by Stephanie

The Bangcock Go-Go Bar

I went to dinner with two colleagues. After dinner the two other guys wanted to check out one of the go-go bars in the red light district of Bangkok. Although that is not my thing, I felt coerced to agree so we could stay together.

Walking among the dozens of bars, it didn’t take Jim long to pick one.

As we entered there was a low stage in the center of the large room on which a half dozen naked girls were dancing suggestively humping the brass poles that rose to the low ceiling. We were seated on a slightly raised sofa like bench along the wall facing the stage. A waitress took our order – three beers. In addition to the girls dancing on stage, there were many more oriental girls milling around dressed only in bras and panties. We were joined by three of these young ladies even before our beers arrived. The place was clean and reasonably well light with red lights as background and ultraviolet lighting that made the white lacy bras and bikini panties that the girls wore glow a bright blue-white.

The whole setup was reminiscent of the go-go bars on Bourbon Street in New Orleans except it was cleaner, the girls were prettier and they were oriental. With one or two exceptions, the oriental girls are small and slim with relatively small tits.

The three girls inserted themselves between us and introduced themselves, KuhnLee was the girl who had picked me out. As we watched the show and drank, the girls put their arms around the guys and occasionally stroked their legs.

I found it embarrassing and uncomfortable, remaining almost perfectly still and watching the show on stage. Even though I didn’t move, KuhnLee was particularly active playing with me; sometimes sitting on my lap, alternating between stroking her legs and the insides of my legs and crotch; sometimes sitting on the floor in front of me between my legs reaching up to stroke me; occasionally moving her hands to my chest and playing with my nipples through the knit Izod shirt I was wearing. Although she spoke no English, she made it clear that she was enthralled by my nipples which hardened under her touch. She also enjoyed joking with the others that my breasts were bigger than hers (me being a little overweight, there is indeed something “grabable” there and she was very thin and nearly flat chested).

After about a half hour I wanted to leave, but the other guys insisted we stay and have another round of beers. The teasing went on for another hour and despite myself I started to find it enjoyable and stimulating, almost cumming once as KuhnLee gyrated her butt in my lap while stroking my nipples. I was getting a bit anxious and really wanted to get out of there. Finally my colleagues agreed to leave.We paid for the drinks and started to leave. I had left the change from the drinks (about the equivalent of eighty cents).

As we were halfway to the door, KuhnLee was tugging on my arm yelling at me in Thai. One of the other girls who spoke some English translated… seems KuhnLee was insulted by the small tip; she would rather have had no tip at all rather than having her services be mocked. I apologized as best I could without speaking the language, assured her that no disrespect had been intended and gave her a real tip of 100 Bhat (about 4 dollars) which would have been a normal tip. …under other circumstances it might have been tempting to give her the 1000 Bhat (40 dollars) for her to return to my hotel and spend the night. …I would have been more comfortable if our roles had been reversed. Worse than that, it was humiliating to have KuhnLee yelling at me in front of everyone in the bar.

My colleagues had planned to go to another bar while I indicated that I would return to the hotel. They left laughing as she continues to yell at me. Then, two bouncers are at my side and, seeing that my friends have left, they force me to follow KuhnLee to the back of the bar into a dressing room. One of the bouncers explains in English that I have caused KuhnLee to loose face amongst the other girls. I apologized again but he said that would do no good – I would need to demonstrate respect for her in a tangible way. He went on to say that no one would hurt me and I could leave if I wanted, but if I were truly sorry, I would do whatever KuhnLee asked in order for her to regain the respect she had lost. Knowing how important this can be in Asian cultures and since Thailand has a reputation as being relatively safe, I agreed.

The bouncers left and KuhnLee took charge motioning for me to strip completely. As I removed my undershirt she again began to play with my nipples and hairy chest. She giggled at my shaved crotch and legs as I stripped off my pants and panties (Yes Mistress, I was wearing my pink panties as you have ordered). Obviously pleased that I was cooperating and following her directions she stoked my legs and lightly smacked my smooth ass.

