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The Boutique

The Boutique
My wife had been working at this ladies boutique in Houston for about a year. She knew of my many feminine fetishes and the major affect that they had on me.

On several occasions, when she wanted me to do something special for her she would put on a fur and lightly stroke it across my face several times saying “That’s it, soft. So soft. You’re getting lost. You’re getting weaker and weaker, aren’t you?” She would continue talking in this manner to me until I was so weakened and passive from being so turned on that I would do just about anything for her.

Diane used this and many of my other fetishes on me this way to control me, and to manipulate me for her pleasure. And always it was pleasurable to me as well.

Well, one day she calls me from the store. She says that the store is staying open late for an inventory and that I should come to pick her up at 10:00p. I said fine, that I would be there then. She told me to not be late. She stressed that, and got off the phone laughing.

When I got to the store the windows, all across the front of the store had been covered with dark paper, with the word “inventory” on the front of them. I went to the center of the doors and gently pulled them apart. As I opened the doors I found no one around. I looked to the right and the left. I called out, “Diane?” There was no answer. I then stepped inside the doors and pulled them shut. As I did I heard a loud “click”. I went back to them and tried to open them again. They had locked on me. I was now locked inside the store.

I thought that I would try and find someone. So I began walking towards the back of the store. On my way there I passed the fur section. There, laid out, hanging on the front of the rack, quite conspicuously, was this calf length silver fox fur with bell sleeves and an oversized shawl collar. I couldn’t resist. I had to feel it. As I began to walk up to it I could hear some voices coming from the back of the store. Just as I approached the fur, the store manager, Charlene, came out of nowhere.

“It’s really sexy? Isn’t it?” I could smell her perfume. It was so overpowering that I began to get lost in it. I could only summon a nod. Then, before I knew what she was doing, “Here! Feel it on your face! Nice, soft .. so soft! Yes, that’s it! Get lost. Lost! Soft!”

She was caressing my face with the fur. I was falling under her spell. [I didn’t know it until later, but Charlene was a domme]. I was reeling, and my c was getting so hard that I thought that I would pass out. I could refuse her nothing!

Then, lightly touching my face with the fur, “Come with me.” She then led me back to a room in the back part of the store. On the way back to the room we passed three other girls (Diane was among them),standing by the register. There were all sorts of giggles and laughter, and some remarks at me being lost and under Charlene’s spell. I was greatly embarrassed, but at the same time turned on even more than I was before. I became even more lost under Charlene’s spell.

Getting to the door of the room, Charlene took out a small key from her pocket in the hot pink satin jumpsuit that she was wearing and opened the door. Inside was a large room completely walled with mirrors. “Come in”, she said, leading me by the nose with the fur, caressing my face.

After I was inside, Charlene then closed and locked the door from the inside. She began laughing at me, as she came closer and closer with the fur. Over and around my face she rubbed the fur, telling me how lost, weak and passive I was getting. I was getting harder and harder. I was becoming weaker and weaker. I was truly under her spell. Then, she opened my pants and took our my c. She then began to caress my c with the fur. Over and over! I was so hard that I was going to explode. She then took out a c ring and put it on me. Laughing some more she then told me that I really wanted to put the coat on, didn’t I? I was so lost and hot. I said but only girls wear ladies furs don’t they? She said “That’s exactly why you DO want to wear it, don’t you?” She was still caressing my c. I was shaking all over. I said yes.

She then told me to take off all of my clothes, every stitch, and put them by the door. I obeyed. She then laughed again and began slipping the coat over my shoulders. “You know that once you put this on you are going to be a lot more feminine don’t you?” I said yes. “You also know that once you become more feminine that there will be NO going back?” I again said yes. She laughed again and called me her little slave. She put the coat on and pulled the shawl collar up around my face so that it was buried in the fur.

“There now! (laughing) Now you look pretty and feminine!” Walking up to me and teasing my c with the fur she said, “Now we have to figure out a name to call you by. I know! Melissa. That’s what we’ll call you. We’ll call you Melissa! You want to be called Melissa don’t you?” With her still teasing my c, I said, with my whole body shaking, yes.

“Good. Now Melissa, I am going to go and get a few things. You are to stay here. You may not take off the fur. You can play with yourself, but you may not take off the fur, or the c ring. Understand?” I was her slave. I said yes, Mistress. She then said “Good.” Then, taking all of my clothes (emptying the pockets out on the floor) she unlocked the door. She left it open slightly while she threw my clothes into the trash. The girls could just barely see into the room. Again there were laughs, giggles and remarks. I was so embarrassed that my head was spinning. I was in a trance. My c was so hard that I thought that I was going to explode. Then Charlene came back to the door, closed it and locked me inside the room. And there I was, trapped, and her slave .. A girl. I was lost!

