Princess Points!

How can the House of Sissify motivate you to participate, engage and complete your sissy Training Assignments? Simple! Princess Points!

Your Staff has dreamed of even more control of Our sissies for years - and now it has implemented a radical new system that utilizes covert tracking software brought to Us from a sissy hacker at the NSA. It's simple really; It lets Us see your path at the House, what you are spending your time on, and if you are making freinds and being supportive within your community.

Why would We want to do this? Because it is all part of your transformation! We know you need to be recognized as a hard working, humble, docile and well trained sissy to Superiors worldwide! Jeesh... that's why you're here!

Along with enhanced guidance and control, it also makes it easy for Us to see who is here at the House "as just a curiosity" - only now starting to cultivate that nascent desire of becoming the sissy they dream they could be - if they only applied themselves.

There will be no hiding, no lurking! The Staff will know! Self will and control must be applied!

We know how it feels good to be the best at something — your own personal best. Collect Badges for each completed Assignment. Collect points for participation with your community. Move up through the ranks all the way to Princess! Your reputation is important even for a pathetic little sissy like yourself - and We know this will make you work all the harder.

Do well? You will be rewarded with praise and recognized for your talents. Publicly. Do poorly, and everyone will know just how truly pathetic you are! This system can open doors that you can't imagine as Dominants from around the world check in to see who is worthy in their Home and stable.


Badges are awarded Our girls for excellence and mastery of their respective Assignment and Submission. Each one carries it's own Princess Point award, and tells the world what a good sissy you are and how hard you have trained at the House of Sissify!

Servitude Nothing is more important than Service to your Superior. This Badge tells the world you know how to serve.

Chastity is a virtue

Masturbation Schedule is imperative for a sissy in Training. These girls have made a vow of chastity.

Shaved Smooth

A smooth sissy is a sexy sissy. Shaving is essential for your girlish essence. The commitment to shaving has been met.

anal slut 1

These girls have come to know and love their ass to become a good little butt slave for their Superior.

wanking badge 1

These girls have learned control, respect and appreciation through their childish Masturbation.


Tucking is a very important part of the transformation of a man into an acceptable sissy girl.

Nails badge

A proper manicure rids Our girls of any masculinity, and shows the world your true nature as a sissy.

Face Badge 1

The girlish charm that is conveyed with proper makeup techniques is paramount in the sissy education.

Video Star

This sissy has gone beyond the fold, and submitted cinema of her training and girlishness for SissifyTV!

A visit from Aunt Flo

A right of passage for the sissy to experience the visit from Auntie when least expected!

High Commitment

These girls have made the commitment to their training with one year at the House.


Swaying those hips and shaking that ass! These sissies have learned how to sashay in their heels in a sexy way!


Knowing how to speak to a Superior properly shows you are submissive and ready to take instruction.


House sissies wear this badge proudly to show the world they are every Man's little backroom darling.

secret sissy You’re hiding it from the world, but are a brave sissy pushing the envelope with House techniques!

Attention Slut 1

You dress up, you pose, you take pictures, you share your secrets with the House.

cunnilingus badge Pleasuring your Mistress is your sole purpose in life. Giving good head is one of the prime duties of a sissy.

Getting Real Our debutants must present themselves well to make the House proud to claim them as Our sissies.

domestics duties

There's no cleaning like Deep Cleaning - and these sissies know how to keep things tip top for their Superior.

Beauty Secrets Level 1

A sissies greatest asset is her beauty (and her ass!) These girls have learned the tricks to make themselves look their best.

Shopping Badge

Women love to shop, and as a sissy in training, you should to! No longer a hunter like a man - you are now a gatherer!

Community This badge is awarded to helpful friendly sissies who assist and participate in their Community.

Place and Worship Knowingly ones Place in the D/s relationship and the techniques of Worship is paramount to a humble sissy.


All that training and self exploration  has paid off - you've now experienced the ultimate pleasure - you've experienced a sissyGasm!

princess points to party girl Community Points

Participate and Discover! Interactions are important here within the House community. Participation truly shows your girlishness and intention better than anything. It is the Staff's goal to focus Our girls towards loving interactions, support and open personal sharing amongst their community. We want you to make friends and be popular!

Station and Ranking

So you've collected a bunch of princess points because you're working so hard on your Assignments and community love. Good girl! Here's a list of the rankings at the House, from the day you start - all the way to Princess! But note - negative points can drop you below even a Looky Lou into the realm of wanker. And nobody wants a wanker in their stable!

Princess  75,000 +

Our highest award. Personally endorsed by a Staff Member and voted on amongst all Staff and approved by Madame Stewart. This sissy represents the best of what the House has to offer new girls, and shows what training and hard work will do if you focus and remain tucked plugged and pantied at all times. This princess receives oodles of accolades and gets treated as a pet of the Staff, and receives a complimentary lifetime membership to the House of Sissify! (And at 20 years to date, that's a $2000 gift!)

sissy slave  20,000 – 74,999

The sissy slave is one of the hardest workers at the House. She's worked on so many Assignments and participated with her community in so many ways, she has become a debutante of the House - ready to be chosen for Princess at any moment. She is trained in Service, Domestics and Sexuality - in addition to beauty and girlish essence, and can make a purrfect addition to your Home and stable as a House Approved sissy slave!

sissy maid

sissy maid  10,000 – 19,999

The sissy  maid has trained in girlish essence, beauty and service. She has submitted quality Assignment Reports in many subjects. She is capable of being a collared domestic in a Dominant's House - but still needs supervision and more experience before becoming a true Ladies Maid.


Slut  2,000 – 9,999

Every sissy loves to play the slut, and this girl is no exception to the rule. She's done her basic Assignments that were asked of her, but she hasn't taken the opportunity to fully apply herself to her studies to make it to the next level. A good sissy that keeps her head down and mouth shut when not being spoke to, but comes alive when dressed in lingerie and led into the bedroom on her Special Days!

Looky Lou!

Looky Lou  0 – 1,999

The bare minimum. A blank slate. Every girl at the House starts as a looky lou - with the possibility of a greater path open to her if she just takes the next step and does as she is told! Here's a hint girls - do your Servitude Assignment and you can make it to the next level!


Wanker  - less than zero 

The wanker is a demotion. Yes, too low for zero. Didn't think you can go lower than zero? Just let your male show, do something arrogant, show some entitlement or think you deserve more than you do and WHAM. Demotion. Keep clear of these girls - they always have their clitty in their hand looking for trouble!

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!


paula teevee

Thank you so much for accepting this pathetic sissy into your wonderful world. paula has only been under your wing a week but already feels she has improved as a sissy. She loves the Feminisation Erotica imagining that the… Read more “paula teevee”

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