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Panties Were Not A Part Of My Resume!

Stories of Feminization Humiliation Panties Were Not A Part Of My Resume!
panties not part of resume

Marty had graduated from college several months ago, after four years of hard work, and was trying to find a job teaching in a community that had a smaller school.

He had heard the stories of what had happened to several teachers that went to the big cities to work, and he was afraid of violence. He was rather small to begin with and had only had one fight in his life and lost that one rather badly. He believed that in the smaller towns the trouble would be limited and he wouldn’t have to get that involved in any.

He had written many letters to school in towns that he thought would meet his needs for a peaceful existence and harmony. He had also received several replies from a few that sounded interesting to him. He really felt good when he got the one from Taffeta school of Proper Manner – It was located in a remote mountain area in Pennsylvania. He tried to find out more information on the place, but could not come up with a thing, but with a name like that, he was sure that there would be very little or no trouble at all.

He contacted the school by phone and was only told that the teachers they hired had to come in for a personal interview, but the pay he would be getting was twice that of what he was offered from any other place that contacted him. He packed enough clothes for two or three days and set out for the remote location and followed the instructions giving him by the Head Mistress of the school.

He drove for hours before he began to see the land marks he was told to watch out for, and then finally he pulled his car up in front of the large iron gates that guarded the privacy of the huge estate that housed the school. He stopped at the intercom and a voice came through and he was asked to state his business. He explained that he was here for an interview for a teaching job. The voice gave him instructions on where he should go, then the gate clicked and slowly swung open, and Marty drove through. He was impressed at the size of the place as he pulled up in front of what appeared to be an old but well keep mansion.

He knocked on the door and a few minutes later it was answered by a very pretty girl, with light brown shoulder length hair and glossy hot pink lips, dark smokey eyes, small gold studded earrings and dressed in french maid’s attire, a short black satin dress with a low cut neck line with white lace trim outlining her lovely neck and chest and around the hemline of her short skirt supported by layers of stiff white petticoats that caused the skirt to stand almost straight out. Her legs were encased in long black stockings and she was wearing a pair of black patent high heeled pumps with at least four inch spiked heels.

One look at this girl and Marty was speechless he had never seen such a thing and he instantly fell in love with the girl that stood there towering over him by at least four inches.

She directed him to follow her, and as he walked behind her he heard the rustling of her petticoats and the sounds of her spiked heels as they came in contact of the hard wood floors. He was shown into a large sitting room and told to sit and wait, some one would be with him shortly.

A few minutes later the door opened and two women dressed in gray business suits with long mid calf skirts and shoes that tied, entered the room. At first they looked to be elderly, but as they got closer, Mark could see that they couldn’t be over thirty maybe thirty five years old.

As they approached the large desk at the far end of the room, the tall woman with her blonde hair put up in a bun, asked Mark to join them and be seated at the front of the desk. The shorter woman with the dark hair sat down behind the desk and did the introductions to Marty.

It was rather very business like as Ms Martin the taller Woman and Head Mistress of the school looked over Marks qualifications, slightly nodding her head as she went through the small stack of papers with Marty’s application.

Ms Lacy, was explaining the rules of the school to Mark. She informed him that was he accepted for the job that he would have to live at the school all the while it was in session. That there were very strict dress codes, and that the room board, and uniforms were supplied by the school in addition to the generous pay check he would be getting.

Every thing was sounding just great to Marty, it was a lot more than he ever expected. He was even invited to start living at the school starting just as soon as he agreed to everything in the contract.

Ms Martin explained to him that this was a very special school and very private, that most of the students came from very wealthy families, but they have social and behavior problems, it is therefore the schools responsibility to correct those problems. Starting out with, all students will be dressed alike with no exceptions, both girls and boys wear the exact same clothes. That since it was a very special school, all the teachers would also abide by the same rules, both male and female.

Not really thinking or being too concerned about it, Marty said that he was willing to abide by their rules, and that the job would give him a chance to pull out of the debt from his schooling.