About 30 minutes went by during which time I found my mind becoming weaker and weaker from all that had happened. I played with myself and looked into the mirrors at me. I actually began to see feminine traits to myself as I stood there. The sounds of the girls outside the room just turned me on all the more. There was a lot of laughter, talking and and more laughter. Finally, Charlene came back in carrying a number of items. My c was still hard as a rock and I was still lost under her spell. Seeing her again, with my being naked in only the fur made my c swell even larger.

Charlene then came towards me and took off the fur. She then began cutting off my sideburns, and plucking my eye brows telling me that we needed to make my face just a bit softer.

Laughing at me she then began to put make up on me, including lip gloss. Then She sprayed me all over with the same heavy perfume that she was wearing saying “now that you look like a woman, you must smell like one too. Besides, this perfume will help keep you under control.” She laughed again.

She then lifted a black satin bra and put it on me, lightly teasing my breasts and laughing some more. Then some black satin crotchless panties. After getting them on me she played with my c for a moment. “So soft. Yes, nice and soft. Lost! That’s it. Just get lost in it all.” I was her willing slave. I just stood there, shaking with my whole body her willing tool. The she put on me a pair of black nylon crotchless pantyhose. My c was sticking straight out in between my legs. I was hard as a rock and so lost that I didn’t know where I was anymore. She then pulled out a beige camisole and tap pants. Putting them on me, she teased me over and over with the soft satin of the tap pants. She made me model what I had on for her. “Why Melissa! You look lovely! Oh yes! You just look wonderful! Now, let’s finish shall we?” I could only nod.

She then pulled out a pink silk poet’s blouse with lace inserts on the sleeves and buttoned it on me leaving it unbuttoned just enough so that my camisole could be seen.

Next came the black satin pants. Pulling them on over my legs I thought that I was in a different country. I knew that I was going to be Charlene’s slave forever. My c was sticking up and almost straight out, pushing the pants out. Charlene played with my c through the pants saying “That’s right, nice and hard. Ready to serve! Melissa, you ARE turning out nicely.” She laughed again and put on some paten leather low heals on me. Then she pulled the fur and put it back on me with the collar up so that it would bury my face in it. Laughing, she then put on some earrings on me and a gold chain around my neck.

She turned me to the mirror and made me look at myself. “Well, Melissa? How do you look?” I replied that I looked feminine. “Well, certainly you do. You’re a girl, what did you expect? So feminine. That’s right. You look so pretty.” Then she went to the door. “I’ve got to get just a couple more things, Melissa.” She said as she opened the door. Now just stay here, and (laughing) stay clean and nice.” She went out, closing the door behind her and locking it again.

And there I was, trapped, lost, feminine, and her slave. As I looked into the mirror, I truly did not see a man standing there. I saw a woman. From being teased, seduced, hypnotized and lost I only saw the image of a woman. As I began to walk around the room I noticed myself walking more and more like a woman. There was nothing left of me that was masculine.

For another 20 minutes, or so, I was left there to look at myself. During that time I became more and more feminine. I became Melissa. Suddenly I could hear voices outside the door. My c got harder and harder! The door opened and there were four women standing there. There was Charlene, Diane and two others. Charlene went over and stood by the wall with Diane. The two other girls came over to me and began teasing my face with the fur. “So nice! Yes, Melissa, you look just wonderful! Don’t you feel soft and pretty?” They were caressing my face with the fur, and touching my c through my pants and laughing. I was falling deeper and deeper into a trance.

Charlene said, “But wait. We still have the collar.” I looked over at her with excited fear in my eyes. She took out a black satin collar with a single ring in it. Coming over to me she placed it around my neck. “There! Now we can put you on a leash!” And she and the girls laughed all the more.

Then Charlene turned to Diane. “Well, Di. Now we have a slave, don’t we?” Diane, laughed in agreement. (What I had not learned until later was that Charlene had worked her magic on Diane and gotten Diane under her spell. Diane came over and connected a very slender silver metal leash to my collar. “Come, Melissa.” And she led me out to the register with the girls following and laughing.

At the register, One of the girls asked me for my charge card. I took it out. As she drew up the bill she said, “Well, Melissa, you’ll have to get a new charge card won’t you honey?” And she laughed. Then turning back to me, “Just sign it here darling.” She said point to a line at the bottom of the form. I didn’t even look at it. I was so lost in trance that I just signed it. Then the girl came close to my face. I could smell her perfume mixing with mine. The smell was so intoxicating that I almost fell to my knees. “Melissa? You do have something to sleep in tonight? Don’t you?” My who body shaking, I said no. My voice now no longer able to talk in the deeper tones that I used to. I was using a higher voice. A woman’s voice. I said no, I guess that I don’t.

