by Kimberliegh Ann

Author’s note: what follows can only be accepted for what it is – a fictitious flight of fantasy, but every good piece of fiction has a basis in reality. The characters mentioned are for the most part composites of people encountered along the road of life – you may know who you are and to you i say, “No offense is intended and thank You for the inspiration.” Let’s go for a walk on the wildside –




My teacher’s name is Miss Kimberly. Not Mistress, for She views herself more as an educator trying to teach me to be in tune with my Female inner-self. i may address Her as Ma’am, Miss Kimberly, or Miss – but never under any circumstances as Kimberly (shows a total disregard for her superiority) or worse yet any of the above with the abbreviation Kim. I have learned (the hard way) that Her given name is Kimberly and She is very adamant that you address Her as such, but more about that in a moment.

my name is kymberleigh anne – my first name it’s obvious is to honor my teacher so that i am always reminded of Her whenever She calls for me. Although she did allow some liberty in the spelling. As She explains it, i am not worthy to bear Her name exactly, but still must show respect. anne is a reminder of the first Woman who showed me the true nature of the beast, although i try to delude myself into thinking it was unintentional of course. When i was younger i spent several days of effort and well over $150 for a date with Her – She was late and totally uninterested in the parts of the evening when we were alone together. The next day wheniI stood next to Her at lunch She didn’t even speak to me. It was then that i first experienced the sting of feeling used and degraded, and for that i honor Her. i know many Girls who feel used the next morning – my first step on the road to the one inside me.

Previously i mentioned Miss Kimberly’s view on Her role as more of a teacher than a Mistress – as we are both new to this process, we are currently in the process of ‘testing the waters’. She chooses the things She wants to try and i may agree or decline based on my level of comfort – although this can be viewed as a less than totally committed arrangement, Miss Kimberly is quite adept at structuring our sessions so that i often pay a price for declining Her suggestion. Punishment is a cunning psychological tool, and when we cross over into negative reinforcement i am lost. Through Her actions Miss Kimberly is shaping my behavior to coincide with Her desires – as every dedicated teacher should. i am too stupid to know what i really want to achieve and must rely on the kindness of ladies such as Miss Kimberly for guidance.

May i digress? i mentioned Miss Kimberly’s insistence of being addressed in a proper and respectful manner – one of my earliest lesson’s learned. Miss Kimberly arranges times for us to be together (often weekends) for my training. Early one Saturday She came to my house after having been exercising Her horse. i think Miss Kimberly is the most beautiful when She rides. Her long blonde hair flowing in the sun, the rosiness of Her cheeks, and the gleam of power in her eye at the command of such a magnificent animal as Hers adds to Her air of authority. i can tell She is most happy when riding and often uses it to escape the day-to-day grind or more often the stress of trying to train an ignorant unworthy pupil such as myself.

Miss Kimberly had been standing at my door -She now has a key – waiting for minutes for me to let Her into the house. As it was early, both in the morning and my instruction, i was unaware of the consequences of what was about to transpire. She was gracious when i opened the door, but once it closed She began to berate me for letting Her stand outside so long. “Do you think your precious little house is too good for My presence,” She asked. “Were you so involved at playing with your tiny boy toy that you could not find your way to the door? Strip naked in front of me this very moment, you sorry excuse for a pantyboy!” AsiI began to pull off my shorts and t-shirt, Miss Kimberly was pacing around me in a circle. “I had better not see any evidence of your disgusting little pee-pee either or you will be sorry.” Having studied tucking techniques from our friendly guidebook @, i made a feeble attempt to hide myself between my legs. But here is where my gender failed me – is there any man not acquainted with the early morning erection? i was doubly in trouble with Miss Kimberly’s words ringing in my ear causing impure thoughts in my second most useless organ – my brain. Those thoughts combined with the force of nature gave me such an erection that there was no way to hide it – short of using duct tape, but that’s another story altogether.

i stood there completely naked with my penis out for the world to see feeling pretty good about life in general. Remember this is early in my instruction process, and i failed to realize that the teacher may have been farther along in the lesson plan than i was at the moment. All of the suddeniI felt a tremendous pain jolt through my body as Miss Kimberly whipped Her riding crop across my erect penis. “That’s disgusting! I told you I didn’t want to see your pee-pee and what do you do you worthless whore, you try to impress me with your feeble excuse for an erection. Get that thing out of my sight. Get it down, get it down, now!” Another strike of the crop. i was still dazed from the first one, but the second one really stung and i blurted out, “Damn Kim are you trying to kill me or what?” (Collective uh-oh!)
Many words can be found in our language to describe her reaction. Among them terms such as: enraged, nuclear, postal, meltdown, seizure psychotic. Words would not do justice to Her actions, but i will try. Use your imagination to fill in the blanks. It was as if the proverbial ton of bricks had chosen my body to land on at just that moment. Miss Kimberly began to whip me repeatedly with Her crop. “What did you say? What did you call me? What’s my name? What is MY NAME?” She shrieked. As the crop struck me again and again my body was soon covered with red slash marks. There was no accounting for aim – whatever piece of skin was exposed was fair game for Her fury. “YOU LITTLE BITCH!” She screamed. “Of all the things to do. Has the blood from your head filled your tiny prick so much so that you forgot My name?” In a vain attempt to avoid the crop, i crumpled to the floor in a ball. That very act may have saved me – temporarily. Miss Kimberly stopped Her tirade long enough to catch Her breath and from the corner of my eye i could see the rage gel into a cold hard gleam of determination. For what i was about to find out, but in that fleeting second i thought i was safe. Wrong again, idiot!

