Alori – Chapter One

Alori - A new woman

“It seems that Larry is interested in men who want to dress and be like women. He definitely has an interest in things feminine, and if you’re lucky, in being dominated as well….”

Sheila and Larry Williams, lived in a four bedroom house, like most of the other split levels in the sub-development called Glennview.  Their house, 57 Archer Place, was in a quiet section at the head of the cul-de-sac, and was one of the first completed in 1992 on the old Norten track.  Since they bought it new, they were able to choose the appliances, carpets and wall paper.  Larry and Sheila both worked and between them, they had saved enough money for the down payment three years after they got married.  Prior to that time, they lived in a small apartment on the other side of town, which was fine for awhile, but this was better.  Sheila liked not having ot work anymore, liked having this big house, liked this section of town, and especially like her next door neighbor, Cathy.

It was Cathy who fixed the tuna-noodle casserole and mixed green salad, knocked on their door and introduced herself as a gesture of welcome the day the Williams moved into 57 Archer Place. Cathy, and her husband Jim, had only lived there a few months themselves. The Andrews were about the same age as the Williams. This was their first home as well. They had a lot in common. Cathy and Sheila quickly became friends. Since neither Cathy nor Sheila worked, they would often have coffee together in the mornings and go shopping during the day. Sometimes they would spend the entire day sitting and sharing, confiding their inner most thoughts with each other. It was during one of these intimate sessions that Sheila mentioned to Cathy what she found in Larry’s closet.

One day when Larry was out of town on business, Sheila was looking for her high school year book to show Cathy how she looked back then, when she happened across some magazines Larry had hidden deep in his closet underneath his stack of sweaters. At first Sheila was shocked, appalled, but then she became more and more fascinated with their content as she browsed through them. Sheila had never seen anything quite like this before. The glossy magazines had titles like Dominated in Drag, Queen for a Day, and Transvestites Galore. Inside were full color pictures and graphic stories about things that she only rarely heard about; men wearing lingerie, their faces made up, attired in women’s skirts and dresses, cocks swollen as they served dominate women. After leafing through all of the magazines’ pages, Sheila couldn’t wait to show them to her friend. She put all of them in a plastic bag and took them over to show Cathy what she had found.

Cathy and Sheila sat on the sofa with the magazines spread out on the coffee table in front of them. Cathy wasn’t nearly as surprised as Sheila thought she would be. In fact Cathy seemed somewhat pleased at Sheila’s discovery as she carefully examined the pictures and stories in each magazine.

“It seems that Larry is interested in men who want to dress and be like women. He definitely has an interest in things feminine, and if you’re lucky, in being dominated as well,” Cathy began. “Sheila, my dear girl, from this moment on your life will never be the same. It has been changed forever and you will love every minute of it!”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

Taking her by the hand, Cathy practically dragged Sheila into the spare bedroom. Sheila always thought that this room was the guest bedroom. Cathy opened the closet door and showed her a rack full of dresses, crinolines, and several costumes like those Sheila had seen earlier in the magazines. On the floor of the closet were high heeled shoes of every color imaginable, some with stiletto heels that must have been six inches tall. There was a pair of black patent boots that laced all the way up to the thigh and several pairs of fluffy mules in pink, white and powder blue. On the shelf above the hanging clothes were a half dozen wigs of different colors sitting on their stands, some short and some long. The pretty pink and black maid’s cap pinned on top of one of the wigs really caught her eye. Cathy opened the top drawer of the dresser and showed her panties, brassieres, and camisoles in every shade of the rainbow. The next drawer held stockings, pantyhose, corsets, garter belts, bustiers, girdles, slips and teddies. The bottom drawer was full of lacy nightgowns and the frilliest set of baby doll pajamas that Sheila had ever imagined. Next to the dresser on top of the vanity were all kinds of cosmetics, creams, nail polishes and bottles of toilet water and perfume. Sheila counted fifteen different shades of lipstick alone.

“These all belong to Jim! This is his changing room. Only when he is a she, we call her Julie,” exclaimed Cathy. “Julie has been my femininized slave for the past five years. I discovered that Jim had been fond of wearing items of women’s clothing ever since he was a teenager, sneaking his sister’s panties out of the hamper and exploring his mom’s underwear drawer for bras and girdles to try on. When I confronted him after discovering his fetish, I used it to my best advantage. Over time I have feminized him more and more, and made him more and more dependent on me. You can do the same with Larry if you so desire, Sheila, and I’ll help you in every way possible!”

Sheila thought for a moment and then said, “Oh, let’s do it!”

“Okay girl, but we’ll have to take this one step at a time. At first we’ll move slowly, but soon you’ll have him, or should I say her, right where you want her, just like I have Julie. You’ll be so pleased with the difference as Larry undergoes his transformation in becoming your pretty, docile female pet, ready to tend to your every whim and desire.”

“I can’t wait to get started,” she squealed with delight.

Larry wasn’t due to get home until the following evening, so Cathy and Sheila used all of Monday to plan how they would make use of Larry’s latent desire to be feminized and dominated. Cathy suggested that they take every opportunity to make Larry aware of things soft and feminine, to sensitize him and to stimulate his consciousness to all the benefits that being a woman would bring to the both of them. They both agreed that they would start immediately to put their plan into motion.

Later that evening Larry would faithfully call Sheila from his motel room to check in, just as he did every night when he was away from home. What Sheila didn’t know was that Larry usually left his room after that dutiful call and went to the nearest adult sex shop featuring private viewing booths. After looking over the magazines and merchandise, he would buy a handful of tokens from the attendant. Larry would enter one of the viewing booths, bolt the door shut and search through the programs until he found what he was looking for. What he wanted was videos of shemales, those beautiful women with pricks. He imagined what it would be like to wear panties and to feel his throbbing cock being caressed by the silky fabric.

On his way out he would purchase a magazine to read later in his motel room, one featuring men forced to dress in women’s clothing as they served the pleasures of a Dominitrix. Handing this type of magazine to the attendant to be rung up used to embarrassed Larry. He used to wonder what the guy behind the counter was thinking, but now that he’d done it so often, he didn’t give it a second thought as he handed over his money.

Lately, he’d gone further. Now, before going to the sex shop he would stop at a department store in the mall and head directly for the lingerie section and buy a pair of panties, telling the clerk that they were a surprise gift for his wife. Larry put on the panties in his room. He stepped out of his slacks, pull off his boxer shorts and slipped the panties up over his legs and around his hips. The silky, hugging feeling as the silky fabric encased his cock and balls was delightful. He admired himself in the full length mirror that hung on the inside of the door and ran his hands across the bulge that inevitably appeared before making his obligatory call to Sheila. Then he left for the adult video store that he’d checked out earlier.

As he sat on the wooden bench and watched the action mirrored on the small screen, he got harder and harder, shifting to let his penis grow to full length inside of his new panties he was wearing. In his mind, he became the shemale that he was watching. The lipstick, the lingerie, the stockings being held by the wispy garters, the high heels, breasts with large pink nipples and a hard cock to please anyone. His hand slid down between his legs and he felt his hardness, running his fingers along the length of his silk encased prick, back and forth, cupping his balls, stroking the silky shaft. Yearning for full breasts like those he saw in front of him, he squeezed his nipple between his thumb and index finger, sending a stab of pleasure to the center of his groin. He had to be careful or he would come too soon, and he wanted the pleasure to last. On screen, she was going down on a cock, sucking it and licking it from the base to the tip, taking it between her red lips and sliding it down her throat until it almost disappeared in her mouth. He wondered what it would be like to do the same, to suck a cock and make it come in his mouth like she was doing. He unzipped his trousers and fondled himself through his panties. His prick was as hard as ever. He stroked himself as he watched the action on the screen, becoming part of it. He felt his orgasm approaching. He was a shemale, just like the one he saw being fucked by the tall dark stranger on the screen. He was coming, too, the sticky gooey liquid soaking the silky fabric as he stroked his rigid member and ejaculated in his panties. He’d have to leave these in the motel room, like so many others he had left behind.

It was almost time for Larry to call, and Sheila was ready to begin his transformation without him knowing anything had happened. When the phone rang, Sheila was lounging on their bed making plans for their future.

“Hello, darling. I miss you, sweetie.” Sheila knew that it was Larry on the other end by the timing of the call. Larry was surprised by her choice of words and tone of voice, since, Sheila hadn’t called him darling or sweetie before.

“Is everything alright, Sheila?” he asked somewhat timidly.

“Everything is just fine, dear. I relaxed in a nice warm bubble bath with musk oil a little while ago. Before you called I shaved my legs and put on the floral scented powder that you gave me. You know how you like the soft smoothness of my legs right after I shave and how they feel so good to you like they do right now. I wish that you were here to run your fingertips up and down my calf and thighs. I miss you so much, darling. I want you here with me, but since you can’t be here, I thought that we could pretend over the phone. I put on the sexy, black lingerie you picked out for me and my shearest black stockings. I even have on my high heels for you, darling. Picture how I look and imagine how good my legs feel as they brush against one another, how sexy I feel in my lacy underwear. If you were here, I’d let you’d slip down my panties so that you could see my perfumed pussy framed by the straps of my garter belt. My nipples are getting hard and poking little points against my brassiere just thinking about it. Would you like to suck on them, darling?”

“Oh yes. You know I would, Sheila,” he stammered. She could hear his breathing getting heavier and more irregular as he tried to answer her and could imagine him squirming on his motel bed as his cock began to swell. What she didn’t knowwas that he was wearing a pair of pretty pink panties with lace trim under his trousers.

“Get undressed, lover. No don’t put the phone down. Do it with one hand as I continue to tell you what you what I’m going to do to you. Is your shirt off? Let me suck and bite your nipples. That always drives you crazy. I just wish that you didn’t have so much hair on your chest so that I could lick you all over. Those little hairs are so bothersome, aren’t they sweetie? If I wanted, would you shave them off for me?”

“I suppose that I could shave them, if you want.”

“That would be nice, darling. Do that before you come home tomorrow so that I can really suck your breasts. My pussy is getting all hot and wet, thinking about how I lick your nipples and smooth chest. Such pretty breasts you’ll have, smooth and pretty just like mine. Well, almost anyway. But at least you won’t have that ugly hair anymore to get in the way. I bet you are getting hard, aren’t you? You like the idea of me sucking on your pretty, smooth breasts, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sheila, I do. My penis is as hard as a rock.”

“So, your prick is stiff, is it? Touch it, baby. Run your fingers up and down, teasing the eye and the plum head, just the way I do with my tongue. When that little drop of clear precome oozes from your cock, I know that you are really hot. It always tastes so sweet. Squeeze your prick for me, stroke it slowly, lover. Are you hot, baby? Has the drop of precome made its way out yet?”

“It is starting, Sheila.”

“Good. Stroke your prick faster, squeeze it harder until that precious droplet is all the way out, baby. When it is, I want you to stop jerking off and bend over. Lick it off of your cock head with the tip of your tongue.”

Sheila smiled, imagining Larry doubled over trying to lick his own prick. Sheila knew that he couldn’t do it from the sound of all the moans and groans coming over the phone line. Well, with the stretching exercises that Sheila have planned for him, it wouldn’t be long before he’ll not only be able to lick the tip of his cock but also suck himself off completely.

“Poor baby, can’t quite reach it with your tongue. That’s OK, use your finger to swipe it up so that you can lick it. See how sweet you taste, my pretty, just like honey. I only wish that you were here for me to have some of that honey, too. Take both hands and squeeze another drop out, darling. Smear it all over the head of your prick, getting it lubricated nicely before you get ready to slide it into my cunt. Oh, I like the feel of your nice hard prick sliding into me, slipping past my cunt lips and deep inside of my vagina. Nothing feels so good as when you fill me with your prick. You would like it, too, darling. You’d like the feeling of being stretched and filled, too. The stretching and the feeling of being full of you is exquisite. But you are so far away, sweetie.”

“So far away, Sheila, so far away. You make my prick so hard wanting you, wanting to fill you, wanting to be full of you. I am about to come.”

“No, my darling. Don’t come yet. Save it for me, baby. First I want you to feel what I feel when you are inside of me, when your nice big cock is filling my cunt, fucking me so wonderfully. Do you have anything to use for lubrication, lover?”

“Only one of those little bottles of hand lotion that they leave in the bathroom along with the shampoo and sanitary napkin disposal bags, Sheila.”

“OK. The lotion will work just fine. Spread some it on your fingers and the crack of your ass. I’m going to fuck you, Larry, fuck you and make you feel so good, just like you make me feel. I want you to push one finger inside of your ass and work it back and forth. Feel the tiny prick fucking your boycunt, slipping in and out. Feel yourself stretch and open for that make believe cock. Take it deeper, all the way, baby. Now two fingers. You’re ready and open for two fingers, a bigger prick fucking you. So hot, so open, so ready for more to fill you. Feel how the prick swells as it goes in and out of you. See how my prick grows as your cunt tries to take me deeper inside of you. Three fingers pumping in and out, back and forth, my long hard prick fucking you, fucking your boycunt, filling you all the way, stuffing my cock into you, making you come. Come, Larry. Come with me. Now!”

Larry came. He shot his cream all over himself, moaning and sighing into the phone. She knew that he had climaxed. When he caught his breath, Larry realized that he had come without ever touching his cock, that he orgasmed without any stimulation to his penis what so ever. The only thing that he felt was Sheila fucking him, fucking him as he wore his silky panties, fucking him with her prick in his boycunt as she called it.

“Sheila, my love. I don’t know what got into you, but that was wonderful. You make me feel so good. I didn’t even touch my cock, and I had one of the best climaxes that I’ve ever had in my life. Oh, Sheila, how can I ever thank you for making me feel so good?”

“Don’t worry, baby, there will be plenty of time for you to thank me. And there will be plenty of new and wonderful experiences for both of us in the future. Now get some rest, baby. Don’t forget to shave off all of those nasty hairs from your chest for me when you shower tomorrow morning, Sweetie. Good night and sweet dreams, my darling.”

After Larry hung up the phone, he reflected on the past hour with Sheila. She was different. She made him fuck himself. No doubt he felt more satisfied and relaxed than he had in a long while, but something about the way she talked to him made him wonder. She was more assertive, taking charge of their long distance loving, like never before. And her request, no it was a demand, to shave the hair off of his chest. She had said breasts, such pretty breasts. The picture of her on the bed in her black brassiere, panties and garter belt, wearing her high heels and stockings for him was still vivid in his mind. He could feel the smoothness of her freshly shaved skin as she ran her legs up and down along his legs. If hers felt so good against mine after she has just shaved, just how good would two pair of just shaved legs in their shear nylon stockings feel, he wondered. The fullness of her inside of him was fantastic. He could still feel her there, filling his boycunt. He liked that term. He liked that he had a cunt for her in addition to a penis, just like in the movies that he watched when he was on the road. Such pretty girls with pricks and cunts to satisfy everyone’s needs. Too late now, though. He had enough for one night. Time to sleep and dream of all the new experiences Sheila had promised him.

The next morning Sheila couldn’t wait to tell Cathy about Larry’s promise to shave his chest hair for her. As Cathy’s husband Jim drove off to work, Sheila was banging on Cathy’s door. Sheila told Cathy everything, replayed the entire conversation and described all of last night’s long distance fucking in great detail.

“Absolutely terrific, Sheila!” beamed Cathy. “You’ve begun the transformation of Larry into your very own girl slave. It won’t be long now before he will be begging you to feminize him completely, exactly as I have done with Jim.”

“I can’t wait for Larry to get home after work so that I can continue with his training. Maybe I’ll call him at the office and tease him some more so that he is raring to go the moment he walks through the door. Now, how about a cup of coffee?”

As Cathy was pouring the coffee, she asked her if she had thought of a feminine name for Larry. “What are you going to name your pretty little girl slave, Sheila?”

“Well, I really haven’t thought much about it, but I guess we can’t call her Larry. That would be awkward. Larry is such a masculine name. What do you think of Lori?”

“Nice, and she won’t have to change her monograms,” laughed Cathy. “Lori is such a pretty, feminine name for a pretty girl. I’m sure that she’ll like it.”

“Then it’s settled. Larry will become Lori, whether she likes it or not. From yesterday on, I’m in charge of her life.”

“Way to go, Sheila. This is so much fun!”

It was Tuesday. Larry was back in town and would be home in a couple of hours. Sheila couldn’t wait. Her anticipation had been building all morning, ever since talking with Cathy and picking the name ‘Lori’ for her husband. When Sheila picked up the phone and punched in Larry’s office number, Naderia, Larry’s secretary answered, “Good Afternoon, French and Smith auditors. How may I help you?”

“Hi, Naderia. It’s me, Sheila. Is Larry around?”

“He’s back, but not at his desk at the moment. I think he is in with the boss, telling him what he found in Cleveland. Shall I tell him that you called?”

“Leave a note for him saying that I can’t wait for him to get home so that I can see if he kept his promise to me. He’ll know what I mean. Thanks. Bye bye.”

When Larry returned from the boss’ office and saw Naderia’s note on his desk, he felt warm all over as he blushed. Involuntarily, his hand caressed his right breast. He had indeed kept his promise to Sheila, shaving all the hair from his chest. This morning as he shaved himself smooth, he couldn’t help recalling how Sheila had told him that she wanted him to have pretty, smooth breasts. They even felt different, today. His nipples were so smooth and sensitive, and he had a distinct awareness that his breasts were fuller.

“I’m sure it’s just my imagination,” he thought to himself,” but they really do feel like breasts today. It is a new, sexy feeling.” When he looked at himself in the men’s room mirror, he couldn’t notice any difference, but he knew it was there all the same. Something else. He could still feel Sheila inside of him. It was as if she stayed in his boycunt all day long. With each step that he took he could feel her moving inside of him, reminding him about being fucked and causing him to wonder what else Sheila had in store for him.

Sheila was waiting for him and heard the car door shut as Larry arrived home. Earlier, Sheila had put on her casual lounger which was cozy and comfy. But underneath, Sheila had on her sexiest, red lingerie set consisting of lace panties with a matching brassiere that barely covered her breasts and her scanty lace garter belt. Sheila was ready for Larry to continue his lessons in feminization. Smiling, Sheila thought, “And he doesn’t even know that he’s going to school!”

“Hi, Hon. I’m home. What’s for dinner?”

“First things first, my little sweetie. Fix me a drink and then let’s see your pretty, smooth breasts.”

Larry poured a couple glasses of white wine and set the drinks on the end table next to the sofa where Sheila was sitting, her legs coiled under her robe. Larry took off his sport coat and tie and tossed them on the dining room chair. He bent forward t give her a kiss her and Sheila threw her arms around his neck, almost causing him to lose his balance and tumble forward into the couch with her. As he regained his balance, Sheila stood up and pressed herself against his back. Larry felt the warm globes of Sheila’s breasts pressing against him through his shirt. Pulling him closer, Sheila ran her hands up from his rib cage until they were cupping his breasts. Sheila squeezed them firmly, like she was molding them into shape, and ran her finger tips around both nipples, feeling them harden into firm eraser points. Larry felt the tingling in his groin as his penis began to stir. Sheila pinched his nipples harder which made him jump, but Sheila only pulled him closer, pushing her pelvis up tight against his ass. He mind flashed immediately to their fucking of last night on the phone.

“Hmm, they even feel smooth through your shirt,” Sheila told him as she began tugging his shirt tail out of his trousers. Sheila had to tug it several times to completely free his shirt as she unbuttoned it from the bottom up, grazing his skin with her hands as she did. Her touch sent shivers up and down Larry’s spine.

“Oh yes, baby. So nice and smooth,” she cooed using her sexiest voice as she fondled his breasts without his shirt being in the way. “Such full, soft tits.” They did feel bigger to Larry. It was as if shaving off his chest hair had made his breasts grow. He felt like they were real! She kept caressing and fondling his breasts as he struggled to get his shirt all the way off. Maintaining the pressure of her pelvis against his rear end all this while, Sheila was giving him so many sensations at once. His cock was about to burst from his slacks. Larry squirmed as Sheila lightly ran her hand over his bulge.

“My sweet baby seems to like having pretty, smooth breasts. It excites you, too, doesn’t it, darling?”

Not waiting for an answer, Sheila squeezed his swollen balls slightly, turned to face him and started licking the sensitive, dark skin surrounding his nipples. All Larry could do was throw his head back and moan with excitement. Sheila massaged the hard prick trapped in his pants while she continued kissing and licking all over his breasts. Now giving him little love bites everywhere on his breasts, everywhere that is except for his nipples, she was driving him crazy. Sheila knew that he wanted her to take his nipples between her lips. His nipples, stiff with excitement, begged for her touch. Just when he thought that he couldn’t take another second of this torture, Sheila took his left breast between her lips and ran her tongue across his nipple, circling it and flicking it with the tip of her tongue. Shock waves pulsed through his body each time her tongue came in contact with his tender nipple, forcing him to shake and quiver as each new spasm hit. His knees were about to fail him. While suckling one breast, Sheila fondled, molded and pinched the other one, driving him doubly insane. Now Sheila moved her mouth and captured his right breast while her hands ministered to his other tit and his engorged member. Sheila could feel him straining and didn’t know how he managed to remain on his feet as she continued torturing him.

Sheila knew right then that Larry was well on his way to becoming her very own feminine slave. Sheila knew how much he liked the feel of his smooth chest, free from all of those course hairs, and Sheila knew how much it turned him on when she sucked his nipples, fondled his boobs and told him what pretty breasts he had. The magazines Sheila found hidden under his sweaters had been a godsend. Now Sheila would turn him into Lori, making him ever thankful to be her little girl slave.

“Now my darling, I’m getting hungry. Start the grill and fix us some dinner. There are a couple of steaks marinating in the fridge. The salad is in the crisper, and you can nuke a couple of potatoes to go with it.”

Larry said, “Yes, dear,” put his shirt back on and walked stiffly off towards the kitchen.
Meanwhile, next door, Jim was in the shower. He had arrived home from the construction job where he was the site foreman and immediately went to change clothes. As he stepped out of his work clothes exposing his pink, lace panties and support pantyhose, he wondered what the guys on the job would say if they knew what he wore underneath his work clothes and could see his smoothly shaved legs and the red polish on his toenails. In the shower, he shaved his legs, under his arms and what little hair he had on his chest. Cathy had taught him how to keep himself smooth all of the time. She even made him keep his cock, balls and the crack of his ass smooth and free from any hairs. At first it was uncomfortable, and he often nicked his shins while shaving, but now that he’d been doing it for so long, he didn’t have any problems. He shaved every evening after work and liked the feeling of smoothness that he was able to create.

After stepping out of the shower, Jim patted himself dry with the big fluffy towel and continued with his daily routine. First he shaved his face using the gel that Cathy had recommended. It enabled him to remove all of his facial hair without any hint of a shadow. Sometimes he had to shave twice to get the desired effect, but this evening, once was enough. Then he rolled the Secret, Powder Fresh deodorant under his arms, smelling the sweet feminine fragrance as he did. He smoothed the floral bouquet scented powder on his legs and sprayed the Feminine Deodorant Spray all around between his legs, making sure to get the aerosol spray evenly distributed around his cock and balls and along the crack of his ass which he had just shaved. Next he sat at the vanity and applied his foundation, blush, eye shadow and liner, lipstick and powder. He always marvelled at how pretty he became as he transformed Jim into Julie. Often at work, his mind would wander to that time of day when he could make himself over, and he couldn’t wait to get home and make the switch into Julie. The woman looking back at him from the mirror was as pretty as ever. A little dab of Chanel No. 5 behind her ears and inside of her wrists completed her makeup. She’d do her finger nails in the living room under Cathy’s supervision.

Julie dressed in her room, first hooking the white satin garter belt around her hips, pulling on her stockings and fastening them to the four garter tabs. Then she put on the lace trimmed, white, silky panties and matching brassiere with scalloped lace on the satin cups that Cathy had laid out for her. She placed her silicone breast forms inside of her bra and adjusted them so that they looked natural and didn’t show above the brassiere’s cups. She stepped into her white slip and positioned the shoulder straps over the straps of her brassiere so that they looked like one. Cathy had picked out Julie’s vintage-look floral print dress with the decorative seaming that gave her such a flattering look. Julie particularly liked the fancy loop-de-loop trim at the neckline and sleeves. The lace-up back tied for a beautiful fit, and she loved the way the hem felt just below her knees. She chose the medium length wig so that she could feel the strawberry blond hair on the nape of her neck. Finally, she put on her fuschia pumps with three inch heels and stood before the floor length mirror admiring how feminine she looked.

“Oh, how pretty you are, Julie,” exclaimed Cathy as Julie entered the living room. “Now, let’s do your nails.”

Julie kept her nails neat and fairly long. She applied two coats of bright red polish over the clear base coat as Cathy looked on. Once her nails were dry, Cathy asked Julie if she’d like to go out to dinner this evening.

“Why yes, I would darling,” replied Julie. “Where do you want to go?”

“Let’s go to Friday’s, you know the place where all of the lesbians and gays hang out. The food is good and later on they’ll have a band. They say that Tuesday nights are really wild. We can dance and who knows who we’ll come across. It’ll be fun, Julie. Let’s go!”

Julie drove. She was getting very good at driving in her high heels. As they were going down Main Street, Julie noticed a police car following them. Just as she was about to turn onto Elm, the policeman turned on his flashing lights and hit the siren. Julie’s heart jumped up into her throat as she pulled over to the curb and stopped. The policeman got out of his car and walked toward the driver’s side. His name tag said he was officer Hardy.

“Excuse me, Ma’am, did you know that your left tail light is out? May I see you drivers license and registration, please?”

Julie was really scared now. She’d been stopped before, but never while dressed like this. She took out her drivers license, which was of course in Jim’s name and the car registration and handed them to the policeman. He looked at Jim’s picture and then at her.

“Is this you?” questioned the policeman.

“Yes, that’s me, officer,” replied Julie.

“Well I’ll be damned! You don’t look anything like your picture, but there isn’t any law against guys wearing dresses in this town. Enjoy yourselves, ladies, and remember to get that tail light fixed. Y’all have a nice evening.”

“Same to you, officer,” said Julie in her sweetest voice and then she drove off towards Friday’s.

Dinner was delicious. Cathy ordered for both of them. They had the Surf and Turf and were just finishing their lime sherbet dessert when the band began to play. Several couples were already on the floor, when Cathy asked Julie to dance. The wine that they had with dinner was beginning to go to Julie’s head and she accepted Cathy’s invitation without hesitation. Besides, there were lots of girls dancing with girls here at Friday’s. It was that kind of place. As Julie followed Cathy around the dance floor among the other couples, she felt wonderful, her smooth legs encased in the shear stockings brushing against each other with each step and turn. Her slip and dress flowing around her legs were simply sensational. She liked the way her silicone breasts bounced around in her brassiere especially during the fast numbers. Julie enjoyed being in Cathy’s arms as she followed Cathy’s lead around the dance floor. They danced every number of the first set. When the music stopped, Cathy held Julie’s hand as she led the way back to their table.

“That was fun, Cathy! You’re such a good dancer and so easy to follow.”

Friday’s was filling up fast and two women approached their table and asked Cathy if they could join them. Linda introduced herself and Sharon to Cathy and Julie. Linda ordered a beer for herself and a pink lady for Sharon. Cathy told the waiter, a cute, effeminate guy in mauve tights, that they would have the same. After a couple of rounds, the two couples were fast friends. They exchanged dancing partners, Linda dancing with Julie and Cathy dancing with Sharon every other set. At one point, Sharon asked Julie if she wanted to go to the Ladies’ room with her while she freshened up her makeup.