Ms Lacy had Mark stand up and she took several measurements from mark, asked him his shoe size and then called on the phone to someone whom she gave the information to. She then ask Mark to go behind the dressing screen and strip all his clothes off, they wanted to see how he would look in his new uniform.

Mark did as he was asked, and in a few minutes he heard the familiar sound of the high heels clicking across the floor and heard Ms Lacy thank the girl and dismissed her. As soon as he heard the door close, Ms Lacy draped a pair of frilly lace panties over the screen and told Mark to slip them on.

Mark took the panties in his hands and stared at them, thinking that it was some kind of joke, he mentioned that they were girls panties.

Ms Lacy just told him to slip them on they won’t bite him, or he could put his own clothes back on and forget the whole job.

With second thoughts, Mark put his legs through the waist and slip the satin panties up his legs and around his waist. He was surprised at how good they felt on him, he would have never guessed that girls panties would feel that good and comfortable.

The next thing he was handed was a matching white lace bra with small cups, he didn’t even question it, he just put it around his chest, slipped his arms through the straps and hooked the front hooks and adjusted the straps so they felt comfortable.

The brown stockings came next and was a bit difficult for him at first but after the first one was on his leg, the second one was easy. No garter belt was needed since the silky stocking had a built in elastic band at the top of them. These too felt good to Mark, almost too good, he was getting some strange and sensuous feelings as his nylon clad legs rubbed against each other as he tried to nervously move around it the small area inside of the dressing screen.

He was then giving a white silk blouse with French ruffles at the collar and at the cuffs of the long puffy sleeves which he slipped on and buttoned the peal buttons up the front, next he pulled the short skirted black jumper that came to just above his knees, with the square cut neck line over his head and managed to get the zipper pulled up the back. A pair of black patent low heeled pumps was handed him and he slipped on the shiny shoes, with the small satin bow on the toe of them, onto his feet.

He was now standing there dressed up in women’s clothes ready to be seen by two women he had never seen before and he was getting some very strange feelings from all over his body. They were not unpleasant feelings but gentle and exotic, he was beginning to get excited and he could feel his cock starting to stir. He tried thinking about other things besides how good the clothes made him feel, so that his reaction to the clothes would not be noticed by the women.

Finally he regained his composure, and was now ready to let the women see him dressed up this way. He stepped out from behind the screen, and to his surprise the women didn’t laugh at him or show any emotion whatsoever – instead they just looked and studied him for several minutes.

Ms Martin told him that if he wanted to teach at this school, this was the uniform he was to wear or something similar to it. If he wanted to, he was welcome to stay a couple of days to try it out, to see how and if it was going to work out for him, but that they would like to see how he would look with some make up on, if he was truly considering the position.

Mark was in a bind, he needed a job, this paid the best and had more fringe benefits that any he had ever heard of, and the clothes didn’t really bother him that much, as a matter of fact he was beginning to enjoy the way it made him feel. Mark made his mind up, he told them that he would try it for several days and he didn’t mind trying on some make up.

Ms Lacy summoned the cute girl dressed up as a french maid to enter the room. She was carrying a tray of cosmetics and sat it down next to where Mark was sitting and immediately began doing Marks Make up. She applied the foundation and blended it into his skin ever so gently and expertly, then taking a dark brown eyebrow pencil reshaped his brows into a slight feminine arch, using a light blue eyeshadow she blended his eyelids and then applied several coats of mascara ~to his naturally long lashes, accenting and bringing them to life, a touch of eyeliner was then used and now Marks eyes were finished and she did his cheeks with a rose blush, the final touch was a deep rose colored lipstick applied to his lips, giving then a little girl pouty look and a touch of gloss to make them glisten, and his makeup was finished.

A light brown shoulder length wig was slip carefully on to his head and the little French Maid brushed it into the style that Ms Martin wanted, and now he was finished.

The women seemed impressed at the way Mark now looked, and as Mark looked into the full length mirror on the wall he to was impressed at how different he now looked.

