Class-Less Reunion

classless reunion

Chapter One

Danielle pulled her two year old leased Toyota into a parking spot, grabbed her purse, clicked her car lock, and walked to the entrance of the Whispering Pines Nursing Home. The receptionist familiarly greeted her as she signed in and walked to room 312.

“Hi mom.”

“Hello Darryl” said the small frail lady in the bed.

“No mom. Remember I changed my sex. I’m Danielle now.”

“Oh yes, I remember. Did you just come from the house?”

“No mom, I drove in from Springfield, you know I live there now. Remember I am signing the contract on selling your old house today.”

“Oh yes, I remember”

“Did you visit your friends today? You know Peter always asks about you when he works on my teeth. He’s such a wonderful man.”

“I haven’t yet today, but I will call a few up a little later.” Danielle groaned inaudibly under her breath. “I think Peter is busy today”

After about 45 minutes Danielle left her mom’s room and drove to the old house on Cherry Street. It was listed in the real estate as a cute charmer, and it was; small, two story pale grey with maroon trim.

She thought, “Wow. I’ve called at least fifteen friends using my male voice and no-one wants to see me. Four weeks ago Peter the Obese said he was busy redoing his dentist office and couldn’t see me. He can’t redecorate. He probably has some workmen there and is telling them that this room should be yellow and this one green. The rest had lame excuses too, except for Richard who told me that he sees no-one. I know he’s an utter recluse, and he’s excused because he is telling the truth.”

The closing at the real estate office did not go well. There had been some glitches and two documents needed to be redone. It took two hours instead of fifteen minutes.

It was 5:00PM when Danielle left the office and the sun was setting in a sickly yellow-grey sky.

“It’s seventy miles from Shallow River to Springfield and the roads will be slushy and icy. It’s an hour and a half on a good day.” thought Danielle. “I think I will stay at the Chandler’s Inn tonight.”

Chandler’s Inn was an institution in Shallow River. It commanded the corner of Main and Townsend since 1927. The hotel part was four stories tall, but it was also the town watering hole and had a so-so restaurant and dance floor as well. It seemed to have an aura of pride around it.

Danielle got a room and decided to eat dinner in the bar instead of the restaurant. There were only four people there, the regulars hadn’t started filing in yet. After chicken carbonara and iced tea she ordered a mixed drink, taking tiny sips to kill time.

A dull roar emitted from the bar TV. The man at the next table groaned as the Syracuse quarterback on the tube threw a thirty yarder and hit the receiver in the end zone. The man’s gloom was short lived, however, as the referee called offensive pass interference and two male cheerleaders dressed like leprechauns jumped up ans down and swung their shillelaghs on the sidelines.

If Danielle wasn’t anything, she wasn’t shy. “You’re not from around here are you?” She asked.

“Hardly.” he said.

“How much do you have on Notre Dame?”


“You like to take risks.”

Soon they were in a conversation across tables about football, Danielle’s favorite sport. Then they were in a conversation at the same table about rock music, Danielle’s favorite subject.

“Do you play any instrument? Henry, the dark haired man asked.

“I used to play bass guitar.”

“A little unusual for a woman.”

“I’m an unusual woman,” as Henry was soon to find out.

Henry was staying at Chandler’s as well, and soon they were in his room.

“There’s something I need to tell you.” Danielle said. “I told you that I am an unusual woman (now how am I going to do this gracefully?) Have you ever had a woman with something a little extra?” She looked deep into his eyes with an expression that said, “I’m serious now.”

Henry caught on fast. “How much extra?”

“On a hard day’s night, about two inches. It’s called the remains of a past life. Do you have trouble with that? And, don’t worry, I have all the lady parts too (aah, well explained).”