Miss Kimberly stepped in front of me and softly called my name “kymbeleigh anne are you O.K.? Did I hurt you?” Her voice was so deceptively concerned that i raised my head to answer Her. i stared right into her cold blue eyes and knew i was in deep trouble. Her hair had come undone from it’s clip and framed Her face in little golden wisps. Her face was flushed and i could see small tracks of spittle at the corners of Her lips. But it was Her eyes that kept drawing me back – steely blue, but something hidden behind there. As if Miss Kimberly was possessed by a secret that i had not yet discovered.

“kymberleigh anne, how could i have done such a thing?” She cooed. “Did I hurt my poor precious little darling? How could I be so, so…? I’ll tell you how, you IGNORANT EXCUSE FOR A slut – I’ll TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW!” Gone was the care and concern that had only masked her rage. i cowered in anticipation of several more blows to the body, but none came. “GET FLAT ON THE FLOOR you bitch! DO IT THIS INSTANT IF you EVEN THINK you KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR you!” i stretched out as flat as i could in case Miss Kimberly’s crop started to rain down upon me again. But it did not. With my chin pressed flat on the flooriI could raise my eyes just enough to see Miss Kimberly move a footstool over in front of whereiI was. As She sat down on the stool and stretched Her legs out in front of me, Her feet stopped just in front of my face.i say Her feet, but in reality it was Her riding boots from Her trip to the stables earlier in the morning.

“So my precious little Girl forgot my name, did She? Tried to call Me someone else. No respect at all! None. Well, let’s see what we can do about that, shall we? Stick out your tongue, bitch. I want to see it out this second and it better be out farther than that thing you tried to show Me earlier. Disgusting as that was!” As i opened my mouth, i tried to force my tongue out as far as possible above the floor. i had seen stories of bad Girls having to lick the floor clean as punishment for not cleaning the house, but as yet hadn’t had to submit. i was thinking, “OK, I’ll take a couple of swipes and She’ll get bored and we’ll move on to something else. No big deal.” Let me clue you gentle reader, perhaps it’s best that i not think anymore.

“kymberleigh anne, I don’t know where you think you are that you can try such horseshit with Me, young Lady. Show Me no respect. It’s a wonder I don’t beat you black and blue.” That cold steely look in Miss Kimberly’s eyes that i had seen earlier was somehow creeping into Her voice. “You know it’s just horseshit, plain and simple horseshit, my little bitch. Horseshit coming out of your mouth, so let’s put some back in, shall we? OPEN UP, you slut!” Miss Kimberly had grabbed my hair in one hand and pulled my tongue directly on to Her boots. It took a second or two for me to realize what was happening, but as Miss Kimberly wiped Her boot across my tongue, i could feel a moist cold wet lump of mud stick to my tongue. Then the taste hit me. i don’t eat mud often, but have tasted dirt a time or two and this was nothing like anything i had ever tasted. Horseshit was right! All over Her boots and soon to be my tongue.

“Lick them clean, Girlie. I want to see My boots shine. Like the taste honey? You’ll love it before your done!” My throat closed in reflex and i tried to pull my tongue back in as i thought i would gag, but Miss Kimberly had just enough pressure on my head to stop me from opening my mouth enough to get my tongue back. “Oh no, baby none of that now. We have a while yet before you’re ready for that. Clean every speck on My boots and then we’ll see, O.K.?” As Miss Kimberly continued to wipe Her boots across my tongue, it became apparent to me that there was no way out of this lesson so i did what every good student should when caught in a trap. i started to cry. “Oh stop it you big baby,” Miss Kimberly said. “As soon as you get done here, I’ll let you up. But you have to finish My boots first. Make sure you get the seams real good. You know how dirt likes to cling.” As i began to take bigger swipes with my tongue, Miss Kimberly slowly relaxed Her grip and somewhere in the middle an act of punishment turned into one of willing servitude. It took me a while, and it never tasted good, but i licked her boots until they were as clean as the day i bought them for Her. The lesson learned for the day was, “Horseshit out, Horseshit in!” Thank you for your patience Miss Kimberly! i live only to serve Your needs, and oh by the way to you readers out there take a hint from me if you’re ever on boot detail – Cry from the beginning. The tears don’t cover the taste, but at least your tongue doesn’t dry up. Time to go prepare for my next lesson. Yes Miss Kimberly i am on my way….


You may remember my wonderful instructor Miss Kimberly from our first story. i am of course Her devoted pupil kymberleigh anne. If you have not done so take a few minutes and acquaint yourself with Story One – as this tends to be a work in progress, then you would be best served starting from the beginning. Go ahead, we’ll wait, but don’t dawdle. Miss Kimberly although very patient (She has to be to put up with me) is severely displeased by those who dawdle.

OK, now that you’re back or if you never left we can move on to today’s lesson. First let me emphasize the fact that Miss Kimberly and i may not always adhere to the strictest of guidelines as set forth by our friends @, but in Her own inevitable way Miss Kimberly always manages to make Her point. It usually only takes one lesson for me to learn, but that doesn’t mean that Miss Kimberly won’t schedule a review to test my abilities (or lack thereof). Or maybe just to let me know with a gentle reminder who is really in charge.

