Just Another Sissy Husband

by karen jensen

No! I won't do it!" I responded to my stepdaughter.

"Mom" she whined turning to my wife. "It's the only way I can get this finished."

"Justin" my wife turned to me "the request is perfectly reasonable. Do it!"

"But I'm a man. I can't put on a dress."

"It's only so she can hem it. You do want Rosa to look nice for her school dance, don't you?"

"Yes, but.."

"And the two of you are the same size and she obviously can't hem it while she is wearing it."

"But she is taller than I am. If she uses me as a model the dress will be too short."

It was quite embarrassing actually. Rosa was about an inch taller than me and Amanda, my wife was 3 inches taller.

"I can compensate for that" replied Rosa.

"No. I'm not going to wear a dress. And that is final!"

I folded my arms and made it clear there was to be no further discussion. I knew I had to take a stand and did it.

Amanda turned to me.

"Tell me Justin, what happened the last time you disobeyed me?" I swallowed hard remembering the humiliating incident. "Answer me!" she shouted.

I jumped back, suddenly frightened.

"You...you spanked me."

"And what did you do?"

"I..I cried."

The memory was close to bringing tears to my eyes and I could hear Rosa giggling.

"Would you like another spanking?" "No" I whispered.

"Then remove your clothes!" "Here? In front of Rosa?"

"Yes, you have wasted enough time with your arguing. Besides, you don't have much to hide."

I felt myself blush as I slowly stripped down to my boxers. Rosa quickly slipped the dress over my head and zipped it up the back. It was a red strapless a-line mini dress.

"This won't due" said Rosa. "He has no boobs to fill out the top and his boxers are showing. I can't hem it like that."

"Rosa, get your step father a pair of panties and a strapless bra. In fact, while you are at it, get him pantyhose and the heels you will wear. That way you can accurately gage the length of the skirt."

"And you, Justin, remove the dress and your boxers."

I waited for her to unzip the dress and pulled it over my head. I then reached for my own clothes. I had had enough.

"What do you think you are doing Justin?" asked my wife.

"There is no way I am going to wear all that girlie stuff. Real men don't do that. I am going to put on my clothes and go out. Rosa can find another model."

"I am tired of your complaining. You will do as I say."

Amanda put the dress down on the table. Before I could react, she grabbed my arm and while sitting down, easily pulled me across her lap. She pulled down my boxers and began to spank me. She alternated between both cheeks and the backs of my thighs. I lost count quickly of how many times she hit me but it did not take long before I was crying, kicking and screaming like a baby and begging her to stop. I promised I would do anything she wanted. When she finally stopped, she pushed me off her lap and onto the floor.

By this time, Rosa had returned with the other feminine garments I was to wear. She looked at my naked groin and began to laugh.

"Wow! He is really tiny, isn't he mom?"

"Well, he won't win any contests for size" my wife replied.

"Seriously, he is no bigger than some of the boys I baby sit and they aren't even 10 years old. How does he satisfy you, Mom?"

"He has a talented tongue, Rosa. Now get back to your sewing project."

Rosa threw a pair of panties at me and told me to put them on. I took the panties and slipped them on. It was a red thong, the same color as the dress. She ordered me to stand and wrapped a red strapless bra around my chest. She padded it with tissue to give the illusion of breasts.

Then she showed me how to put on the pantyhose and had me step into a pair of red pumps with three inch heels. She helped me stand and once I had my balance she slipped the dress over my head and zipped it up.
It was at that point that I realized the curtains were open and anyone walking by the house could see me.
"P..please Amanda, can we close the drapes. I don't want anyone to see me like this."

"No, I need the light to read and Rosa needs it to do her hemming. You will just have to deal with it.
"I have an idea mom. Justin is kind of effeminate looking, if we comb his hair a little differently and put some makeup on him, anyone walking by will think he is a girl, and not just a sissy."

"I'm not a sissy!"

"Oh really. How many real men would allow their wife to spank them the way mom just did to you."

Before I could respond, Amanda gave me a choice. "Girl or sissy, Justin. Decide now!"

Realizing I was in a no win situation I opted to look like a girl.

Rosa took me into her room and sat me at the vanity. There she combed my longish hair into a more feminine style and applied makeup to my face. I was not terribly surprised at how feminine I looked. I wasn't going to be walking down any runway, but anyone seeing me would have little doubt that my gender was female.

She grab bed my hand and led me back to the front room. The she helped me onto the stool she was using and went about marking the hem of the dress. When she was done marking, she had me step down from the step stool and unzipped the dress. She carefully lifted it over my head and went off to sew it.

I tried to remove the bra before Amanda stopped me.

"You need to stay dressed so Rosa can check the hem when she is finished sewing it."

"But I am cold like this" I replied looking for an excuse to put on my own clothes."

"Wait here! And don't touch your clothes. I will be right back."

Amanda was gone about 5 minutes and threw some piece of clothing at me. It was a dress. A short black dress with long sleeves and a straight skirt.

"Here! You can wear this!"

It was not a suggestion. I slipped the dress over my head and started walking out of the room so I could get away from the front window.

"Wait!" she commanded.

I stopped.

"You walk very well in those heels. When have you worn them before? "N..never. R..really" I lied, hoping she would drop the subject.

She stood up and walked toward me.

"No one walks as well as you do in 3 inch heels without practice. Now I want to hear all about it or I will have no hesitation at introducing you to Mr. Hairbrush. Do you understand, Justine?"

I nodded, unable to speak. Her use of the feminized version of my name did not escape me. The memories came flooding back, too close to the surface and I feared I would start to cry.

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