Julie looked at Cathy. “Sure, go ahead, but behave yourselves.”

While Julie was applying a fresh coat of lipstick in front of the mirror over the ladies’ room sink, Sharon asked her if they would be able to stop by their place for a nightcap on the way home. Julie said that she’d have to discuss it with Cathy. Little did Julie know that Cathy had already told Linda all about Julie and had made arrangements for the four of them to meet later at Linda’s apartment.

When Sharon and Julie returned to the table, Cathy announced that all of them were going to Linda’s. It was a short ride to the Norcross Apartments where Sharon shared an apartment with Linda.

Once inside, Linda told Sharon to fix drinks and put on some mellow music. Julie went to help Sharon with the drinks. Linda and Cathy were deep in conversation when the other two brought in the drinks.

“Sharon, Cathy wants to see your piercing. Take off your blouse and show her,” said Linda matter-of-factly.

Sharon stood up in front of where Cathy was seated on the couch and removed her blouse. She then reached around behind her back and unhooked her brassiere, letting it slip off of her shoulders and onto the floor. Through each of her rosy nipples, a silver ring had been placed. Sharon cupped each breast in her hand, and raised them to show Cathy her nipple rings.

“Ouch. That must have hurt,” said Julie.

“Oh, it wasn’t too bad,” Sharon replied. “It hurt at first, but in a short time the pain and discomfort went away. Besides, Linda likes them. She tugs and pulls at them, making me all hot and bothered. Sometimes she won’t let me wear a bra just so she can pull on my nipple rings at the most inopportune times and in the most inappropriate places.”

“Yes, and soon I’m going to have her labia pierced, and I may not let her wear panties, either! Come over here, dear, and let me show them how hot you get when I play with your shinney little rings.”

Linda caught a ring in each hand and began tugging and twisting. The more Linda twisted and pulled, the more pronounced Sharon’s nipples became and the hotter she got until she was squirming and moaning in sweet agony.

“Sometimes I tie her in the door frame and hang weights from them just to see her pussy drip as I paddle her behind and make her strain against the ropes,” purred Linda.

“Now that is something that I’d like to see,” Cathy squealed.

“Go get your ropes, baby, and we’ll give Cathy a little demonstration,” Linda ordered.

Soon Sharon was bound in the doorway, her wrists secured tightly to the two eyebolts in the upper corners of the door frame and her ankles tied in a similar manner to the lower corners. She was naked except for her red heels and the wispy pair of red bikinis which barely covered her pussy and the crack of her pretty ass. Linda ordered her to lean forward as she clipped six ounces of lead weights to each nipple ring, letting them hang freely as they distended Sharon’s nipples to their limits. Linda slipped Sharon’s panties down below the cheeks of her ass and then, using a big wooden spoon, began slapping Sharon’s ass lightly a couple of times to warm her up. Cathy, standing close to the doorway so that she wouldn’t miss a thing, saw the pink marks appear on Sharon’s cheeks where Linda had smacked her. Julie couldn’t believe his eyes. He could almost feel each blow as Linda brought the flat edge of the wooden spoon down onto Sharon’s ass, harder and harder.

He knew that Sharon was loving every minute of this by the soft sounds she was making and by the wet spot that was spreading on the crouch of her bikinis. Her ass cheeks were now almost the same shade of red as her panties. With each blow, Sharon’s body shook and the weights hanging from her nipple rings swung back and forth, pulling at her tits.

Julie could feel his prick swelling in his panties, and Cathy saw that he was getting very turned on by the scene that they were witnessing. Cathy reached under the hem of his skirt and ran her fingers up his silky leg, across his stocking tops where they were attached to his garters, onto the flesh of his thigh and to the bulge in his panties. She liked how smooth he felt through the satin fabric of his panties as she rubbed up and down the length of his prick. She knew that the beating Linda was administering was making her pretty slave very hot.

“Linda, my Julie is so turned on, do you think we could tie her up along with Sharon?”

“Sure, Cathy. That sounds like a perfect idea.”

Before he knew what was happening, Julie found herself undressed and bound to the same four eyebolts that Sharon was tied to. Julie was stripped of his dress and slip so that he was wearing only his high heels, stockings, garterbelt, brassiere and panties. The two of them were positioned back to back, and Julie thought that he could feel the warmth of Sharon’s paddled ass, even through his panties. Linda tied a cord around the base of Julie’s prick and balls and hung another one of her weights from the cord, letting it hang out through the leg of his panties so that it swung free between his spread legs. The weight did nothing to diminish the size of his organ. If anything, it only made it harder and longer. And the cord tied tightly around his cock and balls would prevent him from losing the gigantic erection straining inside of his panties.

Seeing their two submissives, bound back to back with their weights dangling excited both Cathy and Linda. Linda pulled Cathy close and kissed her full on the mouth. Cathy’s lips parted, offering no resistance as Linda’s tongue pushed into her mouth. Their tongues dueled while Linda’s hands roamed beneath Cathy’s blouse until she was able to unclasp the two hooks of her brassiere, freeing Cathy’s breasts. With Cathy’s breasts free, Linda traced her fingertips around the soft flesh, barely touching the nipples which were warming and rising to the soft caresses. Cathy reciprocated and soon both women were naked from the waist up. They fondled each other’s breasts while they continued their deep soul kissing. Meanwhile, Sharon and Julie were squirming against each other as they strained to catch a glimpse of the two lovers on the couch. The weights hanging down increased their titillation, arousing them even more. Sharon’s panties were soaked with her pussy juices and Julie’s prick was dripping with precome.

Linda’s hand had disappeared underneath Cathy’s skirt and it was obvious that she was stroking Cathy’s cunt. Cathy kept moaning, “Yes. Yes, that’s it. That’s the right spot. Do me more! Put your fingers inside of me! Fuck me, lover!”

In an instant, both women removed their remaining clothing and lay on the floor naked, side by side in the classic sixty-nine position, mouth to cunt and cunt to mouth. The sound of tongues lapping pussies made Julie and Sharon hotter yet. They wanted to join in, but all they could do was rub their asses against each other as they hung from the door jam with only their weights to stimulate them. As Linda tongued Cathy, she put three fingers inside Cathy’s cunt, finger fucking her as she sucked on the swollen clitoris. Cathy’s tongue was deep in Linda’s quim, lapping up her pussy juices and savoring the taste while she fingered the rose bud of Linda’s anus. Both women were deep in the throes of passion, completely oblivious to their two bound slaves as they ate each and fingered the other towards a climax. Cathy came first, flooding Linda’s mouth with her orgasm as Linda pumped her fingers in and out of her pulsating cunt. As Linda began to come, Cathy thrust her finger up into Linda’s ass hole and pulled her clit between her lips, flicking the tip of it with her tongue until Linda screamed that she couldn’t take any more.

“Enough!” she cried, “Enough!”

Linda and Cathy lay exhausted, their breathing slowly returning to normal as they once again became aware of the two girls they had left tied up. Julie’s prick was about to burst. The cord tied tightly around her cock and balls prevented her from coming while the weight hanging from it increased the need to reach a climax. Sharon’s tits were aching and her pussy was overflowing.

“Look at those two sluts,” commented Linda as she rose up on her feet. “It’s a good thing that they are back to back, otherwise your Julie would have that nasty thing inside of my Sharon. Her cunt is so wet that it would have slipped right into her with no problem what-so-ever.”

“I’d say, and look at how big Julie’s clit has grown,” commented Cathy. “It’s almost sticking out of her panties. I’m glad that you weighted it so that it didn’t rip right through them. Poor babies. They look so hot that maybe we should let them fuck each other.”

“Good idea, Cathy.”

Linda removed their restraints, but not before ripping off both of their panties. She tore Sharon’s soaked bikinis from her hips, balled them up and shoved them in Julie’s mouth so that he could savor the taste of real pussy. When Linda ripped off Julie’s panties, her prick jumped and bobbed as it popped free from the silky fabric where it had been imprisoned for so long. Cathy released the clamps from their ankles and wrists. Linda grabbed Julie by her prick and led her to the coffee table, forcing her to kneel down and place her tits flat on top of the it. She made him spread his legs and tied his knees securely to one pair of legs while Cathy tied his wrists to the table’s legs at the other end. He could raise his head, but otherwise he was immobile. Julie’s ass was framed by the straps of her garterbelt that held up her stockings. The weight tied around her cock and balls hung two inches from the floor and swung freely. She made quite a sight tied that way with Sharon’s wet, red bikinis for a gag.

Sharon returned to the living room after getting the double ended dildo as she was ordered. Cathy had Sharon sit with her legs spread apart on the edge of the coffee table in front of Julie and push the dildo into her sopping cunt. Julie , her eyes inches from Sharon’s cunt, watched as the fake prick slid into Sharon’s pussy. Linda was sitting on the hassock close behind Julie and would whack her ass with the spoon every so often. When she wasn’t hitting Julie on the ass, she would bounce the weight hanging from Julie’s cock and balls, causing her to flinch and jerk. Cathy pulled the gag from Julie’s mouth and pushed Sharon closer to Julie’s face and ordered her to suck on the other end of the prick while Sharon continued fucking herself. As Sharon pushed and pulled the prick in and out of her cunt, she was pulling and pushing it out and in of Julie’s mouth as well. It was going so far down her throat, Julie thought that she’d gag. These two lovely lasses fucking and sucking on that realistic rubber cock were a sight to behold.

Before Sharon could come, Linda made her get up, keeping the dildo deep inside of her cunt, and ordered her to kneel behind Julie. “Eat her out, Sharon. Lick that boycunt and make it all juicy and wet so that you can fuck her with your nice big, fat prick,” demanded Linda.

Sharon knelt and Julie felt the hot, wet tongue on the crack of his ass. She probed with the tip of her tongue until she felt the opening of his ass and pushed in as far as she could. She knew that the tight ring of muscle would open for her as she pushed her tongue in deeper and deeper. Julie felt herself opening, relaxing as Sharon continued to lick her boycunt, getting her ready for her prick which stuck out almost obscenely from her pussy. Cathy inserted her middle finger up Julie’s ass and said, “She’s ready for your prick, Sharon. Go ahead, fuck her. Fuck her good!”

Julie felt the tip of Sharon’s prick slide along the crack of his ass, searching for the entrance to his boycunt. He squirmed and moved as best that he could to help her find the opening. Sharon felt the fake prick slip into Julie and pushed hard to break past the barrier of his sphincter. Julie cried out as the prick invaded her hole, but the pain soon turned to pleasure as Sharon began to slowly slide in and out of her hot ass. The other end of the prick was pleasuring Sharon as she continued to fuck Julie. Now each of them were moaning with pleasure, wanting more, needing it deeper. Their weights were flipping about frantically, pulling at her tits and his balls. She increased her tempo as she thrust, pushing her cock all the way up in Julie’s cunt, faster and faster. Sharon was holding onto Julie’s hips, pulling herself deeper into the sissy-male’s cunt with each successive thrust. Julie knew that she couldn’t take much more of this before she would be coming. She could feel the come boiling in her balls and if it weren’t for the cord tied tightly around them, she would have already spilled her seed. Sharon was nearly there, too.

The prick rubbed against her clitoris with each movement bringing her closer and closer to climaxing. Just as they were about to come, Linda grabbed the spoon and began rapidly spanking Sharon’s ass. Julie heard the machinegun staccato of the spanking as she felt Sharon pushing even deeper into his cunt. He couldn’t stand it any longer as his orgasm built like a tornado in his balls and erupted past the tight cord holding back the flood. He shot again and again as he felt Sharon fall forward onto his back as she came with him. Julie became aware of Cathy’s hand in front of her. Cathy had caught Julie’s come in the palm of her hand so that none spilled onto the carpet, and now she fed it to her slave. Julie lapped up the come from Cathy’s hand as Sharon slid the magnificent prick out from his boycunt. By this time they were all exhausted, and tomorrow was a work day, so Cathy and Julie dressed and said their goodbyes.

“What a fun time we had, Linda,” Cathy said as they were departing. “I hope that we’ll get together sometime again, soon.”

“I hope so, too.”

After dinner at the Williams’ house, Larry did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen while Sheila had a cup of tea and read the latest issue of New Woman magazine. “New Woman,” she thought. “That’s what Larry is going to be, my new woman, Lori.”

“When you’re finished in there, dear, pour us a brandy and join me in the bedroom,” Sheila called out to Larry.

“Yes, Sheila. I’ll be there in just a second,” Larry said as he put the last of the dishes into the cupboard.

Sheila, still wearing her caftan, was sitting on the bed leafing through her magazine when Larry came into their bedroom carrying two snifters of brandy. “Hey Honey, take off your shirt and join me. Better yet, get out of your trousers and shoes as well. I like your nice smooth chest. Thank you for shaving for me, darling.”

“I kind of like being all smooth there, too,” Larry said as he got ready to join his wife. “I’m glad that you suggested it, Sheila.”

Sheila got up on her knees and pulled the caftan over her head as Larry settled onto the bed. She snuggled up to him and rubbed her chest against his, feeling his smoothness on her soft skin as her breasts brushed across his. Her sexy red brassiere barely contained her tits and she could feel the dampness in her crouch as she tweaked his nipple. “Oh honey, your breasts are as smooth and soft as mine. Your nipples look so nice and they get so hard when I pinch them like this.”

“Ouch. That hurts,” Larry said as he tried to turn away.

“Poor baby. Want Sheila to kiss them and make the hurt go away?” she said as she bit his nipple lightly. Her hand was in his boxer shorts, fumbling for his penis which had risen considerably because of the way that she was toying with his breasts. “See, he likes it,” chortled Sheila as she stroked more life into his cock.

As Sheila continued to play with his erect cock inside of his shorts, she leaned closer and circled the flesh around his other nipple with the tip of her tongue. He liked the way her tongue sent shivers down to the center of his balls and up his cock. She continued to kiss and nip at his breasts, alternating from one to the other, while she grasped his prick and pulled the loose skin up and down over his cock head. “You’re so hairy here, too, baby,” she cooed. “Wouldn’t it be better if you were all smooth down here just like your breasts? Then I could suck your big, hard prick, darling. You want me to suck your nice smooth prick, don’t you, sweetie? Yes, I thought so. Well then go get me a bowl of warm water from the kitchen. One of my mixing bowl will do just fine.”

Larry jumped up. The thought of Sheila sucking his prick was paramount in his mind. He didn’t care what he’d have to do to feel her warm, wet mouth surrounding his hard prick as she sucked him off. He nearly ran into the kitchen to fill the bowl, his erect member like a tent pole pushing against the cotton of his boxer shorts. When he returned to their bedroom, he saw that Sheila had his razor and shaving brush. She told him to put the bowl of water on the night stand, take off his underwear and lay down with legs spread apart for her.

When he’d done as he was told, she lathered up the boar’s hair brush and soaped his groin. The brush warmed and tickled the head of his cock. Sheila took the razor in hand and ran it down the length of his shaft, rinsing it in the water bowl between each stroke. When she had finished circling his cock, she held his balls tightly and shaved the hair off of the stretched skin of his ball sac. She shaved beneath his balls almost to the crack of his ass. He hoped that she wouldn’t slip with the razor, but he trusted her completely. Next, she shaved the hair on his pubis, but not totally. After she was done with her handiwork, she took the wash cloth and rinsed the remaining soap from his crouch, pulling the rough fabric across his sensitive prick in a teasing manner. “Go dry yourself off and see how pretty you look, baby,” she told him.

Larry dried his prick which was standing at a ninety degree angle from his body and towelled his balls which felt incredibly smooth. When he saw what she’d done to his pubic hair, he couldn’t believeit. She had sculpted a delicate heart where his unruly bush had been. He had to touch himself down there as he thought how pretty and dainty his new heart looked, sitting above his swollen cock and silky-smooth balls.

“Oh, Sheila, thank you again. First my breasts and now this. Where did you ever get such ideas? It’s wonderful!”

“Come here, sweetie, and let me taste you,” she purred. As he laid down on the bed, Sheila crawled up over him, snaking along his parted legs so that she could kiss him on the mouth.

He really liked the feeling of her legs against his as her tongue darted between his lips and deep into his mouth. She pushed it in and out, and he couldn’t help thinking that it felt like a little prick in his mouth. He sucked on her and ran his tongue all around hers. She slithered down his body, nipping at the sensitive hollow of his neck before capturing his soft, smooth breast in her mouth. The flick of her tongue against his nipple sent shock waves directly to his rigid cock and made it twitch in anticipation. She bit his nipple and pulled on it with her teeth as he squirmed with delight. All the while, she caressed his prick and balls, feeling the silky-smooth skin. When she teased his nipple with tiny bites, she felt his cock jerk in her hand as it seemed to get even harder.

Sheila continued her downward journey until he could feel the warmth of her breath on his belly. He was afraid that he’d come as soon as she touched his prick, he was so excited. Sheila knew how hot he was and formed a tight ring around the base of his cock with her thumb and forefinger. She licked his balls, lapping the smooth taught skin with the flat of her tongue. Larry moaned in ecstacy, and Sheila tightened the grip on his pecker. Every vein in Larry’s prick stood out as Sheila traced her tongue along his turgid shaft. She wrapped her lips around his cock head just below the ridge and sucked, letting the tip of her tongue slip into the eye of his prick.

If it wasn’t for Sheila’s fingers restraining him, Larry would have come in her mouth right then. His balls were full and he desperately wanted to come, but he also wanted this feeling to last forever. She took him deeper into her mouth until he could feel his prick against the back of her throat. Now she was slowly moving up and down his shaft, bringing him almost out before sliding all the way back down to where her fingers locked around him. She was driving him crazy with lust, tantalizing him with each touch of her lips around his prick, tongueing his cock all the way up and down. God, he wanted to explode in her mouth now, so much.

Sheila sensed that she was about to cause him to climax, so she let him slip from her mouth and admired how big his cock had become and how pretty and smooth the taught skin around his balls looked now that he was shaved. She knew that if she released her grasp on his penis now, he would come immediately without any more stimulation. Her grip remained tight and firm, preventing him from ejaculating his load. She could tell that he was in sweet agony.

Sheila kept a strong hold of his prick as she spun around and positioned her pussy directly over Larry’s face. The uniquely musky smell of her cunt engulfed him. He wanted to eat her, to tongue her and taste her juices. She settled her cunt on his mouth, and he began licking her panty covered crouch. His tongued pushed aside the satin fabric of her panties as he tried to touch her hot pussy. He struggled to get inside of her, to eat her out. As he continued licking her steamy cunt through her red panties, she became even wetter and hotter. Quickly, she lifted her hips, disengaging from his mouth long enough to slip her panties off. Now there was no obstruction between her delicious, steamy pussy and his eager tongue as Larry rushed to eat her cunt. Sheila placed her silky panties around Larry’s throbbing prick and began stroking him with them. He could feel the fabric caressing his smooth balls as she slid her panties all over his groin. She used the panties to masturbate him as he sucked on her pussy and continued probing her cunt with his tongue. When he was about to come, Sheila wrapped her panties tightly around his balls and covered his prick, surrounding him in a sea of silk. She jerked him off wildly until he lost control and thrust his hips in the air, shooting his load of pent up come into her panties. Sheila came with him, giving him full measure of her pussy juices and drenching him as she orgasmed and released her golden nectar when her bladder gave out as it often did when she climaxed so explosively.

Larry’s prick was ultra-sensitive as Sheila rubbed the soft silk of her panties around his purple cock head. He was on the brink between pleasure and pain, but he could not ask her to stop. The feeling of her panties covering his prick and around his balls was sensational. If she didn’t stop soon though, he was going to come again. “Oh, baby, you’re staying so hard for me. It must be the panties. You really get turned on feeling my panties all over your nice smooth cock and balls, don’t you, honey?”

“Yes, yes I do. They feel so wonderful, Sheila. You make me feel so good. You make me come so good.”

“You know, sweetie, I bet you’d like to feel my panties across that cute little ass of yours at the same that you feel the silk hugging your balls and prick,” whispered Sheila, as she continued to stroke him with her panties wrapped around her hand. “Here, try them on, baby. See what you think.”

Larry couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Did she know about how he liked wearing panties when he travelled to distant cities and watched videos of shemales? Could this really be happening to him? Trying to sound somewhat reluctant, he said, “Alright, I’ll try them on just for you, Sheila.” He stood up, took the come soaked panties that she held out for him and stepped into them, first one foot, then the next. As he pulled them up over his hips, he couldn’t hide his delight at being able to wear her panties. His prick was so hard that he had a difficult time tucking it inside the panties. It did make a big bulge in front of the panties, but it felt awfully good.

Almost unconsciously, he stepped in front of their full length mirror and looked at himself in her panties. He turned from one side to the other to see how they looked on him, front and back. The faint outline of his new heart was visible through the shear fabric. He ran his hands over his ass and across the bulge in front, smoothing the fabric and enjoying the luxurious feeling of the silky-satin next to his skin. Then he realized that Sheila was looking back at him in the mirror, smiling.

She stepped up behind him and put a hand on each of his tits, lifting and cupping them as she had done earlier in the living room. “Doesn’t my baby look pretty in panties!”, she exclaimed. “Don’t they feel good, hugging tight across your ass! I can tell how much you like them against your cock and balls, too,” she continued as she fondled his breasts.

“Such a pretty baby with nice smooth breasts and sexy silky panties. You can wear them to bed tonight, honey, unless of course you’d rather put on a pair that isn’t so wet and sticky. Yes that’s an even better idea. Pick the pair of panties from my drawer that you want to wear to bed tonight and put them on before washing out the ones that you’re wearing now. Here, wash these too,” Sheila directed as she got out of her bra, garterbelt and stockings and handed them to Larry to wash up in the bathroom sink.

Larry had a hard time deciding which pair of Sheila’s panties to choose. He’d been through her entire collection twice now, and had narrowed the choice down to three pair, but he still couldn’t make up his mind. He had to decide between the black pair, the pink pair or her other red pair. He wished that he could try them all on to see how they looked and felt. Finally, he settled on the pink panties because they had such pretty lace trimming on them and he thought that they were the most feminine looking. He put them on. They felt good, too!

Again he went to the mirror and couldn’t get over how good he looked in her panties.

They both slept well that night. In the morning as Larry started getting dressed for work, Sheila handed him the black pair of panties that he’d almost chosen to wear to bed the night before.

“Here, wear these today, darling. You look so much better in my panties than you do in those awful boxer shorts that you wear. Besides, you’ll feel so much sexier all day wearing my black silky panties. After work tonight, we’ll go shopping for your very own panties. I think that you’ll need a size larger than mine. Those are a little tight on you, but that’s alright for today. Now, get ready for work so that you’re not late,” she chided and playfully smacked his panty covered rear end. “This is going to be so much fun,” she thought to herself.

Larry left for work feeling better that he had felt in a long time. He could feel the panties holding his shaved private parts and hugging his butt with every step that he took. “This is terrific,” he said to no one in particular as he climbed the steps to his office, looking forward to this evening when he would get his own panties.

When Sheila returned to her house, she again took Larry’s magazines down from his closet shelf. She carefully examined all of the shemales and transvestites featured on the pages. In her heart she knew the Lori would look as beautiful and feminine as any of them after she was finished wi% 1(+’ ansformation. Tonight they would go to the Glennview Mall and get started on Lori’s wardrobe. “Now that I’ve tossed out all of Larry’s shorts, he’ll definitely need new underwear,” she said to herself as she heard the garbage truck pulling away.

When Larry got home from the accounting office, he gave Sheila a big hug and a passionate kiss. “My, my. What’s gotten into you, dearest?” Sheila asked after they broke their embrace.

“I don’t know, Sheila. Perhaps it’s the panties that you let wear today, or my smooth breasts, or the cute little heart that you sculpted for me and that bald feeling down there, or maybe it’s all of the above. But whatever it is, I feel different than before. I feel wonderful and so much in love with you, darling.” He embraced his wife again and began kissing her neck, because he knew how much that turned her on.

“Enough of this, sweetie. We’ll have time for that later. Now, let’s go shopping for your very own panties. And who knows, maybe we’ll find something else that tickles your fancy. Come on. Let’s go shopping!”

Larry jumped out of the car and hurried around to open the door on Sheila’s side as soon as he had parked the car at the mall. Walking hand in hand, they went directly to the lingerie section of Gilbert’s, the upscale department store in the mall. A silver haired woman in her late forties or early fifties greeted them. “Hi. My name’s Evelyn. May I help you?”

“We’re just looking for the moment,” replied Sheila, “but when we decide, we’ll let you know. Thank you, Evelyn.”

Sheila practically dragged Larry over to where the panty racks were standing. He recalled the few occasions when he had bought a single pair of panties to wear while he was on the road, and remembered how nervous he was then. That had been a kind of ‘pick one pair, pay for them and get out as fast as he could’ experience. Now Sheila was holding up one pair after the other for him to see; bikinis, hipsters, tailored briefs, flare leg panties, ones with high-cut legs, tap-pants, panties with pretty lace trim, control briefs, stretch-lace panties, and even a pair of plain white cotton briefs which she quickly ruled out. There were panties of every color under the rainbow with names like midnight black, powder blue, pretty-in-pink, sunrise beige, burgundy, mauve, fuschia, grape, bright-white and his favorite, Scarlet O’Hara red. He certainly wanted to have a pair of those. Sheila convinced him that the tiny bikinis would not be as comfortable on him as either hipsters or high-leg panties, but she let him pick out one pair just to try. She also convinced him to take a few pair of full cut briefs, particularly the ones in the bright floral patterns made by Vanity Fair. Larry asked if he could have a pair of the flare-leg panties with the pretty lace trim and pink ribbon around the leg openings. When they were finished, they had chosen fifteen pair of panties for Larry.

“Is there anything else you see that you might like, Larry?” Sheila asked rather loudly much to his chagrin. Let’s see if we can find some more pretties for you.” He was sure that Evelyn had overheard Sheila’s words.

“Pantyhose! That’s what else you need now that the weather is getting colder. You’ll love how they feel, and they’ll keep you toasty warm, too. I think that a size 1X will be right for you. We’ll only get a couple of pairs until we’re sure; a taupe, barely black and suntan. Oh, how about some regular stockings and, of course, a garterbelt to hold them up,” she went on. She picked out a white stretch-latex one with four garters for him and held it up to his waist to check it for size. That really made him blush.

Larry placed all of the lingerie on the counter and got out his credit card. As Evelyn was tallying up their purchases, Sheila added one last thing to the pile of silk and satin, a shimmering peach colored nightgown with scalloped lace trim on the neckline, and satin ribbons adorning the half sleeves and hem. “Do you like it1, dear?” Sheila asked. “I think it will look darling on, don’t you?” Larry could only nod his approval as he again blushed at the double meaning in Sheila’s question.

Gathering up their packages, Sheila and Larry set off for home. Larry was thrilled with everything Sheila had bought him and couldn’t wait to get home to try on his new lingerie.

“Alright! Let’s have a fashion show,” Sheila squealed as they entered the front door. Larry loaded down with Gilbert’s bags, kicked the door closed behind them.

“Go to the bedroom and strip!” Sheila ordered delightfully. “Let’s see how you look.”

Standing naked at the foot of the bed, Larry gazed in wondered at all of the lingerie spread out before him. “All of this is mine!” he thought with glee. “What should I put on first?” he pondered aloud.