It was also obvious to all in the room that Marrt did more than enjoy what he was seeing as his cock, rock hard, was pressing against the skirt of his jumper, and this was something that would have to be taken care of, before Marty could go walking around the school grounds for others to see.

Ms Martin asked Janet if it would be too much trouble to take care of that little problem that was effecting Mr Marty. Without hesitation, Janet went to her Knees and lifted up Marty’s skirt and slipped his feminine panties down to his knees and took hold of his ridged cock in her hand and slipped her bright red glossy lips fully over his swollen shaft and began licking and sucking, as if she did it all the time. She sucked and swallowed hard as it went deep into her pretty throat, and Marty could see that it was also effecting the the two women that were watching as this was going on. They were playing with their own breasts, with one hand and rubbing their crotch with the other, as they watched intensely, not paying attention to what Marty was seeing himself.

Janet was giving him the best blow job he had ever had in his entire life, and he could feel his wad getting ready to explode in the pretty little french maids mouth.

Janet could sense his getting ready and went down hard on Marty sending his cock deep down into her throat just as Marty wad shot from his cock and down Janet’s throat. She swallowed hard and sucked Marty’s cock dry, until not even a single drop was left for her hungry red glossy lips to have. Then just as fast as it started – it was over as Janet let his soft cock, slip from her mouth, and she pulled his panties back up in place around his waist.

After several minutes, Ms Martin told Mark that he was acceptable to work there, and now it was up to him. He looked away from the mirror and said that he would take the job.

All was agreed, and now he would be taken to his room, which he was to share with Janet, the little french maid.

The contracts were signed and Janet was to show him where his quarters were, he started to pick up his male clothing, but he was told that he would not be needing them any more, that they would be put away until the end of the school year, at which time he could decide whether to renew with the school or go on his way.

During the next month, Janet and Marty became great friends, she taught him how to dress and act like a girl, they wore each others clothes and finally became more than just friends, they became lovers, enjoying each others company as much as they could. School was opening that day and the first day is always the hardest.

Starting around nine o’clock the students began to arrive. As they did they were taken to the assembly building where they were put into groups of five students each according to their size and gender, then taken to the supply room to be issued their uniforms.There was mixture of both boys and girls.

Once they were in the entrance way to the supply room they were given baskets and told to “strip down to the buff and place the clothes they had worn there into the basket, which was then put into another room and locked away until they left the school. They were then taken to the main supply room where they were all issued the same uniforms and were made to put it on as each piece was issued to them. There was plenty of help to deal with any resistance, and resentfully they all put on their issue.

The first piece of clothing they received was a pair of ruffled white satin panties, then came a padded white satin training bra with lace trim. A short white nylon slip was giving to them along with a pair of white cotton knee socks. Once the boys had these on, the were given their outer wear which consisted of a pair of black patent leather flats with a thin strap that buckled at the side and quarter inch heel, the kind you see little girls wearing. A dark blue pullover top that looked like belonged to a sailor, only it had a white flap and a red silk tie, and finally a matching short pleated skirt with an elastic waist band.

They were made to put them on before another thing was done, they finished slipping on their cute little sailor girl outfits, and then they were then lead back through the door they came in and you could see in the boys eyes that were waiting in entrance way as the small group of little girl sailors were march past them on their way to the reception area to wait for the rest of the students to get finished with their clothing issue.

The reception area is where this small group of boys got to see what the girls were wearing, It was almost the same except that their tops and skirts were red along with their shoes.

Just before lunch, Ms Martin came before the class and read the students their list of rules and the punishments for breaking them.

Everything from petticoat punishment to caning was brought up. As she displayed some of her instruments of discipline to the students. There were thin to thick switches, leather straps, and a whole array of frilly dresses and petticoats that were to be put on the infringer and then he or she would be taken into town and made to walk through the stores with a teacher.

It was very strange to Mark standing in the rear of the reception area behind the students, dressed in his white silk blouse and black jumper wearing his medium high heeled black patent pumps, as he heard Ms Martin give her speech, but he did remember what she had told him when he first got there about these students having discipline problems, and from what he heard, he was sure that there would be few if any from this group.

