panty punishment

Don just wanted to look at her panties, not wear them. But he now had to do both!

It all happened on a nice autumn day — my punishment, that is, and my new way of life.

My employer had been called out of town and had decided to close her apparel shop during the early afternoon, leaving me freer than usual. I had gone home, and after resting awhile, began looking out of the window….

It was then that I saw Janet – – my bride-to-be, coming out into her yard across the way, carrying some clothes. My heart thrilled at the sight of her as the mild wind caught the long curls of her blonde hair, and turned the hem of her skirt to reveal a lacy petticoat.

Though at times of a stern and independent turn of mind, Janet was quite feminine, and whether at work or play, she insisted on being attractively dressed that way.

I thought of calling out to her inasmuch as she did not know I was at home, but then decided against doing so, and continued to watch.
Carefully, Janet began hanging the freshly laundered clothes she carried. First, a white blouse, two brassieres – a black one and a white one, and some nylon hosiery. And then a full length white slip, a pair of pale blue panties, and a pair of pink step-ins with open slits at the sides.

To my surprise, she completed the task by pinning to the clothes line a pair of pink silk bloomers — the kind with tunneled elastic legs and waist, which I had thought were only worn in these modern times by women who were either very old or fat. Though I had never seen them before, I knew they belonged to Janet.

They were edged with white lace and had something embroidered on them, making them very beautiful, indeed. As a sales clerk in a ladies dress and lingerie shop, I had seen exquisite underwear, but nothing as charming as these bloomers.

An idea took possession of me as I saw Janet return to the house. This was the time she usually went out to pick up groceries. I’d wait awhile and then have some fun with her.

For an instant I was reminded of my days at college…the time when some students and I conducted a “panty-raid” in the girls’ dormitories. “This will be another one,” I chuckled.

Down the stairs and out across the lawn I went. No one was in sight. It would be a harmless prank, and besides, I had to see those lovely bloomers at close range.

Quickly I went to the clothes line and took them. A bit nervously, I also took the blue colored panties, and then started back, almost in a run.

“HEY — What are you doing? “I froze in a light terror as I heard Janet’s voice cry out.

She hadn’t left the house as I had figured. As I turned my head, I stumbled over a rock in my path. The garments fell from my hands as I tried to protect myself. I heard the clatter of high heels approaching. Looking up from her shining patent leather shoes, I saw Janet — arms akimbo, staring down at me.

My face flushed with embarrassment. It all happened so quickly, I couldn’t think of a sensible thing to say.

Panty Punishment“WHAT are you doing, Don? Stealing my clothes — my underthings! Are you going nuts or something? Well, SAY something!”

“It was just a j-joke, Janet. Just a gag I was going to play on you. I–I’m sorry, really.”

She gathered up the garments. “Now I have to do them over again. And look, just look at my panties. They’re torn. Oh, Don… you should be spanked!”

I stood up and brushed my clothes, feeling ashamed to look at her.

“Might as well come in and clean up while you’re here. Go ahead, the door’s open,” Janet said, pointing to her place.

I walked in and headed for the bathroom with Janet following. No one was about. Her folks weren’t due until Thursday, three more days.

“Here’s a towel,” she said, handing me one.

“Don Transton I’m surprised at you, acting like a bad little boy. I still say you should be spanked. Yes, that’s what you need.
… some good punishment.”

I felt better now that I was more presentable but I was still sheepish over the whole incident.

“Don, you’re going to get your punishment.” There was a growing gleam in her eyes, as she as she continued, “I know just the thing for you. _And if you refuse, I’ll…I’ll postpone our wedding date, indefinitely!”

“But, Janet… ”

“Just come here and do as I say.”

She led me to the bedroom, opened dresser drawers and a closet, and took out a number of items.

“Get your clothes off and put these on.”

“But those are_your clothes.”