Then she disappeared and returned a minute later with a large bowl filled with warm water and a razor…she was going to shave the hair off my chest. I hesitated for a moment but then agreed not wanting to offend her again and also secretly relishing the thought of having the last part of my torso shaved. When she had my body hair free, she applied her perfumed body powder from my neck to my toes.

It was the same powder that had given her the sweet almond smell that had turned me on to her earlier.

She disappeared again but I didn’t have to wait long to find out what going to happen next. She returned with a low cut half bra which she apparently borrowed from one of the larger girls. That along with nearly transparent white lace bikini panties had me dressed like the other girls …while I was thinking about how I looked, KuhnLee had donned my shirt and pants which were way too big for her tiny petite body.

She then took me by the hand and led me into the larger dressing room where 6 to 8 girls were getting ready to go out into the bar and onto the stage. Now KuhnLee’s punishment became clearer… we were to switch roles and I was to caress, pander and kiss up to her in front of the other girls. …and that’s exactly what I did for the next 3 hours until nearly 2:00 am with other girls coming and going. I was able to take a break whenever KuhnLee had to go out and dance.

Speaking through one of the other girls who translated, KuhnLee let me know that she was really pleased, had regained the respect of the others and saved face. She informed me that since I had been such a good sport, she would be spending the night with me at my hotel room for no charge …but I would have to wear my new undergarments for her and it would be me who would be the whore servicing her.

KuhnLee returns with me to my hotel room in the early morning hours. Once inside she motions me to get out of my clothes. I strip down to the bra and panties which she had put on me earlier. As I am doing this she is looking around the room curiously …finding the airline amenity kit I had received in Business Class en route to Bangkok. She motions me to lie on the bed on my back as she removes the satin blindfold from the airline bag…which she places over my eyes suggestively stroking my temples and ear lobes in the process. With the blindfold in place, I knew that the ear plugs couldn’t be far behind…and sure enough, in another moment her soft fingers were forcing the foam ear plugs into my ears.

With my tactile senses heightened by the loss of sight and hearing, she resumed playing with my tight nipples. She continued to be enthralled with my chest as her stroking and kneading of my nipples and chest continued. So far, I was able to guess her moves, but the next one came totally by surprise. It seems she removed the shoe lace from one of my shoes and proceeded to tie it tightly at the base of my pussy cock and around under my balls. My pussy cock had been erect before, but now is it was absolutely as hard as a rock.

I felt her rolling a condom down over the stone hard shaft… then the hot tightness of KuhnLee’s sex as she slowly lowered herself down onto me, her personal dildo. Her broken English command “No Cum!” was pretty clear as she decided to ride my shaft for her enjoyment alone. With the blindfold and the ear plugs, I could only tell her excitement by the pace of her humping on my frozen cock. …I realized if I did cum while she fucked me she would again be angry. I somehow managed to hold out for what felt like an eternity but was only 35 minutes of KuhnLee’s pleasure.

When she was thoroughly satiated, she dismounted but continued to play with my hard nipples as she removed the condom and the binding around the base of my cock. Then she started jacking me off with her hand while she grabbed and clutched at my balls. It wasn’t long before my captive pussy cock was shooting hot cum all over my stomach, chest and chin. I felt her fingers in the slippery cum but being blindfolded I couldn’t see her bring her cum coated finger to my mouth until it entered between my open lips. Over the next 15 minutes she proceeded to use her fingers and long fingernails to taunt, tease and feed me my own cum… until it was all consumed.

It was now late and KuhnLee removed my blindfold and earplugs, motioning me to position myself across the foot of the bed… Draping her spread legs over me with her petite pussy in full view, she closed her eyes and we both went to sleep. The significance of this position was another way for her to demonstrate her superiority over me …the feet are viewed as profane and the inferior part of the body in Oriental culture placing her feet over me signified that I was indeed a lower life form, a lowly slut.