Mark was assigned as charge for a group of these boys dressed as little girl sailors, and from this time on, they would stay together as a group, they would eat, sleep, and work at the same things at the same time with each other until the school year was over.

When lunch was over on the first day, Mark had to take his group back over to supply so that they could be issued the rest of their clothing, school supplies, and bed sheets and blankets. After which, Mark took them to the dorm rooms where’ they would live for the next nine months or until suitable improvement was made with their problems.

Mark had no authority to discipline his charges, in the event he had a problem, he would have to report it to the Head Mistress, and she would take over from then on.

It was getting close to the end of the first day, when one of the boys in Marks group began throwing a fit, to the point of ripping off his cute little blue dress and tearing it to ribbons and throwing it out the window. He had been issued four sets of the uniforms, but he refused to put another back on. Mark tried to talk him into it, but to no avail. There was nothing left for Mark to do but to report this incident to the Head Mistress, so he called her on the phone, giving her all the details.

In a few minutes she arrived at the dormer with three assistants and forcibly removed the screaming fifteen year old from the room.

They had the rest of the group follow close behind them as they took him back into the supply room and proceeded to strip off the remainder of the clothes he had on, until he was completely naked in front of everyone present. Then tying his hands together, they forced him to lay over the lap of one of the assistants and she proceeded to slap his bare ass with a small wooden paddle.

As soon as the paddling stopped the other two woman lifted the boy off the other woman’s lap and started to dress him, in a frilly little girls taffeta party dress to include white leotards, pink ruffled panties silk teddy, stiff ruffled petticoats that made his dress stand out in a wide puffy circle, and black patent shoes. The pink taffeta dress with it’s three tears of lacy ruffles, wide pink satin ribbon belt, really made his face turn red.

But they were not done with him yet, they made him sit down in a chair and put red finger nail polish on his nails, then they put mascara and lipstick on the boys face, then they took a giant pink satin hair ribbon and affixed it to his hair. All the while, they tormented him with words, to the effect, as to what a pretty little girl he was and how they were going to give him an operation to make him a real little girl, the boys was in tears by the time they had finished with him. But you could tell that they had broken his spirit along with the spirit of the other boys that had witnessed the affair.

Mark was told to lead the boy back to the dormer by the hand, and they gave him a little doll to carry with him, warning that if he didn’t carry it with him at all times during the next week he would be severely punished – not just played with like he was today. The boy was to be dressed in that fashion for a whole week. He was to go to the supply house, to be dressed every morning, where they would inspect his turned in dress for damages, and dress him in a clean taffeta dress, and clean little girl underthings, do his make up and his hair, then send him on his way to class and the days activities.

As the first week passed more and more of the little girl taffeta dresses could be seen, being worn all over the estate. It seemed to be the basic punishment for any minor infraction of any rules.

Marty could now put his mind to rest for a couple of days for he had this weekend off and planned to spend it with Janet. Although they did see each other every night, there was rarely any time for the two of them to get together during the school week.

As he opened the front door to their cottage, Janet was standing at the kitchen sink getting a drink of water, what a lovely sight she made standing there in her French Maids outfit, with her long shapely legs encased in black nylon, and her four inch black patent leather, spiked high heeled pumps. Marty rarely got to see her dressed this way, since she was always home long before he was. Marty stared at her long lovely legs encased in black stockings and her skirt was so short that you could almost see the lower part of the cheeks of her ass encased in red French lace panties surrounded by layer upon layer of of the stiff white petticoats that rustled with her every move. Marty walked over to her and greeted her with a smile and a gentle kiss on her hot pink glossy lips. He was happy and excited about having almost three days off, but when he told Janet, she had a disappointed look on her face, and told him that Ms Martin wanted him, to work at her party tonight with Janet, serving drinks to some of the more special parents.

Marty was a little upset at first, but he knew that Janet had to work the party too, and if nothing else at least they would be working with each other. So he told her that they could carry on with their own plans later on after the party was over.