One of the things listed in the guidelines was that a good sissy always cooks for Her Mistress. Miss Kimberly agrees wholeheartedly with that idea and had instructed me to prepare a meal fitting enough to show my respect for Her. Now i have cooked for myself and others for the last twenty years and although i’ll never work in Paris, i’m not exactly wasting away. However this would be the first time i had cooked for Miss Kimberly since we started our studies, so i knew it had to be something good. i spent many hours trying to decide a meal plan. Miss Kimberly’s only instructions were, “Your effort in preparation should show Me how much you want to please Me, and I’d better be able to eat whatever you fix. If you serve Me slop, then neither one of us will be too happy.”

See that’s the thing i like most about Miss Kimberly – She gives me a task and let’s me decide how best to accomplish it. Truly the mark of a good teacher, but along with that trust is the implied, stated, and often misunderstood (by this stupid slut) consequence of disappointing Her. i finally decided what to serve and spent the whole day in the kitchen making the dinner. When Miss Kimberly arrived that evening, i led her to the table and showed Her to her seat. As this dinner was in Her honor there was only one place setting – if i ate it would be later at Miss Kimberly’s discretion. The good news is that i did get to eat later, as for the bad news continue on, good reader.

The table was immaculate with a fresh linen covering and the dishes spread out around the plate. A candle was lit and a single yellow rose sat in a vase next to it. After Miss Kimberly was seated and comfortable, i poured some wine for Her and at Her prompting i began to serve the food. Homemade meatloaf (celery and onions diced by hand), mashed potatoes with real butter, creamed corn, and green beans were the choices i had made. A side salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and mushrooms topped with oil and vinegar was close at hand as was the dessert i had prepared a creamy chocolate pie.

Miss Kimberly smiled and said, “It looks very nice kymberleigh anne. Now let’s see how it tastes.” With that She sampled each dish separately as i waited anxiously for Her reaction, hoping that i had done my best to please Her. Miss Kimberly then began to heap larger portions of the food on Her plate which i took to mean that the spread was to Her liking. My intuitive powers never were really that good. As Miss Kimberly motioned me to come kneel on the floor by Her chair with one hand She was using Her fork to mix the food together. i know a lot of people who mix their food before they eat it, so i thought nothing of it as i knelt at Miss Kimberly’s side.

“That’s right precious, come here beside Me as i consider how best to express my feelings for all your hard work,” She said reaching to touch my shoulder. As Her head turned down to me, the only thing between Her and the floor was my upturned face!

i noticed Miss Kimberly had started shoving forkfuls of food into Her mouth – so much so that her cheeks soon began to bulge. She grasped my hair, jerked my head back to a tilt and pulled my face forward all at the same time. i saw the faint traces of a smile start to cross Her lips and then Her mouth opened. The last thing i thought was, “She’d better swallow some of that food before it falls out,” but in that instant it dawned on me that the food wasn’t going in, but was instead…

As Miss Kimberly spit the food from Her mouth onto my face, i felt the splatter of meatloaf, potatoes, corn and beans rain down on me. “JUST WHAT THE HELL ARE you TRYING TO DO you STUPID bitch !” Miss Kimberly screamed. “POISON ME! Here I ask you to show Me how much you respect Me and what do you try to feed Me – CRAP! CRAP SO BAD I WOULDN’T EVEN FEED IT TO A DOG! THIS SHIT IS TERRIBLE!” In hindsight i remember that i had cooked the same meal for Her numerous times before we started our training, and She had never had any complaints – for that very reason i chose that menu. But as we all know some lessons in life are painfully obvious while others are so subtle that if you blink you miss them. It wasn’t so much the taste of the food as it was the taste of power that caused Her to tirade.

“Try and feed Me food not fit for a dog will you?” Miss Kimberly asked. “Is that what you think of Me, IS IT? I’ll show you what I think of that. OPEN your MOUTH you SILLY bitch!” As i opened my mouth to stammer an answer, Miss Kimberly picked up Her plate and with Her fork, She began to shove the food into my mouth. My mouth filled immediately, but She kept tying to force more food in. “TAKE IT you bitch, TAKE IT ALL! ALL OF IT! And you’d better hold it in!” She shrieked. Problem was, i couldn’t swallow fast enough and the food began piling up over my face. Miss Kimberly took Her hand and began to grab food directly from the serving dishes in an attempt to cram more of it in my mouth.