He picked up the pair of red panties and stepped into them gingerly. He didn’t want to snag them or catch them on his foot. They felt marvelous and he loved the color, Scarlet O’Hara red! He turned toward their mirror and was pleased at how the panties looked on him. So was Sheila. “They look terrific, sweetie! How do they feel?”

“They feel terrific, too!”

“Good. Now, slip out of those and put on your garterbelt. I want to see how it fits. You always wear your panties over your garterbelt, so put that on first.”

Larry struggled a little trying to fasten the hooks of the garterbelt behind him, so Sheila gave him a hand, snapping the hooks into the last set of eyes to make it as tight as possible. It was wide enough that Larry felt his waist being drawn in. Sheila noticed that it helped make his hips more pronounced as well. She tossed him a pair of his new stockings and showed him how to fasted the garters to his stocking tops. When he stood up to put on his panties, he couldn’t believe how superbly fine his new garterbelt and stockings felt on him, and the way his cock was beginning to swell attested to that fact. He stepped into the white panties that Sheila handed him, tucking himself so that the head of his cock wasn’t protruding out through the leg of his panties. Again he turned to the mirror to see if he looked as good as he felt.

“Something is missing,” worried Sheila. She went to her dresser drawer and took out one of her brassieres. She stood behind Larry holding the bra as he slipped into the shoulder straps while viewing the changes taking place. She pulled the brassiere tight across his breasts and hooked it in back. Then she pulled and pushed his tits so that they filled the cups of her brassiere. “There, that’s better,” she said.

Feminine. That’s what Larry was feeling, feminine. He liked the feeling. He liked how he looked and he felt more like a woman than a man. Sheila held the hem of his new nightgown for him as he lifted it over his head and let it fall across his shoulders and down around his legs. It came to mid-calf, and it felt almost like it was caressing him. He walked across the room, taking dainty steps, raising up on his toes as if he were wearing high heels, and felt all of his lingerie caress his skin. The silky stockings on his legs, the garterbelt snug around his waist with the straps tugging at the tops of his stockings, the brassiere shaping and holding his full breasts, the panties with their lace touching his tender thighs and the cheeks of his ass, the gown flowing across his shoulders and around his legs all felt so wonderful, so feminine, so beautiful.

“You look so beautiful, darling,” said Sheila, “so pretty and feminine. We’ll have to measure you so that we can buy you your own brassieres, too. And camisoles, and slips, and teddies, as well. There’s only one thing that detracts from your femininity, the hair on your legs. We can make them all nice and smooth just like mine in no time at all, baby. Slip out of your pretties and take a shower while I get things ready.”

After his shower, Sheila showed Larry how to apply the Nair lotion on his legs, from his ankles to the top of his thighs. He waited for ten minutes before wiping off a small section and decided to let it stay on for the maximum fifteen minutes. Back in the shower he rinsed off the pink lotion and used a washcloth to remove all the hair from his legs. When he stepped out of the tub, Sheila patted his legs dry and dusted them with her floral scented powder. She ran her hands up and down his legs where the hair had been and commented on how smooth and feminine his legs were now. Then she made him sit at her vanity while she styled his hair and blow dried it. “There, aren’t you pretty!” she said as she finished up with her hair spray.

Larry was amazed at how she had done his hair. It looked completely different than he wore it during the day, much fuller and she’d given him bangs. “Wow! I wouldn’t have thought that you could do so much with my hair, as short as it is, Sheila. It’s more than pretty, it’s beautiful!”

“Yes, you are beautiful, dear. And we can make you even more beautiful. You’ll see. Now, put your lingerie back on. If you need help hooking your garterbelt or brassiere, let me know, but you should learn to do it yourself just like the rest of the real girls.”

Before he was able to stand, Sheila sprayed a wee bit of her eau d’perfume behind each of his ears. As he put his stockings back on he was flabbergasted at how much better they felt on his depilitated legs. All the feminine scents, the powder, the hair spray and most definitely the perfume also gave him a rush.

Sheila had changed into her gown as she watched Larry getting dressed. She smiled to herself as he fumbled with his brassiere trying to hook it behind him. He didn’t ask for help, though, and he finally managed to get all three hooks fastened. He had less of a problem with his garterbelt this time around. When he finished dressing he sat on the edge of the bed and ran his fingertips up and down the entire length of both legs, marvelling at how smooth and feminine they were now. They felt simply divine.

“He’ll get better and better at it, the more he does it,” thought Sheila to herself, “and he’ll do it often!”

Sheila sat next to him on the bed and pulled Larry down on top of her so that his back was resting against her breasts. She reached for his breasts and caressed them through the shimmery gown and lacy brassiere he wore. His nipples hardened as she rubbed them through the fabric, and she could feel her own nipples rising with excitement. She was as excited about his femininity as he was. Keeping one hand on his breast, she moved her other hand down across his stomach to the top of his panties, teasing that ticklish sensitive spot just above his groin where his sculptured heart was. Their legs entwined, and Larry was fascinated at how wonderful his felt next to hers as they moved together.

Sitting up, Sheila pushed Larry onto his back and pulled his legs up onto the bed. She felt his firmness as she straddled his hips and placed her palms on his breasts, moving them in slow circles. She began grinding her pussy against his cock, feeling it swell inside his pretty panties. Their gowns slid against one another adding to the sensuous feeling. Each caress, each touch, every feel of the fabrics next to his skin went right to Larry’s pleasure center, making his penis become still harder. She leaned over and kissed him, rubbing her freshly applied ruby-red lipstick onto his lips until he could taste the creamy coating on his. Her breasts flattened against his as she thrust her rod-like tongue between his parted lips, past his teeth and deep into his throat. She moved it around inside of his mouth as if it were a tiny prick, and he began to suck on it, trying to draw it deeper into him. They both were getting really turned on by this.

“Have you ever sucked a cock?” she whispered into his ear as she nibbled on his lobe. “Have you ever wrapped your pretty red lips around a big fat prick? Have you ever done to a man’s prick what you were just doing to my tongue with your mouth, my sweet girl?”

“No, I haven’t, Sheila, but hearing you talk about it makes me hot.”

“Would you suck cock for me, honey? I want to see you suck a man’s cock, sliding it between your ruby-red lips, past your teeth and deep in your throat as you make him shoot his jism into your mouth. Would you do that for me, dream girl? You don’t need to answer me right away, just think about it, pet. You know how good it makes me feel when I suck your cock and you shoot your come deep in my throat. Giving you that gratification gives me such a sense of pleasure, taking the hot fluid from deep within your balls and making it shoot into me so I can taste your come. Wouldn’t you do that for me, baby?”

Not waiting for an answer, she slithered along his body to take his panty covered prick in her mouth and give it a tender bite making him groan. As she nipped at his manhood, she pulled his gown up and gathered it around his waist. Then she tugged the bottom of his garterbelt up over his cock and tucked the elastic waist band of his panties under his balls, completely exposing his turgid cock. It didn’t stay exposed for more than an instant as she wrapped her lips around him and took his prick all the way into her mouth. Sheila moved his prick around in her mouth in exactly the same way that she had moved her tongue around in his mouth just a few minutes ago. Larry could feel the tip of his sensitive cockhead tap the back of her throat as she sucked him in and out, back and forth across her lips, grazing his shaft with her teeth. He coiled his smooth, nylon clad legs around her thighs, basking in their silkiness. Involuntarily, his hands went to mold his breasts, to feel the fullness of them in his brassiere, to pinch his hard nipples between his fingertips adding to his pleasure. Even though Sheila was sucking on his cock, he felt so totally feminine, like his cock was an extension of her and not his at all.

Before he could come in her mouth, Sheila raised up and once more and sat astride his hips. Her gown floated down around her knees and over Larry’s thighs where he could feel it caressing him. He was totally sensitized to the touch of the silky fabric on his body, the scent of their perfumes mingling together, every sight and sound of these two feminine beings coupling together. She grabbed him by the base of his prick and began working the head of it back and forth along her wet slit, bumping her clitoris with each pass, masturbating herself with his tool. Barely into her opening he entered under her guidance, as she released her hand hold on him. Now her hands replaced his on his swollen and tender breasts. He reached up and cradled her mounds in the palm of his hands, feeling their weight and the elastic tips of her nipples as they hardened to his touch. As he tried to raise his hips to enter her more deeply, she pinned his arms above his head and said, “Be still, my pretty girl, because I’m going to fuck you. Fuck you slow and deep.”

“I want you to feel my cock push slowly into you, feel how my pussy wraps around you as I slide deeper into you. How moist, how hot, how open you are for me. How ready you are for me to fuck you, to take you all the way inside of me until you can feel me hard in your belly.” Painfully slowly, inch by inch, she took him deeper and deeper into her cunt until he could feel the soft fuzz of her pubis grinding against his pretty heart shaped fur.

“Feel how deep I am inside of you,” she whispered, pushing down harder. “So wet, so open, so hot for you, sweet baby. So pretty, your smooth legs in your stockings, your breasts so big and full in your brassiere, your silky panties tight around your ass, such a pretty, pretty girl you are. Deeper, so deep, take me all the way inside of you, baby, deep in your cunt, my pretty, pretty girl. Your lips so red and pretty, so sexy on my pretty girl. How good it is in you, my prick filling your cunt, pushing against my cervix, opening me and going so deep, filling me with your hard cock. Oh, baby, you feel so good. I love to fuck you.”

In his mind Larry was opening for her, taking her into himself. He was open and wet and hot for her. His breasts were so sensitive, feeling their fullness as his brassiere restrained them. With every movement he could feel his garterbelt and panties against his ass, his stockings slipping along her silky-smooth legs, against his silky-smooth, nylon covered legs. He wanted her inside, deep inside of him. He couldn’t get enough of her and wanted to take more and more, deeper and deeper inside. She kept fucking him, in and out slowly, deeply, ever deeper inside. The come in his balls was churning, aching to shoot into her as he held on to make this wonderful feeling endure forever. He didn’t want her to leave him, he wanted her inside like this for all eternity, to hold her and feel her filling him, taking him to new heights with each stroke as she took him the way she was taking him tonight. It was no use, she was pulling it from him, taking the life juices from deep within him, sucking it out of him.

“Come on, baby. Give it to me. Feel my come as it shoots into you, hot sticky come filling my pretty, sexy girl. Shoot it into me, baby. Give it to me, now! Now!”

The explosion that erupted from deep within him was like no other, boiling and spewing in spurt after spurt as he spasmed from the deepest part of the center of his being, from the depths of his very essence. God, she fucked him good, better than he’d ever been fucked before in his life. She took all of him, emptying herself into him. He felt every spasm, every twitch as she emptied her hot sticky come into him, as he milked and milked her to get every drop of her sweet come. He wanted it all, and she stayed in him, fucking him until his balls were empty, until they both were satiated, exhausted.

In the middle of the night, Larry realized that he was still wearing all of his pretty lingerie and that it felt so feminine and nice on his body. He went into the bathroom, lifted his nightie, pulled down his panties and sat on the toilet rather that standing in front of it as he usually did when he urinated. After he wiped the last few drops from himself, he stood, pulled his panties back into place and straightened his gown. At first he was surprised to see the pretty, satisfied girl looking back at him from the bathroom mirror, then he smiled. “That’s me,” he thought. “I look and feel so pretty, so feminine.” Still smiling, he crawled back into bed and cuddled with his sleeping wife.

Thursday morning when they awoke, Sheila suggested to Larry that he wear his new pantyhose to work. Larry showered, shaved all over, and came into their bedroom to get dressed for work. The first thing that he did was take the taupe pantyhose from their package and shake them out. He looked at the shrivelled up nylon and thought, “I’ll never fit into these!”

“They stretch, darling. Don’t fret. Now get dressed before you’re late for work. What panties are you going to wear, today?” Sheila asked.

Larry was in a quandary. He had to choose from so many dainty panties in his drawer where his plain boxer shorts had once been. Finally, after handling each pair of his new panties, he selected the pink ones with the lace insert. He tugged the pantyhose over his smooth legs and stepped into the pretty pink panties, pulling them snug over his hips. “They look nice on you, dear,” Sheila commented, “and they fit you nicely, too.”

They did fit nicely, shaping his ass and cradling his cock and balls which were held tight in his pantyhose. He finished getting dressed, had his coffee and left for work. Sheila couldn’t wait to tell Cathy what a great time they had last night. She rushed over to Cathy’s as soon as Larry pulled out of the driveway.

Over coffee, Sheila described Larry’s and her shopping trip, how she had gotten Larry to depilate the hair on his legs (“Go bare with Nair as she said”), and their subsequent fashion show and love making. Cathy was fascinated at how quickly Lori adapted to her feminine attire and role. “There’s a woman in there, just dying to come out, Sheila. A born feminine slave waiting to be trained,” she stated as Sheila continued with her story.

“You should have seen the way he responded to the way I fucked him, Cathy,” Sheila went on. “His breasts got so full and firm in my brassiere. His nipples were about to pop out, and it was as if I was the one with the cock, fucking his cunt. It was truly amazing. When I told him that he’d have to suck a real cock for me, he really got turned-on. He enjoyed wearing my brassiere so much that today, I’m going to get her a couple of her own. I think a black, white and red one should do for starters. What do you think?”

“What size does she wear?”

“Probably a 38B would fit her nicely. Mine was a little tight on her, but she sure enjoyed wearing it all night long,” Sheila replied.

“Great. That’s the same size that Julie wears. They can borrow each other’s clothes. Isn’t that a stitch! Yes, she’ll need a black and white one for sure to start off with, and the red will look so sexy on her. You said that she fell in love with the red panties. Now she’ll have the complete set. Why don’t you get her a matching camisole and half slip as well, and even another sexy garterbelt if you see one that matches?”

“Good idea, Cath. When she sees them, she’ll do anything for me just so that she can wear them and primp in front of their mirror!”

“That’s the idea, girl. That’s the idea. When are you going to give her feminine name?”

“Tonight. Tonight I plan to do her hair again, make her up, and dress her completely. She liked the way my perfume made her smell so sweet and feminine. I could still smell a hint of it on her when she left for work this morning. I hope that Naderia notices it. Soon, we’ll have to let her in on our little secret. Lori will need a woman’s strong hand at work, too. I have a sneaking suspicion that Naderia will enjoy that role.”

“You are a conniving little bitch, Sheila, and I love it!” Cathy gleamed. “Have you been to the ‘Sex Boutique’ in the mall that just opened last month? It’s terrific and has all sorts of wonderful toys and fetish clothing. They even have six inch stilettos in Julie’s size. By the way, what size shoe does Larry wear?”

“He wears a 10B in men’s shoes.”

“Then, he’ll wear a 12 medium in high heels. Julie wears a thirteen, but if you want to borrow a pair for Lori to wear tonight, be my guest and have your pick. You did say that you wanted to dress him completely, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Sheila said, “I want to make him totally feminine and let him know that from now on she is Lori. Thanks, I will take a pair with me for tonight. But then, we’ll go to the boutique that you mentioned and get her own shoes. Now I’d better run. I have a ton of shopping to do before Lori gets home from work.”

Sheila walked the short way over to Cathy’s house and knocked on their back door. Cathy hollered for her to come in and get a cup of coffee, and that she’d be right out. She was in the bathroom. There was plenty to talk about today, and the two women sat at the kitchen table for hours, sharing their adventures of the previous day. Cathy told Sheila all about Linda and Sharon and what had happened at their apartment after they left Friday’s. Sheila was surprised to learn that Cathy had made it with another woman and was curious to learn more. The part about Julie being tied down and Sharon fucking his boycunt with the double ended dildo excited her, too. In her mind she could picture them going at one another, with the weights flipping about wildly. Cathy enjoyed hearing about how Sheila got Larry, or Lori as they now referred to him, to wear her panties to work.

“Making him come in your panties was a good idea. He’ll start associating his sexual satisfaction with things that are feminine like lingerie,” Cathy told her. “It won’t be long before you’ll have him completely transformed into the perfect sissy slave. Soon we’ll have to get Julie and Lori together for some real fun and games. Has Larry ever sucked a cock, do you know?”

“No, I don’t think so. At least he hasn’t told me about it, if he has. But then, I’ve never made love with another woman either.”

“Well, there’s always a first time for everything, isn’t there? I bet Lori will be begging you to let him suck cock once he finds out how feminine he has become. He’ll want to be fucked, and he’ll give anything to be able to put his pretty girl lips around a big fat prick. You told me how much he liked finger fucking himself the other night over the phone. It won’t be long before he wants the real thing, and I’m sure that Jim won’t mind getting a blowjob from Lori.”

“Yes, Cath, I guess there is a first time for everything. I would also love to watch Larry, or Lori as the case may be, giving your husband a blowjob, too. Maybe I’ll even take pictures of him while he’s sucking on it, just as Jim comes in his mouth. Oh, won’t this be fun!”

Sheila spent the next few hours at the mall. She found everything that she had set out for, and more. The ‘Sex Boutique’ was like a magnet, drawing her in when she neared. It wasn’t like the sleazy dirty book stores that she’d visited on occasion with her girl friends. This was a high class shop, with crystal clean glass counters and chrome racks displaying some of the wildest creations that she’d ever seen. By the time she was finished, she’d purchased a pair of black, imitation leather crotchless panties for Lori; a realistic looking, strap on dildo for herself and a bottle of Lube which was recommended by the handsome, clean-cut clerk in the store. His name plate said, Ken. He said that he could personally vouch for it as the best lubrication on the market. Sheila wondered if he was on the giving or the receiving end, and a picture of Lori being fucked by Ken flashed through her mind as she paid him for her things. Along with all of her other purchases, she had these gift wrapped, too. “Thank you, Kenny. I hope to see you again,” Sheila smiled as she left.

Later that afternoon, Sheila called Larry at work. Naderia answered, and Sheila asked if her “sweet darling” was in the office. Naderia connected them and couldn’t help wonder at Sheila’s choice of words and tone of voice. She was tempted to listen in on their conversation, but another call coming through canceled any thoughts along those lines. “How do you like wearing your pantyhose, Sweetie?” she first asked him. Then Sheila told Larry to stop for Chinese carry-out on the way home because she had more pretty presents for him, and she didn’t think that he would want to take the time to cook her dinner before trying them on. Then she hung up before he could say another word. She would keep him in suspense for the rest of the day.

Larry was in a state of frustrated exhilaration all afternoon trying to imagine what Sheila had bought for him. He hoped that she had bought him some more pantyhose, he knew that he’d be wearing them everyday from now on, and maybe, his own brassiere. Hers was tight on him and left red marks on his skin which still showed on his shoulders and under his breasts. He couldn’t wait for his work day to end so that he could rush home and see his surprises.

On the dining room table, Larry saw all of the gift wrapped packages as he set the containers of food down. When he picked up one of his boxes and started to tear away the wrapping paper, Sheila said, “Not yet, Sweetie. First you have to feed me. All of this shopping made me hungry. Well, Okay. But just that one for now. The rest will have to wait until we’ve eaten.”

When Larry opened the box he saw a silky red camisole with a trimming of lace across the bodice laying on top of a matching half slip. Underneath the half slip was another matching piece, a satin and latex garterbelt. “Why, they’re beautiful!” he exclaimed. “I can’t wait to try them on, Sheila.”

“After dinner, darling. And there’s more as you can see. Now let’s eat. I’m starving!”

Sheila devoured the sweet and sour shrimp, ginger beef with green peppers, fried rice and chinese noodles. Larry was so excited that he ate hardly a bite of anything. He wished Sheila would hurry so that he could open the rest of his packages and try on his new pretties, but she took her time and enjoyed every morsel. Finally, she finished and handed him a fortune cookie. He cracked it open, pulled out the little slip of paper and read aloud what was written on it. “Change is coming. Prepare for a new life.”

“And so it is!” Sheila smiled as she broke open her cookie and read her fortune. “It’s time for you to take charge. You have the power.”

“Wow!” Sheila thought, “I couldn’t have planted better fortunes in these cookies. Maybe there is something to this, after all.”

Hurriedly, Larry cleared the table of their dinner and rushed back into the dining room. Sheila handed him a package which he recognized as coming from Gilbert’s. Inside were three brassieres, a black, a white, and a red one that matched his new camisole and half slip. He noticed that these were marked 38B and she wore a 34B. “Now I have my own bras and won’t have to wear yours anymore. Oh, Thank you. Thank you,” he squealed in delight. “What’s next?”

She handed him the largest box. He tore off the gift wrap and looked inside. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Inside was a lavender dress. He gently held it up and admired the colorful embroidered flowers that twined along the front and back of the top of the dress. Then he noticed the dainty lettuce edging adorning the flutter sleeves and hem. “It’s beautiful, Sheila!” he shouted as he held it up to his shoulders. “Larry’s got a dress. Larry’s got a dress,” he sang, making dress sound like a two syllable word, as he twirled around the room. “Can I wear it? Can I put it on now?”

“There’s more, darling. Put your dress down and see what else I got for you, baby,” she said handing him the next to last package. When he open the black, crotchless panties, it took him a moment to figure out what they were. It was difficult to tell which way to hold them until he found the elastic waist band at the top and the tag in the back. Then he realized that his legs must go through the other openings which would leave his crotch exposed from front to back unless he kept his knees tightly together all of the time. “They’re for later, baby. Now open this one which sort of goes with your crotchless panties,” said Sheila as she handed him the remaining package. He was shocked and taken aback when, in the box, he saw the big, realistic looking rubber prick with pronounced veins curving around the length of the shaft and the pear-shaped, bulbous head on the end of the cock. At the other end there was a leather harness with adjustable straps attached to the prick. He first thought was that perhaps Sheila didn’t think that he was big enough for her and she wanted him to use this instead when they fucked. Then he saw the plastic bottle of Lube-Job and really began to wonder. He picked up the cock and tenderly held is in his hands, treating it as if it were alive, and examined every detail closely. It was just like the real thing, hard but pliable, anatomically correct down to the corona, at the base of the head which was wider than the diameter of the shaft itself. There was even an opening at the tip as if it could pee through it. The more he held it and examined it, the more he became excited. It was like handling a real cock.

“That’s for later, too, baby. Now it’s time for you to get dressed. I want to see how your brassieres fit you and how pretty you’ll look in your new red lingerie. Quickly, take a shower so that I can do you hair and nails,” Sheila ordered.

When he pulled on the new red panties over his new garterbelt which were attached with six garters to his nylon stocking tops, Larry could feel his penis begin to swell. It was all he could do to keep it from poking a tent in his panties when Sheila helped him adjust the spaghetti straps of his camisole, or camy as she called it. His bra fit perfectly, snug but not too tight, shaping and molding his breasts. Now, with all of his red lingerie on, he looked at himself in their mirror and was delighted with what he saw. Except for the face and hair, which Sheila would do next, there was a very feminine person looking at him. She looked almost as pretty and feminine as he felt at this moment. Larry adored his new lingerie. It was so pretty that it would almost be a shame to put on his new dress over it. But a girl couldn’t walk around in her underwear, now could she.

Sheila did his hair just like the night before and showed him how to apply the red polish to his nails. Since he would have to take it off before going to work tomorrow, they only put on one coat over the clear base. Sheila sat him down at her dressing table, facing away from the mirror and began to do his makeup. But before applying any cosmetics, she plucked his eyebrows into thin, curved lines above his eyelids. His eyelashes were long and had a lovely natural curl to them and would look great once she brushed on the mascara. Then a foundation, followed by blush, lipliner and a creamy coat of lipstick. Then the eyes. She penciled in the brows, and shaded his eyes with a soft violet eye shadow that would compliment his dress. For the final touch, she brushed on mascara which made his eyelashes look even longer. “Some real girls would kill for lashes like yours,” she said as she finished. She blotted a light dusting of powder on his face to set his makeup before she let him look at himself.

“Holy shit!” was all that he could say. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, his own beautiful eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it. Sheila had transformed him from a man into a woman. A beautiful woman. God, he looked beautiful, and he felt so beautiful, too. He felt like a real woman, except for that hardness stirring in his panties. Sheila helped him into his dress as he continued to stare in disbelief at himself. Just as he was wishing that he had a pair of high heels to complete his look, Sheila handed him the shoes that she had borrowed from Julie. The black leather pumps slipped easily on his feet, but he had trouble balancing himself on their three inch heels. Sheila made him walk back and forth across the room, showing him how to take small feminine steps, pointing one toe in front of the other as he became accustomed to walking in high heels. His heel slipped a little out of the back of his shoes as he walked. Sheila told him that they were borrowed and probably a size too large for him. “We’ll just have to get some in your size,” she concluded.

Larry couldn’t get over how he looked. He felt marvelous, and it showed. Each time he came in front of the mirror, he stopped and stared at himself, no, at herself. This was definitely a woman looking back at him. As he gained confidence walking in his heels, he twirled and pirouetted in front of the mirror each time he passed by. He was simply astonished at how feminine, how gorgeous he looked and felt in his new dress and high heels, wearing his makeup and all of his pretty lingerie.

“You are beautiful, Larry,” Sheila complimented him, “but Larry isn’t a very ladylike name. You need a feminine name that goes with your feminine appearance and attitude, and I have just the perfect name for you. Lori. From now on, you will be my Lori. Such a pretty name for a pretty girl.”

“Lori,” it rolled off of his lips. “Oh, I like it Sheila. Lori is a beautiful name. I love it. Lori,” he said it again, this time as she looked at her lovely lavender dress in the mirror. It was a pretty name for a pretty girl. Lori. It was her new name, her feminine name.

“Lori, you look stunning in your feminine attire. You are gorgeous, you know. So beautiful and so soft, so womanly. It turns me on to see how beautiful you are, Lori. I want to make love with you,” his wife said as she placed her hands on his shoulders and kissed his creamy lips. “I want you, Lori. But first I want a picture of my pretty girl in her new dress. Go get the Polaroid for me, dear.” Lori returned with the camera and Sheila took several shots. Lori enjoyed posing just like a fashion model and couldn’t wait to see how the pictures turned out. “Look, Lori, see how absolutely ravishing you look. I could just eat you up, darling. Let’s make love. I want you now, Lori, my pretty Lori-girl.”

Sheila helped Lori pull the new lavender dress over her head without messing up her hairdo. While Lori was taking off her slip and camisole, Sheila was readying the dildo. She had adjusted the harness straps earlier, so she knew that it would fit her nice and snug. She handed Lori the black, crotchless panties saying, “You may leave your brassiere and garterbelt on, but put these on instead of your red nylon panties. I think that you’ll like the way they feel, Lori.”

Lori did like the feel of the crotchless panties, but they left her exposed, both front and back. Her cock peeked out in front, and she could feel the coolness on her ass in the back. She had to keep her legs tightly together to prevent fully exposing herself, and that was difficult with her cock as turgid as it was. Wearing all of these clothes, being made up and being a girl sure made her excited, and it showed. Sheila pulled Lori down on the bed and began fondling the cheeks of his ass as she kissed her husband deeply. She wanted Lori hot, open and ready for her.

“My pretty baby,” she whispered in Lori’s ear as she bathed it with her tongue. “My pretty Lori. So pretty you are and so hot for me, baby. I’m going to fuck you, Lori. I’m going to make you a real woman tonight.”

Sheila was dry humping her, thrusting her hips, moving the big, firm dildo against Lori’s thighs which she tried to keep tightly together. “Oh, baby, I want you. Can you feel how hard I am for you, Lori? Do you want to suck it, baby, get it all hot and juicy before I fuck your boycunt? Come on Lori, suck it. Suck my nice, big fat prick.”