Henry didn’t seem to have problems with that, at least, he didn’t say so. Instead he suggested finding some music on TV. Daniellle flipped through the music channels until she got to the blues channel. The sounds of Buddy Guy filled the air so they danced the slow drag for the rest of the song. Moms Mobley and Bonnie Raitt were on next and Danielle mouthed the lyrics to “Don’t Advertize Your Man. Both of them started laughing in the middle of the song and ended up with a big smooch.

Henry ran his finger down the neckline of Danielles top. “Aren’t you the eager one!” she purred.

“Eager beaver.”

“Or eager for beaver”

“Let’s get rid of your silly costume” Danielle whispered. She pulled off his jacket and removed his shirt. “Almost a six pac, well not quite almost.”

“That comes from living gooood, and now I get to work on you.” Henry helped Danielle slide out of the deep purple velveteen top and pale blue bum lifter jeans. She was down to the two tone lace panties and bra and she made sure he lost his pants fast.

They danced a few bars of the next song and did a blues roll onto the bed. “Gimmie some sugar, sugar.”

“You ain’t gettin’ none o’ that, at least not yet big daddy.”

“how do you know, you haven’t checked big daddy yet.”

“OK I will.” And she did. “Hmmm it is getting big. Let’s see what it licks like. Danielle stripped off his shorts and took it in her hand and gave it a lick. “Mmmm that’s a good cannoli.”

Danielle took the “cannoli” in her mouth and started sucking. First just the head, then deeper and deeper. “That’s enough! Huff-puff it’s your turn.”

Henry gave her a lingering kiss, then kissed her feet. Running his finger around her toes he followed the path of his finger with his toungue. He slowly ran his finger up her leg. Danielle spread her legs and Henry positioned himself in between. Danielle’ equipment was spread out before him.

“Pretty much ceremonial is it?”

“Yeah, pretty much. It isn’t going to spring up and bite you.”

Henry used the same technique on Danielle’s clit as he did on her toes. Then he licked and sucked on her labia.

Danielle started happily squirming as little spasms went up inside her and there were twinges of pleasure running up and down her extra finger. As the varves of pleasure grew within her, Danielle wrapped her legs around Henry and started bucking her hips. “Oooh, oooh, Oh Henry, O’Henry, O’Henry, O’HENRY, Aaaaaagh!”

Danielle melted into the mattress, but soon she started sucking Henry’s cock again. She got on all fours and cuddled the pillow. Henry fingered her quim and slowly worked his member inside. Slow at first, then harder and harder Henry rammed into her hole. Her little penis flipped back and forth and actually started to get hard.

Henry then massaged her other hole with his member and Danielle’s tiny toy penis spasmed with another orgasm, although nothing came out. Henry withdrew and Danielle’s mouth was all over his cock. After no more than five or six strokes with her mouth his cum hit the back of her throat. Danielle gulped it all down and licked her lips.

They both collapsed on their backs and soon Henry was asleep snoring.

“Oh pooh.” said Danielle “I wanted to go downstairs to hear the band.” She thought about it; got dressed; her lipstick was OK, the paint on kind, but her hair needed fixing. She left Henry a note with hearts on it, left and went downstairs.

A local band, Tony and the three Twits, was playing. They were only intermittantly good, but it was entertainment. Danielle started to circulate around the room to see who was there that she knew. Then she saw him, Eric Frosch, the biggest bully in high school. He had beaten her up twice when she was a he in high school. Seventeen years later he looked the same, only fatter and jowlier, and he was trying to put the make on an uncomfortable looking woman.

Danielle left in disgust, went upstairs and knocked on Henry’s door. After a bit an almost sonombulent Henry answered the door.

“Let’s go to bed” Danielle said. She entered, and the door shut.

Chapter two

Two weeks later Danielle pulled her two year old leased Toyota into a parking spot, grabbed her purse, clicked her car lock, and walked to the entrance of the Whispering Pines Nursing Home. The receptionist familiarly greeted her as she signed in and walked to room 312.

“Hi mom.”

“Hello Darryl” said the small frail lady in the bed.