As the food piled up, i began to choke. At that moment Miss Kimberly’s hand was over my mouth trying to force the food in further and in a reflex gag my teeth closed over one of Her fingers – no more than a nip – really. “you bitch you! I CAN’T BELIEVE you JUST BIT ME!” She screamed. As She pulled away from me Her hands found one serving dish after another – the contents of which Miss Kimberly began to rain down on either my head or some other part of my body. Her aim was not good, but it’s hard to miss a target right in front of you. The last thing i felt was Her shoving the chocolate pie directly in my face and with a twist She smeared it in with the rest of the meal. Well, almost the last thing – as She emptied the wine bottle on top of my head She yelled, “You clean this up you good for nothing whore. I don’t care how long it takes you make this kitchen spotless! If it isn’t done right, I’ll trash it again and make you start all over!” With that She stomped from the room and i slowly sank into a ball on the floor trying to figure out what to do next.

i couldn’t imagine what had just happened, but i knew for certain that i was an absolute mess. Covered almost from head to toe in what only moments ago had been that night’s dinner. Everything was mixed together and it seemed that i oozed from every part of my body. Mashed potatoes in my nose, creamed corn in my ears, bits of meatloaf and bean stuck in my hair. Chocolate pie filling in my eyes. When i tried to move i squished. Butter ran down between the crack of my ass or was it the wine. Maybe even the oil and vinegar dressing from the salad. “You’d better get to work in there,” i heard from the other room. “Don’t make Me have to come in there and see you’re not done!” Not done, hell, i hadn’t even begun to start thinking about where to begin.

Slowly my brain started to function (true indicator of the stupid bitch that i am), and i began to move around on the floor. Wallow would be closer to the truth – just like a pig wallows in slop. (Keep your comments to yourself, thank you.) Everywhere i turned it seemed worse. Fortunately, the whole mess was confined to a tight area – mostly me. i realized that in order to do as instructed, i would have to take off all my clothes. Just then Miss Kimberly yelled, “Don’t even think of leaving that kitchen until it’s clean.” So there i was totally naked, cut off from the rest of the house, and covered with food. So i did what anyone in that situation would. i began to clean up.

i will spare you the boring details of the rest of that night as i never got out of the kitchen. As for Miss Kimberly, i heard Her walking through the house outside the kitchen many times that night, but She never came back. She knew i was too terrified not to obey Her last commands. i finally finished as the sun came up and too exhausted and scared to do anything else, i collapsed naked on the cold tile floor – which is exactly where Miss Kimberly found me later that morning. But more about that another time….


After the fiasco with the dinner (Story Two), Miss Kimberly has banned me from any sort of food preparation for Her. In fact She has even banned me from the kitchen. Well not completely, but Her exact words were, “kymberleigh anne, anytime you want to go into the kitchen, you may do so, but only on your hands and knees. You don’t deserve to stand upright after you tried to feed Me that slop.” So of course, when i do the dishes or the laundry, i must go through the kitchen on all fours.

As an added bonus, since Miss Kimberly now has to fix Her own meals, She has started to cook just for one – although there are two of us. She does not allow me to eat with Her at the table, but has me kneel on the floor beside Her chair, and lets me finish the scraps from Her plate. If i clean Her plate without making a mess, Miss Kimberly will pat me on the head and say, “Good little doggy.” She says it amuses Her to watch me chase the plate across the floor as it slides away from me as i try to lick up every last crumb.

One day Miss Kimberly instructed me to pick Her up at Her workplace so that we might go shopping that afternoon. i was hoping for some frilly things for me, but whatever She had in mind, She didn’t share – as if She needed to! i arrived on time and was waiting for Miss Kimberly in the reception area when the young Lady behind the desk struck up a conversation with me. “I understand you are going shopping this afternoon,” She stated. “Yes Ma’am that is what i was told,” i replied. “She certainly is lucky to have a man like you,” the Receptionist said as Miss Kimberly walked in. “My boyfriend says he feels like such a sissy when I ask him to go with me,” She said with a twinkle in Her eye. “Well, yes Sabrina,” Miss Kimberly said to the young Lady, “You know how men are.” “I thought I did, but every day I learn something new,” Sabrina said. Miss Kimberly started to the door and as we went through She said to Sabrina, “See you later.” Then Sabrina smiled at me and with a giggle in her voice She replied, “Looking forward to it.”

As we entered the local mall Miss Kimberly told me that if i acted properly, then She would perhaps let me buy a small something or the other as a reward. Miss Kimberly looked through many stores and at many things, but purchased nothing. In the different Women’s clothes stores She would try on outfits while i stood in the store holding Her purse. Not as a football or loaf of bread as most men do, but Miss Kimberly made me sling the strap over my shoulder as i had seen Her do many times before.

As the dressing rooms were mostly in the back of the store, not too many people saw me with the purse over my shoulder, but there were a few glances from a couple of people. Most often i would nod toward the dressing rooms and indicate i was waiting for someone. After a while we made our way to the store that specialized in larger Women’s clothing. My heart skipped a beat or two as we entered the store and Miss Kimberly said, “If you see anything you like for yourself, bring it to Me for approval and I may let you buy it.”

With that She was gone off to the dressing room to try on some things She had picked out. i wandered through the store with Miss Kimberly’s purse on my shoulder and looked at many things. Dresses, blouses, skirts, panties, bras, teddies… the list goes on and on. If i saw something i would like i took it to Miss Kimberly, but most often She rejected my selections. Just another lesson in control. finally after numerous back and forth between the racks and dressing room, Miss Kimberly lost Her patience. “You are such a silly thing that you can’t even pick out your own clothes,” She stated.

When She grabbed me by the hand and led me toward the door, i feared we were on the way out of the store as the mall was closing soon, . “Here, let’s see what we can find,” She nodded toward a rack of bra and panty sets. As She looked over the selections, Miss Kimberly would hold them up against my body to picture what each would look like on me. At first, we drew no attention, but after awhile, Miss Kimberly started commenting out loud on each choice. “Too bright, not large enough, too much lace, not enough lace, not enough color.” As She critiqued each piece Her voice grew louder and louder until other Ladies in the store started to glance our way.

