Let’s Go Shopping!

A sissy is precisely that. s.he is not a girl. This applies to shopping as it does to everything else. Girls are able to walk around shops browsing for items, which they know they will look good in.
They can do this because of their life experience; They have been brought up to do this. sissies by nature wish to look their prettiest, but they do not have the necessary expertise or experience to know how to do so. They therefore need to rely on somebody else with that experience. In the absence of their Mistress, the person who can most help the sissy achieve the look s.he or his/her Mistress desires is the Sales Assistant. She has after all been trained specifically for this purpose. It is therefore the relationship between the Sales Assistant and the sissy, which is paramount when the sissy shops by him/herself.
The sissy should also remember that when she shops in public, she is representing her Mistress and/or the House as well as him/herself. s.he should therefore behave in a polite, friendly and feminine manner and be well groomed at all times. Additionally s.he will almost certainly wish to return to the shop at a later date, so s.he should try especially hard to develop a lasting relationship with the Sales Assistant.
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A short note of thanks for providing a complete community for sissies, a place of refuge and resource from the harsh world, and the House *genuinely* seems to hold sissy’s interests at heart: no exhorbitant joining fees = loyalty for… Read more “hayley”

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