“Of course, they are, but they will fit you. You seem to like my clothes — especially my underclothes, so I’m giving you a chance to wear them. Now put these things on and be quick about it or you’ll get a bigger spanking.”

I swallowed hard. This was humiliation at its worst, but I could see no escape. I started undressing. All the while janet stood waiting in the doorway. She had placed the clothing on the bed, except for one item she held in her hands.

“This should be all right. I’ll help you with it.” She gave me a pink nylon bra, which she had adjusted for my size. Awkwardly I slipped into it. She fastened it behind me. It felt strange to wear, but I had to admit it held my shoulders back and seemed to help my posture.

“Janet, this is silly.”

“Shut up! Silly is it? I suppose stealing my undies wasn’t silly. And half ruining them, too! Put those stockings and and finish up.”

I sat down on a chair and stepped into the long sheer black hose. They were a bit small for me but I made out the best I could. And then I put on the pink round garters while Janet showed me how to fix them.

“Since you like panties so much, you can wear these. No, wait a moment.”

She left the room and returned.

“…Better yet, put these on.”

She tossed a pair of pink bloomers into my lap, similar to the ones I had seen on the clothes line.

“They are too big for me. They were delivered to me by mistake. But they will fit you.”

Janet watched me. Her rich, firm bosom rose and fell beneath her low cut blouse.

Until now I hadn’t noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything under it, and the vision of her that way aroused my love and admiration.
Unexpectedly, I saw her reach to her side and unzip her black satin skirt. She stepped out of it and began doing the same with her half-slip.

“I’m getting ready for you in case you’re wondering. –I said to put those bloomers on, didn’t I?” she snapped.

Turning away from her, I overcame my hesitation, and dropped the shorts. As rapidly as I could, I got into the silken bloomers and pulled them up. They were tight, but the shimmering feel of them against my skin was deeply satisfying. Women were fortunate to wear such soft and lovely garments, I thought.

I couldn’t help thinking that men’s clothes are dull, in comparison.

“Don’t they feel heavenly, Dear ?” Janet asked. Smiling a little, she went on, “If you wanted some of my underthings, all you had to do was ask.”

I gasped at her beauty, as I took the dress that was laid out on the bed for me. In addition to the blouse, she was wearing the black leather pumps, black nylons held up by a narrow garter belt, and peach colored panties which were gathered in at the thighs with pink ribbon and black lace. I liked the embroidered bloomers, these panties were a revelation to me. I didn’t know such enchanting dainties existed. I pulled the dress over my head and worked it over my hips. It was much too short and revealed the bloomers above my knees.

“Why Don, you know you look good in feminine things. You might even make a nice looking young lady — with proper make-up and maybe a wig.. .”

Again, I swallowed, feeling a blush coming on. I wondered if any fate could be worse than this.

“I don’t like your plain, rough looking underwear…and maybe you don’t either, but that’s no excuse for taking my things, like a thief.”

“One more thing — when I’m finished, you’re going to launder the undies you took.”

In my state of mixed feelings, I told her I was sorry for what I had done.

“All right, you’re forgiven. But from now on you are going to quit wearing male underwear. I see no reason why you shouldn’t wear decently attractive undergarments, and particularly since you look well in them, and since you seem to have a fondness of them. — And that means everything — slips, bras, bloomers, panties, and girdles. DO you understand?”

Already I was beginning to discover the bliss of feminine finery, and the meaning of janet’s remarks hit me with a delightful impact. – Not only would I eventually own my own shop, see and handle beautiful lingerie, but I would also wear lingerie. No longer need I envy women’s privilege in this direction.

No longer embarrassed, but pleasantly exhilarated and filled with a greater love for Janet — I replied, “Yes, YES, Dear.”


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sissy courtney
1 year ago

This sissy would like this. Hehe!

2 years ago

A fine Woman, that Janet.

brandie love
2 years ago

The rush of being caught :O

2 years ago

Love reading these wonderful stories. Hope my life turns into one of these stories