Janet smiled back at Marty and knew that he understood what she was saying.

Marty asked Janet what was he supposed to wear to the party, since he only had the clothes issued to him by the school, which was always the same. Janet started to giggle a little and pointed over to the couch, where on it, lay a pile of petticoats and a French Maids outfit just like Jackie’s, including the black stockings and black high heeled spike patent leather shoes.

Marty had been crossdressing only a couple of months now, and for the most part it was still new to him. He usually wore very little make up, and low heeled shoes, but this was asking for far too much on his part, this time, especially when Janet told him that he would have to shave his legs, arms and chest in order to look right in the short little outfit with the low scooped neck line with the white lace trim.

Janet told him that it would grow back, and Ms Martin would not have ask him to do it if there were any other choice, but she was just short on personnel that night, and asked him to do it as a favor for her.

After Marty heard that story he agreed to be her French Maid for the night, and Janet was going to help him get ready for all this.

As Marty stood up in the bathroom Janet smeared Nair over Marty’s entire body, except for Marty’s head, then as they waited for the Nair to work, Janet instructed Marty on how to be a French Maid and what his duties would be. He was to do just as Janet did, and say nothing to no one, unless spoken to.

Marry stood in the shower as Jackie rinsed the Nair and the dissolved hair from his body, and then, pat dried his back for him.

Marty was as hairless as possible as he looked in the mirror in the huge bedroom that he now shared with Jackie. He looked so different, and very feminine. Even the hair from his groin was gone. Jackie dusted him with a scented powder and then helped him slip into a pair of black panty hose. As soon as the nylon material touch his now hairless legs, a new sensation shot through his body. it was more intense that when he first put on the girls clothes in the main office.

When he slipped into the red French lace ruffled panties, it increased even more. He tried to put it out of his mind, but as Janet hooked his strapless bra in the front and inserted the gel filled pads, his body started to tremble.

Janet asked him what the trouble was and he could not answer her, but in her mind Janet knew what it was, she had seen it many times in the boys that she had help put into the little frilly dresses for punishment. He had just became a true crossdresser, and he would never be able to get it out of his mind again.

She helped him pull the stiff heavily layered petticoat up around his waist and pull the satin French Maids dress over his head and adjusted the flaring skirt so the it cover the petticoats properly, showing just enough of the white ruffles to keep things interesting, for the men.

The high heels were the rough part, as Marty tried to walk around the room in them, but Janet could tell that Marty was having a real problem, but until he fell, she didn’t know what it was. As he sat on his pantied ass with his petticoats raised up so you could see his panties, his cock was standing ridged and trying to break through it’s prison of nylon and satin.

Jackie went over to him and helped him to his feet, then she just went down on her knees and pulled down his panties and the waist band of his black nylon panty hose, releasing his cock as it sprang out forward and rock hard.

Marty looked down at her just in time to see her glossy red lips kiss the head of his cock and leave a bright red glossy ring on it’s tip. She looked up at him and smiled, then open her mouth and took his six inch prick deep as she could into her mouth. Then gently sucking on it as she withdrew it, then with great vigor her mouth went into a frenzy as she licked and sucked on Marty until he spent his load of cum in Janet’s throat as she sucked hard with her mouth and swallowed hard sending his juice, down her throat, causing Marty’s cock to shrink back down, allowing Jackie to rearrange Marty’s panty hose, panties and petticoats.

Jackie freshened up her lipstick and gloss, then had Marty sit down while she did his for him, and styled his wig, when she finished, Marty looked splendid. He made a very pretty French Maid, and no one would ever guess that he was a young man and not a real girl.

Standing side by side looking in the mirror, they could pass for a pair of very pretty sisters. But they didn’t have much time to admire themselves, it was getting pretty close to the time that the party was to start, and they would have to be there to get any last minute instructions that Ms Martin might have for her lovely little French Maids.

Ms Martin was very impressed at the way her two servant girls looked and as she finished with the orders for the day, she had a strange look come over her face, as she looked at Ms Lacy.

