We’re going to take a sentimental journey and get back to some traditions for ladies.

It used to be that women wore gloves and dresses anytime they went out. They often wore hats as well. Hats were worn in all public places, including on the street, in restaurants, for visits, and in the theatre. We’re no longer tied to traditions like that but there was a day when you had to wait until Easter to wear patent leather shoes. It used to be a matter of etiquette.

Today’s Easter bonnet is an endangered species. Fewer and fewer are sighted every year. Fewer are purchased and worn. Gone are the days when hats had names that sounded like exotic birds – the European hennin, the English Gainsborough, a French cloche or an American poke bonnet.

Discovering Antiques - HatsMost hat sections in department stores are now reduced to a single pole with a few arms that hold hats, rather than a wall of hats of all kinds and colors. You no longer see seats and mirrors for trying them on.

Wearing hats was in vogue in the 30’s. It was then that getting a new Easter bonnet became popular. Irving Berlin celebrated this custom with the song “Easter Parade” in 1933.

It is difficult to imagine today, but in the past almost every woman had at least one hat for each season – straw hats for spring and summer, and felt or fur hats for fall and winter. It was a custom in many communities for women to display their new spring hats in a parade at Easter. Upper-middle-class women had a whole collection of hats to suit different times of the day, and to match their outfits, which they replaced each year. Others of more moderate means had a milliner retrim or recondition the previous year’s model to produce the new year’s shape.

During the 60’s social movements produced more empowered women, more working women, and more casual attitudes and dress for everyone. Bras were burned and your main squeeze was now a lover, not a girdle! Hairstyles are generally self-maintained day to day, and many evenings, dinner comes complete in a box from the freezer. Women often overlook glamour for practicality. Gloves and hats are now worn as special accessories for special occasions.

Oh you sissies, before you start weeping for those days gone by, consider that you should be the ones in girdles, corsets, gloves (which make the hands look so elegant), and YES, Easter bonnets. Sissy clothing should have all the frills upon it! How better to show a commitment to high style and servitude but to embrace the fashion of a time when protocol and good behavior were expected from the feminine? How can you dirty your hands, muss your hair, or soil your blouse when dressed like a lady?

Perhaps celebrating the coming of spring is that special occasion- time to put on a new dress, gloves, a hat, and to bring out new white mary janes.

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i just wanted to drop a line to say that Your web-site, “The House Of Sissify” is an artistic masterpiece (mistress-piece?) . .. it is alluring, entrancing, enchanting,exotic, exhilarating, breathtaking, mystifying, and sanctifying. Every page opens ones mind, heart and… Read more “michaela”


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Dear Mistress, sissy read this article which ignited the desires again this morning, so I bathed and shaved and put on some girlie finery suitable for a hot SoCal day. However sissy can only dream of dressing as a true classy lady for Ladies Day at the Epsom or Kentucky, as our Mistresses do so well, gorgeous dress, lace top stockings, basque or corset to make their amazing hour glass figures even more stunning. Hair professionally done a lovely wide brimmed hat or exciter matching the rest of her outfit. Men fetching glasses of champagne unable to keep their eyes… Read more »

anna dove

Thank you so much for this magic topic, Dear Staff!…) Sissy Anna even tearing a little from reading…So sensitive and girlish…Priceless…Really Womens, girlish things are magic and eternal!…Thank you…

laurianna payot

This little sissy absolutely Adores hats and gloves. s(he) has two large broad-brimmed straw hats for summer which s(he) has just set aside for her favorite hat for autumn, a wide-(flat)-brimmed church hat in deep crimson with a black-bowed silk ribbon which she loves to wear until December. s(he) is looking forward to adding one or two stylish fur hats for winter and several lovely hats for spring (all with matching gloves) !!! s(he) is already dreaming of floral hats for spring and also dreams to have two or three cloche hats for wear at various times. This little sissy… Read more »

lil sarah

Well, not quite Easter bonnets, but hats were certainly an item of much news here in Louisville the other weekend… this one is speaking of the Kentucky Derby, that once-a-year two minute spectacle that is an excuse of three weeks of excess and fashion! While the typical department store may only have a very limited display of bonnets and hats, there are actual millinery shops here, with everything from the “fascinators” popular at the British royal weddings to enormous sun hats decorated to suit any taste ! Sometimes it’s good to live in a Southern city that values old traditions!… Read more »

elvi slives

This sissy has had company this past week. That made it impossible to visit the house.It was a week of constraint and chaste. Not being able to be free,to be he.rself But when she finally did . First a long soak ,so relaxing (why didnt s.he do this a long time ago). Then after bathing and shaving ,s.he put on a simple string, with panty hose .A cincher, a a bra,some perfume then a thick woolen dress . It is a little short for a dress but s.he knows that it shows her legs. this sissy likes to show her… Read more »

lexi marie
lexi marie

Sissy needs more training in this area. Although sissy knows she needs to embrace this philosophy, sissy hasnt made her situation what it needs to be to pursue this. Sissy wants to, but hasnt figured out how to.


I can’t wait to get home tonight and bathe properly, (especially my special girl parts), my best hair and make-up and put on my sexy girdle, full fashion nylons, 40’s peep toe fuck-me pumps, and finally my beautiful sun dress, gloves and hat!