Corset Punishment

I had been going around with my girlfriend for about three years and we had an understanding that someday we would get married.

To please me and hold my interest, Alicia wore a stiff leather corset boned with steel stays because I derived much gratification from looking at a girl with a very narrow pulled-in waistline. Alicia had suffered untold misery during the years we were going around together from her laced-tight corset.

The tight sensation pleased me so much that Alicia was forced to wear the stiff corset laced as tightly as it could be pulled all day, much to her discomfort, in order to please me. It sure must have been a wonderful relief for her when I went home and she could remove the constricting garment from her nippedin waistline.

Every time the subject of marriage came up after we had been going together several years, I adroitly changed the subject or mentioned the lack of money, work or some other reason why we could not get married at that particular time. I might have gotten away with my many and varied excuses about not getting married to Alicia for many more years if her mother had not come to visit her for a month's vacation.

Alicias mother was a tall husky woman, who I learned later had been a very domineering wife and had made life extremely miserable for Alicia's father. Her mother had henpecked and browbeaten Alicia's father, subjecting him to much scorn by forcing him to do the household chores around the house t which usually were considered as being woman's work.

When Alicia's mother inquired the reasons why Alicia was still not married, my girlfriend poured out her heart's woeful tale of my many and varied excuses. Alicia's sorrowful story made her mother very angry at me and she told her that she had suffered long enough at my hands and to take no further excuses from me. She ordered Alicia to break off an engagement and to tell me that either I married Alicia or stop seeing her so that she could have a chance with some other eligible bachelor.

The mother gave Alicia instructions on what to do to me in retaliation for demanding her to wear the tight corset so long a time. The next time we met after her mother had gone home, Alicia once more brought up the subject of marriage and once again I made some lame and poorly thought up excuse to her.

She became infuriated immediately and told me what her mother had said. This led to a heated argument when I called her mother a meddling old fool. This statement vexed Alicia all the more for she had a mother idol worship for her mother and she told me that she was breaking our engagement but first she was going to make me suffer as I had done to her.

Pulling open a bureau, Alicia took out some pieces of rope and almost before I realized what she was up to, she had neatly bound my wrists together in front of me and knotted the ends to a closet hook. I tried to pull free but the ropes did not give and I was now helpless and at the mercy of my soon-to-be ex-fiance.
Then Alicia took out the stiff black leather corset which till now I had not noticed that she was not wearing. This was a pleasant shock to me for her narrow waistline was pleasingly pulled in and seemed to be pulled in even tighter than usual by a wide leather belt she was wearing around her waist.

"I'm going to make you wear your own uncomfortable corset and make you suffer the same way for all those years that I put up with it just to give you some pleasure," angrily shouted Alicia. "I'm going to make you dress up in a tight sheath dress, leather highheeled laced boots and corset, just as you ordered me to do to please you. I've now grown so accustomed to wearing this type of apparel that I can no longer go about without having to wear some or even all of these items all the time."

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