The party was a great success, and it broke up around eleven thirty and the girls were out and back at their cottage by midnight. It was late and the party wore both Marty and Jackie completely out, so much so that Marty just took off his shoes and slept on top of the covers wearing his new little French Maid’s outfit, and Jackie did likewise.

Jackie woke up first, and looked over at her boyfriend only to find that his cock had some how escaped from it’s satin prison and was standing straight up and ridged, poking out from under all the ruffles of the stiff white petticoat.

She jumped quickly out of bed, and put on some fresh red lipstick and a heavy coat of lip gloss. Then slowly she got back on to the bed and gathered up a hand full of Marty’s stiff white ruffles from his stiff white petticoat and wrapped it around the base of his throbbing cock and gently kissed the head of it, leaving a bright red glossy lips print on it.

This woke Marty right up and as he opened his eyes he could see Janet’s glossy red lips parting and engulfing the head of his prick, then slowly close her lips around the head and rise up, leaving a glossy red ring around his cock at the base of it’s head.

Janet looked over at Marty and smiled, and told him that she knew how to wake up a pretty little French Maid, that is laying there with her little penis standing erect be neglected. With that said, she rammed his whole shaft deep down into her throat, and as she lifted her head back off of it, she sucked on it as hard as she could as she let it slip slowly from her glossy red lips, until she reached the head of it and once again rammed his stiff cock back down her throat. She kept repeating this until Marty was just about unable to stand it any more.

He reach for her hips and tried to use oral sex on her too, but she refused to let him touch her, this happened several times, and finally asked her why he could eat her pussy. She told him that if he wanted that pussy, that bad bad, then he had better put on some very glossy red lipstick and then try again. She told him that no pretty little French Maid was ever going to put her tongue on this pussy with out at least having a fresh coat of lipstick applied to her pouty little lips.

Marty jumped off the bed and his petticoats rustled as he headed for the vanity mirror and grabbed the same lip stick that Janet had put on herself to suck his cock, and applied it heavily to his lips and headed back for Janet.

Janet watch as he applied the lipstick care fully outlining his lushes lips, and as she watch him approach her again, she sat up and spread her legs and parted her hairless pussy lips so that Marty could find her clit on the first try and leave a red smear on it as his glossy red lips kissed and sucked gently on her sweetly scented pussy.

It took very little time for her to feel her orgasm coming, and as she did, she rolled back on the bed pulling Marty with her and grabbed for his cock with her still glossy lips. She caught it on the first try and engulfed the entire length of it in one move and started to suck it hard as she could, and as she was doing that to Marty, Marty was licking and sucking her sweet little cute for all he was worth. They were rolling from side to side on the bed, and there petticoats were rustling like they were in a wind storm, this sound only increased the sensual feelings that they were both getting from each other. In almost no time at all they were both cumming together and as their bodies tensed up they gave each other one last surge of energy as they gave each other the last sucks and licks they could muster from them selves. Then both of them fell limp on the bed as they waited for their strength to return to them.

In a few minutes they were both up and wide awake as they stood together in the shower as the warm water flowed over their smooth hairless bodies, as they kissed each other passionately. They stepped out of the shower and patted each other dry with their large fluffy pink towels, then dusted each other with the femininely scented bath powder with the large powder puff. Then headed off the the bedroom to get dressed for the day.

It was both of their days off today, and they wanted to do something exciting with each other. Today there would be no school uniforms them to wear. Janet selected a short maroon mini skirt, and white satin long sleeve blouse, with French ruffles on the collar and cuffs. She took them and laid them on the bed, She opened her drawer and took out a powder blue lace trimmed bra, matching lace trimmed bikini panties and Garter Belt, and to top it all off she selected a powder blue full length mini slip, and a pair of coffee colored thigh high stockings and a pair of three inch high heeled black patent leather T-strap pumps.

As Janet was slipping on her out fit she looked over at Marty as he was still trying to select something from the closet. Since this was his first real chance to pick out something that he wanted to wear, instead of what he was required to wear, by the rules of the school.