A young Sales Clerk came over and asked if She could help. Miss Kimberly replied, “Oh I doubt if anyone could help.” “Certainly we have something for you,” the Saleslady inquired. “Oh it’s not for me,” Miss Kimberly shot back, “it’s for my friend here.” “Ah yes, I believe we’ve met and I can certainly see your difficulty,” responded the young Woman whose name tag read Sabrina – wait isn’t She the Receptionist from Miss Kimberly’s office. Indeed She was, i hadn’t noticed Her earlier as i had my head down trying to hide my embarrassment. “Let Me see what I can find,” said Sabrina with the same little giggle in Her voice that i had heard earlier that day.

One by one Sabrina went through the whole rack again. If She saw something She liked, She offered it to Miss Kimberly for Her opinion. “How about these?” She asked. Every selection was rejected until Sabrina held out a pair of black panties with a matching bra. “Perfect,” was Miss Kimberly’s reply. But wait a minute hadn’t Miss Kimberly already rejected that set earlier, i thought to myself. Of course She had, it wasn’t about the clothes it was about making the scene to embarrass me in public. Miss Kimberly’s mind is a Wonder to Behold.

“Well now, of course you’ll want to try these on,” said Sabrina as She held out the bra and panties to me. “Excellent idea Sabrina!” Miss Kimberly quipped. As Sabrina led me to the back of the store where the dressing rooms were, She and Miss Kimberly chatted back and forth as if i wasn’t there. “Oh I’m so glad you have this job Sabrina,” said Miss Kimberly. “You know I didn’t really want to take this extra job until you told Me what fun I could have,” replied Sabrina. “Just looking out for you Girl,” Miss Kimberly said with a little pat on Sabrina’s shoulder “plus think of all the extra money You’ll make!”

“Appreciate that,” said Sabrina as She unlocked the doors to the dressing rooms. ” I have to go help the last customers and close out the register,” Sabrina informed us, “but I’ll be back shortly. Please wait here if I can be of any further assistance.” With that She was gone and Miss Kimberly sat down in the chair and told me to take off my clothes. As i stripped down to my skin, Miss Kimberly began leafing through a catalog that She picked up off the table. “Let Me know when you’re completely naked,” She said, ” and wait for Me to tell you before you put anything on. Knowing you kymberleigh anne, you’d probably get it on backwards. “I’m done Miss Kimberly,” i replied. “Good Girl, now just stand there like that until I tell you different,” She ordered.

So thereiI was in the dressing room of the Women’s clothing store without a stitch on and i began to wonder what would happen if i got caught. The more i wondered, the more nervous i got, and soon i was doing a little side to side dance to work off some of the energy building up. At the same time i was getting aroused by the idea of the whole situation and soon was erect. As i turned around to view myself in the three-way mirror, i brushed up against Miss Kimberly and She looked up to see what i was doing.

“Who told you to poke that thing at Me,” She yelled. You’d better stop right there and get yourself under control little missy or I’ll do it for you!” As She rose out of Her chair Miss Kimberly grabbed a wooden hanger off the hook behind the door and began to whip my bare body with it. Soon,iI lost all thought of arousal and my erection withered away to nothing with the pain. “There that’s more like it!” Miss Kimberly growled.

Just then there was a knock on the door and Sabrina was back, “How are we doing?” She asked. “There was a ‘small’ problem, but it’s taken care of now,” Miss Kimberly assured Her. “Well, that’s good,” replied Sabrina, “everyone else has left, and I’ve just about got everything set up whenever You’re ready to start.” Ready to start what i wondered, but Miss Kimberly was beside me with the hanger again and my attention was soon focused entirely on Her. “Now put on these nice things we have picked out for you and then come out front. Don’t dawdle. You know how I hate dawdlers,” warned Miss Kimberly.

“Yes Ma’am, I’ll be right out,” was my reply. i put the panties on with no trouble, and soon had the bra on as well as i had often seen Miss Kimberly get dressed. When i went back into the main part of the store, all the lights were off except for a spotlight over a raised tier in front of a three-way mirror about halfway between the front and back of the store. Miss Kimberly was seated in a chair next to the mirror with Sabrina standing next to a rack of clothes rolled over by the chair. Miss Kimberly told me to get up on the tier and model for Her. AsiI mounted the steps, She and Sabrina began to chat amongst themselves again.

Slowly piece by piece, Sabrina would take an article off the rack and help me into it. i’m sure i tried on every combination of clothing in the store. As the show continued, Miss Kimberly would indicate Her opinions with a nod or shake of Her head. There was even a French Maid’s outfit for me to try on as the store always kept a few in the back for costume parties. “you might want to get used to wearing that,” Miss Kimberly informed me.