The alarm went off at 6:30am and I awoke to find KuhnLee talking in Thai on the phone. After a few minutes she handed the phone to me… a girl on the other end asked in broken English how long I would be at the hotel. When I replied three more days, she informed me that KuhnLee had decided that she would continue to have me as her escort for the next two nights until I left Bangkok – I was to meet her at 7:00pm in the lobby each night after I returned from work. I started to question what we would do but the girl on the phone said I had no say in anything and had no choice…just meet KuhnLee at 7pm. I looked up at KuhnLee to see her smiling brightly knowing full well that she was in complete control.

Needless to say, the day went by slowly anxiously awaiting the further adventures that evening.

Displayed – The next evening

Sure enough KuhnLee was there in the hotel lobby when I returned from the day’s meetings and accompanied me up to my room. She directed me into the shower where she joined me with a fresh razor. Under the hot spray she proceeded to soap me up and shave away any stubble on my entire body…paying extra attention to my nipples as she shaved my chest. When she turned off the water KuhnLee directed me to kneel in the tub and kiss and lick the water off her legs, ass and eventually bringing my mouth to the pointy hard nipples on her nearly flat chest. Satisfied by my oral homage we got out of the tub and dried off. She powdered me from head to toe with her beige tinted sweet smelling almond powder before having me don the white lace bra and panties again.

My normal short sleeve white shirt and light pants covered the female lingerie. …then we were off to dinner. At a local Thai restaurant, KuhnLee proceeded to order for both of us clearly demonstrating to the waitress that she was in control …for all I know, she may have even told the waitress what I was wearing under my shirt since at one point the waitress looked over at me and smiled. The food was a bit spicy… thank goodness for the beer – I had three before the meal was done. KuhnLee motioned for me to pay the bill …then we left. For the next two hours we went bar hopping with KuhnLee taking me from one bar to another as crowds grew, the night life became more intense and I got more drunk from the beers.

It was after eleven that we were at a go-go lounge similar to the one where I had first met KuhnLee the night before (was it only the previous night? It felt like she had been in control of me forever). KuhnLee obviously knew the place and the girls as she spoke with several people when we entered. I was surprised when we were joined by two other scantily clad girls who sat on either side of me and began stroking me as KuhnLee had done the night before…gently playing with my legs, arms and ears. One of the two girls spoke some English telling me to just relax, enjoy and do nothing. As they continued to stimulate me I suddenly noticed that KuhnLee was no longer beside us.

The girls continued, unbuttoning my shirt halfway down, exposing the lace bra as they played with my sensitive nipples…all this in the crowded lounge while several girls danced and gyrated naked on stage. As the two girls crowded in on me I felt one of their hands at my waist, undoing my belt and the top of my slacks …I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, being exposed in public even though the room was dimly lit. As I looked up, I saw KuhnLee naked getting onto the low stage and dancing suggestively to the pounding music. Making it clear that she was dancing for me she made lewd gestures plunging her petite fingers deep between her legs, while at the same time the two girls at my side continued stoking me. As the intensity of KuhnLee’s display increased, the girls started rubbing my hard pussy cock encased in the lace panties. It wasn’t long before the four hands rubbing my cock and pinching my nipples together with KuhnLee’s wanton display had me cumming in my panties as I moaned loudly. One of the girls dipped her finger inside the waistband of the panties and brought her slippery wet finger to my mouth to be sucked clean as the other girl zipped my pants back up over soppy sticky panties. A few minutes later KuhnLee returned dressed. The two other girls left my side only to return shortly thereafter and the four of us left the bar getting a taxi back to my hotel.

In the room I proceeded to pleasure all three girls orally kissing their legs, asses and sucking on all six tits as they enjoyed themselves for a while. Then, as KuhnLee had done the night before, I was blindfolded, had my ears plugged, cock tied up, and this time covered with several condoms to dull my feelings. The three of them seemed to have a good time riding my cock and playing with each other as I lay prone unable to see or hear the action. During this time they apparently used my camera to take several pictures as the flash penetrated the blindfold.