Janet was just slipping on her black shinny pumps to finish off her wardrobe of the day, and Marty was still looking through the closets naked as a Jay bird. Janet felt a little devilish at that moment, and came up behind

Marry and put her arms around his waist and kissed the back of his neck. Then she whispered in his ear that she had a great idea for something for him to put on, if not for the whole day , at least long enough for them to get their rocks off just one more time before it got too late in the morning.

Marty looked puzzled as she said this to him, but he was game for just about anything that Janet could come up with today, he was still feeling horny, and the thought of him and Janet getting it once again that morning was all it took for him to agree to what ever she wanted him to do or put on.

He looked into her dark sexy eyes, and told her that he was ready for anything she could come up with.

Janet told him that she has seen so much since she has been at this school, but there was one thing that really turned her on, and that was when the boys that broke the rules were taken down to the supply room and forced into putting on those little girls taffeta party dresses and white stockings and those shinny little back shoes, then their hair style in the cute bologna curls and that large lace ribbon put into their hair, then made to stay dressed that way for several days at a time. But now that you are here, you could become one of those boys for her, and he could make one of her wildest fantasies come true.

Marty was getting excited and his cock was beginning to rise again as he heard her tell him this. Janet knew what his answer was going to be as she also seen how his cock reacted to her little story, and with out giving him a chance to reply, she went over to bed and pulled out a box from under it. She opened it up and in it was a complete little girls punishment outfit. She smiled at Marty as she picked up the frilly yellow taffeta dress and held it up for Marty to see. She told him that she slip it out of the supply when she was sent there to get his French Maids outfit for the party Ms Martin gave last night.

Marty put his full attention to what Janet was doing, he too was very excited about being able to wear a dress like that, he himself, in secret and in the back of his mind, had wondered what it would be like to put the frilly little girl outfit on, he had watched many of the boys at the school be put into the cute little outfits, and it made him a little hornier each time he saw it happen, it was like having his fantasy come true also.

He quickly went over to the bed and with the help of Janet, he started putting on the little girl clothes. First he slipped on the frilly white training bra, with the wide lace trim running across the top of the almost nonexistent cups, Then came the matching white lace trimmed garter belt, he slipped the white ruffled panties up his legs and around his waist and Janet fastened the garters to the tops of the opaque white cotton stockings. She helped him pull the white lace trimmed nylon slip over his head and pulled it into place around his hips. then she help the waist band of the white ruffled petticoats open so that Marty could step into it – and then she helped him get into position around his waist without messing up the slip and garter belt. Next she took the pair of glossy black patent leather low heeled Mary Janes, and slipped them on his feet and fastened the shiny straps to the small silver buckles on the outside edge of each dainty shoe.

The pretty yellow taffeta dress with the puffy short sleeves and wide yellow waist ties, was pulled over his head and Janet zipped it up the back and tied the waist ties into a large bow at the small of Marty’s back. Then came the white lace trimmed pinafore with the ruffles at the hem and the should straps, it too was slipped on and tied into a pretty bow at the back.

Marty was now wearing a complete little girls punishment outfit, used by the school, but he still had to have his make up done and his hair styled. Which Janet wasted now time in getting done, as she put the finishing touches to the large white Lace bow on the back of his little girl type hair style, her pussy was almost dripping with her love juice, and Marty was sitting their with the hardest dick he could ever remember.

He stood slowly as to not injure his cock, and stared into the mirror on the wall, and looking back at him was a little girl standing next to a sexy young woman in a maroon mini skirt. He finally was looking at his fantasy come true, and so was Janet.

She wasted no time in leading the little girl over by the bed and planting a gentle kiss on his glossy rose colored lips, light enough so that she didn’t mess up his lipstick on his pouty little girl lips.