Just then there was a loud sound of laughter and tapping on the glass at the front of the store. As we all turned our heads toward the noise, it dawned on me that although the mall was closed there were still many Store Clerks and Maintenance people there. Obviously the spotlight and activity in the store had caught someone’s attention and they were peering through the glass at the show. As i was under the spotlight i knew they could see me, but not Miss Kimberly or Sabrina.

i froze where i was hoping that whoever it was would go on. Motionless, i stood there for minutes with sweat trickling down my face until i heard a young Woman’s voice trailing away from the other side of the glass, “Well I thought there was somebody in there. Maybe it was just a dummy and My eyes were playing tricks. Either way whatever it was, it sure was an ugly thing!” With that Miss Kimberly and Sabrina broke out into muffled laughter and collapsed against each other with tears running down their faces.

Miss Kimberly ordered me down from the platform and told me to go get my other clothes and my wallet while She and Sabrina waited. When i returned, Miss Kimberly took my debit card and told Sabrina to charge everything to my account, but that we would only be taking the bra and panties. The rest we were returning for a refund which Sabrina could keep for Herself for Her troubles. Miss Kimberly knew what She was doing – since it was my debit card then when Sabrina ran the returns through She could keep the cash and no one would be the wiser. i didn’t think i’d be making any complaints about it to the bank or store manager as i wasn’t ready to explain what i was doing in that store after hours trying on Women’s clothes to the sum of close to $600.

Sabrina would lose Her sales commission on everything but the bra and panties, but the extra money She kept (well over $500) was worth the trouble. Plus She wasn’t hurting the store, just my bank account. Sabrina put the clothes i’d worn into the store in a bag and we all walked to the back door of the store to leave.

Miss Kimberly told me to walk to the car in the French maid’s outfit i still had on and bring it to the back of the store. Of course the car was on the other side of the mall, but i managed to get there without drawing too much attention to myself. i heard a couple of shouts and whistles from passing cars, but made it to my car before whoever it was could come back. When i went back to pick up Miss Kimberly, She told me to take off the French maid’s outfit and wear just the bra and panties home as that is all we bought. i returned the outfit to Sabrina and then went to the car.

Miss Kimberly and Sabrina stood at the car door a few minutes longer and as they hugged each other goodnight, i overheard Miss Kimberly say “Thank you for a lovely evening Sabrina. We should do this again. See you soon!” As i drove home wearing only the bra and panties, i realized that it was all a setup with Sabrina’s reply ringing in my ears, “Even without the bonus, i had a great time learning something new and i’m looking forward to doing it again.” You know in a strange way so am i.

The End


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It is now almost three months since my Wife and i have begun reading your site, and it has made a radical difference in Her approach to my feminization. She has decided, much to my humiliation, that i must be… Read more “sondra”

i have only been a member for a few short days and have found myself wondering why i hadnt joined much earlier. Truth is i was very scared and worried to face my sissy desires. Now i find those fears… Read more “sissy cindy”

This sissy wishes to thank her Superiors for providing the opportunity for learning. This sissy is so happy at being able to learn how to be a better sissy.Thank you for providing such great insight, and for allowing this sissy… Read more “sissy michelle”

This sissy wishes sh.e had found ‘The House of Sissify’ sooner. You provide a special haven for us sissies and, without You, no sissy would be able to truly complete he.r sissy journey. This sissy has only joined recently, but… Read more “brandie love”

This sissy must confess that the House has changed and enlightened he.r life. Becoming a sissy is not a dream any more. It’s reality. She just needs Your excellent guidance and work. Hard work that is rewarded not only with badges and helpful… Read more “megandelux”

…I would also like to add, that i am gaining quite a bit of information from your site, and thank you for a well constructed web site that is very informational, and is providing quite a bit of insight into… Read more “Pat”

Joining The House has been the best thing ever for this sissy. It has been about a week since joining and already sissy feels a tremendous turnaround in the way she feels and acts. she most certainly feels more feminine,… Read more “bobbiegirl”

It has only been a week but what a week this site is awesome and the Staff is so wonderful to deal with i am an older sissy and sadly my wife could never know. that’s sad because our life… Read more “lola”

Thank You all so much for providing such a lovely home and training ground for sissies. Please allow me to help in any way You deem appropriate. This sissy looks forward to many hours of training under Your guidance. The… Read more “trish”

i would just like to thank all the wonderful Women who have created this site. This little sissy has found a place to feel pretty, safe and secure. i look forward to learning more and more about becoming a Woman.

A short note of thanks for providing a complete community for sissies, a place of refuge and resource from the harsh world, and the House *genuinely* seems to hold sissy’s interests at heart: no exhorbitant joining fees = loyalty for… Read more “hayley”

i think this is the best site on the internet and it is an invaluable resource for all sissys. it is an honor to support this site.

I have to say what a truly wonderful site this is. It has come like a warm comforting glow that has started to lift me out of a world of darkness. Many thanks to the wonderful Staff at The House… Read more “bobbiegirl”

You All have my respect and appreciation for this little nook of the world. This is truly a bastion of knowledge, empathy and love where it seems so lacking outside these ‘walls’. Having been through thick and thin with these… Read more “chloedance”

It helps me to gather information to further educate me as sissy

i wish to offer my thanks for your website. It has helped me start down the road toward being the girl i know i was meant to be. Please know how much i appreciate all that your service does for… Read more “kara denise”

It was really great to know this site. i have obviously missed a lot not getting onto this site before. your suggestions will definitely make this slut a better maid and keep her Mistress happy and satisfied forever. this whore’s… Read more “diana”

Once again I would like to say how honored i am to participate with the House. it is and remains the coolest, most smoothly moving and most together website I have ever encountered in my EXTENSIVE cruising on the www.

