timberly | 11.03.2007 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissys anal submission began many years ago. s.he has always loved the feel of being filled . Until recently s.he didn’t understand what a natural feminine thing it was.

After this sissy takes her bath, shaves, s.he warms her douche, then gently inserts it into her tight sissy cunt emptying its contents, flushing herself completely, leaving her pussy sweet smelling and fresh. At first this sissy began her submission by lubing her finger with a some petroleum jelly, slowly stroking her sissy lips, then gently dipping her finger in. As s.he slides the finger deeper s.he begins to push down onto her hand until s.hes’s fully inside her pussy, stroking her ovaries from the inside. As this sissy fingers her pussy s.he begins to sense the feeling of humility and over all femininity, slowly filling her with the desire to be the sissy slut s.he really is. This sissy removes her finger, brings it up to her pretty painted mouth, and wraps her lips around it tasting the sweetness of her pussy. This sissy then gently inserts her tampon so that she can stay clean and fresh all day.