As Sheila straddled Lori’s chest, she held her fake cock and rubbed the head of it across Lori’s pretty red lips, teasing her with it. “Come on baby, suck it for Sheila.” Lori tentatively licked the cockhead, circling her tongue around the corona and testing the comehole with the end of her tongue. Sheila was insistent and slipped the head of her prick between Lori’s lips, past her teeth and into her mouth. Lori began sucking it in earnest, pulling on it and bobbing her head to that she could get it to move in and out of her. “That’s it, Lori. Suck my prick. You suck me so good. Suck it deeper, baby. Make me come in your mouth, Lori.”

Lori was oblivious to everything except the big prick that she was going down on, so she was surprised when the flash went off. Sheila was taking pictures of her as she sucked on her cock. Lori didn’t stop, though. She continued licking and sucking, pulling the cock deeper into her, trying to take it all. But that was impossible. It was too big. It stretched her mouth as wide as it would go, but she took all that she could, feeling the tip of Sheila’s prick against the back of her throat. It was all Lori could do to keep from gagging, but she managed to fight off that reflex, moving the cock in and out as it fucked her mouth.

“Lori, darling, you suck me so good. You are my beautiful, cocksucking Lori-girl. I’m so hot for you, baby. My prick is so hard for you. Now I’m going to fuck you, Lori. Slide deep in you and come in your cunt. Spread your legs for me. Open for me, Lori.” Sheila pulled away and her cock slipped from Lori’s lips. As Lori parted her legs, Sheila could feel his prick snap upwards. “You are so hot, Lori. Your clitoris is all swollen in anticipation. When I fuck your boycunt, I’ll play with your clitty so that we come together, baby.”

Sheila positioned herself so that her prick was resting against Lori’s cunt, and she spread the Lube all around her shaft and along Lori’s slit. Using first one, then two fingers, Sheila greased Lori’s boycunt as deeply as she could. She worked three fingers into her boycunt, opening her wider and feeling her relax as she got her ready to be fucked. Lori was moaning and gasping for breath as Sheila worked her fingers around inside of her boycunt. It felt so good to have Sheila inside of her.

“Tell me what you want, Lori. Ask for it, my pretty girl. Beg for it, Lori.”

“Fuck me. Please fuck me, Sheila. Fill my cunt with your cock. Fuck me and make me come. Fuck me, please.”

“Lori, why aren’t you the little slut, begging to be fucked. Begging for my cock. Begging for me to fuck you.”

As the prick began to enter Lori, she winced at the pain in her ass as she was stretched open. Sheila slowed, backed out a fraction and gave Lori a chance to relax and catch her breath. Then she pushed in a little deeper into the boycunt until Lori cried out again. Slowly, ever so slowly, she inched her prick past the tight ring until she felt herself slip inside of Lori. Again she rested to let Lori become accustomed to the sensation of having her ass filled with the cock. In just a few seconds, Lori’s hips began moving slightly, taking more of the prick into her, testing her limits as she opened wider for Sheila. Lori drew her knees up and pushed against the hard cock inside of her once more, feeling it go still deeper. She was cupping her breasts, swollen and tender in her red brassiere, kneading them and lightly pinching her own nipples. This sent shocks of pleasure directly to her rigid penis, her clit as Sheila called it. She opened even more for Sheila and felt the prick go deeper into her boycunt. Lori’s clitty was so sensitive that she almost came when Sheila stroked it with a feather-like touch. The prick inside of her was moving, sawing in and out of her boycunt, fucking her faster and faster. Her hips echoed Sheila’s motions, thrusting harder and faster, as the cock filled her. Her clitoris was on fire, so hot, so hard, so sensitive to Sheila’s fingers. Nothing else existed. Just cock and cunt and clit. She wanted it all. Her breasts were so big and so sensitive, she couldn’t take much more of this without exploding. Sheila kept rubbing Lori’s clit which was slippery with their juices, playing with the tip of it, running her fingers up and down the shaft as she kept her cock pistoning in and out of her husband’s boycunt. She knew that Lori was close to coming, but she wanted it to last.

Sheila stopped fucking Lori, leaving her prick resting deep in her boycunt. They lingered. Lori could feel her impending orgasm subside, but her clit was as sensitive as ever, as she gripped the cock tightly inside of her boycunt, not wanting to let go, wanting more and more of it. Her cunt was milking Sheila’s prick. Her muscles pulled on it, sucking it as deep as she could draw it into herself. Her hips, thrusting again, worked in unison with the muscles of her cunt, taking all of it deep into her, feeling it in her belly. There was no stopping now. Lori was a fucking machine, out of control, thrusting wildly on the prick buried in her cunt. Sheila stroked her clitty savagely, sending spasms of bliss shooting throughout Lori’s body. “Come for me, Lori. Give it to me, baby. Give me everything that you have, now. Come now, Lori.”

And come she did. She came in gushes. Arc after arc, shooting for the moon. Wave after wave, cascading and drowning her in satisfaction. It was total gratification, total release, twisting and tearing her inside out. Lori loitered in ecstatic peace as tiny after shocks sent diminishing explosions of pleasure resounding through her clitoris and boycunt. With each new spasm, she felt her cunt muscles clenching Sheila’s prick, caressing it, loving it deep inside. Finally it was over. She returned back to earth, back to this place. And Sheila’s cock slowly withdrew from her. Where had she been? Where had Sheila taken her? It was all so wonderful, and she never felt so loved in all of her life.

“Lori, that was beautiful. You should have seen yourself being fucked, riding my prick, taking all of me, and then coming so magnificently. You were beautiful. You are beautiful, Lori. You are mine!”

“Oh, Sheila. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You can’t believe how wonderful that was. I love you, darling.”

“And I love you, too, Lori.”

Sheila couldn’t wait to show Cathy the pictures of Lori, all made up and wearing her new dress, and especially the ones she took of Lori the cock sucker. Her favorite was the one were her prick was half way in Lori’s mouth and her cheeks were hollow as she sucked to take even more of it into her mouth. The smell of freshly brewed coffee greeted Sheila as Cathy opened the kitchen door.

“So, what’s the news?” Cathy asked even before saying good morning.

“You won’t believe it, Cath! After Larry got home, I let him open his red camy, half slip and garterbelt in order to tease him a little. Then after dinner I gave him the rest of his presents. When he saw his dress, he started singing just like a little girl who received her first prom gown. It was a sight to behold. She danced and pranced like you wouldn’t believe. The dildo frightened her a little, I think. You should see it. It’s so big and so realistic. I put on her makeup and did her hair, and then I let her wear the dress. It’s so cute and looks fabulous on her. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I plucked her eyebrows, too. I wonder how he is going to explain that to Naderia at work, today. Julie’s shoes that you loaned me were the crowning touch. It was funny to see him walking in heels at first, but after I showed him how to take small, dainty steps, Lori did fine. She’s a natural! Here look at her pictures.”

“They’re great. That dress looks fabulous on her. What else happened?”

“Well, I told him that Larry was a terrible name for such a pretty girl and that from now on his feminine name would be Lori. He was thrilled with it. When I told her that I was going to fuck her and make her a real woman, she was somewhat apprehensive, but she responded very well. First I made her suck my prick. She got more turned on, the more she sucked me off. Here look at these,” Sheila said as she handed Cathy the pictures of Lori sucking on her fake cock. “Isn’t she a born cock sucker? That one is my favorite.”

“She sure is, Sheila! She looks like she’s really enjoying herself. And that dildo looks wonderful on you, too, dear. You’ll have to show it to me later. How did she take it?”

“I had to go slow at first, but once I lubed her boycunt and opened her up a little, she loved it. She kept trying to get more of my cock inside of her, pushing and thrusting like all get out, while I played with her prick which I said was her clitty. It was so exciting, seeing her take it so deep and hard. We were both so hot that we came together. I didn’t realize how much fun I would have fucking her, but I definitely got off on it. I liked having my own prick and being the fucker instead of the fuckee for a change,” Sheila laughed.

“I bet you did,” Cathy laughed with her. “I know how much I like fucking Julie and how much she likes to be fucked. We should plan to get our two girls together this weekend. Have you told Lori about Julie, yet?”

“No, I haven’t. But it almost slipped out when I gave him Julie’s shoes to wear. I caught myself before I said that the shoes were Jim’s. We should do something together. I’d like that, and maybe I’ll get to see Lori suck a real cock if it is alright with you.”

“Only if you eat my pussy first, Sheila. Just joking! Well, not just joking, wishful thinking, I guess,” Cathy said with a coy smile.

“Who knows, Cath. With all that has happened in the last few days, I wouldn’t discount anything. Now what are we going to do this weekend? Any ideas?”

Cathy pondered for a moment. “Julie and I are meeting Linda and Sharon for dinner tonight. I suspect that we’ll end up back at Linda’s place afterwards. Would you and Lori like to tag along with us, Sheila?”

“It may be a little too soon to take Lori out for dinner where there are so many other people. And you told me how rough it can get at Linda’s. I’m not sure that I’m ready for that yet, either. Why don’t we stay home and have a quiet evening tonight while you and Julie go out and play. Then, maybe tomorrow we can get together at our house and grill some steaks or something for dinner.”

“Sounds good to me, Sheila. I’ll bring Julie over around seven if that sounds OK. She’ll do the hors d’oeuvres, so don’t worry about fixing anything for starters.”

“Steak, baked potatoes and salad alright with you, Cath?”

“Sure is. Let’s plan on it.”

Naderia was already at her desk when Larry walked into the office. “Good morning, Naderia,” Larry greeted her. “Good morning, Sweet Darling,” she replied somewhat facetiously, remembering how Sheila referred to him yesterday. Larry looked at her and wondered what she meant by that remark.

When Naderia brought Larry his first cup of coffee, she leaned over his desk and stared directly at his face. “I see that you did your eyebrows. Why did you pluck them so thin, Larry?”

Larry could feel himself getting very warm as turned red and blushed. He couldn’t tell Naderia about Lori and all that happened last night, so he went on the offensive, “Sheila thought that they would look good this way. I kinda like them, too. What do you think?”

“I think that they look nice, too,” she paused, “for a woman.” She turned and went back to her outer office. “I should have listened in on their conversation when I had the chance,” she thought to herself as she walked out.

Later that morning, Larry was at the file cabinet searching for the Murdock case. Naderia noticed that he kept pulling at his trousers which seemed to be sticking to his legs. “A little hair spray will take care of static cling, Larry,” Naderia smirked. Again, he blushed, grabbed the file and walked towards his office. “It happens when the weather is clear and cold like it is today. Try the hair spray trick, Sweet Darling.” He didn’t say a word, stayed in his office for the rest of the morning and tried to avoid Naderia.

Right after lunch, Sheila called Naderia. “I thought that you should know, Naderia, that I’m training Larry to be my submissive feminine slave. You’ve probably already noticed that I’ve plucked his eyebrows into a thin feminine look. He is also wearing pantyhose and nylon panties under his business suit.”

“Yes, I noticed his eyebrows first thing this morning, and he was having trouble with static cling. I figured that he was wearing nylon stockings or pantyhose, Sheila. How far have you progressed with his feminization?”

“Almost completely, Naderia. He adores all the frilly lingerie I’ve bought him, and he sleeps in his nightie, panties and brassiere every night, now. Last night I made him up, did his hair and even fucked him. But I need your help. I want him reminded all day, every day, that he is a lady slave whose only reason for existence is to serve us real women. Will you help?”

“Sure, Sheila, I’d be delighted!”

“Good. Feel free to do whatever you like with him. By the way, his feminine name is Lori. I’m sure that she will be so much more easy to work with, once she knows that you are in control. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.”

Shortly after they concluded their conversation, Naderia marched into Larry’s office and sat on the corner of his desk, gazing down at him. She began buffing her nails with what looked like a seashell. “Want me to do your nails, too, Lori?”

Larry almost died. She knew. She knew about his feminization and about Lori. “Yes, I know all about you, Lori. Sheila told me everything. What color panties are you wearing today, Lori?”

“Pink,” he responded meekly.

“Pink, such a feminine color for such a feminine person. That’s nice, Lori. And do you want a key to the ladies room, too. Anyone wearing pantyhose and pink panties should have a key to the ladies room. It must be difficult standing at the urinal and trying to hide your lingerie from the guy peeing next to you. I think you should use the ladies room from now on, Lori. Since there are just the two of us, it won’t cause any problems. When you need to ‘freshen up’, ask me for the key.”

“Yes, Naderia.”

“And I think that you should address me as Ma’am or Miss Naderia. I’ve been calling you Sir all along, but now that has changed, hasn’t it, Lori?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good. Now go fix me a cup of tea, Lori. I take it with one lump of sugar and very strong.”

For the remainder of that day, Naderia had Lori doing little chores for her around the office. She was amazed at how compliant and docile Lori was as she went about her business. This was going to be better than she expected. “Every secretary should have an assistant,” she thought as Lori helped her on with her coat when they prepared to depart the office for the weekend ahead.

“How was work, today?” Sheila asked as Lori walked in the door.

“You told Naderia about me, didn’t you?”

“Why yes, dear. I want all the women in your life to know that you are a sweet little girl who adores all things feminine. What’s the matter, baby? Did she laugh at you?”

“No, but she made me call her Ma’am, make her tea, fix the copier when it jammed and all sorts of things to help her. She even made me use the ladies room.”

“She didn’t hurt you, did she, sweetie?”

“No. But, she definitely took charge. I hope that Mr. French doesn’t notice anything. I could lose my job, Sheila.”

“Don’t worry, Lori. Everything will be alright. Did enjoy helping Naderia?”

“Yes, that part was fine. I was only worried that Mr. French would catch me coming out of the ladies room.”

“You could always tell him that you were replacing a light bulb or unplugging a commode for Naderia. Now don’t be silly. While I put dinner on the table, go change into your dress. I’ll do your makeup and hair after we eat, Lori. Don’t be long, because dinner is almost ready.”

After dinner, true to her word, Sheila helped Lori put on her makeup and fixed her hair. Lori still couldn’t get over how feminine she felt in her new dress.

“Come on. Let’s go to the mall, Lori.”

Cathy and Julie met Linda and Sharon at Luciano’s, the best Italian restaurant in town. They all had a delicious meal. Cathy particularly liked the fettucini with calamari. Linda had the veal and peppers which she said was very good. During dinner Linda asked Cathy if she wanted to go with them to Mistress Dianna’s birthday party. “It should be fun. There will be all kinds of people there, and it could turn into a terrific party.”

“Sure. It sounds like fun, but I don’t have a birthday present for her.”

“Just give her Julie for her entertainment and enjoyment. You wouldn’t mind that, would you Julie?”

“No Ma’am,” she replied, as if it mattered whether she minded or not.

When they drove up to Dianna’s house, it was obvious that there was quite a party in progress. They almost couldn’t find a parking space and could hear the music two blocks away. Inside, the first thing that they saw was a pretty, black transvestite draped across a foot stool, down on her hands and knees in the center of the room. Her skirt was pulled up and her panties were down around her knees. She was crying as Mistress Dianna spanked her ass. Dianna paused to greet her guests and welcomed them to her party. Dianna kissed Linda on the mouth. “Linda, it’s so good of you to come. You’ll forgive me if I don’t introduce you and your friends to everyone right away. Tanya, the little bitch, was rude to me and needs her bottom warmed. Please, make yourself at home and help yourself to drinks and snacks in the kitchen.” Mistress Dianna then proceeded to pick up where she had left off, smacking Tanya’s ass with the flat of her hand until more tears and mascara rolled down Tanya’s cheeks.

Over in the corner, near the dining room, sat Sylvia, a somewhat older male cross dresser. She was wearing a red and white, polk-a-dot dress with a broad white collar, shiny red t-strap high heels, stockings or panty hose covering hairy legs, and white opera length gloves. She was tied to the chair with a dozen red belts of various widths. There was one holding her crossed feet together, the thin belt running under her arch and over her instep and to the chair legs. Several more were wound tightly around her legs from her ankles to just above her knees where she was strapped to the chair. A wide red belt held her gloved hands together in her lap and securely to the arms of the chair. Two belts, one above her breasts and one below, kept her arms tight against her sides and her spine pinned to the back of the chair. A narrower one was crisscrossed between her tits. There was a red belt across her mouth that gagged her and another around her head and eyes that served as a blindfold. They contrasted nicely with her frosted blond wig.

“She has been like this for three hours,” remarked John who belonged to Mistress Dianna. “Being dressed as a woman and the comfort of being bound tightly is what thrills her. Let me introduce you to some of the other people here.”

David, in black leather and heavy motorcycle boots stood, holding a leash that was attached to the collar worn by the boy kneeling at his feet. The boy wasn’t wearing much else. His hands were shackled behind him, and he was naked except for a red nylon posing pouch. Both of his tits were pierced with silver rings. David idly tapped the toe of his boot against the boy’s bulge which kept him in a constant state of arousal. That’s the way David wanted him. “You’ll have to stay for the demonstration. Later, I’m going to have him fitted for a Prince Albert. Then I can pull him around by the end of his prick instead of by the neck,” David told Cathy and Linda after they were introduced. Julie looked puzzled.

Linda saw Julie’s quizzical look and explained, “It’s a ring the goes in through the eye of the prick and out at the frenum, just where the corona begins to form underneath the cock head. Dianna always has such interesting demos at her parties,” Julie winced at the thought of having the head of her cock pierced, but wondered how he might look with a Prince Albert ring just the same. “Sharon, show David your nipple rings.”

Sharon, who was of course braless, raised her blouse revealing her breasts. Hanging from each of her nipple rings was a small gold charm with the letter L engraved on it. David took her tit roughly and pulled her closer so that he could examine the engraving in more detail. “Nice touch. She’ll never forget who she belongs to. I was thinking of having the boy branded with my initials for the same reason.”

Cathy and Linda moved about the room, meeting the other guests and observing the various scenes starting to unfold. Julie and Sharon stayed a step behind them, not daring to say a word. In the living room, Tanya was sitting astride the coffee table. Her skirt was hiked up and her pantyhose was down around her thighs. Mistress Dianna was stroking Tanya’s prick, giving her the beginnings of an erection. As Cathy drew near, she heard Dianna speaking.

“…such a good girl. You took your spanking very well, Tanya, so now I’m going to reward you. I know how much you like me to fuck your little dick, so lay back and enjoy it, bitch.” Dianna pushed Tanya onto the table until her black hair was hanging over the other end. She held Tanya’s cock in her hand and resumed stroking and squeezing it until a clear drop of precome appeared at the tip. Then Dianna took the long thin candle that she was holding and inserted barely the end of it into Tanya’s prick. “What do you want, Tanya. Tell Mistress what you want.”

“Mistress, please fuck me. Please put the candle in my cock and fuck me with it, Mistress Dianna. Please, Mistress!”

The candle almost disappeared as Dianna pushed it into Tanya’s hard cock, stretching and stinging his urethra. Tanya’s precome worked to lubricate a path for the candle. She knew that the sting would soon dissipate, and she would only feel the pleasure of being invaded and used. The tip of the candle pressed deeper as Mistress slid it in and out and twisted it back and forth, fucking the TV’s prick. Dianna stroked Tanya’s rigid member as she fucked the candle in and out of it. Dianna knew that Tanya’s urge to come was building, but the candle prevented any chance of her shooting off. Yes, once in awhile, when Tanya was extremely horny she had been able to come with the candle in her, but Dianna hadn’t taken her that far yet. The urge was there. As Dianna ran the candle the full length of Tanya’s prick faster and faster, she felt like she had to come, but she couldn’t. The come was building up, trying to release around the candle as her urethra held it tightly. Every time Dianna pulled the candle almost out of her prick, Tanya felt an increasing pressure to come. Then she shoved it back in again, damming the flow and preventing her release.

Cathy reached under Julie’s skirt and gave his prick a little squeeze. “Turns you on, doesn’t it,” she said to her sissy slave. “Maybe you’d like me to fuck you with a candle like Dianna is doing to Tanya. Your dick-clit is getting hard imagining what it must feel like to have a candle sliding in and out of it. I like that, Julie.” She gave Julie’s cock another squeeze, only this time harder, making her moan.

Dianna stopped fucking Tanya’s prick, leaving the candle deep inside, up against the valve of her bladder. The candle waved in the air like some sort of miniature flag pole sticking from Tanya’s cock. Dianna took the exposed part of the candle between her palms and rubbed them back and forth which spun the candle as if she was trying to start a fire, Indian style with a twirling stick, along the length on Tanya’s prick.

Tanya was almost delirious, rolling her head madly and screaming, “Fuck me, Mistress. Oh it feels so good, Mistress. You make me feel so good. Fuck me, fuck me, please! Make me come, Mistress. Please let me come. Oh Mistress, I’m going to come.”

“Okay, Tanya. You may come for me,” Dianna purred as she spun the candle faster. “Come for me if you can, sweet slave.” Tanya felt the unbearable pressure to come at the same time the candle pressed inside her prick, filled her urethra, stopped her juices from shooting out. It was excruciating. She wanted to come so badly. “Come on, baby, let me see you come,” Mistress said softly. “Let me see you come so hard that you force the candle out of your prick. Come Tanya, come for Mistress.”

Finally, the pressure was too great, and Tanya’s hips began to thrust-thrust-thrust. She felt the come washing along the candle inside of her as her juices pushed to the surface. Dianna held the candle firmly in her prick, so all of the spasms did nothing to dislodge it, try as she may. She felt like she was shooting, but the come only oozed and dribbled around the candle, running down her turgid shaft and between her thighs. Mistress Dianna smoothed some of the gooey fluid around her sensitive cock head and had Tanya groaning in delightful pain. Dianna watched as she released her hold on the candle. It slowly rose, coming out of Tanya’s prick, until the weight of it caused the candle to fall to the table. More of Tanya’s come followed the candle, as her spasms persisted.

From the open door of the bathroom, Cathy and Linda heard the scream of a banshee. Looking around, they saw a beautiful young woman, naked on the floor on her hands and knees. Standing alongside of her was an older, much larger woman in a nurse’s uniform, complete down to the clumpy, white shoes and pert nurse’s cap. The nurse was administering an enema to the blond on the floor.

“I’ll teach you fuck around on me, bitch,” the nurse practically screamed. “Don’t you move, Angela. That’s only the first half-gallon. You’re getting the full measure tonight, you little scum cunt. You better not waste a drop of it either, or I’ll beat you as well. And I better never catch you with some other woman without my permission, again. Is that clear, cunt.”

From Angie’s ass hole, the nurse pulled out what looked like a black garden hose. There must have been three feet of it that came out before the nozzle was visible. Attached to the end of the hose was a giant replica of a fat, stubby prick. It was much larger around than the hose and had tiny holes all over it for the fluids to squirt out. “No more. Please, no more,” cried Angie as her nurse filled the bag again, but only after adding a few drops of heavily scented peppermint oil.

“Ouch. That must hurt. And it must burn when it goes in. All the way up into her high colon, too!” Cathy said to no one in particular as she stood mesmerized by the scene unfolding in front her. The nurse didn’t bother to put any grease on the prick-like nozzle as she shoved it back into the blond’s ass hole. As soon as the prick disappeared, the flow was started and once more the young woman began to scream. The nurse worked the hose deep up into Angie’s rectum. Linda knew that it must have felt like a locomotive going into the young girl’s ass. “Shut up, you whore,” the nurse shouted as she slapped Angie’s ass again and again, turning it beet red.

“It’s alright. Angie likes it this way, a little rough but loving,” John told Cathy whom he had overheard muttering to herself. “Darla is really a nurse and wouldn’t hurt Angie for the world. They’ve been together for, oh, it must be four years now, and they’re still very much a together couple. Darla knows what Angie wants and gives it to her. You’d never guess it though, from all of the noise the two of them make. I think that it’s just to draw attention. They do like a crowd.”

Angie’s head was almost to the floor as she took the second big bag full. She was rocking back and forth, her tits swaying with the motion, as she fought the need to expel all that Darla had given her. “Hold it, bitch. Don’t you dare let go,” Darla commanded as she reached between Angie’s spread thighs and started to finger her pussy. Angie was sopping wet. Her juices were flowing from her hot cunt down both of her legs. Darla manipulated Angie’s clit and finger fucked her steamy cunt while the bag emptied into the blond’s ass. She knew that it wouldn’t take much to bring her slave, her bottom, to a mind blowing orgasm. It didn’t!

Angie let out another piercing scream as she came violently. Darla didn’t let her push the hose out of her ass because she knew that Angie lost all control when she climaxed. Only after the mini-climaxes had diminished, did Darla permit her to get up, empty her bowels and straighten up the bathroom.

“Well, dear, are you enjoying yourself?” Dianna asked Linda.

“Yes, very much. You do know how to throw a party, Dianna.”

Cathy turned around and spoke, “Dianna, since I sort of crashed your party, could I at least offer you Julie’s services as a birthday present and a small token of my thanks?”

“Why thank you. That’s very kind of you, Cathy. What is she good at?”

“Well, I think she has a cute ass and likes to be fucked in her boycunt. She also gives pretty good head, to both men and women. Since I’ve feminized her, she has gotten so much better at eating pussy and being attuned to my needs.”

Mistress Dianna thought a moment. “I’d like to see for myself how well she eats pussy, but I’ve just now had a delicious orgasm courtesy of my Johnny. Fucking Tanya’s prick made me so hot that I had to come. Maybe another time for that. Let’s see, what shall I have her do? Oh, I know what would be fun. Let’s see who the better cock sucker is, your Julie or David’s boy. We can see who can make the other come first, and whoever does come first will get to have the Prince Albert piercing. What do you think, Cathy?”

That’s fine with me, Dianna. Whatever you want to do with her is fine with me. Julie,” Cathy snapped turning around, ” go with Mistress Dianna and do as she tells you.”

Dianna took Julie by the wrist and practically dragged her over to where David was standing, deep in conversation with Barry, another leather Master. “Excuse me for interrupting, gentlemen, but I have a proposition to make,” Dianna addressed the two of them. “Julie here claims to be a good cock sucker, and David is always bragging about his boy’s talents along those same lines. How about a contest, David, to see who gives better head, your boy or Julie?”

Barry immediately popped in, “I’ll volunteer to be the judge!”

“No, that’s not exactly what I had in mind, Barry. What I thought might be fun was to have them eat each other. The winner is the one who gets the other one to come in his mouth first. The loser, while he gets to come, also gets to be the subject for our piercing demonstration and takes home a ring in his prick. What do you think, David?”

“Hey, Mistress, it’s your birthday. I think it is a splendid idea. My boy should have no problem with this one, and he might even delay being pierced for a few days. Let the games begin!”

Dianna helped Julie off with her dress and said, “You, my dear need to have your hands tied behind your back,” and proceeded to wrap a length of nylon cord around her wrists. “And for added fun, you’ll have to get the boy’s cock out of his pouch before you can start sucking it. Of course, to keep things even, you can leave your panties on.”

David and Dianna positioned the two contestants on their sides, faces in each other’s crotch, and started the count down. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Begin!”

The boy hooked his teeth on the elastic waistband of Julie’s panties and started pulling them down. At the same time, Julie worked her tongue under the edge of the boy’s pouch and initiated her assault by licking his balls. Watching the two of them twist and roll to keep their members hidden, while at the same time making every effort to free the other’s, was hilarious. Julie didn’t think that it was funny. She didn’t want the head of her cock pierced, no matter how the Prince Albert might look on her. Julie’s prick was the first to be uncovered. The boy couldn’t get a lip lock on it though, because Julie kept shifting this way and that. By now the crowd that had encircled them was choosing sides. “Bite it, boy. Get it out, girl. Suck it, Julie. Put it in your mouth, boy.”