When they had been satisfied, the blindfold and ear plugs were removed followed by the shoelace around my cock and the condoms. Rather than just jerking me off on the bed as she had done before, KuhnLee had me get up and stand on the small round coffee table in the hotel room…almost like a small stage. KuhnLee positioned herself in front of me, my cock at the level of her small tits. One of the other girls stood behind me, reaching around and playing with my cock while the third girl used my camera to take pictures. It didn’t take much to jerk me off releasing my pent-up cum onto KuhnLee’s flat chest. I then dropped to my knees still on the coffee table and proceeded to lick the cum off her tits while the scene was recorded with the final pictures on my roll of film.

The two girls then left and I spent another night sleeping under KuhnLee’s feet. To my surprise in the morning when I awoke, an envelope with the developed photos (and negatives) had been slipped under the door. KuhnLee kissed me on the forehead as she left saying in her faltering English, “Tonite – see again”.

Surprising Services Performed

Returning from work I again found KuhnLee waiting in the lobby of my Bangkok hotel. She greeted me in Thai and we went up to my room. Once again she motioned for me to get undressed while she went into the bathroom…I heard the water running then she emerged and directed me into the bathroom. On the counter was a disposable enema bottle. Pushing me down over the sink, she administered the enema as efficiently as any nurse could have. Turning me around, she had me hold it inside while I sucked on her hard pebble nipples that adorned her nearly flat chest.

When she was satisfied with my oral attention I was allowed to release the enema. …while sitting on the toilet she rubbed some cream onto my chest and crotch. As it started to tingle I realized it was a depilatory cream (I guess she decided it would be more effective than the razor) …then she directed me into the waiting perfumed bubble bath in the tub.

When I was dried and powdered she produced a new set of undies …deep lavender silk bra and panties. The panties had “Thailand Slave” delicately embroidered on them in pink. I thanked her for the gift and said I would gladly wear them for my KuhnLee. …we had dinner at an open air Thai restaurant again with her again doing all the ordering. The food was hotter tonight making beads of sweat form on my forehead…I guess she felt I was becoming accustomed to Thailand or she wanted to be sure I had plenty of beer to prepare me for tonight.

We did a little bar hopping but then without leaving the district, she took me down an alley and in a side door. It was another dressing room for a club…but it was more upscale. Instead of the girls being nearly undressed in their lingerie, here they were elegantly dressed in fancy dresses. One tall amazon of a woman wore a deep blue long silk gown while another shapely lady wore a knee length fluffy red satin dress. …and there were more women all well dressed as if they were going to a fancy ball – I got the impression that this place may have been modeled after a 30’s style southern whorehouse.

KuhnLee had me strip to my new lingerie right there in front of all the women. The next thing I knew, three of them were all over me with makeup, perfume, fingernails and nail polish, and more. They were expertly making me over into a woman but I couldn’t see exactly how I looked because they had my back to the large mirror on the wall.

When the makeup was done, they put me into a short cocktail dress that exactly matched the bra and panties KuhnLee had given me… I was starting to understand that this was no chance coincidence – she had gotten the underwear to match the dress. A matching garter belt and black mesh stockings completed the outfit.

All this had taken less than 30 minutes during which time the girls had also been stroking my legs and crotch whenever the opportunity presented itself which kept me hot and horny. They turned me around so I could see myself in the mirror, the girls had done a great job on my makeup and clothes. The final touch was a wig… long straight black hair which together with the way they had done my eyes made me look more oriental or Amerasian than pure Caucasian.

KuhnLee approved, exchanged a few words in Thai with the girls and laughed. One said that KuhnLee wanted me to show my appreciation by getting on my knees and kissing the feet of all three of the girls that had done the work. I looked at KuhnLee and she nodded…so what could I do. On my knees I leaned over and carefully kissed the six high heels in front of me. The tall amazon lifted the hem of her long blue silk dress and motioned me to continue kissing my way up her leg. She encouraged me to continue higher as she dropped the skirt around me. As I was about to reach her pussy, she grabbed my head and pulled my face hard into her crotch. You can imagine my surprise when I found I was kissing a hard cock rather than a moist pussy through her silk panties.

