Tucking is a very important part of the transformation of a man into an acceptable sissy girl. How on earth could one imagine feeling, let alone looking appropriate for ones Mistress while having that unsightly bulge?
Not only does it break the nice clean line in a sissy groin, but it attracts unwanted, un-requested attention simply by its presence. Quite simply, a penis is in serious need of tucking.

So we here have the dilemma, since the penile tissue in question exists for Mistress' pleasure but the sight of it is such a nuisance as well as an embarrassment to the sissy herself.

And just what does a sissy do?

First off the plain and simple of it is that the penile tissue must be tucked. That is to say it must be pulled toward the sissy's buttocks and some how held in place. It is extremely important for the clitty to be held VERY tightly back, thus causing the testes of the sissy to be somewhat smashed and confined, allowing the opportunity for the sissy to have the constant reminder of her good fortune to have such opportunities to please her Mistress.

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Thank you very much for everything. The house allowed me to feel like a real woman and to accept my nature as a submissive girl and happy to be so

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