Just as the boy captured Julie’s prick in his mouth, the boy’s cock sprung free of the pouch. Julie got her mouth on it and sucked it in as deep as she could. She knew that she could take it deeper yet, but she’d have to let her throat relax and open. The boy was a vacuum.

It was almost eight o’clock by the time Sheila finished helping Lori get dressed after their quiet dinner. During dinner Lori told Sheila everything that Naderia had made him do for her at work that day, including telling her what color panties he was wearing.

“Hurry up, Lori. The stores close at ten and we have lots of shopping to do.”

“What!? You mean we’re going out? I can’t go out dressed like this, Sheila.”

“Sure you can, baby. You look perfect, so pretty and so feminine. No one will recognize you, Lori. Come on, let’s go.”

“Are you sure, Sheila?”

“Of course I’m sure, Lori. You want shoes that fit, don’t you?”


“Then hurry up so you can go try some on. Now get going.”

Sheila drove to the mall. She wasn’t quite sure if Lori was ready to drive in high heels. Lori sat silently, wondering to herself how she was ever going to get through this evening without being found out. When they arrived, Sheila took Lori to the Sports Wear Department of Gilbert’s. “You need some casual wear, Lori. A couple of skirts, some tops, a pair of slacks and maybe even shorts to add to your wardrobe.”

First, they selected three skirts with coordinated blouses for Lori to try on. The wine colored, pull on skirt with the elastic waist fit her the best. It went very well with the pale pink blouse that had ruffles all down the front. The navy skirt with the pleats also looked good on her, and it went well with the white tailored blouse with the light blue embroidery on the collar. Sheila had to exchange the black skirt for the next size, because when Lori zipped it up, it was too tight. When she returned to the dressing cubicle, which was barely large enough for the two of them, she also brought Lori a denim mini skirt to try on. The black one was fine in this size, but Lori was feeling reluctant about the skimpy jean skirt after she had tried it on. It barely covered her ass, and she knew that she’d never be able sit down when she was wearing it. But Sheila thought it was cute and insisted that they take it along with the others.

Sheila found a bright, sleeveless T-shirt with flowers on it to go with the mini skirt, In fact, Lori could mix and match almost everything that they had agreed on. Lori picked out a knit pants set in raspberry that she liked very much. The matching top had a three gold button placket and padded shoulders. While Lori was trying on the pants set, Sheila picked out two pair of shorts, one in bright pink and the other a cranberry color, for Lori to try. Everything fit fine, and Sheila told the sales girl that they were taking their things to the lingerie department so that they could pay for them all at once.

Lori was glad that Evelyn wasn’t working this evening for fear of being recognized. They picked up a few more pair of pantyhose, another brassiere, this one in beige, and two more night gowns for Lori. She particularly liked the black lace gown with the tiny red rose at the center of the V-neck. It had no sleeves, and all that held the front and back together were two wide bands of black lace. It was so shear and feminine that she couldn’t wait to see what she looked like in this one. Her other one was powder blue and had lace borders on the half sleeves and at the hem. Lori was looking longingly at a baby-doll set when Sheila said that they had to go to the shoe store.

Lori carried her packages and followed Sheila into the women’s shoe store which advertized sizes from five to fourteen. Inside, there were shoes in every style imaginable displayed on three walls. Sheila selected a pair of basic black leather pumps with two and a half inch heels in size 12M for Lori to try on first. They fit fine, so next she tried on a pair of fuschia casual shoes with a three-quarter inch wedge heel. They were very comfortable, especially after wearing the borrowed high heels that were too large for her. A pair of red patent leather T-straps with five inch heels caught Sheila’s eye. “Don’t these look slutty,” she thought to herself as she found Lori’s size. “Exactly the thing for a girl to be wearing when she’s giving some guy a blowjob,” she mused, thinking ahead to tomorrow evening with Cathy and Jim.

On the way out, Sheila told Lori to pick out some pretty pastel socks to wear with her jogging shoes. She took two of each shade, a dozen pair in all.

Across from the shoe store was the ‘Sex Boutique,’ and Sheila said, “Let’s see what other interesting things we can find.”

“Hi, Kenny,” waved Sheila. “My husband and I only want to look around for now.” Lori thought that she would die right there on the spot. Ken about broke his neck doing a double take as Sheila spoke.

“Lori, this is Kenny. He was so nice to help me the other day when I bought that wonderful dildo you enjoyed so much.”

Lori felt flush and could hardly find her voice to say, “Hello, Kenny.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Lori. Welcome to the Sex Boutique. You look very attractive. Please, don’t be embarrassed. We have plenty of crossdressers who come in on a regular basis. In fact, we stock a whole line of specialty items especially for TVs. You might be interested in looking at some of them. We recently started carrying a new line of breast forms which are top of the line. They’re over there in that far corner. I’m glad that you found the dildo satisfactory. It is one of our most popular models. And again, you do look very nice and welcome.”

“Thank you,” Lori said and walked over to the counter where the breast forms were displayed. There were several kinds, ranging from inexpensive, round foam rubber ones to ones which looked exactly like a real breast and could be worn without a brassiere. The silicon forms in the medium price range were what Sheila and Lori settled on. Luckily, Ken found a pair in size 38B in stock.

“You better try them on here since there is a no return policy on these items. Too many guys were experimenting with (*’ d larger sizes, so we had to put a stop to it. The dressing room, no pun intended, is over there. Let me know if you need help. You might want to think about a gaf, too.”

Lori went into the dressing room, took the stuffing out of her brassiere and put the beast forms in its place. She still had her dress off of her shoulders when Sheila opened the door to see how Lori was doing. “Oh you silly thing,” Sheila laughed as she adjusted the left one. “This part goes toward your arm pit, not pointing down there. There, how does that feel?”

“Great! These are wonderful, Sheila. Can we get them?”

“Sure, baby. Is there anything else that you want? There is a black, cut out bra that I think would look sexy with your crotchless panties, too.”

“Yes, I would like that. May I wear my new tits home, Sheila? They feel so good!”

“Sure, sweetie. I guess that’s all for now. Let’s go home and get a good night’s sleep, because tomorrow is going to be a big day. Say goodbye to Kenny.”

Lori stretched as she woke up Saturday morning and felt her new breasts forms filling her brassiere. She’d worn them to bed last night since they felt so terrific and looked so good under her sexy, new black nightgown. They felt so real and nice. Sheila was still asleep. Lori slipped on her pink satin mules and went to the bathroom. “It’s so comfortable sleeping in my nightgown,” she thought to herself, “and with these breast forms, it is even more wonderful.”

The smell of bacon frying in the pan and freshly brewed coffee greeted Sheila as she awoke. Lori had fixed a breakfast of freshly squeezed orange juice, bacon, eggs, toast and coffee for the two of them. Lori was attuned to every sensation and liked the way her gown felt on her legs as she wandered around the kitchen getting everything ready for her wife. During breakfast, Sheila listed the chores that Lori needed to get done before the Andrews arrived for dinner at seven, although Lori didn’t know that they’d have company for dinner. The bed linens had to be changed, the lawn had to be mowed, the bathrooms needed cleaning and the living and dining room could use a good once over, she told her. When Lori had finished putting the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, she went in to change into something a little more practical for doing her chores, even though she wished she could wear her new tits all day long. Since it was going to get hot this afternoon, she decided to do the lawn first while it was still fairly cool outside. When she went to her sock drawer, she noticed that all of her boy socks were gone. The only socks in the drawer were the pastel ones that they had bought last night. She chose the lilac pair.

While Lori was mowing the yard, Sheila went over to Cathy’s for a second cup of coffee. Jim had to go to the job site for a few hours, so they had some time to themselves. Cathy couldn’t wait to tell Sheila all about the party at Mistress Dianna’s last night. She didn’t leave out any details and explained about how she had offered Julie to Dianna for her birthday present and what Dianna had made Julie do with the boy.

“You wouldn’t believe how much fun I had, Sheila. Julie never did get to come and has a case of blue balls this morning, but that’s not my problem. As a reward for Julie winning the contest, Dianna asked Darla to loan me Angie for a good cunt licking. She is very talented and got me off in no time at all. I was so hot from watching all of the action. At least one of us left satisfied, anyway. Jim is probably walking around bow-legged with swollen nuts, even as we speak.”

“It sounds like you had a wonderful time, Cath. I hope that tonight will be as much fun.”

“I’m sure it will be. Do you still want to make Lori suck a real cock and to watch her swallow that nice sticky come?”

“Yes. Yes I do. Do you think that we can get her to do it?”

“Sweetie, she’ll do it. From everything that you’ve told me, she’s dying to do it. And Julie is ready. She was ready last night, so she’ll give Lori more than she bargained for. You wait. Our two husbands will be playing slutty little lesbian games with each other before you know it. First, we might have to give them a lesson in how to do it right though,” Cathy said coyly. “I do want you to show me that dildo you bought.”

The rest of the day passed quickly. Lori finished mowing the lawn, and Sheila let her husband wear her new tits and one of Sheila’s house dresses while she cleaned the bathrooms and straightened up the living room and dining room.

“We’ll have to get you a proper maid’s uniform, Lori,” Sheila told Lori as she was scrubbing the toilet. “One with a short satin skirt and pretty, pink ruffled sissy panties.”

Around five, Lori took a nice relaxing bubble bath, shaved herself smooth all over and asked Sheila to help with her makeup and hair. Lori, thinking that they would spend the remainder of the evening alone, put on her new wine colored, pleated skirt and the pink blouse with all of the ruffles down the front. With her new silicon breast forms, she looked absolutely terrific and felt so feminine and beautiful. The weight and texture of her new breasts caused them to bounce and jiggle in her brassiere as she moved around. She felt like a real woman. The fuschia flats went perfectly with her outfit. Sheila complimented her on how nice and feminine she looked which made Lori blush and smile with pride.

“Dear, will you get that,” Sheila asked when the doorbell rang a few minutes after seven.

“Dressed this way?” responded Lori in disbelief.

“Sure, honey. You look wonderful.”

Lori knew there was no sense in arguing with Sheila and walked slowly toward the front door, hoping that whoever it was would go away before she got there. When she looked through the peep hole she saw that it was Cathy and another woman, who looked somewhat familiar, carrying a tray covered with tin foil. “It’s Cathy and some other woman, Sheila,” shouted Lori.

“I know. Open the door and let them in, dummy. They’re coming to have dinner with us,” Sheila responded from the kitchen where she was putting the finishing touches on the salad.

Reluctantly, Lori opened the door and stepped aside as Cathy and the other woman entered. “My, don’t you look nice, Lori. I like your skirt. The color looks good on you. Is it new?”

“Thank you. Yes, we got it last night at the mall.”

“Julie,” Cathy turned towards her husband, “give Lori the tray of hors d’oeuvres to put in the refrigerator until we are ready for them, dear.”

Just then Lori knew that Julie was Cathy’s husband Jim. Julie was wearing a very casual looking blue-green, float dress with elephants and leopards roaming amidst the jungle floral print. Her nails, hair and makeup were done perfectly. She looked very nice to say the least. Lori took the tray from her and went into the kitchen.

“Sheila, did you know all along that Jim dressed in women’s clothes, too? You didn’t tell me that we were having them over for dinner tonight.”

“Stop fretting, Lori. When I showed Cathy the magazines that you had hidden away, she told me all about how she had feminized Jim. She even gave me some ideas about your transformation, and loaned me a pair of Julie’s shoes for you to wear. Cathy knows all about you, so relax and enjoy yourself. It’ll be a wonderful evening. Just us girls, two real girls and our two crossdressed sissy slaves. Now go start the grill and fix us a drink. Let me know when the coals are ready, so I can pop the potatoes in the microwave.”

After everyone had their drinks and sampled the nibbles that Julie had fixed, Lori and Julie went out on the patio to cook the steaks. “I never would have guessed,” Lori said.

“You never know, do you? About five years ago, I started dressing this way, and I’ve never looked back. While I’ve had some close calls, like the other night when I was stopped by the police, I’ve never had any problems. Cathy tells me that you’ve just recently began to dress as a woman. If you’re anything like me, Lori, you’ll love it. Believe me!”

“I love it, no doubt about that, Julie. It’s just that I didn’t realize that their were others like myself. And to think that you are right next door!”

“Small world, as the saying goes. You’d better watch those steaks. Cathy likes hers rare and you wouldn’t want to burn them.”

The steaks were done to perfection. Lori relaxed considerably, and during dinner, the girls, all four of them, had a delightful conversation. Lori and Julie got along fine with each other, and both were very attentive and demur throughout the meal. When they had finished their desert, Lori and Julie cleared the table, put away the left overs and ran the dishwasher. They then joined Cathy and Sheila for coffee and brandy in the living room.

“It’s good to see you girls getting along so well together,” Cathy said as Lori and Julie sat down next to each other on the sofa. I’m sure that you’ll be good friends, and we’ll have lots of fun. Sheila has been keeping me informed about your progress, Lori. You’ve come a long way in these past few days.”

Sheila piped in, “Yes she has!”

Lori’s mind flashed back to her time as Larry, watching the shemale videos in those tiny cabins. And now, as Lori sitting with their neighbors, all dressed and feminine, very ladylike. She remembered how good it felt when Sheila had first stroked his manhood with her panties, making him shoot in them; how wonderful it was when she brought home the dildo and let him suck it before fucking him; how she had taken him to new heights of ecstacy. Lori felt the stirring in her groin as she remembered. “Lori. Lori, dear. Earth calling Lori,” she heard Sheila’s voice calling in the distance as she came back to the present.

“Sorry. I must have been day dreaming. What were you saying?”

“I was telling Cathy and Julie how far you’ve come, sweetheart. I was telling them how much you enjoyed being fucked and how hot you were when you sucked my fake prick.”

“Speaking of which,” Cathy looked at Sheila, “you promised that you’d show it to me tonight. So far, I’ve only seen pictures of it, and then most of it was in Lori’s mouth. She did look lovely with her red lips wrapped around that big, fat dick. But I want to see the whole thing. You promised.”

“That’s right, I did. Lori, go get it, please.”

Lori was shocked, flabbergasted that Sheila had shown Cathy the pictures of him sucking on the dildo. She could hardly move from the sofa and wondered what else Sheila had confided in Cathy. Forcing her legs to work, Lori went into the bedroom and came back with the box containing the dildo and harness. She handed it to Cathy and sat back down next to Julie.

“This is a beauty,” Cathy said as she lifted it out if the box. “So detailed and realistic. No wonder you like it, Lori.”

“But it isn’t the real thing,” Sheila interrupted. “I told Lori that nothing can match the real thing.”

“You’re right, Sheila, but this’ll do in a pinch, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t mind trying it on for size right now. How about it, Lori? Would you like me to fuck you with it or would you rather watch while I fucked Julie with it?”

Lori looked longingly over at Sheila not knowing how to answer Cathy. “It’s alright, baby. I know how much you like it, and if Cathy wants to fuck you, it’s okay with me. But first, why don’t you change into your mini outfit and show Cathy what a hot little slut you are. Go on. Be a fashion model for us.”

Having no idea where all of this was leading, Lori stood up and walked towards the bedroom to change clothes. She put on the mini skirt, sleeveless T-shirt and her five inch heels. While she was there, she applied a fresh coat of lipstick and fluffed up her hair in front of the mirror. She saw that the mini barely covered the black tabs of her garterbelt where they were attached to her hosiery. The black brassiere that she was wearing showed1 through her tight T-shirt as well. “No doubt about it,” she thought, “I do look like a street walker, someone hoping to get fucked. And I like it!”

Cathy greeted Lori with a wolf whistle. “Super. Oh I like it. A cock sucking whore. That’s what you look like, Lori. The shoes are perfect.” She whistled again as Lori strutted back to the sofa.

Sheila moved over to where Cathy was seated in the overstuffed arm chair and sat in her lap. She started fondling the dildo that Cathy was holding, stroking it like it was a real prick.

“I have an idea, Cath. Why don’t we show these two sissies how real girls do it together. Besides, you want to fuck somebody with my dildo, and I’m kind of interested in how it would feel up inside my pussy.”

In response, Cathy pulled Sheila’s face to hers and gave her a French kiss, pushing her tongue deep into Sheila’s mouth. They snuggled down into the chair, arms wrapped around each other so that their breasts were pressed together as they continued to neck like two horny teenagers, cramped in the back seat of an old Ford Mustang. Julie and Lori watched as Cathy undid Sheila’s brassiere with one hand and slid the other under her blouse to fondle her breast. Soon Sheila’s blouse was gone and Cathy was suckling the naked breasts. Sheila worked her hand into Cathy’s slacks and was rubbing her mons, trying desperately to inch her fingers beneath the elastic leg band of Cathy’s panties so that she could finger her cunt. Their husbands were getting more and more turned on as they watched the fervid scene unfold. Julie pressed her warm leg against Lori’s thigh as she slid closer to her on the couch.

“Oh baby, I want you,” Cathy said as she pushed Sheila away and stood up to tear off her clothes. She was naked in an instant and had Sheila the same way a second later. “I want you to eat me before I fuck you,” moaned Cathy. “I want your hot tongue and lips all over my cunt.”

They settled on the thick shag carpet, face to face, and kissed deeply while Lori and Julie got1 hotter and hotter, harder and harder. Lori had her arm around Julie and was caressing her neck and shoulders as Julie’s hand wandered up Lori’s inner thigh. Lori hoped that she wouldn’t stop there and let her lips replace her fingers on Julie’s neck. On the floor, Sheila was kissing the hollow of Cathy’s collar bone, her shoulders, the full mounds of her breasts, stopping only to suck on the hard point of each nipple. Downward across her stomach, her tongue pushing into Cathy’s navel, teasing her, feeling the soft warm fuzz of Cathy’s pubic hair against her cheek as she inched towards her target, her tongue leaving a wet trail as she moved downward, ever so slowly downward.

On the couch, Julie and Lori were intertwined in a passionate embrace. Their tongues, dueling between locked lips, as they kissed each other intensely. Julie was leading Lori, caressing her legs, along the inside of her thighs, across the soft cheeks of her ass. Lori followed, mimicking Julie’s every movement, wanting to thrill her as much as she was being thrilled. She prayed that Julie would touch her there, there where she was so hard.

Sheila had passed over Cathy’s cunt and was planting little love bites all along her thighs, making her squeal with delight and anticipation. The two girls on the couch continued to fondle and caress each other intimately as they watched the action before them on the floor. As Sheila mouth came in contact with the juicy cunt, Cathy enveloped Sheila with her legs, hooking her knees over her lover’s shoulders and clasping her ankles behind the woman’s back. Sheila was trapped against Cathy’s molten pussy. The heady aroma was intoxicating. When Cathy felt Sheila’s tongue between her pussy lips, she almost came at once. Sheila licked along the pungent slit, delved into the velvet hole, and sucked on the engorged clitoris. She was driving Cathy mad with lust. Grabbing Sheila’s hair with both hands, Cathy pulled her tighter, closer into her pussy, wanting more of her inside, craving to be totally engulfed as Sheila drank the sweet, hot honey gushing from Cathy’s quim, licking and lapping and sucking, taking all that she could get. When Sheila imprisoned Cathy’s clit with her lips and butterfly-flicked the tip of it with her tongue, the intensity was overwhelming and Cathy could hold bacvk no longer. She let go, shrieked and climaxed with such force that she nearly threw Sheila aside. Cathy’s clitoris pulsed and quivered as Sheila washed her tongue over and over, around and around the sticky, throbbing shaft.

“Oh god, you’re good. Are you sure you never did this before? That was so good, baby. You eat me so good. Slowly now. Let me enjoy it. Make it last forever, baby. Sheila, so good!”

Cathy’s legs relaxed, releasing Sheila from their grip. Sheila crawled up and over Cathy, and the two women kissed. Cathy tasted herself on Sheila’s lips, still moist with the nectar from her pulsing pussy. The moaning sounds coming from the couch interrupted their reverie. Julie and Lori were sucking each other’s tongue while Julie’s hand was under the mini skirt exploring the place between Lori’s legs. Lori’s silky, black panties barely restrained her pulsating prick as Julie traced the length of it with her finger tips. Julie and Lori separated when Cathy chided, “Now, now, girls. Don’t get carried away.”

“Here’s a robe for you to put on,” Sheila said, “so we can watch them. It’s only fair since they were watching us, Cathy. Did you enjoy watching me make love to Cathy, Lori?” she asked her husband.

“Yes I did, Sheila. The two of you are exquisite together. It got us so aroused, didn’t it Julie?”

“Well, you had something to do with that, too, you know,” Julie replied. “You are a real turn on yourself, Lori. But yes, I always like to see Cathy receiving pleasure, particularly with someone as beautiful as you, Sheila.”

“Lori, would you like to see Sheila receiving as much pleasure as she has given me? I want to fuck your wife, Lori. Would you like to watch as I slide my long, hard prick in her and fuck her with it.?” Cathy asked.

“That would be fantastic, Cathy!”

“Alright, but first you are going to have to do something that Sheila wants you to do. Do you know what that is, Lori?”

“What? What is it?”

“Remember when you were sucking on Sheila’s dildo? What did she ask you? What did she say that she wanted you to do, Lori?”

“She asked me if I’d ever sucked a real cock. She said that she wanted me to suck a real prick for her, and watch as I made it come in my mouth.”

“That’s right. You remember. There’s only one person here with a real prick for you to suck. My husband, Julie, has a lovely prick, Lori. She keeps it smooth, and her balls are full of cream because she didn’t come after being sucked off by the boy last night. Isn’t that correct, Julie? Weren’t you begging me to let you come?”

“Yes I was. And watching you and Sheila and fooling around with Lori only made it worse, Cathy. My balls are aching!”

“You two were acting like a couple of bitches in heat. I’m glad that you are getting along so well. Julie take off your dress and get comfortable,” Cathy commanded. Underneath, Julie was wearing a beige camisole, with matching panties and brassiere, and thigh high stockings with cute elastic tops that kept them from falling down. Lori noticed right away that her legs were shaved, too, and that her toe nails were polished a dark red color that matched her finger nails. The bulge in Julie’s panties was also quite evident to all of them.

“Now it’s our turn to watch, girls,” Cathy smiled. “You may resume where you left off.”

Hesitantly, they commenced to french kiss each other again. It wasn’t long, however, before they reached the same level of ardor that they had achieved earlier. Sheila and Cathy sat silently, together in the arm chair, as they watched their two female husbands kiss and caress each other. Every time Julie ran her fingertips over the swelling in Lori’s panties, a sigh escaped from Lori’s lips which were wrapped around Julie’s tongue. To Lori, the tongue in her mouth felt like a miniature prick as it went in and out. She sucked on it, tickled it with the tip of her own tongue and grazed it with her teeth. She was practicing for what was to come. She knew that she was going to suck Julie’s cock.

Lori reached down and let her fingers touch the cock she would soon have in her mouth. It was hard and warm. Even through her panties, Lori felt Julie’s warmth. She explored the contours from her cockhead down to her balls, cupping her orbs in the palm of her hand, feeling their weight. Julie’s cock was pushing against her panties, ready to tear free. Still the teacher, Julie placed her hands on Lori’s shoulders and guided her pupil down until she was kneeling in position to orally serve her. As Julie raised her hips from the cushion, Lori tugged on the panties, pulling them down and off her smooth legs. As she did so, Julie’s clit sprang up, pointing towards the ceiling and bobbing to a standstill, rigid and ready. Instinctively, Lori grasped the shaft lightly in her hand, marvelling at how downy the skin was to her touch as she leaned forward to touch her lips to it. Slowly, holding her head motionless, she moved Julie’s cock along her lips. The feel of the taught silkiness at the head of Julie’s prick on her creamy lips was sensational. Lori traced her lips all along the silky shaft down to where Julie’s balls hung in their smooth sac. She took first one, then the other of his balls into her mouth and rolled them around between her cheeks. Lori’s lips then traversed the rigid prick back to the plum head, putting the tip of her tongue into the eye-hole. As she ran her lips back and forth, she opened her mouth and let the head of julie’s cock touch the front edge of her teeth. Lori was exploring every new sensation, each new feeling before going onto the next. For Julie, it was sweet torture.

Sheila got up from the chair where she and Cathy had been idly caressing each other in the aftermath of their love making. She saw that Lori’s skirt was hiked well up on her hips, exposing her panties and garterbelt from the rear, as she knelt between Julie’s knees. She really did look like a cocksucking slut. Sheila aimed the Polaroid and took a picture from that angle. Then she moved to the arm of the sofa so that she could watch closely as her husband sucked on Julie’s prick. She spoke Lori’s name and clicked off another picture just as Lori’s eyes opened and turned toward the camera, the swollen, purple head of Julie’s prick visible between Lori’s red lips. Sheila was going to record this for posterity, and wished that she had the presence of mind to get the video camera out so that they would have it on tape. Next time.

The camera flash did not phase Lori. She was enthralled with Julie’s prick. It was so much like her own, and yet, so different. She let it slip from her mouth, holding it by the root, caressing her cheeks and eye lids with the smooth velvet cap. She wanted to know everything about this magnificent prick; how it felt, how it tasted, how it reacted to her caresses. Lori knew from Julie’s sighs and moans that she was doing something right. She felt Julie’s prick grow harder, more demanding as she ran it across her face. Pursing her lips, Lori took the cock into her mouth, sliding down the shaft to where her fingers were encircling it. She had taken more than half of it, and she knew that she would take more. Her tongue circled the prick in her mouth, investigating every nuance of Julie’s rigid cock, learning every vein and ridge, testing the eye slit with the tip of her tongue, bathing the silky shaft in her hot, wet saliva. Julie raised her hips, thrusting her prick to go deeper into Lori’s sensuous mouth. She needed more. She needed to come.

Sensing Julie’s urgency, Lori began to bob her head, sucking harder as she drove the prick in and out, gripping Julie’s member tightly with her lips as she scraped her teeth along the shank. Her fingers, ringing the base, moved in unison with her mouth. Up and down, in and out, deeper and harder, faster and faster. She knew what it felt like. She knew what it felt like to have her pricked sucked, and she wanted to give Julie all the pleasure she could as she sucked and sucked. Julie was fucking Lori’s mouth, ramming her prick into her, thrusting deeper, jerking faster, ready to erupt. The sweet droplets of pre-come rolled across Lori’s pallet. She savored the taste knowing that Julie’s wasn’t far from giving her everything that she had stored in her balls. Her hand was jerking frantically, pulling on Julie’s cock as she sucked it deeper into her throat, fucking her prick with a frenzy. Lori wanted Julie’s come. She was pulling it from her, sucking it from her, taking it from her with all the skill that she could muster.

Julie’s eyes rolled back. Her body went tense. Her legs shot straight out. Her hips thrust off of the cushion in one gigantic lunge. And she came. The come boiled from her balls, shooting from her prick, flooding Lori’s mouth as squirt after squirt burst out. Spasm after spasm convulsed through Julie’s body, each spasm bringing another jet of come up from her balls. Lori drank. Julie’s come tasted delicious, creamy and smooth, tangy and pungent. For an instant Lori flashed back to the taste of her own come as she gulped to swallow all that Julie had for her. Julie’s was different. She sucked the last drops from her, lapped her come-hole clean and milked her dry. Finally, Lori washed Julie’s prick and balls with her tongue, savoring the last few globules of sweet cream. Lori relished her first time as a real cocksucking slut.