“No mom. Remember I changed my sex. I’m Danielle now.”

“Oh yes, I remember. Did you just come from the house?”

“No mom, we sold it to pay for your stay in the nursing home.”

“Oh yes, I remember.”

“Did you visit your friends today? You know Peter always asks about you when he works on my teeth. He’s such a wonderful man.”

“I’m not looking up any of my friends, they’ve got their own lives to lead.”

“You should look up Peter.”

“I don’t think so.”

After half a minute of silence Danielle’s mom spoke again, “Have you seen Isabella, you used to date her.”

“It was only three times, but . . . yeah ma, perhaps I will.”

After she left Whispering Pines Danielle called Mrs. Perez using her male voice. She found out that Isabella was working at the Lava Java Coffee Shop three blocks down Main from Chandlers until 3:00PM. She arrived there fifteen minutes later.

As she approached she could see a rather athletic looking woman with curly black hair behind the counter. That was Isabella, except for two customers at a table the place was dead.

“Hello, what would you like? The scones are half price today.”

“Hi Isabella, sure I’ll have a scone and a latte to go with it.”

“Do I know you? You look familiar and you don’t.”

“That’s an odd way to put it and you’re right. Do you remember back in high school you dated Darryl a few times, well Darryl is now known as Danielle.”

It took a few seconds for an expression to appear on Isabella’s face. When it did she dropped the scone.

“And you’re Danielle.”


“It will take me a minute to digest this one. Have a seat, I’ll bring your order and let’s talk.”

Danielle sat down at a small table in the back of the small coffee shop, away from the two other customers. In about three minutes Isabella was at the table with two frothy lattes and a fresh scone.

“This has got to be a good story.” she grabbed Danielle’s hand, looked her in the eye and said, “You will tell me the whole story and leave nothing out.”

Danielle did uninterruptedly for twenty minutes, while Isabella sipped the other latte. Then Isabella had to go to the counter to fill a to go order. When she came back she told Isabella that she owed her a story too. Isabella’s took only five minutes and ended with, “Nothing ever changes in this dippy town. I didn’t even bother to go to the tenth and fifteenth year high school reunions and I won’t go to the twentieth.”

More customers came in, but after a bit Isabella was back again, “Who have you looked up, besides me?”

“No-one. That is no one wants to see me. I know it’s not because I switched teams, because I used my man voice. You can’t erase that.”

“It’s because they are jealous. They are stuck in Opieville while you get a good job in Pittsburg, and even when you get transferred to Springfield ’cause you care about your mom it’s light years better than this place.”

“Oh,” said Danielle, as a new thought came into her mind. “Two weeks ago I saw Eric Frosch at Chandlers. As soon as I saw him I left; couldn’t stand to be in the same room with that jackass.”

“He’s a narcissist and a (what do they call a evil, creepy man . . ?)psychopath.”

“Yeah he’s both of those.”

“He beat you up a few times, called me Pocahontas because I wore braids and made lewd gestures at me, destroyed Ellie’s reputation with lies because she wouldn’t go to bed with him, and made Mateo’s life miserable because of who he was. He hasn’t changed a bit. He’s married now, cruses for chicks at Chandler’s and constantly cheats on his wife”

“I wish we could get back at him.”

“Yeah, me too. Mmmmm . . . maybe we can.” Isabella started to hatch a plan. Soon both of them were refining the details.

Isabella told Danielle to meet her at Isabella’s apartment at 6:00 and gave her a spare key to let herself in if she got there first.

Danielle did some necessary shopping at Intimate Indiscretion, a sweet hole in the wall lingerie and evening wear shop, and drove to Isabella’s. Danielle did get there first. Isabella’s apartment was the upstairs part of a two story Cape Cod style house. She went up the stairs on the side and let herself in.

Some of the walls sloped inward as they were the backside of the roof, and there were dormers with big windows. The kitchen was a bright yellow and the living room a pale purple. It was big enough for one or two persons to live comfortably.

