spring from head to toe

We're going to take a sentimental journey and get back to some traditions for ladies - that are now your duty!

It used to be that women wore gloves and dresses anytime they went out. They often wore hats as well. Hats were worn in all public places, including on the street, in restaurants, for visits, and in the theatre. We're no longer tied to traditions like that but there was a day when you had to wait until Easter to wear patent leather shoes. It used to be a matter of etiquette.

White for Easter

Historically, there were strict fashion rules dictating when it was appropriate to wear certain colors. In the past, white clothing was predominantly reserved for the summer months, typically from Memorial Day to Labor Day, with Easter serving as a notable exception.

In many cultures, Easter marks the beginning of spring, a season associated with renewal, growth, and freshness. White clothing is often favored during springtime because it reflects sunlight and helps keep the body cool in warmer weather. As such, wearing white after Easter can be a practical choice for transitioning into the spring season's fashion trends.

White is often associated with purity, new beginnings, and the spiritual cleansing offered through the season. Therefore, wearing white after Easter can be seen as a continuation of the joyous and hopeful spirit of the holiday. And as a sissy, it's your duty to be joyous!

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