Another flash went off close to Lori’s face as she licked the last from Julie’s balls. “That was beautiful, honey.” Sheila said. “You were wonderful. Did you like it? Did you like sucking a real cock, baby?”

“Oh yes! It was astounding, Sheila. I didn’t think that I would enjoy it so much, especially when Julie came in my mouth. Julie’s come tasted so luscious. The whole thing was utterly fantastic!”

“I’m glad, Lori. You have no idea of how beautiful you looked sucking Julie’s prick. Look at all of these pictures. As Cathy said, you are a natural born cocksucker. And I see how much it turned you on, too.” Sheila said as she fondled Lori’s bloated cock through her panties. “Watching you two turned me on, too. I’m absolutely dripping.”

“Yea, me too!” chimed in Cathy. “Now it’s my turn to fuck your wife. Want to fuck mine, Lori? I’ve been dying to try out your new dildo on Sheila. Maybe you’d like to fuck Julie while I’m fucking Sheila.”

Julie looked up. “I don’t know if I can take any more. That was draining, if you get my drift. I’m exhausted. Lori, you are a phenomenal cocksucker!”

“Thank you. I’m glad that you enjoyed it as much as I did, Julie. They say that you’ll always remember your first, and you can be sure that I’ll never forget that your’s was the first cock that I sucked off. Just think, my first blowjob, on the giving end anyway!”

“Cut it out, you two. You sound like the mutual admiration society,” Cathy said, as she adjusted the harness around her waist. “You never refused to be fucked before in your life, Julie, so don’t make me laugh. Come over here and get down on all fours next to Sheila, so Lori and I can fuck the two of you, side by side.”

Lori stepped out of her panties and pulled on her cock, stretching it until it was standing at full mast. Sucking Julie’s prick and making her come had made her hot and horny. She yearned to drain her balls the way she had drained Julie’s. Cathy was ready, too. She fitted the dildo into the harness and was already kneeling behind Sheila, sliding the fake cock in the pink folds of Sheila’s dripping pussy lips. Lori used the Lube, getting her prick wet and slippery so that she could easily enter Julie’s boycunt, which she had also prepared. Cathy and Lori knelt side by side over Sh1eila and Julie, cocks at the ready, poised to begin their assault.

Together, they pushed forward, Cathy invading Sheila’s pussy as Lori impaled Julie on her prick. In unison, they began rocking backwards and forwards, driving their cocks in and out of the two hungry cunts, lunging deeper with each thrusting motion. Lori was all the way inside of Julie, their balls bonging against each other like a carillon ringing out. Julie used the talented muscles of her boycunt to hold Lori firm inside, squeezing and milking the stiff prick. Next to them, Cathy held on to Sheila’s hips as she drove her huge prick in and out, stretching Sheila’s cunt and filling her completely before pulling back, the stallion rutting with the mare. Lori was humping Julie rapidly, plunging in and out as she felt the come in her balls seething, boiling to spill out. Reaching for Julie’s engorged prick, Lori enveloped it with her fingers and jerked it in time with her thrusting hips, matching each thrust and parry with the stroking of her hand. Her balls clanging against Julie’s multiplied her craving to let loose and fire her load into Julie’s boycunt. Sheila manipulated her own clitoris as Cathy pummeled in and out of her cunt. She, too, was reaching the point of no return, ready to crash over the edge and erupt.

Shrieking, Lori came first, her jism blasting deep into Julie’s boycunt. “Oh geez! I’m coming. Coming so hard in you, Julie. Shooting in you, filling your cunt. So deep. So good, Julie. Oh Christ, you make me feel so good! Fuck me so good!”

“Me, too!” cried Sheila. “Fuck me harder, Cathy. Give me all of it. Oh baby! …Now! …Yes! …More! …Fuck me! …Faster! …Oh yes, yes. Yes, that’s it. Yes! Now! Oh baby, I’m coming. Feel it. Make me come. I’m coming! Fuck me, yes. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

The four of them collapsed in a heap, a tangle of arms and legs, unable to budge. When they were finally able to move, Cathy undid the harness, lowered herself on Julie’s lingering erection and fucked herself to a another shattering climax. Lori, meanwhile, gently sucked his wife’s tender pussy, delicately probing her pulsing cunt with his tongue to savor the sweet droplets of come.

It was still dark outside as Lori awoke with a start. The dream was so vivid and so real. Trying to get her bearings, she remembered falling asleep in Sheila’s arms after climbing into bed last night as soon as Cathy and Julie left. She was still wearing her black panties, garterbelt, stockings and brassier, not having taken the time or effort to put on her nightgown and remove her makeup before getting into bed. She could feel her cock, swollen and hard pressing against her panties as she reached down to slowly stroke her firmness through the silky fabric.

In her dream, Lori was on the verge of coming but she awoke before climaxing. Her hard prick was testimony to the clarity of the steamy experience she had dreamed. Lori was a shemale slut. It was so real.

Sheila, sensing that something was wrong, opened her eyes and asked, “Is everything alright, baby?”

“Yes, darling. Everything is fine. It’s just that I had a dream which seemed so real. It woke me up.”

“Was it a nightmare? Did it scare you, darling?”

“No Sheila. It was an erotic dream, a hot, sexy dream. What we used to call a wet dream when we were teenagers, but this one was so much better because I was a female, no a shemale movie starlet.”

Sheila cuddled closer to Lori, slid her fingertips along her husband’s thighs where the tops of his stockings were hooked to his garterbelt and said, “Tell me all about it, Lori.”

“I guess it all started some time ago when I watched shemale movies while I was away on business. I would stroke my dick through my panties as I watched and fantasized what it would be like to exchange places with one of the starlets. The other night when you fucked my boycunt with your big, rubber cock I knew that I could please a real man and love doing it. Then tonight, sucking Julie’s cock. Feeling it grow in my mouth as I sucked it deeper and deeper, tasting her pre-come as she got hotter and hotter because of what I was doing to her with my lips and tongue, sensing that she was about to climax – shoot in my mouth. Afraid that I wouldn’t be able to swallow her cum, but taking it all and loving everything about it. I guess it’s being dressed in lingerie, being able to wear makeup and perfume, and having my hair fixed so nicely. It’s the way you treat me as your Lori-girl. It’s all of these things that prompted tonight’s dream.”

“Go on, sweetie,” Sheila encouraged.

“Some things are fuzzy, like where it all took place, who the other people were, and what happened prior to the action in my dream. I remember sitting on a bar stool, slowly swinging my legs to attract attention to myself. I had on a red, low-cut evening dress that showed off my cleavage – I had real breasts! My black stockings and red satin high heels completed my outfit. The makeup I wore was extreme, slutty to say the least. My blond hair was long and swung across my bare shoulders as I turned my head to see if anyone had noticed me. It was obvious that I was there to be picked up.

“Just then, a very handsome man came up to me, put his hand lightly on my shoulder and asked in a low-pitched voice if he could buy me a drink. He had a scotch and water, and I had a martini. I remember that. He was tall and well built. He had dark brown, almost black hair which was neatly trimmed and his mustache was the same color. He was dressed in slacks and a sport coat, but he wasn’t wearing a tie. The first two buttons of his shirt were open, and I could tell that he wasn’t a hairy gorilla. He said his name was Dan. We made small talk for awhile, I don’t remember about what, and then the scene shifted and we were in his room.

“He fixed himself another drink from the bottle in his room, and we sat on the bed together. The next thing I remember, we were kissing, softly and lingering at first, but it wasn’t long before we were both passionately kissing one another. Our tongues fighting to explore the inside of each other’s mouth. I remember thinking that I’d never kissed a man with a moustache before and it tickled. His hands were busy, too. He held me tight and ran his hands all over my back, down around my hips and across the cheeks of my ass. He brought his hands up along my sides, under my arms and stopped only when he had rested my breasts in the palms of his hands. He lifted them, feeling their weight and round plumpness. He gently squeezed them and felt how big and firm they were. His hands felt good and his kisses were delicious, but I was afraid.

“It was clear that he had no idea that I was a shemale. He wanted me, wanted me the way a man wants a woman. But I was afraid that when he found out that I had a dick where my cunt should have been he would be repulsed. I was determined not to let this happen, and kissed him with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. We rolled around on the bed as he felt my breasts and ass, and I rubbed the distinct bulge in his trousers. He tried to put his hand between my legs, but I managed to divert him to my thighs and behind. Soon he became more and more insistent, so I unbuttoned his shirt and began sucking on his nipples and licking his pecs while continuing to massage his ever swelling prick. Dan leaned back and let me tend to his needs, enjoying the way that I was touching and kissing him. His belly was flat and rippled with muscles. When I unzipped his pants and tugged his trousers down to his knees, his cock sprung free and stood up straight at a ninety degree angle from his body. It was enormous, as thick as my wrist and at least nine inches long. The pubic hair from where his dick grew was lush and silky, and his testicals were like two tennis balls hanging in their sac. Dan moaned in sheer delight and anticipation, as I wrapped my fingers around his turgid member and began stroking it up and down while nipping at his nipples with my teeth, caressing the silky skin covering the head of his prick and squeezing his nuts.

“By this time I was out of my dress, clad only in my lacy, red brassier, matching panties, garterbelt and my stockings. I was crosswise to him on the bed so that he couldn’t feel my cock pressing against my panties. My lips trailed down his chest, across his taut stomach and slid along the length on his cock, from the base where it nestled in it’s nest, along the veined shaft, around the corona until I was able to take the head of it in between my ruby lips and into my mouth. It was so big. I didn’t know if I could take much more than the head of it into my mouth, but I adjusted and became used to it’s size and was able to slid my lips down his rigid lance until I could feel the tip of it caressing my throat. As I fucked him with my mouth, I kept fondling his balls and beating his meat with my hands. I could tell he was about to shoot his jism when I stopped and told him that I wasn’t like the other girls that he’d fucked.

“The lights were bright and the cameras zoomed in on his face to record his expression when I told him that I was a shemale, that instead of a cunt I had a prick, a boy clit, and it was aching for some attention. He reacted surprisingly well and said to move around so that he could suck it as I was sucking him. Dan ripped off my panties and took my throbbing clit in his mouth as I resumed pumping his massive dick, licking the tender head and drawing him deeper into my mouth as I scraped the swollen veined length of it with my teeth. I wanted to give him all of the pleasure that I was capable of giving. Meanwhile, the crew continued filming us as we ate each, and I thrilled in the knowledge that thousands of people would soon see me, Lori the shemale slut, seducing this magnificent hunk of a man.

“I should invite my friends down here to join us, Dan told me, as he licked the tip of my clitty. They would relish an orgy with a hot slutty girl like you, Lori. You’re such a hot slut that I can imagine you sucking my prick while taking my friend’s cock up your ass at the same time.”

“Dan stopped licking my clit and said that he wanted to fuck me, wanted to shoot his load into my cunt. I quickly scrambled around so that I was kneeeling, my ass up in the air so that he could press his great organ into me from behind. Wasting no time, Dan held the root of his prick, rubbed it along my slit and made me beg for him to guide it into my ass. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me, deep up in my boycunt. At first it hurt as he pushed inside of me, pressing against my tight ring, plowing up into my hot wet cunt. God, it felt good! His prick was so immense, so massive. It stretched my cunt to the limit as he plunged into me. I screamed with delight as he rammed his pole all the way into me. Fuck me! Take me! Give it all to me! I screamed for the cameras and for myself. I was so wet and so hot for him, so open and so ready to take this giant organ into my cunt.

“Sheila, he fucked me for what seemed like an eternity, ramming his mammoth cock in and out of my sopping cunt, plunging deep into me before pulling out until just the head was in me. He kept pumping in and out of me until I thought I’d die of complete fulfillment, total gratification. I was in ecstacy. Dan placed one hand on my hip as he steadied himself while fucking me, and he used the other to stroke my clit, pulling on it as he plunged in and out of me. My cum was surging within me, ready to explode and spill in his hand. Just as I was ready to spurt, he released my throbbing clit. Meanwhile, Dan kept fucking me, slipping and sliding in and out of me until he was ready to cum, too. He shot the first spurt of cum deep inside of me before pulling out and resting his throbbing prick along the crack of my ass for the obligatory cum shot. His cock, wet and sticky, spasmed as it gunned huge streams of thick, milky cum up into the air, and the cameras caught the action as his fluid fell in puddles all the way up to the small of my back. When he finished spilling his load all over me, Dan again began stroking my clitty, and I was just about to cum when I woke up, Sheila.”

“Hmm, I can feel how hot it made you, baby,” Sheila cooed as she slid her fingers across the front of his panties. “Why don’t you get my dildo, and I’ll watch as you show me how Dan fucked you, sweetheart.”

It wasn’t a minute before Lori, the slut was on her hands and knees with a big cock sliding in and out of her boycunt, just like in her dream. And it wasn’t long before she was ready to shoot her cum all over Sheila’s hand as she played the part of Dan, stroking Lori’s clitty as the immense prick fucked in and out of his boycunt.

“I’m glad that we talked last night, that you told me that you are a slut,” Sheila commented over breakfast of biscuits and gravy the next morning. “I like that. A slut in the bedroom and a sissy slave for me to have all the time.”

Sheila disappeared into the bedroom while Lori cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast. “When you’re finished in there, take a shower and get all nice and smooth, Lori,” Sheila called from the other end of the house. I have something special planned for you today, slut.”

Lori did as she was told and after some time spent in the bathroom, presented herself to Sheila, perfumed and as smooth from head to foot as a newborn baby.

“Now for more of your training, Lori,” Sheila said as she handed Lori a cotton sports bra, pair of pink lycra panties and a black mesh leotard. “Put these on, darling. And the leg warmers, too. You’re going to have to get in shape.”

When Lori was dressed in her workout uniform, Sheila led her to the den where the ski machine was standing in the corner. Lori pulled it out, away from the wall as she was directed, and placed her feet on the pedals. It was at that instant that Lori felt the sting of the crop on her ass. Sheila was standing behind her, wielding a black leather crop with a mean looking loop of soft leather at the tip. Again he felt the sting on the crop on his buttocks as she lashed out at him.

“Lori darling, you need some motivation to help with your exercise, and I think that I’ve found just the thing,” Sheila laughed as she landed another blow across his cheeks. “Faster, my dear. Mush, as they say. Faster, slut.”

Lori was skating back and forth on the machine, going as fast as she thought she could, but the sting of the crop kept coming. Each slap felt like a knife cutting into her ass, especially in one place that was particularly sensitive on the top part of her cheeks.

“Faster, girl. Faster!”

The sweat was pouring off of Lori’s brow as she drove her legs as fast as they would go. She could feel the streams of perspiration running down along her spine and between her breasts as she skied for all that she was worth. She was short of breath, panting and her legs were beginning to cramp from the exertion. Sheila was relentless, spurring Lori on with biting stokes from the riding crop. Each time the whip fell across her ass, Lori winced and tried to move the pedals faster, but she was going about as fast as she could. The salt from her sweat was starting to burn in the welts raised on her ass.

Next, Sheila directed Lori through a series of stretching exercises, ment in no small measure for Lori to be able to suck herself whenever Sheila demanded.

“I guess that’s enough for now. Go take a quick rinse off and get back out here so that I can put on a slutty face for you, Lori-girl.”

Sheila did just that. She gave Lori face color that only a hooker would be caught dead wearing, dark red lips that said let me suck your cock, and eyes that made Joan Collins’ look pure and virginal. Sheila even penciled in a conspicuous black beauty spot over Lori’s left lip.

“There, take a look at yourself, slut,” Sheila told Lori as she held up the makeup mirror for her slut husband to peer into. “How do you like yourself?”

“It’s great, Sheila! And it feels so good, too. My lips feel so creamy, my mascara makes my lashes so heavy, and my eyes are terrific.”

“Good. I’m glad that you like it, because you are my slut, Lori. And from now on, call me Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now, quickly, put on the lingerie I laid out for you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lori responded as she began by hooking the snaps of the black garter belt around her waist. Sheila was urging her to hurry by laying the crop soundly across her already warm and stripped ass and thighs. Next came the pink nylon stockings which Lori pulled up over her smooth legs and fastened to the straps of her garter belt. Sheila had laid out a pink, front hook brassiere and matching panties, both with plenty of see through lace, for Lori. These went on next. Finally, Sheila handed Lori a pair of pink, leather shoes that must have had six inch, stiletto heels.

“How am I ever going to be able to walk in these, Mistress?” Lori whined.

Don’t worry, I’m not planning for you to do much walking. With time and with practice, you’ll have no problem balancing on those heels, slut. Now, go get in the middle of the bed and slip those mittens on, dear.”

Lori put her right hand into the black leather mitten. It was strange. There wasn’t any thumb hole so all five fingers were jammed in together. There was a locking strap around the wrist, and there were D-rings at both the fingertips and the wrist. She wondered what Mistress Sheila had planned for her.

As Lori was slipping her left hand into the other glove, Sheila tighten the strap and attached a clamp to the D-ring of the one on his right hand. She did the same thing to the one on his left hand, and the next thing Lori knew, she was affixed to the corners at the head of the bed, her arms spread apart and unable to move. As Lori was trying to maneuver her hands and arms, Sheila was strapping soft, fur lined restraints around each of Lori’s ankles. These were attached to eye hooks at either end of a long wooden pole so that Lori couldn’t close her legs. All she could do was raise and lower her knees, but not for long as she was soon to find out. Sheila wasn’t finished yet.

Taking a length of nylon cord, Sheila tied one end to the D-ring on the bondage glove and drew the other end through the eyelet on the spreader bar, pulling Lori’s knees up so that the soles of her feet, her high heels were flat on the bed. Sheila tied another cord on the left side of the spreader bar in the same manner. Sheila finished by tieing a third length of cord from each end of the bar and then around each of the legs at the foot of the bed which effectively prevented Lori from lifting her feet at all. She was bound to the bed spread-eagle, legs splayed apart, and now all Lori could do was raise and lower her head and hips slightly. A feeling of helplessness and vulnerability swept over Lori.

“How does that feel, slave?” Sheila asked.

“Mistress, I feel totally helpless, accessible, defenseless, exposed, unprotected and open. I’m a little bit apprehensive, afraid, and it’s scary since I don’t know what you’re going to do to me. But it feels provocative, sexy, and so fitting to be completely at your disposal, Mistress.”

“Ah yes. I can see you appreciate the erotic aspects of being bound and available to my every whim, as well,” Sheila murmured as she caressed the bulge in Lori’s panties. “Let’s stimulate your tits also, my dear. Little slut slaves should have their nipples aroused and awakened.”

Sheila got what looked like a pair of alligator clips joined together by a silver chain. Lori could imagine what was coming next as Sheila lifted her brassiere and began to pinch his nipples until they became hard and erect. Lori screamed as a horrible pain shot instantly through his body when Sheila attached the clip to his nipple. Then the other one. It felt like she’d pushed a white hot needle through each of his tits; burning, stinging, squeezing with such force. And when she playfully tugged at the chain hanging between them across his chest, a whole new series of pain coursed through his body. He felt it bolt all the way to his toes, but most of all he felt it slam into his balls. It felt like a direct nerve travelled between his breasts and his groin. Lori could feel her clitty twitch and swell as the pangs continued to surge from her nipples.

“Just wait until I take them off and the blood is able to rush back into your nipples, sweetie. You haven’t felt anything yet! All week long your nipples will stay hard, erect and so, so sensitive, and your t-shirt will feel like sandpaper as it scrapes across those red swollen buds.”

Sheila took a couple of close-ups of Lori with the Polaroid. She wanted to show Lori how slutty her makeup looked before it was ruined. Sheila then went to her night stand, got her sleep mask, and stood over her immobile shemale slave swinging it back and forth so that he had no mistake of what was coming next. She placed it over his eyes and tied it tightly in back of his head so that there was very little chance of it sliding off of his face. It was pitch dark, but Lori could hear his wife walking out of the bedroom, leaving her tied up and alone to contemplate her fate.

Lori writhed and twisted as much as she could against the trusses which held her securely to the bed in this susceptible position. She had to move around and stretch as best as she could to avoid cramping, for it seemed like forever since her captor had left the room. An aura of surrender overtook her as she strained helplessly against the straps and ropes holding her solidly to the bed. Lori wondered what Sheila was going to do to him, how far she would go in dominating him, and making him her slut slave. Her rear end was still burning from the whipping she had received earlier, and the heat radiating from her rosy ass cheeks warmed the sheet beneath her. Her nipples were almost numb, but each small movement brought a painful reminder of the clamps biting into her tits. Lori sensed that Sheila had returned, probably with a drink from the sound of ice clinking in a glass.

“Don’t you look naughty, spread out that way. But then you are a slut, aren’t you Lori?”

“Yes, Mistress,” she replied softly.

“What’s it feel like to be my slut, to be my helpless slut slave, darling? What is it that my slut wants? What is it that sluts like you think about when you are all tied up, my dearest?” Sheila asked in her most embracing tone. “Do you want more pain from my crop, or should I play with your nipples some more? Do you want me to find a tall, handsome man for you to suck before he fucks you, like in your dream. Tell me, slut, what’s going through your mind?”

Lori’s stomach muscles tensed as the cold water from the ice cube Sheila was holding dripped into her navel. “That’s cold, Mistress.”

“Talk to me, slut.”

“Yes, Mistress. I do have the urge to be a wild and wanton slut. Not all of the time, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to play the whore, putting outlandish makeup on my face, wearing sexy, alluring lingerie next to my skin, and seductive clothes on my body. And yes, I do create fantasies about enticing a man, an anonymous man who is attracted by my looks and wants to pick me up for a good time. He always knows that I’m not a real girl, but that I’m a sissy boy slut.

I never envisioned being tied up by him, but after today, I’m sure from now on I’ll bring bondage into my fantasies as well. Usually, I find myself alone with him in a room with a bed or a sofa where we start by kissing and fondling each other. He plays with my breasts while I concentrate on the bulge in his slacks, feeling the outline of his dick as it grows. It isn’t long before he has taken off my skirt and blouse or dress and is caressing my ass through my silky panties and running his hands along my stockinged legs. By this time I have his cock free and am licking it, sucking and teasing the head of it in my mouth, continuing to stroke his shaft and to play with his balls.

“He always comes in my mouth because I’m such a good cocksucker, and I relish the taste of his cum as he shoots it down my throat. I’m able to keep him hard so that he can fuck my boycunt and come again and again deep inside of me. Sometimes, if he is gay or bisexual, he’ll eat me, too, and I’ll come in his mouth. But most of the time he makes me toy with my clitty and breasts while he is ramming his prick in me, and we come together. I never take off all of my clothes. At a minimum, I always keep on my brassiere, stockings, garterbelt and panties, so there is the constant illusion that I’m a girl, a slutty shemale one at that. Of course he has to slide my panties aside when he fucks me or wants to suck on my clit, but I always pull them up as soon as he is finished with me. Sometimes, when he’s really horny, I’ll suck him off again after he’s fucked me, draining the few remaining drops of cum from his balls. But, in any case, he always leaves satisfied and pleased with my performance, Mistress.”

“My, my! You are certainly a cocksucking slut, Lori,” Sheila opined as Lori finished. “Why don’t I see if I can’t make you feel right at home. Here, suck on this,” Sheila commanded as she pushed the head of her dildo between Lori’s lips. “Let me see just how good of a cocksucker you are, slut.”

Lori sucked the fake prick in ernest, holding it fast between her lips so that it wouldn’t slip from her mouth. If her hands were free, she could wrap her fingers around it to keep it from falling out, but she relished being immobilized, so she didn’t complain. Besides, how could she even talk, let alone complain, with the giant prick filling her mouth. Sheila could see that Lori was having difficulty holding on to the cock with her lips, so she took one of her silk scarves, wrapped it twice around the dick, and then knotted the scarf behind the slut’s head. “There, that should keep it in your mouth, cocksucker.”

Sheila tugged on the Lori’s nipple clamp chain, and laughed as the muffled groans of pain escaped from Lori’s lips. When she twisted the clips, another agonizing stab of pain shot through Lori’s body, making her coil and wrench in distress. The ice cubes Sheila rubbed on her tits added to the torture. Lori’s nipples were on fire, burning icy hot. The nerves connecting her breasts and her balls carried the excruciating pangs to her center, giving her exquisite pleasure she never felt before. Her clit strained harder, constricted and restrained by the silky fabric of her panties. She became faintly aware of the rivulets of ice cold water running down her sides and on to the bed as Sheila melted more cubes on her swollen and super sensitive tits. Finally, the torture stopped. Lori caught her breath and felt the tenseness in her body subside. But she wouldn’t relax for long, because Sheila had more in store for her.

“So my slutty little girl wants to suck cocks, and fuck cocks, and get her clit all stiff and hot. We’ll see how you like sucking and fucking at the same time, slut.”

With that, Sheila tugged Lori’s panties aside and lubricated her cunt with the Wet Stuff. Lori felt Sheila’s fingers greasing up her cunt as she opened her boycunt for her wife. When she was nice and wet, Sheila pushed her seven inch bullet shaped vibrator all the way into Lori’s cunt and turned the handle. Lori felt the prick start humming inside of her boycunt, and Sheila pulled Lori’s panties up securely to keep the vibrator from slipping out prematurely. In an attempt to better accommodate the vibrating prick inside of her, Lori raised her hips and strained against the bonds holding her to the bed. Sheila had done a superb job tieing the ropes with little or no slack, so all of Lori’s efforts to find a more comfortable position went for naught. Sheila chuckled as Lori struggled, mainly because it looked like she was trying to fuck the dildo deeper into her cunt with each movement.

“Oh, you are a slut! Look at you, sucking and fucking two pricks at once, filling you at both ends. How are your tits, baby?” Sheila asked at the same time she yanked on the chain of his nipple clamps.

The pain ripped through her nipples and, if Lori hadn’t been effectively gagged by the prick she was sucking on, she would have screamed like a wounded banshee. It hurt so much. The pain in her nipples turned to pure pleasure as it swept to her balls. Her clit jumped and pressed even harder in her panties. A drop of pre-cum formed a spot several shades darker where it stained her panties. Sheila traced the wet spot and the tip of Lori’s clitty with her fingernail. Lori moaned and tried to twist her torso to alleviate the torment, but she was totally at the mercy of her Mistress. More torture as Sheila reached down between Lori’s stretched legs and gave the vibrator a thump, sending shivers of excitement through out her slave’s body. Lori’s hips shuddered involuntarily as she felt the humming prick slide deeper in her cunt, and it felt so good that she wanted to fuck it still deeper. She flexed her cunt muscles and tried to pull the prick deeper into her boycunt.

Again the pain! Sheila plucked the clip from Lori’s left nipple and the blood rushed back in sending another surge of pleasure to her balls and engorged clitty. A new sound reached Lori’s ears, one that she hadn’t heard before, a whirring sound that she didn’t recognize. Sheila had switched on the breast pump and tested the suction with the palm of her hand. It seemed to work fine. She placed the cup over Lori’s exposed breast and watched as her slave’s nipple and aureole were pulled up into the contraption. Lori felt her over sensitive tit being sucked, being pulled and stretched. There was no let up. The sucking was incessant, constant and without interruption. She felt her entire breast filling and swelling as the machine pulsed in an effort to draw her tit inside-out. Such torment. Such sweet pleasure. Such heights of joy. She sucked the cock in her mouth with abandon, hoping that she could force it to cum, shooting it’s sticky nectar down her throat. Her hips were grinding with uncontrolled passion as her boycunt throbbed and her breast flesh ached, needing release, on one level wanting to cum and on the other level wanting to make it last forever, holding back and savoring each second of delicious agony.