The House of Sissify is the best site that this sissy has found. she has spent hours in it just reading and learning. This sissy humbly thanks all the Sissify Staff

I would like to thank you for a great web site. When I first found it, well it was like receiving a gift. I wish you had been around when I was younger.

Thank you again for everything that you do. You may never know how important you are to the members of this site.

Thank you so much for your wonderful i have been enjoying it for some time now. i especially enjoy the little stories that follow each day in the wanking schedule…… my collection of panties is growing day by day.… Read more “cindysilk”

Thank you so much for providing us with your wonderful website! I was feeling so lost and lonely, until I discovered you. I am so eager to learn more about your happy community. In the mean time, I promise to… Read more “freddie”

sissy jimmie wishes to humbly say thank You for This site has become sissy’s refuge. sissy can be free here. sissy can find sisters here. sissy loves he.r sissify site. sissy visits the House every day. the house has… Read more “jimmie”

I just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful service. I have been looking for years to find someone to help me make this transformation. Again, let me say thank you.

Thank you for the accepting my sissy desires. We sweet sissy’s need an outlet to accept who we really are and what we really need. Because of you, this sissy has surrendered to her true pleasure

i just wanted to express my gratitude for accepting me in Your sissy training and hope i can learn how to be a better sissy for my Wife.

i am so happy to have found your site, my Master sent me here. i am looking forward to becoming the perfect sissy slave, trained for the pleasure of others. Your site has given me real hope of achieving this… Read more “sissy slave domonique”

I hope that I am not an intrusion to say that you have created a terrific website. I just wanted to express my admiration for you. You must receive lots of e-mails like this so I will trouble you no… Read more “gwenn”

I just want to say i love this site. It’s perfect for a sissy like me to learn to be better but also allows us sissies to chat and mingle with other sissies. This is a great way for us… Read more “alanaa”

I have come to greatly appreciate the training that You and your Staff have provided to these girls and believe that the House will provide her the best possible training to be the kind of sissy I would like to… Read more “Mr. M”

This worthless little sissy-slut-wannabe is dropping You a note to let You know what a fine job i believe You are doing with i had already mentioned to Mistress Jennifer how much i enjoyed the Site and Your continued… Read more “christine”

This sissy doesn’t know what sh.e would do without The House to come to. This sissy has been so much happier after sh.e joined and has met a lot of sissy sisters that sh.e can relate to and confide in.… Read more “stacey”

Thank You for accepting my application and allowing me the privilege of entering the interior of Your site. It has indeed had a profound effect on my psyche. i view myself as transgendered, and i have been progressing along the… Read more “jamie”

Thank you to the Staff at Sissify and all of the girls here, especially those who are my friends. Every morning i spend two hours dressed fully fem and looking for chat with respected friends on Sissify chat, before i… Read more “joanne”

Once again I would like to deeply thank all the Staff of Sissify for just being there for me and others like me. As I am more or less confined to my house (physical problems), and this service is one of my… Read more “justina”

The House is there like a beacon in the darkness.  You have done, and are doing, so much for the community and this sissy is very grateful.

This sissy just wanted You to know that although s.he has never been involved in an educational experience so personal, this is exactly what s.he needs. You and your Staff must be geniuses. When s.he stumbled into the Sissify site… Read more “robyn”

This sissy is infinitely grateful that you have welcomed her into the House and given her a safe haven among like-minded people. Although she has only been here for a short time, she has made tremendous progress in her deep… Read more “sissy fraenzi”

Thanks for the chat room You have provided for us sissies. The help from my sisters has been wonderful.

This sissy has just finished he.r second month with House of Sissify! I am amazed at how friendly and helpful everyone has been to this new sissy! Jamie is on chat almost every day for an hour or so catching… Read more “jamie”

This sissy is with You now for off and on 3-4 years and slowly but surely she gets Your program and discovers her true nature. In the beginning she was just a sissy on occasion and at “certain” times. But… Read more “sissychelle”

This sissy is sooooooooooo glad to be in the community. she is learning so much and hopes to get much more training to be a better sissy slut, she loves to submit and please and talk with her sisters.

i would like to thank you for the information and amusement Youve given me. This really is a mind teasing site. informative, educative, seductive and fun at the same time.

may i request permission to speak freely from the heart? upon finishing chapter one of “Girlfriends” by Vicky Tern……oh, my, God…Mistress, i just don’t know what to say. oh my God, this really is home! God in heaven i’m going… Read more “danielle”

The House provides endless pleasure to everyone.

This sissy has been so happy since finding The House of Sissify, it was a pleasure to be able to be able to give back a little after receiving so much. Truly without all of the hard work and love… Read more “bree ann”

Once when I was about 7 or 8 I accidentally wet my pants in public. Upon seeing this, my Aunt (who I was staying with for the day) took me back to her house, had me undress and put my… Read more “little mickie”

I instructed my sissy, amandacecilia, to join your wonderful site a few days ago after I did a brief perusal here myself, with instructions that she show me anything she felt especially useful or insightful here. Needless to say, the… Read more “Mistress Monique”

This site is so cool. All of the lovely photos are inspirational to this sissy’s development. The personal stories help this sissy to believe that anything is possible.