Janet slipped her hand under the yellow skirt of the pretty dress and petticoats and played her hand on the cheeks of his ass, through the nylon materiel of his ruffled panties. This made Marty squirm a little, as her soft hands sent shock waves of pleasure through his entire body. The feeling made Marty feel just terrific, and he thought that nothing could feel any better than that, but then Janet slip his panties down his thighs and then played with his bare ass, and the feeling almost doubled and Marty couldn’t stand still as Janet played with the crack of his ass and finally she slipped her finger into his hole just a little, and Marty almost melted with the feeling of pleasure he was getting from Janet’s attentions.

Finally Janet pulled Marty down on to the bed, and removed his ruffled panties completely off of his legs and dropped them on the floor next to the bed. She had Marty get on his hands and knees on the the bed and she lifted up his skirt and petticoats and laid them over his back, exposing the creamy white hairless flesh of his cheeks and ass, to her hungry eyes.

Janet leaned forward and kissed each of his cheeks with her glossy red lips, leaving a heart shaped impression of red gloss on each cheek. Then she ran her tongue up the crack of his ass and licked at his hole for several seconds, causing Marty to lose control and fall flat on his stomach on the bed. She pulled him back up to his hands and knees position and continued to lick and suck his ass hole, until it was wet enough from her mouth that she ran her hands over the smooth skin and finally was able to insert one of her manicured red tipped fingers all the way in with out Marty trying to pull away from her.

Marty’s ass and hips were beginning to move with the rhythm of her thrusting finger, and was beginnings to feel great sensations from it, but then she stopped, just for a second, and Marty could feel her applying a creamy substance to his ass hole and it was very slick and slippery.

But before he had much time to figure out what she was doing, she was trying to put something into his ass, Marty looked into the mirrored wall of the bedroom and could see that she had a thing strapped around her waist that looked like a dick, and she was trying to put it in his ass hole. Marty was horny and his ass was already relaxed, so before Marty could object to what was going on, Janet had managed to slip the thing in over half way and start a pumping action with her hips. It didn’t hurt Marty, and as a matter of fact it felt pretty good to him, and before he knew it, he was thrusting his ass and hips to meet her own moves.

In just a few minutes, Marty felt something inside of him, it felt just like he was cumming again, and the sensation was continuously building up, and driving him crazy. It was almost to the point where Marty couldn’t stand it any longer and all of a sudden Janet started to moan and give off little cries of passion as she rammed the rubber cock deep inside of Marty ass, and held it deep with in him as she came again and again, holding on to Marty hips so that he could not pull away.

Janet finally came back to her senses and slowly withdrew the dick from his ass and undid the strap from around her waist. Marty could see that her dick had two cocks attached to it, one that went into him, and one that went into Janet’s sweet hairless pussy.

She dropped the rubber toy on the the floor and then rolled Marty over to his stomach, his cock was still ridged as ever, and she climbed on to his hips, and inserted his throbbing cock deep inside her wet warm pussy and began moving up and down, slowly at first and then faster and faster, until she was ready to come again, only this time Marty was also ready to erupt with a passion he had never felt before.

The both of them came at the same time and Marty hips were flooded with their love juices as they mixed and dripped from Janet’s warm wet cunt.

Janet rolled off of Marty and put her arms around his waist and pulled him as close to her as possible and embraced him with a long hot kiss on his glossy rose colored lips, and sent her tongue deep into his throat.

For several minutes they kissed and petted with each other, until they both drifted off to sleep for a mid morning nap, contented with each other and filled with love. With a promise of a long and happy relationship.


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  1. stephanie kimberlie prince

    What a wonderful story. This sissy was so aroused almost from the start, suspecting what the story’s end would be. By the end this story this sissy was so excited that she really wanted to be Marty. It made this sissy want to read it all over again and actually have this happen to her. This sissy is not gay, but she would really love to teach at this school. What a thrill ! Thrilled to be a sissy for life. As always, this sissy is in servitude to her Superiors !

  2. felicity

    “he was getting some very strange feelings from all over his body. They were not unpleasant feelings but gentle and exotic”
    Difficult, perhaps impossible, to ignore. Yes Impossible to ignore and I should know xx

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