Danielle made herself some instant coffee and waited in the living room. First she looked at three paintings on the walls, not very professional signed I. Perez, and then some pottery on the bookcase, done a little better, also signed I. Perez. About thirty minutes I. Perez came through the door.

“Sorry I’m late, I had to pick up some things and it all wasn’t easy.”

Isabella laid out the contents of the two bags on the table. There were a pair of pink rabbit ears and a rabbit tail, big pink ruffled panties, a pink bra size 44DD to match the panties, pink bunny slippers, a piece of foam rubber, a large rubber dildo, a Halloween maid’s outfit, a feather duster and a pair of handcuffs with fake pink fur on the inside.

Danielle busied herself getting ready. She needed to be enticing enough and didn’t want to be recognized by Eric after the caper was completed. She slipped into a new matching bra and panty set; partly black sheer silky material and partly lacy reddish orange. The lacy part camouflaged her “leftover” just enough to make it unnoticeable. She did her face making it a shade or two paler than normal and then started on her eyes. She enhanced her eyebrows with auburn eye pencil, then a light warm color over the middle part of the lid, and then a hot reptilian iridescent finish to the outer portions. Next Danielle added some false eyelashes, pondered whether to double them, and decided not to. Finishing off with eyeliner extended out horizontally a-la Cleopatra, extra mascara on the lashes and retouching the eyebrows she was ready for one of Isabelle’s wigs.

Isabella had cut the foam rubber and slathered it with lots of rubber glue inside the bra cups so they were ready for the evenings work, then she sewed the bunny tail on the back of the panties. She fastened the handcuff key to a piece of string.

Danielle did her lips with deep red matte paint on lipstick, put on some tight jeans and a new top she picked up at Indiscretion, a cowl necked metallic electrum colored number. Then Danielle asked for one of her wigs, and Isabella brought in the perfect number. It was auburn with bangs and about 4 inches past shoulder length. It’s hair tips feathered in toward the face, making Danielle’s face look narrower.

“Now do I look like me?”

“Not really. Not at all.”


Danielle put on some 4” heels and her fur lined jacket and was ready to go. Isabella put all the strange items into a paper bag along with a red marker, put on her jacket and they left.

Chapter three

Isabella and Danielle drove to Chandler’s in Isabella’s car, arriving at 8:30. Before they entered Danielles face twisted in revulsion.

Isabelle took her aside and around the back of the building. Handing Danielle a tiny pot pipe and clicking a lighter, she urged, “For emergencies. This should help.” Danielle took a toke, shook her hands, shook her shoulders and said she was ready.

Irritable Bowels, a local band was already playing. Both women entered separately and went to different parts of the room. The band was playing Proud Mary at full volume.

It only took Danielle a minute before she spotted Eric standing with a friend trying to tell him a story over the din of the band.

Danielle moved into position, waiting for the right moment. It came soon.

The band started playing a quieter tune; the fifty some balding singer crooned, “People are strange when you’re a stranger. Faces look ugly when you’re alone . . .”

Pretending to be tipsy, Danielle accidentally on purpose stumbled into Eric. “I’m sorry gentle sir, I thought I was supposed to be where you are, but I’m not, and you are.”

Eric latched onto the opportunity like a leech to a swimmer’s toe. “Then let me help you to where you are supposed to be. I’m Eric.”

Halfway through the song Eric was ushering Danielle toward his favorite love-nest, a seedy motel called The Almost Inn. As they left through the front door the sounds of the band faded away, “When you’re strange, no one remembers your name. . .”

They drove in Eric’s car, and as they pulled out of the parking lot another car followed at a discreet distance. Danielle made sure she got a second key card from the motel office, and Eric ushered her into Room 7, his favorite. “Oh by the way.” he said, “What’s your name?”