What a beautiful web site, with so many contacts and active chat going on. My frilly lacy panties always get very moist under my maids uniform!

just wanted to thank you for allowing the pansies and sissies of this world to serve such beautiful and domineering women as yourselves–i only wish i could get my wife to do this but her idea of kinky lifestyle or… Read more “a happy pansy”

The House of Sissify is absolutely the best sissy site on the web. This sissy has learned so much since joining. The advice and support are wonderful. s.he has learned how to love, honor, obey, and worship Superiors and… Read more “stephanie kimberlie prince”

i would like to take a minute of your time to thank you for your Sissify web site. Closet queens like myself have a real meeting place for information, meeting other sissies and accurate information as it pertains to sissydom.… Read more “enrietta”

It seems the House of Sissify has loosened the ground up beneath me and im descending, in free fall, accelerating by the vast gravitational attraction of Femininity.

Thank You, House, for being there so that us closet “sissies” have an avenue to express ourselves. This service is invaluable to us sissies so that we may express our sexuality.

I have found more relevant info on this site than the rest of the web put together.

The House of Sissify has encouraged me to be the real me and experiment with all sorts of idea’s. Before I started I would rarely dress up, now I can’t go a day without wearing at least panties. I would… Read more “Jess”

This sissy is so fortunate that Madame Stewart has allowed he.r the privilege of joining this fabulous site. Although a member of the House for a relatively short time, s.he has learned so much and is making progress toward becoming… Read more “chanel lacy”

Sissify.Com is alive! i can feel the pulse of your heart and the heart of the Staff every time i log on. The passion that You and the Staff put into this program seems incredible to me. i can feel… Read more “sissy robyn”

This sissy absolutely loves it here! Thank you Superiors for providing the House for all us sissies to train to be completely obedient and devoted! This sissy is so much more girlie since when she started, and is looking forward… Read more “sissy courtney”

I wanted to thank you for the insight into TransGendered Persons. As a Psych student doing a thesis on Gender Issues In Counseling your information helped to clarify and reify my own position with regard to gender identification psychology. I wish… Read more “Todd”

This site is SOOOOO cool. Very well done & intelligent. Great graphics & a great staff. I even met someone & we are going to get together soon thanks to the International Sissy Network

This is the greatest find to date. Thank you, Superiors.

my Wife has ordered me to write You again and tell You how much She enjoys Your site and the ideas it has given Her. She says She never realized how nice it would be to have a sissy maid/slut… Read more “kelli ann”

This sissy is finding this site to be more and more exciting, stimulating, enlightening and educational with each visit. This sissy is just discovering the value in contacting other members and discussing concerns and insights. This site is doing more… Read more “barbie”

WOW I have to say,.. That although I do not participate in this particular lifestyle,.. (being far too dominant in set in my ways to desire such an experience) I feel you deserve enormous kudos on the design and layout… Read more “ishmael”

Having just managed to get up the courage to join your website, it is already clear that this sissy should have done so a long time ago, already you have made he.r wonder why s.he was so nervous. With so… Read more “heather-louise”

It so comforting to be a member of this community, (you are all my sweet sisters) to know this sissy is not alone, in my exploration into what it is to be a sweet pathetic sissy, who’s only desire is… Read more “sally”

i just wanted to drop a line to say that Your web-site, “The House Of Sissify” is an artistic masterpiece (mistress-piece?) . .. it is alluring, entrancing, enchanting,exotic, exhilarating, breathtaking, mystifying, and sanctifying. Every page opens ones mind, heart and… Read more “michaela”

i can not tell you how much i am enjoying your sissify site. Seeking to be trained as a sissy slave is my greatest adventure. Thank you so much for being out there for little panty slaves such as myself.

The House sure feels like home, so glad to be a part of it all!

This gurl thanks the Superiors of the House for allowing he.r to be here, and enjoys the company of everyone here. S.he want the Superiors to know that s.he is here at anytime to serve as required of he.r and… Read more “danigurl”

The House of Sissify is utterly unique in its beguiling allure to every sissy who ever tried on a pair of panties, just as much as it is to sissy maids, slaves and princesses, advancing their way through trans-formative gender… Read more “sissy francine”

This submissive sissy congratulates you on this fabulous website. s.he admits that at first i was wary and looking to see where it was another rip-off – as most of us are used to. However, your fantastic – with all… Read more “patty jane”

I’m one of your loving, grateful sissies…..You have given me the gift of knowing I’m not alone.

…and i must say that Madame Stewart is right, even in a distance of 3000 km, She made it possible to make me impotent.

Just in passing – your site is an absolute inspiration, a joy to giggle through. The endless parade of those 1950’s tucked and bobbed pink-petticoated good-little-housewife cartoons is both mood-lifting, delightfully nostalgic in a delightfully non-serious way, and strangely gratifying… Read more “missy messy maso”

sissy jimmie gave a testimonial well over a year ago about how wonderful The House is. It has become so much more that the refuge sissy called it. The House has become a home for sissy. sissy loves making new… Read more “princess jimmie”


  1. rubyjo

    Quite nicely done, kymberleigh anne is accepting of new status as s.he should be. A fantasy yes but one that can play out today with sissy rubyjo or any one of the sissies here. Wouldn’t we be the lucky ones!!?

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