“Look at you, slut! It’s a good thing that you are tied down, otherwise I’d have to pull you off of the ceiling. Fucking and sucking. What a hot, sexy slut you are, Lori-girl. These polaroid pictures prove that, Lori. You’ll like seeing what a slutty cunt you are, hot to trot. I’m sure that Cathy will enjoy seeing you this way, too. We’ll have to get a ‘special’ album just for your pictures, Lori.”

Lori could only moan in agreement as the thick, fake prick filled her mouth completely. But she did manage a groan of pleasure as Sheila caressed Lori’s bulging clit through her panties, stroking along the length of it from her enlarged balls to the swollen plum-head. The wet spot grew larger. Lori wanted to cum, needed to cum. She couldn’t stand much more of this total stimulation. It was too intense. Sheila knew where she had brought Lori and was torn between leaving the slut hanging there or taking her over the edge. She opted for the latter and got out her electric vibrator with the various attachments. She took off the nub attachment which feels great on her clitoris and replaced it with the cup. Sheila hooked the waist band of Lori’s panties under her balls, freeing her clit. The head of her clit fit perfectly in the cup of Sheila’s vibrator, and when she turned it on, Lori began to spasm within the confines of her bonds. Her hips thrust upwards pushing her clit toward the vibrating cup while her boycunt clung tightly to the prick quivering back there, milking it and driving it deeper. The prick in her mouth seemed to be alive, and she sucked it farther down her throat, trying to empty the cream from it, just as she knew she was going to spill her seed. Each time Sheila lifted the cup from Lori’s clitty and replaced it again, Lori came closer to shooting her load. She couldn’t hold back any longer. The cum steaming in her balls burst through and launched out, propelling spurt after spurt of thick, creamy cum up and onto her belly and thighs. The intensity of Lori’s climax was incredible – so many sensations at once, and all because she was Sheila’s slut!

The next day over coffee, Cathy did enjoy the pictures of Lori. She also appreciated the details of Sheila’s tale about how Lori dreamed of being a shemale slut. “You have her completely under your spell, Sheila. I told you it wouldn’t take long to make him totally yours.”

“Yes, it is amazing what a pair of silky panties and a good stiff prick will accomplish with the right man – or should I say with the right sissy slut,” Sheila mused. “I’m sure glad that I found those hidden magazines and decided to share them with you. Thanks for all of your help and understanding, not just in transforming Larry into Lori, but also for all of the other things about which you enlightened me, Cathy. As the saying goes, ‘We’ve come a long way baby,’ and in so many different ways, too, I might add!”

“Think nothing of it. Believe me, it’s been my pleasue, Sheila. Now, how would you like to take on another project? A friend of mine, Karen, wants me to teach her boyfriend to be a submissive slave, to train him in the ways of femininity and servitude. Seems Calvin wants Karen to tie him up and paddle him while he is wearing his ‘lady’ clothes. She’s not really into it and even thought about sending Calvin to a professional Dominitrix to get it out of his system. Now he’s writing to other 11 sissies asking them what they would do if they were his girlfriend. He uses the femme name, Celley. Sounds like celery to me. Maybe he needs his stalk crunched! What do you think? Are willing to have some fun with this one?”

“Sure, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the education and discipline training of my primary slave. I’m having a great time molding her into the perfect she-slave. And Lori is having a wonderful time with all of her new experiences, too.”

“I bet she is. No, Celley will be a daytime project, and we can spend as much or as little time on her as we choose. Calvin works at the post office sorting mail on the night shift, so he is available during the day. Maybe when we get Celly to the point where we think it’s OK, we’ll invite Karen over to join in on the training. She may get to like it after all. She may fancy possessing a sissy-slave servent to tend to all of her needs and desires. We’ll play that by ear, but I will keep Karen informed of Celley’s progress and homework requirements.”

Just then the front door bell rang. Sheila opened the door and saw Calvin who was dressed in ill fitting tan slacks and a blue striped sport shirt. “Come in and strip!” Cathy ordered in a tone that didn’t leave any question in Calvin’s mind what he was expected to do immediately.

As Sheila shut the door, Calvin began shedding his clothes, leaving them in a pile at his feet. His hands were trembling as first he took off his sport shirt and under shirt, then his shoes and socks followed by his slacks. “What pretty panties,” smirked Cathy, as Calvin tried to cover his pink, floral underwear. “Take them off, too. You don’t deserve to wear women’s panties. At least not yet, but when we’re finished with you you’ll be worthy of feeling soft sexy nylon hugging your skin,” continued Cathy.

Calvin stood before them totally naked and it was obvious that these demanding women exited him. His cock swelled and he crossed his hands in front of his groin to try and hide his excitement. Standing there naked in front of two total strangers both excited and embarrassed him. He could feel the flush as his face warmed, but that didn’t keep his dick from growing larger.

“Put your hands at your sides,” Sheila said matter of factly as she circled Calvin, examining him from head to toe, front and back. “Is that as big as it gets? You call that a prick? No wonder Karen wants us to train you in the ways of being a female slave. You couldn’t satisfy anyone with a little thing like that. You’ll have to learn other ways to satisfy your Mistress, won’t you, Calvin?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I’ll have to learn other ways to please Karen.”

“No, that’s not what I mean, stupid,” Cathy said as she cupped his balls and gave them a quick squeeze. “How do you address us, idiot?”

“I don’t know. What should I call you?” whimpered Calvin.

“You call us Mistress. And you only speak when spoken to. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“That’s better. Now jerk off.”

Calvin couldn’t believe what he thought that he heard and stood still in shock. “You heard me, slave. Wank off, play with yourself, pull your pudding. Jerk off! Now!”

Tentatively, Calvin took hold of his dick in his right hand and began pulling it back and forth, feeling heightened shame as he was made to stroke himself, standing there on the cold marble floor in front of them. However; his humiliation didn’t stop the blood from rushing to his prick, engorging it to maximum length and rigidity.

“Change hands,” Cathy demanded just as he was starting to forget that the women were watching him. “Use your left hand, since you’re obviously right handed. We want you to be able to use either hand when you’re getting a real prick hard for your Mistress to fuck. So you’d might as well learn right from the start.”

Calvin did as he was told and tried to jerk off with his left hand. This was new to him, and he had a difficult time maintaining the rhythm he had established with his familiar right handed stroke. He felt awkward as he slid his left hand up and down along his shaft, unable to match the smooth stoke that he was familiar with when he normally jerked off. It felt strange to be doing this left handed, unfamiliar and foreign, but none the less exciting, like being with a new woman. As he became more accustomed to stroking himself this way, he felt a weakness in his knees, and he was afraid that they would give out on him before he could finish. His pulse quickened and beads of sweat formed above his lip as he pulled on his prick faster and faster, sliding the palm of his hand across the ridge and head with each stroke. In the back of his mind, he knew that he was putting on a show for these two dominant women, but that only added to his exhilaration. He was getting close and wondered if he should stop or continue until he came.

Cathy must have been reading his mind, because she said, “Keep it up, twerp. You may come this time, but only because I said so. From now on, you will no longer be in control of your orgasms and will only be permitted to cum when given permission.”

Calvin’s pace quickened, and he felt the cum churning in his balls which were drawn up tightly in their sack. A couple of drops of pre-cum appeared and lubricated the head of his cock, making the fucking sensation that much better. It wouldn’t be long now. He was ready, ready to shoot. If only his knees wouldn’t collapse. It was coming. In another second his prick would be shooting, his cum ready to burst forth. He couldn’t hold back, his fingers a blur as he wanked himself as fast as he could. “Geez, will my legs hold me,” he wondered. Then out loud he yelled, “I’m going to cum!”

“Good, just don’t cum all over my floor,” directed Cathy.

“Oh shit,” he screamed as his prick exploded. He tried to catch the cum in his right hand as he continued milking himself. Three, four more times his prick surged and pumped a copious amount of milky fluid into his hand. He couldn’t catch it all and was conscious that plenty of it had landed on the floor in front of him. At that moment his knees did give out, and he sank to the floor where he stared at the puddle of cum in front of him.

“Don’t just look at it, dummy. Clean it up before it stains my floor,” directed Cathy. “Just lean over and use your tongue to lick it up. And lick your hands clean, too.”

Calvin had never tasted his cum before, nor anyone else’s either, for that matter. He thought that he would gag, but the salty white substance wasn’t all that bad, and he managed to lick it all up from his hands and the floor without throwing up.

“Get used to eating cum, slave, because before to long you’ll be sucking cocks and swallowing every drop,” laughed Cathy. “That’s about all that sissy slaves like you are good for,” she continued. “You missed a drop, here.” Cathy tapped her toe under Calvin’s nose.

While Calvin was licking the last drops of his cum from the floor, Sheila told him not to move as she took Cathy’s smallest butt plug and pressed it against his ass. “We’re going to have to stretch you so that you’ll be able fuck nice big cocks for your Mistress. Stay still and open up for me. Relax,” she said as she slid the plug past his sphincter until it all but disappeared in his ass. The pain was terrible as she pushed it so deep that he could feel the base of the butt plug rest along the crack of his ass.

“Stop whining, slave. Relax. Soon you’ll be begging me for the biggest plug. Soon you’ll be pleading with me to fuck you with my dildo. Soon you’ll be demanding me to let you have the real thing, a nice, big fat prick filling your hole and fucking you. But first we need to open you, train you, stretch you, get you ready. Now put your panties back on and go clean the bathrooms.”

Sheila and Cathy laughed as Calvin minced towards the bathroom, clenching his stuffed ass tightly to keep the plug from being expelled, holding it firmly in place. He hadn’t known what to expect when Karen sent him to see Cathy. Some months ago he began experimenting with wearing and feeling soft, silky women’s underclothing next to his body when Karen wasn’t home. He’d pull on her panties and slip, get incredibly turned on and masturbate furiously. The one time she came home early, he was lying on their bed beating his meat and she caught him. He was so lost in the throes of his impending orgasm that he didn’t hear her come in. She stood in the doorway of the bedroom and silently watched as he came while wearing her under things. She clearly saw the outline of his prick as he rubbed and stroked himself through the black, silky fabric of her panties. It wasn’t until after he came that he realized that she was standing there watching him.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Karen asked. “Are you some kind of queer pervert, or what?”

He tried to explain then, what he felt, but it wasn’t until weeks later that he admitted that he was hooked on her lingerie, wanted to dress completely as a women and be dominated by her. Calvin even asked her if he could visit a professional dominitrix. Karen relented, even got him his own panties, hoping that he would get ot out of his system, once and for all. But it only got worse as for as Karen was concerned. She was mystified with this discovery and really didn’t know what to say, how to react or what to do. That’s when she broached the subject with Cathy and learned about how she had trained her own husband, Julie, to be her feminine sissy slave. Cathy offered to train Calvin and initiate him into the world of feminization and submission, turning him into a sissy slave just like she had done with her own husband. Today was the begining of that training.

When Calvin finished cleaning all three bathrooms to Cathy’s and Sheila’s satifaction, they took him into Julie’s dressing room. Sheila got out a pair of red, lycra spandex panties and handed them to Cavin.

“Put these on so that there is no chance of your butt plug falling out. Except when you have a bow(1 ent, you are to keep it in your ass at all times, day and night, until you come back for more training. Karen will check to see that you don’t cheat. Since you are going to be Karen’s sissy slave, you’ll have to learn to look and dress like one, too.” Sheila motioned him to sit on the vanity bench and proceeded to apply his makeup while Cathy brushed his hair in a feminine style.

“When I see you next, I want you completly shaved; legs, chest, arms, pubis – all of it off. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. And I want you to address Karen as Mistress from now on as well. Now, Celley, put these on,” Sheila commanded, handing him a white brassiere, pantyhose, pink tank-top and beige slacks, none of which Julie wore anymore.

Cathy continued, “You’ll have to wear your own shoes. Next time you may be able to wear a skirt or dress, but not now with those hairy legs. It’s bad enough that your arm pit and chest hair will show through your top, but maybe you’ll be lucky and nobody will recognize you on the way home. Or better yet, maybe you’ll have a flat tire and some trucker with bad eyesight will stop to help a damsel in distress. That is until he sees you for what you are, Celley. Then you’ll be lucky if he doesn’t make you blow him right there on the spot!”

Celley did as she was told and dressed in the clothes that Sheila had provided, wondering how in the world she was going to get home looking like this. “I sure hope I don’t have a flat tire,” Celley thought to herself. When she looked in the mirror, Celley was dumbfounded at her transformation. If it wasn’t for the plug stretching her ass and her total apprehension, she might have felt some excitement at the possibilities of her training.

“Stop staring and get the hell out of here, slave,” Cathy ordered. “I’ll let Karen know that you are on the way, so that she can decide what chores to have you do when you get home. Now go!”

Soon after Celly left, Cathy gave Karin a call to explain what had transpired and not to be too shocked when her husband came home dressed the way he was. “You might want to make him show you the plug in his ass, Karin. He is suppossed to leave it in place at all times, except, of course, when he has to use the toilet. And from now on, make him sit rather than stand when he has to pee. That’ll help reinforce the fact the he is a feminine sissy-slave.”

Karin laughed and thanked Cathy. “You know, I think that I’m going to enjoy Celley’s training much more than she is!”

When Sheila got home the mailman was just leaving. As she browsed through the mail she noticed that the latest issue of Bad Attitude had arrived. After running across an earlier issue, she had subscribed to the lesbian sex magazine because it gave her so many good ideas to use with Lori. Actually, she made Lori subscribe, telling the editor all about their lifestyle in the accompanying letter. There were always articles about B&D and S&M that Sheila enjoyed immensely, and like the magazine’s motto, she took things in her own hands when it came to sex. As she was leafing through the current issue, one particular story caught her attention. She sat down to read.


I thought to myself, “She’s late, again! Damn that cunt. Probably got caught up in another one her endless meetings. I wonder if she stopped on her way home to buy me some flowers in repentance for being so fucking late, again. They’d better be roses and not stinking carnations like last time. Just because BJ – some people think that BJ stands for Barbara Jean – just because BJ is the Vice President for marketing and in the midst of a major promotion campaign promising substantial rewards is no reason for her to be late, again. This is the third night this week that she has kept me waiting.”

Ultimately, the door opened and BJ called out, “Mickey, I’m home, finally. Daddy, I’ve brought you a dozen roses for being so late, again.”

“BJ, get your ass in here, now! Why are you so fucking late, again? You know how I hate to be kept waiting. And if you think that a bunch of flowers are going to soothe my temper, you’re wrong, bitch.”

My prim and proper looking slave took her time arranging the roses in the cut crystal vase and put them in the center of the dining room table while I watched from the sofa. The way she dallied told me that she’d had a tough day and was aching to be punished. I can always tell when she’s been under a lot of pressure at the office.

When she was through, she stepped into the center of the room and began her ritual striptease for me. First she took the pins from her auburn hair and let it fall across her shoulders. Off came her glasses. She unbuttoned her gray business suit jacket and reached around to undo the skirt, exaggerating the thrust of her breasts against the pale blue linen blouse for my benefit. BJ’s nipples were already hard and prominent. I thought to myself, “Her pussy is probably sopping wet, too.”

Off came the blouse. Her skirt fell in a heap around her ankles, followed by her pristine white slip. “That’s more like it, slave.”

Kicking her office attire in the direction of the bedroom, BJ pirouetted in her sexy, black brassiere, lace panties and corsolette which I had laced up tightly for her before sending her off to the office. She has managed to keep in magnificent shape and her body is that of a 22 year old rather than that of a woman approaching forty. Her legs, turned to perfection, are one of her greatest assets; followed closely by her firm, pear-shaped breasts each topped with a silver dollar sized, dusty pink aureole surrounding long, succulent nipples. The dimple on her right ass cheek was clearly visible through her silky black panties as she turned for me. I often wondered why she didn’t have a twin on her left cheek.

BJ must have been reading my mind. Pausing with her back to me, she put her feet together and reached down to clasp her ankles giving me the choicest possible view of her exquisite backside. God, what a turn on. I didn’t know what to do first with that magnificent ass; slap it, lick it, or shove my dick all the way up it. Oh well, there will be time enough for all of that and more. Right now I was satisfied feasting my eyes on her body and letting my imagination run wild.

“Get naked, slave of mine,” I ordered in an almost tolerant tone of voice. Seeing her beautiful, vulnerable body helped mellow the rage that I’d felt earlier, watching the clock and waiting impatiently for her to arrive. How could I be angry with her when I knew it wasn’t her fault that she was late, again?

BJ stood up and did a slow routine for me in time with the soft sounds coming from the stereo. Time seemed to stand still as she performed her lascivious dance of adoration and arousal. She slipped out of her heels and languidly kicked them to the side; unfastened her stockings, suggestively rolling them down her smooth, tanned legs and squeezed the nylons into a ball, tossing them at me with a knowing smile. She unlaced her corsolette, letting it slide over her ample hips; and then she reached behind her back, unhooked her brassiere and cupped her breasts in its lacy folds before letting the flimsy garment float to the plush carpet, freeing and revealing her spectacular orbs. Standing there in front of me, wearing only her panties, BJ began running her hands over her flat tummy, her finger tips toying momentarily in the hollow of her naval, tracing down across the front of her legs below her knees, over well turned calf muscles and then up along the inside of her alabaster hued thighs. Her fiery red nails contrasted sharply with her milky white skin. As she continued caressing herself, her eyes closed and her head began to sway gently with the music. Erotically tantalizing is the only way to describe her performance.

Again she got into my head, because when I was about to scream for her get totally naked, BJ hooked a finger tip in either side of her panties and laboriously pushed them down her legs. Turning her back to me, I could see the divide of her ass emerge as she wiggled and squirmed out of her panties. BJ moved closer to where I was sitting and again presented herself to me. She leaned forward at the waist until she could grasp her ankles, displaying her glorious backside and pouting pussy lips in all of their splendor, just inches from me.

This time I didn’t waste a second in thinking about what I wanted to do. Immediately I slapped her ass hard. BJ squealed and my hand imprint appeared instantaneously. Before she had a chance to catch her breath, I stood up and landed three more resounding whacks to her quivering bottom. Her cheeks were beginning to take on the color of the roses she brought me. After another three swats, in addition to the first two on each cheek, her skin turned bright red. I paused to let the sting ebb from my fingers. Meanwhile, I forced my leg between her thighs. The denim of my jeans must have felt like steel wool scouring her sensitive skin. She was obliged to spread herself to accommodate my powerful thigh. I reached under and felt the wetness of her hairless cunt.

Spreading her swollen labia, my middle finger slipped easily into her cunt. I added a second, a third and finally a forth before I felt her tighten around me. Every time I banged against her cervix, BJ screamed for more. I fucked her hard with one hand and kept her from falling on her face with my other arm securely around her waist. She was so open, so wet. I thought my whole fist would disappear inside of her. BJ was nearly delirious, screaming for me to fuck her deeper, faster, harder.

When I reckoned that she was about to come, I pulled my hand from her cunt and let her fall to the floor. “No, no! Don’t leave me like this, Daddy. Fuck me. Make me come. Please, Mistress, let me come! Fuck me, please!”

“In due time. In due time, slut.”

While she rested, catching her breath, I put a cushion on the slipper bench and retrieved her stockings from where they had landed. Roughly pulling her to her feet, I stood her at one end of the bench and then pushed her forward so that she fell faced down on top of the cushion, hands hanging off at one end, legs at the other. I used one stocking to tie her left leg and wrist to the either end of the bench. Next, I trussed her in the same way on the right side. What a sight; securely bound, knees on either side of the bench, thighs splayed over the pillow, hips thrust upward and outward. She looked so inviting that I gave her ass and thighs a few more forceful slaps for the hell of it.

Since she was held securely in place, I took my time in getting undressed and rounding up a few toys from our play box. All the while I taunted BJ, chiding her for being late, calling her my executive cunt, slut slave, wanton whore, and making her beg for my dick. I asked her if she wanted the nipple clamps, and she pleaded with me not to use them on her. It wasn’t until I explained that she wouldn’t be permitted to come unless she felt their pain that she relented and asked me to attach them. I pulled her up by the hair and clamped the alligator clips to first one, then the other distended nipple. The sharp teeth bit into her sensitive flesh. When I let her down, the weight of her body placed more unbearable pressure on her tits. Tears came to her eyes as she howled in pain. I let her contemplate her situation as I strapped on my harness and dildo.

“Now BJ, you are going to live up to your name. You are going to give me a BJ before you get fucked,” I laughed sarcastically.

Kneeling in front of her, I slapped her face from side to side with my monster dick. “Mmm, that feels pretty good on my clit,” I mused.

“My slutty little whore wants to suck Daddy’s dick, doesn’t she? Open your mouth, bitch, and make it nice and wet so I can fuck your ass.”

She let it slip between her lips and began sucking. I let her have the first couple of inches for a couple of minutes so she could adjust her jaws to it’s girth. Then I began pushing in deeper, slowly but with enough force so that she couldn’t resist taking it. When BJ started gagging, I pulled back until just the head was resting on the back of her tongue. I told her to lick it and suck it as I pushed in again. She took it down her gullet until I felt the tip of her nose nestled in my furry bush. Rocking my hips back and forth, I fucked her mouth faster, in and out across her lips, relishing the recoil of each thrust of the dildo against my mound. As I heated up, I raked my nails along her spine, raising trails of bloody red welts from the small of her back to the base of her neck. The friction at the base of the dildo produced my first climax, a mini-orgasm.

“That’s enough cock sucking, slave,” I told BJ, letting my dick slip from her lips. “Now I’m going to take your ass.”

God, she looked good, I thought to myself as I walked to the other end of the bench. Her ass, tilted high and so vulnerable. Shit, who could resist such a tempting morsel? I leaned over and took her completely by surprise as I ran my tongue the length of her crack. When I encountered her tight, puckered ring I rimmed her rosebud, pushing my pointy tongue into her hot asshole. She gasped and began to squirm as my tongued screwed and twirled around in her ass. Her sphincter muscle relaxed and BJ opened to get more of my tongue.

That’s when I pulled back and squirted the lube onto her backside. She jerked as she felt the cold jelly replace my hot tongue. I smeared the stuff around, getting my fingers coated sufficiently to enter her. I started with my middle finger, pushing right past her ring until it was buried up to my third knuckle. I hooked my finger inside of her and rotated my wrist, grazing the inner walls of her soft flesh, mixing the artificial lube with her natural oils. BJ moaned as I moved my finger all around, opening her, getting her ready for my giant dick. By the time I had three fingers working inside of her ass I knew that she was primed.

“BJ, tell me what you want. Tell Daddy how you want me to fuck you up the ass, slave. Tell Mistress how you want to be punished for being late, again.”

I pushed my fingers deep inside of her as she spoke. “Yes, Daddy. Please fuck me up the ass with your big cock. Please punish me for being late, again, Mistress.”

I felt, more than heard, her sigh as I pulled my hand from her insides. The tension visibly drained from her body, but only for a split second, because she froze when I shoved my prick up her ass in one savage thrust. She screamed and snapped so tight that I thought she was going to break free from her bonds.

“No! No, Mistress. Oh Christ, it hurts! You’re hurting me, Daddy. No more, please, no more.”

“You know the word, slave. If you want me to stop, just say the word.” Pausing, I let her think about it while her ass stretched around the massive invader filling her bowels. After a few minutes her body gave me the answer. BJ’s hips began moving, beginning almost imperceptibly, then increasing in speed and intensity until she was impetuously fucking my dick in earnest. I let her regulate the speed and penetration at first, then I started to match her rhythm, thrust for thrust, vigorously pumping my dick in and out of her ass. I pulled out until the bulbous head was nestled scarcely inside her elastic ring before driving all the way back into her again. Now I was totally in command, taking her at my will, making her respond to my moves. She followed my lead, building gradually in magnitude until I was fucking her hard and fast. The deeper I went, the more she wanted. The faster I pounded, the wilder she became. She was gasping for air, screaming for more, begging for me to let her come. I reached down and found her swollen clitoris. As soon as I touched her, she erupted, drenching my hand with her viscous cream. Going over the top with her, I seized on my explosive climax and came violently. Slumping across her back, I thrust deep into her ass one more time.

The next afternoon the phone rang. “Guess what, Mickey! I have to stay late, again!”

“That’s hot,” thought Sheila. “What a marvelous use for a slipper bench. We must get one. Perhaps I’ll take Lori shopping for one after she gets home from work. Work, that reminds me, I wonder how Naderia is enjoying having Lori around? I told her that she must take charge and make sure that Lori knows her place at work, too.”

Larry was sitting in his office daydreaming and fantsaizing as he often did now that he entered this new phase of his/her life. It would a few minutes until everyone was gathered from various parts of the building for the weekly office meeting. He wondered if any of the other guys in the office wore panties and hose under their business suits. His leaned back is his over stuffed, brown leather desk chair and folded his hands on top of his desk. His finger nails were longer than before and now he wore a coat of clear polish on them everyday for work. He was lucky to be the chief accountant and have a private office were he could take a few minutes to reflect and dream.

Naderia buzzed, opened the door and told him that everyone was begining to gather in the meeting room. Naderia was a big woman, of mixed Italian and German stock – blond, blue eyed and very busty. She carried herself straight, shoulders back and always dressed impecably in a very professional style, almost severe.

Before they left the office, Naderia placed a package on Larry’s desk. It was about 18 inches long and wrapped in foil paper.

“From me to you, Lori,” she said with a smile. “You may unwrap it when you finish with your meeting.”

As they walked down the hallway, Larry noticed that in her high heels she was almost as tall as him. For an instant, Larry felt small and vulnerable. During the meeting, Larry found it hard to concentrate on much of anything except the package back in his office. Before concluding, the boss announced that he had some good news to pass on. Roger was being promoted to supervisor of the Newark branch and his wife was going to have a baby in September. After a round of applause, the champagne was uncorked and everyone toasted the lucky fellow. Larry enjoyed the comaraderie and good cheer as toasts and well wishes were passed around, but a part of him wanted very much to get back to his office to see what Naderia had left on his desk. After an appropriate amount of time, Larry congratulated Roger again, bid his farewells and went back to his office.

Larry sat in his chair and just looked at the package, trying to fathom what was inside the foil wrapping. When Larry finally picked it up, he was surprised at how light it was, not more than a few ounces, and it felt like sticks. Larry unwrapped it carefully, and sure enough, it was a bundle of sticks, a dozen or so branches tied at the end with a black satin ribbon. The wood was fresh, green as if it had just been cut from the tree, almost supple Larry thought to myself. You could see the buds forming that were getting ready to burst forth when Spring arrived. He didn’t know how long he had been examining every aspect of his present, wondering what was ment by it when Naderia came into the office. She must have been standing there watching him fondle the branches for a couple of minutes at least, because she had an “I caught you” kind of smile on her face.

“Do you like them? Do you know what they’re for, why I gave them to you?”

Larry could feel the heat rising as his embaressment at being caught, at he did’t know what, made him blush. A thought of “bad kids” getting swithches instead of toys for Christmas had crossed my mind, but Larry didn’t want to confess to that! Stumbling over his words, Larry replied that he did not have any idea of what they for or what their significance was, especially since they were tied with a black ribbon.

