Report 546 – The Devil is in the Details

Getting Real
It really started out quite unknowingly, i came home one and told my wife about a guy at work who read that wearing panty hose under long johns would help keep you dry and warm. And the race was on; She spoke up and said that i wear nylon socks under my cotton socks for the same reason. Next day i come in and She has several sizes for me to try on so i did with little resistance. But then out came the camera just for fun right, i got into them with a good deal of effort and they felt ok. She said try them and if it helps go from there. Next thing i knew every time i would wear a pair of socks She threw them out and replaced with nylons. But my legs felt better than they had for years after work so what the heck. How ever i came in after about a month and said i was having trouble keeping them up seems my cotton underwear was fighting them. She of course had the solution nylon panties, now wait just a damm minute i said not happening thing. But i was reminded about how good my legs felt having the support etc. She said just try with a pair of hers (and out came the camera (just for fun) They stayed up much better however i said i will not wear Her panties Just try for a day. RIGHT i come home the very next day and there was 15 pair of menÍs nylon briefs on the bed still in the bags so i would know that they were menÍs. Again common sense took over and gave in. About a month goes by and i was in the bathroom going of course and She said what are you doing standing up like a man. i explained that the way the hose fit i was able to pull them down and away and just go, wrong answer see said next night i come home and there are 5 panty girdles on the bed now with these you will have to drop your all and sit like you should. And not to be out done out came the camera just for fun.
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