Danielle dropped her purse into a chair, slipped the bag behind the chair and slipped the handcuffs into the back pocket of her jeans. She teasingly unzipped Eric’s jacket and said, “Do mine.” She repeated the process with his shirt, and they moved into lip action. Danielle moved her hand down to check the size of Eric’s equipment, which seemed to be already cocked and ready for action.

Within a few minutes Eric’s pants were off and Danielle was almost up close and personal with it. By now her hand was not enough and Eric sat on the bed and pulled her head to his cock.

Danielle wished she had about two more tokes off the pipe, but she put her mouth on Eric’s cock, even though she could feel her stomach churn. As she started to slip the cock into her mouth she realized that their plan was flawed. She was to get him on the bed, roll him over and handcuff him. Eric weighed almost twice what she did and there was not a chance she could pull it off.

Danielle revised the plan in her brain. The new plan was desperate, but it had to work. She sucked Eric’s cock a little longer, then carefully pulled her top off over her head; she slipped her pants down a little and rubbed her top on her crotch. Hiking her pants back up, she rubbed the top in Eric’s face, giggled, tickled him, quickly reached around behind his back, and cuffed a hand, then cuffed the other hand. She had taken Eric totally by surprise. His hands were cuffed behind him.


‘We’re gonna make bunny love.” Danielle pushed him back on the bed. She grabbed the pink bunny panties and slipped them onto Eric. Then she put the bunny ears on hid head.

“I’m going next door to get whipped cream and cherries.” That and giggling and tickling seemed to mollify Eric.

Danielle slipped on her top and coat, grabbed her purse, the handcuff key and slipped Eric’s cellphone and key card into her pocket. “Back in five.” she left and shut the door.

Danielle walked to a car that was almost hidden behind a utility shed about thirty feet away. She opened the passenger door and slipped in.

“What’s his wife’s name?”

“Alice.” said Isabella.

“Hmmm. Here it is.” Danielle texted Alice on Eric’s phone. “Alice, please come at once to Room 7 at the Almost Inn, Eric”

“Think she will do it?”

“I dunno. Oh, there she’s texting back.” Danielle turned off the phone.

Isabella handed Danielle a can of whipped cream and a small plastic baggy of cherries. “You have about seven minutes before Alice arrives.”

Danielle went back to the room and opened the door. “I’m baaaaack!” She raised her arms like a cheerleader.

“Does my bunny wuv me?” Danielle foamed a big heart over Eric’s bloated stomach. “And here’s some cherries for my bunny wonny!” she put a few cherries into the foam and stuffed the rest into Eric’s mouth, then sucked him hard again.

“Oh dear, I forgot the chocolates.” Danielle grabbed the red marker from the paper bag and wrote, “My miss pink bunny ears XOXOX Anastasia” on it and slipped the cell phone back into Eric’s pants.

“I’ll be back in three.” Danielle left the room, shut the door and stuck the key card on the slot on the outside. She walked the hidden car and got in. Both women started giggling.

Half a minute later a woman from Room 12 walked by the door and saw the key card. She pulled the card from the door and took it with her to the office.

Both women stopped giggling.

“She will be here soon.”

“I have another key card but I can’t put it in the door until the woman goes back to her room.”

After what seemed like a long time the woman walked back to her room with a small plastic bin of ice.

Danielle slipped back and put another key card in the slot. She dashed to the car.

“You put the handcuff key on the door?”

“OhmyGod! I didn’t”

Danielle fumbled for the key, found it in her jacket pocket and dashed to the door. She looped the cord over the door handle and dashed back to the car in a total panic.

Two steps from the car she lost her footing on a patch of ice. Danielle’s knee hit the ground and her elbow hit the door. Softly shrieking and cursing through clenched teeth she crawled into the passenger seat as a car pulled in off the street and drove to an open spot next to Room 7. The girls rolled down their windows to listen.

