Ready To Be Spanked (No.2)

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The second in our butt stinging series ‘Ready to be spanked’ were we look at the favoured positions for the submissive sissy whose pre spank cry might be ‘I’m not worthy!’

To be read in conjunction with the Behaviour Modification Assignment – ‘Punishment for the Errant Sissy‘ found under, Place & Worship.

No 2. The bent-at-the-waist

Only for the athletic and flexible sissy girl. Grasp your shapely ankles for stability and splay your slender legs for support. If you struggle to maintain your balance and what little composure you have left, your Mistress may find a spreader bar will help keep your sissy legs apart as well as force some humility into you.

How Low Can You Go?

Like our expectant sissy in the photo, try wearing some sky-scraping high heels to double your discomfort, pain and her pleasure. But be warned repetitive wallops from her firm hand, crop, paddle or swishy cane can make you dizzy and incapable of standing, so be prepared and have something soft on which to fall.

Whatever position your Superior or Mistress favours, always remember your sissy manners and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ before and after your punishment to help gain their respect.

If you know of any other favoured spank position which you would like us to consider for inclusion – Tell us immediately.


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