your report will be available on your Reports page within your Profile.

You can also view your sisters Assignment Reports, and review the different categories to learn how they approached their Assignments and the grades and comments it brought them.

Don't wait to start on your next Training Assignment before receiving your grade, as you have much to learn, and there's no time like the present.

Spread em sissy!