willa-2 | 05.08.2005 | Reports - Womens Studies

This lowly sissy is reporting her latest shopping trips–two separate occasions in the last two days–to shop for spring fashions.

On both days, this sissy began with a bubble bath and shave to start and stay nice and smooth and feminine. Then she put on panties and other underthings with some padding on the hips and derriere to help her pathetic shape. With a long line bra (minus the cups) on first, this sissy fills out into an otherwise natural, shapely D cup. Then she put on a black slip to go under her black skirt and hot pink top, finished with a black and white jacket, taupe thigh-tops, black shoes, purse, dangly earring–willa had her ears pierced last November and has been wearing earrings every day since then. Next she did her makeup, trying to follow all the advice she has received from information at the House and from a hairdresser she visited in a previous outing.