Panties Were Not A Part Of My Resume!

Not part of my resume!
Marty had graduated from college several months ago, after four years of hard work, and was trying to find a job teaching in a community that had a smaller school.

He had heard the stories of what had happened to several teachers that went to the big cities to work, and he was afraid of violence. He was rather small to begin with and had only had one fight in his life and lost that one rather badly. He believed that in the smaller towns the trouble would be limited and he wouldn’t have to get that involved in any.

He had written many letters to school in towns that he thought would meet his needs for a peaceful existence and harmony. He had also received several replies from a few that sounded interesting to him. He really felt good when he got the one from Taffeta school of Proper Manner – It was located in a remote mountain area in Pennsylvania. He tried to find out more information on the place, but could not come up with a thing, but with a name like that, he was sure that there would be very little or no trouble at all.

He contacted the school by phone and was only told that the teachers they hired had to come in for a personal interview, but the pay he would be getting was twice that of what he was offered from any other place that contacted him. He packed enough clothes for two or three days and set out for the remote location and followed the instructions giving him by the Head Mistress of the school.

He drove for hours before he began to see the land marks he was told to watch out for, and then finally he pulled his car up in front of the large iron gates that guarded the privacy of the huge estate that housed the school. He stopped at the intercom and a voice came through and he was asked to state his business. He explained that he was here for an interview for a teaching job. The voice gave him instructions on where he should go, then the gate clicked and slowly swung open, and Marty drove through. He was impressed at the size of the place as he pulled up in front of what appeared to be an old but well keep mansion.

He knocked on the door and a few minutes later it was answered by a very pretty girl, with light brown shoulder length hair and glossy hot pink lips, dark smokey eyes, small gold studded earrings and dressed in french maid’s attire, a short black satin dress with a low cut neck line with white lace trim outlining her lovely neck and chest and around the hemline of her short skirt supported by layers of stiff white petticoats that caused the skirt to stand almost straight out. Her legs were encased in long black stockings and she was wearing a pair of black patent high heeled pumps with at least four inch spiked heels.

One look at this girl and Marty was speechless he had never seen such a thing and he instantly fell in love with the girl that stood there towering over him by at least four inches.

She directed him to follow her, and as he walked behind her he heard the rustling of her petticoats and the sounds of her spiked heels as they came in contact of the hard wood floors. He was shown into a large sitting room and told to sit and wait, some one would be with him shortly.

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