Ready To Be Spanked (4)

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This is the fourth in our butt stinging series ‘Ready to be spanked’ in which we look at the favoured positions for the submissive sissy.

You sissies desire to be reprimanded, scolded, and spanked so make sure you get it right complete the Behaviour Modification Assignment – ‘Punishment for the errant sissy‘ found under, Place & Worship.

4. The combi

For those who like to experiment in every room. Use your environment and a combination of position 2 and 3. but instead of using a desk as in position 3, try bending over a stool with your hands as support as in position 2.

Other alternatives include the car hood, the toilet seat or a set of stairs. The stairs have an added advantage as after receiving a heavy smacking you can be dragged upstairs for a plundering or to make the bed, depending on your Superiors mood.

Whatever position your Superior or Mistress favours always remember your sissy manners and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to help gain their respect.

If you know of any other favoured spank positions which you would like us to consider for inclusion please share.


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