“Well, honey. Come with me.” She motioned to Diane who gladly took off my leash. The girl lead me by the hand back to the negligee section of the store. The other girls joined us there. She pulled out this long wispy satin and chiffon negligee. Holding it up to me to size it, “Diane? What do you think? I think it brings out her eyes don’t you?” Diane loved it and said that she thought that it would be wonderful for me to sleep in. “Fine. Then it’s settled. This one for sure. But wait? What about those nights when you want to feel just a little bit sexier, Melissa?” And she gently rubbed my c through my pants. I nodded. She then pulled out three very erotic nighties. Two had bits of lace around the bodice, and the third was all satin. She held them up to me and said, “Yes. Now these will definitely make you feel sexy dear!” Laughing, she said “Now what else?” She looked around the store.

I was led around the store picking up everything from hair remover, to a very nice black felt hat and some black leather gloves. Finally, some minutes later. “Melissa, I think that’s about all you’ll need for now. But I am sure you are going to come back to see me real soon aren’t you?” She was rubbing my pants where my c was, at the same time she was caressing my face with the fur. In a lady’s voice I said ‘yes maam’. “Good, I’ll expect to you see you here more often, darling.” And she laughed again, with the other girls joining in.

As we walked back to the register I could hear Charlene tell Diane and the other girl, “It’s so nice to take a man and turn him into a woman. I wish I could do that with every man who walked in here.” And she laughed. At the register I again was instructed to sign the charge slip, again without reading it. And I obeyed. Diane then put the leash back on me, and thanked Charlene for the wonderful job that she did with me. She then led me to the front of the store. Unlocking the door, she then led me out into the mall.

With each step that I took I became more and more feminine. I was embarrassed with the passing of every second. I wondered if anyone would notice me. People did notice me. But, from what I could feel, they were noticing a girl and how nicely dressed she was. I never got the impression that they thought that I was a man. Then it hit me. They were noticing the leash! My excitement ran higher and higher, I became more and more submissive, and feminine. I walked like a girl and talked like a girl. I was a girl. I was Melissa.

Finally getting to the car, I was instructed to get in on the passenger’s side. I obeyed. Diane then drove the two of us home. Upon arriving home, Diane said that she wanted me to show her how much I had learned about being a woman, and submissive. She wanted me to please her. Taking off my coat, hat and gloves, I got down on my knees in front of Diane. “Please Mistress, may I please you?” “You may, Melissa, came the answer”. I lifted up her skirt and began kissing her crotch over and over. I continued this for the next hour. I brought her to orgasm several times during that period. Diane was completely satisfied.

Finally, she said, “That’s fine, Melissa. Now I want you to start dinner for me.” I got up off my knees and obeyed. I cooked the dinner putting on Diane’s pink silk apron to do it.

Later that night, Diane had me shave my legs, arms, and all body hair (including my crotch). Then she had me put on the long pink negligee and please her again in bed. I was her willing slave girl.

The next day I had to go to work. Diane made me wear women’s clothes under my clothes going to work, just to remind me of who I was. And I did this. However, this is where the story changes somewhat. Over the next period of about a week, Diane lost her interest in having me feminine. I think that she was having trouble being in charge of me or something. Gradually the cross dressing went away. I pleaded with her several months later to allow me to go back to it. She refused saying that she didn’t like it (for some reason). And later that year our marriage broke up. It is my feeling that if Diane had kept me as a woman and her slave that our marriage would not only have survived, but would have flourished as well.

Ever since that one encounter, I have searched for a domme fem who could transform me back into Melissa and keep me there, as her willing slave girl. But I have not found her yet. I shall keep looking however. One day I just might be lucky enough to find a lady who understands the tremendous benefit to having their boyfriend/husband turned into their girl slave. I shall keep looking.

The End

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The House of Sissify is utterly unique in its beguiling allure to every sissy who ever tried on a pair of panties, just as much as it is to sissy maids, slaves and princesses, advancing their way through trans-formative gender… Read more “sissy francine”

Thank you for the accepting my sissy desires. We sweet sissy’s need an outlet to accept who we really are and what we really need. Because of you, this sissy has surrendered to her true pleasure

Thank you so much for providing us with your wonderful website! I was feeling so lost and lonely, until I discovered you. I am so eager to learn more about your happy community. In the mean time, I promise to… Read more “freddie”

This sissy wishes sh.e had found ‘The House of Sissify’ sooner. You provide a special haven for us sissies and, without You, no sissy would be able to truly complete he.r sissy journey. This sissy has only joined recently, but… Read more “brandie love”

WOW I have to say,.. That although I do not participate in this particular lifestyle,.. (being far too dominant in set in my ways to desire such an experience) I feel you deserve enormous kudos on the design and layout… Read more “ishmael”


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