“They are for you, darling. And we will get a chance to use them today, since we’ve given the rest of the day off in Roger’s honor.”

Whoa! Wait a minute! His mind was realing. She had called him darling. What is this about? She knows about me, but she’s my secretary and she shouldn’t be calling me darling.

“Are you shocked, darling? I hope so, because that’s what I intended. Ever since Sheila told me to take charge of you, I realized what you’ve needed. I’ve watched you give the orders, command others to do your bidding, place demands on everyone around here, especially the women in the office. I’ve seen how they all jump for you, do whatever you ask. Well, my darling, now the shoe is on the other foot. From now on you’ll do the jumping, respond to my commands and orders. That’s what the switches signify, my power over you, my dominance. You will be dominated, be the servant, follow orders instead of giving them all of the time, you will submit. Now get up and let me sit down.”

Unbelievable! Larry fell under her spell. Without a word or a hesitation, Larry got up and offered her his chair. Now he was uncomfortable, standing before her, not knowing what to do, how to behave in her presence.

“Sit, Lori. Such a diminutive name, such a pretty name for my slave to be. Sit here on the floor at my feet. Don’t worry, I’ve locked the door, and besides, everyone is leaving and won’t be coming in here.”

Her strength and power were evident, and Larry did exactly as she ordered. Now Larry was looking up at her, the smile on her face, one of knowing and satisfaction that she had conquered him so easily. Naderia took the switch from the desk and began caressing his face with the soft, supple ends of the branches. It was a caress, a loving, gentle caress that sent shivers up and down his spine. The threat of how the switches could cut his flesh weighed on his mind, never the less. She could change a loving, tender caress into a biting slash with the flick of her wrist. That thought made him extremly apprehensive, dreading that she might use the switch for it’s intended purpose, while at the same time wanting her to continue. His fear was an aphrodisiac, adding to the eroticism of his predicament. She continued to touch his face and neck with the supple branches.

“You’ll learn to worship me, Lori, learn to beg for the whip. You can begin by kissing my feet.” With that she placed her hand on his head and guided his mouth down to the toe of her glossy pump. Larry licked it, tentatively at first, but then with all the vigor of a cat lapping milk from a saucer. Larry cleaned the toe, the sides, and then put the whole heel into his mouth and sucked on it until it was gleaming. She offered her other foot, and Larry repeated his actions. Naderia kicked off her right shoe and let him lick the bottom of her stockinged foot. The caresses from the switch became stronger. As Larry began sucking on her toes, she flicked the branches across his shoulders, first one side then the other.

The sting across his shoulders only acted to urge him on and Larry sucked harder, putting all of her toes in his mouth, ardently licking and sucking them to show her how much he wanted to please her.

“That’s it, Lori. Show Mistress Naderia how much you adore her, how much my Lori-slave reveres me. There is so much that you can do for me, so much for you to learn, so many ways that you can show me your respect and admiration. And I can tell that you love it, love being my slave, don’t you, Lori?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Yes, Larry knew she could tell how much he wanted, needed to be dominated. She had the heel of her shoe pressed against his groin, and there was no way Larry could hide the swelling bulge from her touch. As she twisted and turned her stiletto against his cock, she knew precisely the effect she was having on him. Between the stinging slaps on his shoulders, the suggestive humiliation of sucking her toes, and the carnal grinding against his cock, Larry was afraid that he would ejaculate all over himself. Naderia must have sensed his impending orgasm as well, because she pulled her toes from his mouth, lifted her heel from his crotch and stopped striking him.

“Get up, Lori. We’re leaving before you mess all over yourself.”

She slipped back into her shoe, stood and preceeded him out the door. Naderia made him follow her in his car to her apartment. When Larry walked in, she closed the door and ordered him to get undressed as she tapped the bundle of twigs against her thigh. Larry was so hot and turned on by what had happened in the office, he could only anticipate new heights of ecstacy and degradation. He wondered if Sheila had set this up with Naderia. When he was down to only his pantyhose and pink panties, she ordered him to get out of the hose and put his panties back on. The rest of his clothes lay in a heap at his feet. Larry tried to cover his bulge modestly with his hands, but she stood him in front of a full length mirror and walked around behind.

“Now, now. Hands at your sides, Lori. I want to inspect my property. I see that Sheila makes you shave all over. That’s a nice touch. My, my. I hope it gets bigger than that, Lori. I’ve seen clits that were bigger than that thing you call a cock. But since you’re wearing panties, maybe it’s not a cock after all. Maybe it’s a clit.

The silky fabric encasing his cock and balls only added to incredible passions coursing throughout his mind and body. The next thing Larry felt was the sting of the birch branches across his chest. On instinct, Larry raised his hands to protect himself from her blows, but she was quick to chastise him for that reaction, forcing his hands behind his back. Naderia wound a thin nylon cord around his wrists, leaving him totally vulnerable to her. Again she slashed his chest, catching his nipples with the tendrils of her whip. She gave him, making me count out each one. The first blows stung like fire, but each succeeding stripe seemed to be more pleasure than pain. His nipples stood out like ripe, red raspberries. Larry felt like there was a direct nerve running from the tip of his nipples straight to his prick. Everytime she hit him, his cock flinched in a vain effort to spring free from his panties.

Naderia took another length of her nylon rope and began wrapping it around his chest, criss-crossing it above and below his breasts until it looked like a some sort of brassiere contraption. The effect was to push out his fleshy, swollen breasts so that they appeared to be those of a woman. Naderia stepped back and admired her handiwork. She reached forward, took both of his nipples between her thumb and index fingers, and twisted. Larry screamed in pain.

“Oh my. Sensitive, are we? Well, we can’t have you making all of that noise. You’ll disturb the neighbors. Stay where you are, I’ll be right back.”

Naderia went down the hall and came back holding what looked like a short, stubby rubber prick in one hand, and in her other hand she dangled a silver chain with alligator clips attached to either end. It didn’t take him long to learn what she intended to do with these things. She grasped his jaw, forced his mouth open and shoved the prick in filling his mouth completely. She took the velcro straps and fastened them behind his head so that Larry was gagged and couldn’t make a sound. Then she swung the chain in front of him so Larry could see the sharp metal teeth of the nipple clamps. Again she squeezed and twisted his nipple, but this time his scream was muffled. Oh, it hurt. Larry wanted to cry out. She opened one clip, and pulling on the tip of his nipple, she carefully positioned the clamp at the base and let it snap shut. Nothing could compare to this pain. Larry was sure that the teeth would cut completely through his flesh and pierce his nipple. She took her time applying the second clamp, flicking at his nipple with her finger nails, tweaking it, and pinching it until Larry thought that he’d would die. Just when Larry thought that he couldn’t take anymore, she snapped the second clip shut, and Larry knew that he would die. She tugged on the chain hanging across his breasts just to make sure that the clamps were firmly in place. More pain, but surprisingly, the nerve connecting his tits to his cock was still functioning, and Larry felt the shock waves make his prick swell even harder.

“There now, Lori. You’ll get used to the pain in a minute. And while you are getting used to it, suck on your prick gag. Don’t bite it, just suck. This is just the begining, slave. I have much more is store for you. It is time for giving you what you need, and that gives me pleasure, Lori. Now, down on your knees, head on the floor, slave.”

Larry dropped to the floor and rested his head in the plush carpet. The gag wasn’t nearly as long as Shelia’s dildo, but it was nearly twice as large in circumference. His tits were almost numb to the pain, but any movement on his part caused the chain to pull against the clamps biting into his nipples, jolting him again and again. Larry was begining to get semi-comfortable, resting on the floor when he felt the first sting of Naderia’s whip on his ass. She would hit him three or four times in quick succession on one side, then pause for a minute before stinging the other cheek. Each time she resumed beating him, she did it with more power and energy, until his ass felt like it was on fire.

“Look at this. I can see how red your ass is right through your panties, Lori.” She tugged at the waist band of his panties and slid them down over his rosy cheeks, exposing them to the cool air. His prick, responding to the stinging blows and nipple torture had become rigid. He prayed that she would slip his panties all the way off so that his prick could be free, too.

“Spread you legs. Oh, how pretty. How pretty and how red your ass is, slave,” she cooed reaching down under, between his legs and cupping his balls. She grasped his turgid cock and strocked it through the silky material. As she slid her fingers up and down the length of his throbbing prick, she slapped his ass with her other hand, squealing in delight as a perfect imprint of her hand appeared first snowy white then crimson on his cheeks.

When she wasn’t slapping him, she was running her fingertips along the crack of his ass, teasing him with her fingernails, poking and probing. When Larry didn’t feel her fingers, he knew another slap was coming. The only question was, on which cheek? When Naderia tired of spanking him, she explored the slit betweem his cheeks some more. Her fingernails scratched the sensitive tissue, and just when Larry was getting used to this pattern of slapping and scratching, she shoved a finger into his asshole. Larry almost lept vertically off of the floor when she entered him the first time. More pain. Pain and shock as she shoved her finger past the tight ring of his ass.

“Lori, you are still pretty tight. I thought Sheila would have stretched you more by now. I’m going to have to loosen you up some more. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

Don’t go anywhere! Larry could hardly move at a11, yet thankful for the respite, however short it was going to be. Larry had barely caught his breath when Naderia returned. This time she had a butt-plug and a tube of lubricant.

“Here, try this on for size. This should help stretch you and dilate that pretty little asshole,” she said as she greased up the plastic plug.

Slowly she pushed her greasy finger into him, more gently this time. Larry relaxed and soon she had two fingers twirling in his asshole. Everytime she pulled out, Larry tried to hold her in. It felt fantastic to have her inside of him, finger fucking his ass. But Larry wasn’t ready for what came next. The plug was huge. It stretched his asshole to the limit. It felt like his ass was being ripped apart, like he was being split in two. His sphincter slammed shut around the base of the plug, and when it had settled into him, Larry couldn’t even shit it out.

“We don’t want it slipping out,” Naderia said as she pulled his panties back up over his ass. There was no way that it was going to slip out. To Larry it felt like it was all the way up into his gut and as big as a Mack truck.

Naderia untied the knot and took the rope from his wrist. Larry’s muscles began to relax, and he could feel the circulation returning to his weary arms. “Roll over on your back, Lori.”

When Larry did, the plug filling his ass shifted, sending a new wave of pain throughout his body. The carpet felt like sand paper on his tender ass. Naderia reached down and gave the chain a tug, making his tits ache and throb. Until now, they had remained fairly free from the excruciating pain that he experienced when she first attached the clamps to his nipples.

Since Larry was still gagged, the scream that started deep in his lungs came out as a muffled groan of agony. But his prick belied the pain. All of this time it had remained as hard as steel, and Larry felt like hw would climax every time she added a new sensation. He never expected the pain that he felt when she took the clamps off, the blood rushed back into his nipples. She opened the clip, and every tooth mark exploded in piercing agony as the blood rushed in to fill the void. Larry didn’t know there were so many nerve endings in his nipples, and that every one of them had an unswerving connection to his prick. The feeling was unbelievable, so intense and exquisite, so powerful and all encompassing. Larry couldn’t believe how much pleasure Naderia was capable of providing, taking him to the extremes of pleasure and pain.

When the pain had subsided, Naderia helped him to his feet and, using his hardon for a handle, guided him to her bed room. She removed the penis gag, and as the rubber prick fell out of his mouth, Larry stretched his aching jaw. His tits and his ass still felt like they had been seared. The plug in his ass fucked him with every step, and his cock was as rigid as it ever had been. It seemed like every inch of his body was alive with desire. Larry had been transformed into a total sexual being.

“Undress me, Lori.”

When Larry began to unbutton Naderia’s blouse, she told him not to use his hands, only his mouth. Imagine how difficult that was, how long it took him to get her out of her clothes. But there were rewards. When Larry finally managed to unhooked her brassiere she let him suck on her breasts, suckling like a baby drinking mother’s milk. And when Larry got her panties down, the aroma, the heavenly fragrance of her filled his brain. Larry wanted to bury his face in her curly thatch, taste the honey from her pussy, but all she let me do was rim her, ream out her asshole with his tongue as she reached back and spread her cheeks so that he could get it all. When she had enough, she had him lie on his back on her bed, his head propped up slightly with one of her satin pillows. She showed him a hood that Lori was going to wear for her. She called it a chin dildo. When she put it on him, the base of the fake prick rested on his chin leaving1 an opening for his mouth just above that. She adjusted1 the straps at the back of his head so that it fit tightly and wouldn’t shift around.

“I’m going to fuck your face, Lori. Fuck your face with this nice big prick while you eat me and tongue my clit. See, I want a decent sized prick, not a tiny one like you have. Oh I almost forgot, that isn’t your prick. It’s your clitty.” She straddled his head and settled down. “Let me know if you can’t breath, Lori. Now, eat!”

His tongue slipped between her pussy lips, and Lori began eating Naderia’s cunt with abandon. She held the dildo aside so that Lori could tongue her deeply, savoring the sweet juices flowing from her, drinking from her cunt. The honey smeared over the hood as Lori tried to get every drop into her mouth. She rode his face, letting him suck on her clitoris as it emerged from her sheath, feeling it swell between his lips. Shifting slightly, she put his tongue back into her pussy so Lori could taste her cunt juice again. Rising up, she positioned the head of the dildo inside of herself and let it slowly fill her cunt. In this position, Lori’s mouth was directly on her Naderia’s clitoris and Lori began sucking it, while at the same time moving her head so that the dildo slid in and out of the sopping cunt. She was dripping, the delicious nectar drowing him as Larry continued tongueing, sucking, licking, eating her. It wasn’t long before she bagan coming, bucking and rocking the prick inside of her as Lori continued lathering her clit. Her climax came tumultuiously, exploding as she rode her slave’s face to one orgasm after the other. All consentration was on her clitoris. Lori never let it escape from her lips as Naderia heaved and pitched. When she recovered, Naderia rolled off of Lori, unhooked the hood and allowed him to stroke her breast.

“Gently, gently. I’m very sensitive, Lori.”

She ran her hands over Lori’s bound breasts, commenting on how full and soft they had become. ” Lovely breasts to go with your clitty and nice open asshole, your boycunt as Sheila calls it. You’d make a lovely sissy-slave for me to have at the office, Lori. I know lots of men who would enjoy being sucked off by you, who would relish fucking your boycunt. Yes, Lori, you’ll make a wonderful sissy-slave for me to use and enjoy.”

All the time Naderia was talking to him this way, she was stroking his clitty. Larry was on the verge of coming, and it took all of his will power not to ejaculate immediately. Drops of pre-cum had formed a wet circle on his panties. Her hand felt so good as she rubbed him through the slippery fabric encasing his cock. Even his asshole felt delightful as he tightened and relaxed the muscles holding the butt plug in place. She took Lori’s hand and placed it where her’s had been.

“Let me see how my pretty sissy-slave makes herself come, Lori. Show me how you rub and pet your clitty until you bring about your orgasm.”

Lori caressed herself through her panties, stroking her swollen clit as Naderia looked on. She also fondled her breasts at the same time as Naderia had instructed. Her nipples, still very tender and sensistive from the clamps, were connected to her clit just as before. Lori’s moans and sighs signalled the onset of the inevitable climax. Naderia ecouraged her to come, to cum in her panties as she caressed her tender, full breasts and stroked her swollen clitty.

“Go ahead, cum for me, Lori-slave. Be a good sissy-girl and cum in your panties. Now!”

Sheila was at Cathy’s house for most of the afternoon where the two of them went through the latest Bad Attitude magazine. Ever since that Saturday night, Sheila was hoping that she and Cathy could have another session together. She really enjoyed having a true lesbian experience. Even though she had her very own feminine sex slave in Lori, it still wasn’t quite the same. She adored the way Cathy’s breasts felt and responded when she kissed and sucked them.

Sheila was about to broach the subject when Cathy showed her a letter that she had received from her TV friend who now lives just outside of Boston. Years ago, she and Carolyn were very close. In fact, Cathy was more than instrumental in transforming Charles into Carolyn and introducing him to the pleasures and passions of serving women as a sissy-slave. Since then, Carolyn married a wonderful woman who has continued his training and servitude. They do have to be somewhat careful since Charles is still in the Air Force, but Irene is perfect for Carolyn. They even had two wedding cermonies. In the traditional one, Charles wore his formal military uniform and the two of them paraded under an arch of crossed swords. In the other, Charles wore a wedding gown and followed Irene down the aisle as she tugged at the leash connected to the collar around his neck. Sheila read the letter:

Dear Mistress Cathy,

You asked Mistress Irene on the phone if I got “dressed and stuffed” since Thanksgiving. Mistress told me to write and tell you about what she did to me. Your question did bring back a fond memory that I am now happy to share with you. In fact, since it was all recorded on video, Mistress Irene let me play it back before writing so that I didn’t miss any of the details. She has threatened to show it at the officers wive’s club meeting if I misbehave.

It all started early one evening when Mistress Irene made me take a bath, shave all the hair from my body, and I mean all – chest, legs, pubis, under arms, etc! It doesn’t take long to shave my breasts, since I only have five or six hairs growing around each nipple, but the other parts of my body took awhile. When I emerged from the bath, powdered and perfumed, she had my clothing arranged on the bed for me – a high waisted gaterbelt, long line brassiere, black seamed stockings and four inch heels. The waist cincher and bra, both in black, are both heavily boned, very restrictive but also very flattering to my figure, pushing my breasts up and my hips out. After she helped me fasten all of the stays and I attached my stockings to the six straps and slipped into my heels, she proceeded to make me up like a slut. When she was finished I could have gone out on 42d street with the best of whores. God, I felt good! But that was just the beginning.

Then she handed me the ankle and wrist cuffs, and after I had buckled them on, she hung me from the arch way, spread out and, oh so vulnerable. First she warmed my backside with her riding crop, working up from my thighs to the small of my back where my gaterbelt framed my ass. On the tape you can see how rosy she made my buns. All the while she kept telling me what a slut I was and making me beg for more. And beg I did!

Then she started on the front of my thighs, matching the color with my rear. When she was satisfied, she took her penis whip and commenced whipping my stripped clit and balls. She’d put her crop underneath and held them up while she whipped with a frenzy. Oh, how wonderful! On the tape you can see my clit twitch and jump in pleasure with every stroke. She kept chastising me for having such a small prick, saying it wasn’t even worthy of being called a clitoris. She squeezed my balls which were tight in their sack, the smooth skin all shiny and pink from the beating. She left for a moment, I regained my composure and wondered what was coming next.

It was the parachute harness. She snapped it tightly around my balls, stretching them to the max, pulling them away from my body. It felt like they were going to be severed in any second. But then she added to my agony-pleasure by attaching a four pound weight to the chain and letting it fall from her hand. In the video you can see the total bliss on my face as the weight swings to and fro and my scrotum is wrenched down towards the floor, forcing my clit to bob and weave with every motion. You can also hear me pleading to be fucked, to be taken like a slut.

Oh I’ll take you, she said, every way that I want to take you. She then carried on by pushing the unlubricated catheter into the opening of my clit/prick, just far enough so that I could feel her enter me. She slid it in and out, back and forth until she had me thrusting my hips, matching her vigorous stabs. I was fucking the tiny prick inside of me with such delirium that my feet would have come off of the floor had I not been soundly bound to the arch. Just when I thought that I would die of ecstacy, she stopped and told me that she owned me and could have anything that she wanted from me. She pushed the catheter all the way in, past the check valve into my bladder, and I felt the complete loss of control and the unrestrained flow as she took what she wanted.

She let my hang there, completely drained, for a few minutes while she repositioned the video camera. After she removed the parachute and unbuckled my cuffs, she had me sit well forward in the big, overstuffed arm chair so that I could put one of my legs over each arm. This of course exposed my boy cunt to her and the camera since the small of my back was resting on the edge of the seat. In one hand she had a dildo the size of a night stick and in the other she had her crop. As she began beating my ass, she made me beg again to be fucked. Play with yourself, she demanded. Rub that little clit and finger fuck yourself. Let me see how many fingers you can stuff up your boy cunt. She continued to urge me on with the sting of her crop as I masturbated for her. While I was rubbing my clitoris and sliding three fingers in and out of my cunt, she fed me the dildo, letting me suck on it as if it were a real prick. She pushed it deep into my throat calling me her sexy, cocksucking slut. Later, as I watched the video, I was enthralled. Me, in my black lingerie and seamed stockings, wearing my high heels, legs splayed over the chair’s arms, so open and exposed, my fingers working in and out of my cunt as I rub my clit with my other hand, the red nail polish on jmy fingers clearly evident, while I wrap my ruby lips around the prick in my mouth, working on it like I was born to be a cocksucking whore.

The dildo is long and thick. Half way down the shaft, a series of ridges begin ringing the fake prick. Each ripple is about an eighth on an inch apart and each one gets bigger than the last until the thickest one is almost at the base. I know because I felt each bump as she began slowly pushing that prick into my cunt, agonizingly slow, bit by bit, inch by inch, ripple after ripple until my cunt constricted securely around the last fat ring. It filled me thoroughly. Talk about being “dressed and stuffed!” I was in heaven, but when she started to slide it in and out, I elevated to an even higher level of gratification and satisfaction. Now this was getting fucked, getting every thing that a slut could want. She kept it up, varying the speed of her thrusts, sometimes penetrating deep and shoving the prick hard in me, sometimes teasing my cunt by staying just barely inside as I moved my hips forward to get more of the cock inside. On screen I look like a wanton whore, my breasts heaving, jiggling my rear, thrusting my hips back and forth, holding my legs apart so I can get all of that magnificent prick.

Just when I thought that I would come, she made me turn over, put my face on the chair cushion and kneel on the floor. My legs went apart automatically and I reached around and spread the lips of my cunt for her. Talk about a bitch in heat. I was so hot for it that I couldn’t wait for her to get that wonderful prick back inside of me. I pleaded with her to please fuck me, please, PLEASE FUCK ME! You can imagine her delight and humor as I knelt there thrusting my hips forward and back, begging for it as she teased my cunt with the head of her dick. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she let me have it, pushing it all the way in to the hilt with one motion. By this time I was so open and ready that I barely felt the ridges as they caressed the inside of my cunt. All I could say was don’t stop, don’t stop, please don’t ever stop fucking me. Oh, I was so ready to cum, so close, and I stayed on the edge for such a long time before collapsing in ecstasy and exhaustion.

Mistress Irene said to ask you if you want me to mail you a copy of the tape so you can see for yourself what a wild cocksucking whore I’ve become under her tutelage lately. She says that I’ve become quite the exhibitionist, too. You know, she’s right!

Reading Carolyn’s letter fueled Sheila’s craving and need to relieve the urge that had been smoldering all afternoon. She wanted to hear from Lori how she had been treated by Naderia, but she couldn’t wait for her Lori to get home. Besides, Naderia might keep Lori busy for awhile.

“Carolyn’s anecdote is the last straw, Cathy. First it was the slipper bench, then I was reflecting back on Saturday evening, and now this. I don’t know if I can wait for Lori to get home to scratch my itch.”

“I can see how agitated and worked up you are, Sheila baby. I have just the remedy for you, darling,” Cathy purred as she took Sheila by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

Cathy held Sheila and kissed her longingly as they stood along side of the bed. Her tongue pushed past Sheila’s lips and worked inside of her mouth, sliding across her teeth, flicking the tip of her lover’s tongue as if it were her clitoris. She let her hands roam over Sheila’s buttocks and up her back to her shoulders, pulling her so close that their breasts were mashed flat. Cathy could feel the heat from Sheila’s sweltering cunt as she pressed againt her own. Her juices were beginning to flow and she felt her own pussy heat up as she ground into Sheila.

“Oh darling, I want you,” Sheila moaned around the tongue dancing in her mouth.

“Yes, my sweet. I want you, too. I want to kiss you, lick you, eat you and make you feel so good, baby. I want to taste your pussy, drink from your lucious cunt and feel your clitoris between my lips. I want to make you come.”

Cathy wasted no time as she undressed Sheila, kissing and nipping her here, there and every where as she progressed. Sheila helped Cathy get out of her clothes so that they were both naked and lying on the bed. Cathy got on top and resumed kissing Sheila with renewed fervor, alternately pushing her tongue deep in Sheila’s mouth and then suctioning her lesbian lover’s tongue into her own mouth. Breast to breast, hip to hip, pussy to pussy, they kissed intensely. Cathy worked her thigh between Sheila’s legs, pushing them farther apart until she could feel her lover’s wet cunt lips rubbing into her skin. Sheila sighed and began to rhythmically grind herself against Cathy’s leg.

“Oh baby, fuck me. Fuck me so good. I’m so hot for you. Make me come, lover,” cooed Sheila as Cathy pushed her thigh firmly into Sheila’s waiting quim.

Shelia cried out when the first orgasm overtook her. The pressure of Cathy’s thigh was enough to bring on her climax. But she knew there was more, and when Cathy moved her lips to Sheila’s breast, she came again. A short, deep seated release rushed from her gut. The way Cathy sucked her nipple and plucked at it with her lips was enough to send her over the top.

“More, Cathy. Make me come again and again.”

Cathy’s lips traced their way down, leaving a wet trail along Sheila’s stomach and through her pubis. Teasing, Cathy kissed the inside of Sheila’s thighs, licking the dripping juices from the tender skin and offering tiny love bites that made Sheila twist and squirm in an attempt to get Cathy’s mouth directly on her cunt without any more waste of time. Shifting around, Cathy positioned herself in the classic sixty-nine attitude and pressed her pussy into Sheila’s face. Cathy licked the length of Sheila’s throbbing cunt, thrusting her tongue deep into the open slit before sucking the rigid clitoris between her lips. At the same time, Cathy was fucking Sheila’s face, pounding and pushing against Sheila’s nose. mouth, and chin. Sheila tried to slow down her gyrating partner and capture her nether lips in her mouth. She wrapped her arms around Cathy’s hips, cupped her ass and pulled her tight against her face. Now she probe Cathy’s pussy with her tongue, sucked on Cathy’s emerging clitoris, licked the juices flowing freely from her cunt. In unison the two women sucked and licked and fucked each other. Tongues dove deep inside, curled and brought delicious fluids from within, tasting and savoring the tangy sweet juices. Each giving and taking, coveting and defying, sustaining and withholding, fucking and being fucked at once. Lost in each other, time stood still. Except for the fucking, for the ecstasy, for the pleasure and the passion, nothing more existed. The welling inside was excruciating, the hunger unbearable, the ache intolerable, the need devastating. Tongues blurred in a frenzy along pulsating shafts, pierced deeper into engourged caverns of velvety folds, whipped honeyed nectar into rivlets of creamy froth. Lips pulled slippery lips, enveloped rigid clits, engulfed throbbing cunts, and worked their magic until the inevitable explosion racked the two lovers.

They came together. Simultaneous blinding flashes, supersonic claps of thunder, crashing wave after wave pounded through their beings. It was overpowering insensibility and unbridled passion, breathtaking agony and awesome ecstacy, fantastic pain and extraordinary pleasure erupting instantaneously and hanging on for an eternity. Quakes and aftershocks rebounded from one to the other until both were completely satiated, totally exhausted and spent. After some moments of recovery, Cathy crawled around to face Sheila and kissed her softly. They tasted of themselves and their own unique combination.

“Oh my God. I never knew it could be so wonderful, Cathy,” Sheila whispered. “How can I ever thank you? How can I ever thank you enough for showing me how beautiful two women together can be?”

“Shhss. You already have, lover. You already have.”



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