kerryb | 03.28.2009 | Reports - sissySexuality

The sisy’s Mistress has made it an important training requirement for her submissive sissy to learn the finer art of cock sucking and anal penetration. She is the superior being over me the sissy/slut, and loves the total control over her sissy She has. She is in love with her sissy, however She enjoys the lifestyle this arrangement brings to Her. The sissy’s Mistress has asked for additional training besides dildo’s to ensure Her ability to bring lovers home and have them satisfied by her sissy/slut.

She is a busy Woman and is asking that her sissy look for assignments and training to be also submitted to Her so She can evaluate her sissy’s progress. She no longer wants to go out of her home for extra activity and preferrs for Her sissy to watch and participate since this is what gives Her the greatest feeling of dominance and poer, as well as excitement in the lifestyle.

Love and Kisses ( curtseys )