Report 849 – Cocksucking

princess audrey maid
This sissy is under the control of Master Pretty and he has given me a chance to become one of his stable sissies. sissy has taken a bath , shaved and oiled so sissy will be smooth and soft. sissy slips into a pair of red silk see thru panties and matching 44D bra along with a matching garter belt. sissies long legs are covered with black nylon stockings and red Mary Jane 5 inch pumps. sissy steps into her little frilly skirt and ruffled blouse. sissies blond hair is tied up into pony a tail and make up is splendid and sissies lips are a ruby red.
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sissy michelle

This sissy wishes to thank her Superiors for providing the opportunity for learning. This sissy is so happy at being able to learn how to be a better sissy.Thank you for providing such great insight, and for allowing this sissy… Read more “sissy michelle”