Punished By Mother’s Rules

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Judy Thomas was one of the finest behaved kids that you could ever hope to find anywhere, she was courteous, kind hearted, and very obedient. You could say that she was a model child. She was just going on fifteen when her life began.
On the other hand, Jody Thomas, Judy's other self, during his whole life, there was only one thing that bothered him.

No matter how hard he tried, there was just nothing he could do right for his widowed mother. He understood that she had gone through some very hard times, after his father died, and for some reason, she was taking it out on him, for something he had no part in the making.

Her methods of punishment was something that was hard for Jody to understand or deal with, for what ever offense he was accused of doing or not doing, his mother would always punish him, by making him dress up completely as a little girl, with the taffeta dresses, stiff petticoats, white stockings, and patent leather little girl style shoes. Then he would have to spend that time playing little girl games, or play with girls toys.

It was his mother's way of taking her revenge out on the men of the world, and show how she felt about them. She was trying to destroy Jody's chance of ever becoming a man, by feminizing him as much as possible, and treating him much better when he was dressed up like a girl than as a boy.

Jody was only three when his father died, and from that time on, Mrs. Thomas kept him dressed up as a girl all the time. When he became seven, and it was time for him to attend school, she had to send him as a boy, and shirt would come off and he would be put into pretty frilly dresses and made to play with his dolls. He was never allowed to play with the other kids from the neighborhood, or from school. So, for the most part, Jody really didn't know any better, and enjoyed being with his mother.

As Jody approached around the age of ten or eleven, he began to question his mother about having to dress up as a girl. She would tell him that since he was such a bad boy all the time, it was her way of punishing him, with out hitting him. But a few months after that his mother was almost forced to forget her idea of keeping him in dresses. His friends were starting to show up around the house, and the fact that Jody said he was going to tell the teacher at school what he had to do every time he got home. This made her a little nervous. So she let him become a boy, doing things with other boys.

Every once in a while, Mrs. Thomas would catch him doing something, no matter how minor it might have been, she would dress him up in a dress and make him stay in the house for that day. She got away with this at least twice a week, for the next four or five years.

Jody was getting bigger, and learning more about what real life was about, and her chances to dress him up got fewer and fewer, until one day just after he turned fifteen, he stole something from a candy store and got caught.

This was now Mrs. Thomas's chance to really get him good. It had been several months since she had given him petticoat punishment, and the clothes she used then were now just too small.

On the way to the store, to pick her son up, she stopped at a girl's dress shop, and bought several dresses, then to several other stores to buy underwear, stockings, shoes, and everything she was going to need to start her plan in motion. Then she went to the store to pick him up.

Once in the store, she apologized to the owner, and paid for what he got caught taking, and promised that he would never ever steal anyhing again. Then she took Jody by the scruff of the neck, and dragged him to her waiting car, opened the door and pushed him inside.

As they drove the short distance to the house, Jody saw the bags of things in the back seat and knew the labels all too well. His mother was telling him that this was the last straw, he was really going to pay for this stunt. He was going to be put back into dresses, and she didn't care who he told about it.

In fact, she was going to call the school herself, and explain what had just happened, and make the proper arrangements, and get permision from the principal to register and send him to school as a girl for the rest of the school year, and maybe longer if necessary.

Jody didn't really think that she would go that far, but as soon as they got into the house, she sent Jody to his room, then picked up the phone and talked to the principal, explaining all the trouble she had been having with Jody, and how she wanted to punish him with petticoat training, and end the problems she was having with her son by sending him to school in dresses to shame him into doing the right things, before it was too late to help him.

The principal told her that since the problem was so severe that arrangements would be made, and he was sure that starting tomorrow he would be able to attend school registered as a girl.

Mrs. Thomas called Jody out of his room and told him what arrangements had been made. Jody was horrified when his mother told him what was going to happen to him. He had only been shoplifting the things to get in with the guys, and that he explained just how wrong and how sorry was for doing it.

Mrs. Thomas wasn't even listening to his pleas. She just gathered up her packages and bags and led Jody to his room. She got a clothes basket and emptied his drawers, closet, and laundry bag of all his boy's clothes. Then she opened up the bags and boxes and took out some of the frilliest and most feminine clothes Jody had ever seen and put them away into his drawers and hung the dresses up in his closet.

When she was finished putting his pretty new frilly wardrobe away, she turned to him and ordered him to strip completely naked.

Jody turned to run for the door, but Mrs. Thomas grabbed him by the arm, and flung him across the room. Jody landed with a heavy thud against the far wall. Mrs. Thomas was still a very strong woman and Jody knew that she could really hurt him if she wanted to.

Jody got up slowly and began removing all his clothes. When he was naked, Mrs. Thomas took up the clothes and threw them in the hallway along with his other male things.

His mother then went over to his drawer and took out a pair of pink lace-trimmed nylon panties, gave them to Jody, and told him to put them on. As he was doing that, she took out a matching colored bra, with seamless cups and two foam rubber pads and gave them to him. She didn't have to say a word. Jody just slipped the thing on like a real girl would, then placed the foam pads into the cups, which filled the small B cups very nicely. Next came a pink garter belt and a pair of beige, thigh-high seamless stockings. He slipped on the beribboned garter belt, then rolled the stockings up his legs and fastened the tops of them to the shiny silver slide hooks.

A pink satin slip was then pulled over his head, and the thin shoulder straps were adjusted so that the slip hung on him properly, about mid- thigh. Next came a pair of black patent high-heeled pumps with three- inch heels. He slipped the glistening feminine shoes on to his feet, then tried to stand up. This was the very first time that he had ever worn shoes with heels that high and his balance was a little off. He almost fell over twice, but after taking a few minutes to get used to the new height of them and a few practice steps, he finally managed to walk in them well enough to finish getting dressed. He was getting better with each step as he got used to the unfamiliar height of them.

Once his mother saw that he could manage walking in black shiny high heels, she took the dress out from the closet that she wanted him to wear, and a stiff white ruffled petticoat. As she had him step into it, it rustled noisily as he pulled on the elastic waist band, trying to get it in place around his waist. Then she opened the zipper down the back of the pink taffeta dress and helped pull it over his head, and adjusted the skirt around the white heavily-ruffled petticoat, then zipped the frilly little girl's taffeta party dress up the back and tied the wide waist ties into a large bow at the small of his back.

Jody looked at himself in the mirror and could see how weird he looked. He was wearing high-heeled shoes, stockings, a petticoat that made the skirt of his dress stand almost straight out, and worst of all it was a little-girl's-style taffeta party dress, with a white lace Peter Pan collar, and short white lace trimmed puffy sleeves.

He turned to face his mother, and told her that he didn't mind her dressing him up like a girl, but this was just too embarrassing for even her to want him to wear.

She told him that as long as she was in charge, then things would be done her way, without question or he would be going to school in diapers.

She took him to her room and sat him down in front of her make up mirror, and began doing his make up and hair.

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