Then the pieces started to fit together… this was one of the TV places that I had heard about…boy had I been had in more ways than one. All of the “girls” there were very convincing. Despite the fact that I am not really bi, I had little choice but to kiss the crotches of all three “girls”before I was allowed back on my feet.

KuhnLee explained through one of the others that we would all be going out into the bar and for the next three hours I would be working there to entertain the customers, drinking with them, stoking them and letting them stroke me. She said not to worry, they would keep an eye on me and one of them would intervene if any customer got out of line or insisted on taking a “girl” back to his room.

I wasn’t sure I could do this …trying to excite and seduce guys who may or may not realize what I am …but before I had much time to think about it, they were all hustling me out into the bar. After two drinks I had calmed down a bit and the beat of the music was starting to get me going.

As two men entered the bar, my friend in the blue silk dress grabbed my arm and we both sauntered over to welcome these guys. She took the taller of the two while the guy I was with was shorter and younger… about 30, 5’6″ with blond hair and a muscular build. We sat down in a booth near the wall …they ordered their first round of drinks for all of us and started watching the TV strip show on stage.

I tried to be subtle and snuggle up to my guy, putting a hand on his leg. He did nothing to stop me instead encouraging me my opening his legs wider. The petting and groping continued through the next round of drinks and dancers… he started to get bolder, running his hand up and down my leg. As the intensity increased he loosened his belt, grabbed my hand and shoved it under his waistband so I felt his hot hard cock in my fingers. I knew what he wanted and started to jerk him off …as he stared into my face and I could see the excitement in his eyes, he reached all the way up my leg and started rubbing my cock urgently. We both went at it and it only took another moment before my hand was drenched in his hot creamy cum and a second later I came, turning my panties into a sticky swamp. Knowing what I would have wanted in that situation, I pulled my hand out of his pants and brought my cum coated fingers up to his mouth…he licked and sucked on them without hesitation just as a flash went off. It was the bar photographer (another cute “girl”) who said in broken English ….”be right back with picture you take home to remember”. I was confident KuhnLee would be sure that two prints were made of that picture.

A little later the men left …I received a very nice tip of 500 Bhat (about $20) which I gave to the other girls. That was the highlight of the evening in the club …before the night was over I sat with two other customers but never went beyond stroking their legs.

As business started to wind down in the early morning hours, KuhnLee, the two “girls” in the blue and red dresses, and I left to go back to my hotel. KuhnLee again had me kissing the legs and butts of the other two before telling me through one of them that I should be punished for cumming while working. She positioned me on my hands and knees on the bed as I was told that the two “girls” were going to fuck my ass as punishment…now I understood the earlier enema which had not been part of the previous day’s activities. My panties were pulled down to my knees as the first girl’s cock started to penetrate my ass…fortunately she used a lubricated condom. There was a little pain at first, but then I was just starting to enjoy it as I felt her stiffen and cum. In seconds the cock in my ass was replaced by the cock of the amazon in blue silk. As her big cock fucked my ass, KuhnLee jerked off my cock with her soft hands. The amazon came with a grunt and I followed shortly behind, with KuhnLee pumping my cum into her other hand.

As the other two girls got dressed to leave, KuhnLee carefully massaged my cum onto her feet…. I was on my knees licking her toes as I heard the door close behind them. KuhnLee’s fingers were busy in her pussy satisfying herself as I continued to lick her feet.

In the morning KuhnLee gave me a big kiss as she played with my nipples one last time. Before leaving she gave me a card from the bar where we had met with her name on it along with some notes in Thai… she said to be sure to look her up next time I’m in Bangkok and even if she’s not there, the card has a “note of introduction” to be sure I am treated “properly”.

Later that day I was able to keep the boredom of the 20 hour flight back home out of my mind by writing down these events of the last three nights to share with you… and contemplating how I can set up another business trip to Bangkok in the near future.

The End
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