Getting Real
lara | 11.23.2005 | Reports - Getting Real

This girl hasnÍt filed a report in a while. Since breaking up with Miss L, her life has been somewhat quiet. However, she has continued to work on her girlish essence.

This girl has read several womenÍs romances. They were enjoyable, but not memorable. The sex scenes were always HOT, particularly those that involved bondage and submission. Currently this girl is reading Memoirs of a Geisha, a biography and an authentically memorable book. In one passage, the heroine was challenged to make a man stumble and fall by flirting with her eyes only, which she did. This girl has also been watching womenÍs television, and has become quite fond of Gilmour Girls, the story of four generations of offbeat women. In one scene the mother said ñIÍm going to the coat room to make outî to which her daughter responded ñIÍm putting that on your tomb stoneî. Plus, itÍs a good opportunity to study womenÍs fashions and gestures.