Alice knocked at Room 7, then noticed the key card and the key on the door handle. She opened the door, and for a second stared in incomprehension. Then, “Eric, are you out of your mind?” Then, burst out in uncontrollable laughter. She turned on her cell phone and clicked it into movie mode. This should be good.

She noticed the bag of strange things that Danielle had conveniently moved to the table as she left the room for the last time. “Hmmm. A dildo, a maid’s outfit and a feather duster. I’m confused, do you want to be a maid or a pink bunny?”

Eric stood next to the bed confused and humiliated and cold, because the door was still open. “I. . . want. . . it’s not . . . It’s a surprise. I wanted to surprise and amuse you.” He regained a little of his composure, as he rapidly thought up an excuse.

Alice looked at the bag and read, “My miss pink bunny ears XOXOX Anastasia.” Her eyes narrowed, “Who is Anastasia, miss pink bunny ears?”

Eric lost it, “It’s a plot. It’s a conspiracy. You and Anastasia cooked this up together! You two did this to me! To me, ME! It’s all fake, and you did it. You set her up to it.”

He got more excited, “ I’m going to kill you both. I’m going to kill you both! I’m going to kill you and Anastasia for doing this! I’ll get you! I’ll get you! I’ll, I’ll. . .it’s fake. FAKE! I’ll stomp you both. I’ll kill you Alice. I’ll get you, you, you BOTH!” An enraged 250 pound red-faced handcuffed pink bunny jumped up and down, screaming.

Alice glared at the bunny, “You will do none of that. I’m sending film of your tirade to Sarah and Claire now!” She sent as she spoke, “If you give me any trouble this goes to the police.”

Eric realized he blew it. “Not Claire, no!” whined the distraught bunny, “She’ll put it on facebook or u-tube. Please no, no.” The bunny’s voice trailed off, it’s shoulders slumped, even it’s ears drooped and it started sniveling.” Alice sent text and pictures as it pleaded.

Alice unlocked the handcuffs and tossed them in the bag, “Pick up your stuff and come home miss pink bunny ears. From now on you are doing a full day of housework at home in your maid’s outfit and bunny ears every Saturday and cleaning or the wash most evenings. I will be talking to your boss at work to see if they need maid services done on Sunday. Of course all those wages will be surrendered to me. If I decide to have a gentleman over you will serve us in your maid’s outfit as I see fit. You will clean up after us which may include licking up as well and you will not set foot in Chandler’s. The consequences of failure are huge.”

“Time to go.” said Isabella, as she quietly started the car, slipped it into drive and eased out of the parking lot. Behind them a crying pink bunny was loading up it’s car with what it had thought would be the trappings of a great lay and not looking forward to a miserable life.

The girls drove to Isabella’s home. Danielle went straight to the bathroom for a shower to, “Get rid of every iota of scum and sleeze that might have gotten on me from that scumbag.” After she showered she gargled.

Danielle slipped into a bathrobe Isabella had laid out for her and entered the kitchen.

“Come and see” , Isabella had her laptop open. Danielle looked over her shoulder and saw the caption, “Miss Pink Bunny Ears Throws a Hissy Fit” below a two minute clip on Claire’s facebook page. There were several funny comments underneath it already. Both women started laughing uncontrollably and watched it two times more.

“It’s so funny my sides hurt now.”

“I peed in my pants over it,” said Isabella, “be right back.” and she headed for her bedroom.

Isabella put her hand on Danielle’s shoulder and looked her in the eye, “I gave up men almost ten years ago, because I had it with them.”

“You mean?”

“Yeah, it’s women now.” They slowly but resolutely eased together for a long lingering kiss; the start of a wonderful evening.

For the next year and a half Danielle went to Shallow River each weekend to see her mother and each time she went she stayed overnight at Isabelle’s. Miss pink bunny ears never dared to set foot in Chandler’s again. Many people in Shallow River took to calling Miss Pink Bunny Ears by her new name.

The End

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