The Panty Thief

The Panty Thief

The Panty Thief

“You’ve been coming here rather regularly, Mrs. Aldrich,” beamed the clerk in the lingerie department of the town’s leading shop. “Are you collecting bloomers and panties?” he joshed.

“Not quite,” responded attractive Lois Aldrich, inserting her slender talon-like fingers within the folds of a pair of sea green panties to be certain they were sheer enough and soft to the skin. “But… someone has been stealing my panties.., and some of my slips from the clothesline in the backyard. We just can’t catch the thief. My husband, Bill watches all the time, but the thief must come in the dead of night.”

Bill, a husky football player with bulging muscles, bull neck and thick cords of solid muscle around his shoulders and hips, explained to the clerk that they had spent more than fifty dollars on lingerie in the past two months.., only to have the treasured items stolen. “Well, maybe the thief will trip up himself someday soon,” hoped Bill Aldrich. Then he studied a pair of flouncy panties which the clerk held up. Pure red satin, the panties were soft and very smooth to the gentle touch; and delightfully embroidered with a field of purple peonies on the inside thigh. “These panties look expensive,” he said appreciatively.

Lois’ attractive features scowled. “Oh, Bill…always thinking about money. Don’t you want to see me wear pretty things?” She held up the translucent pair of panties and waved them gently. It was like a perfumed scent from a sachet box in a bureau drawer. “And those peonies are so real, you would almost want to pick them.” To the clerk she said hastily, “We’ll take them. And throw in that satin rose-fringed garter. It’s so exciting, reminds me of the good old days when stage performers always wore a satin garter.”

There was little that Bill could say. His wife had the upper hand in his home and while he did not resist her strong willed authoritative ways, there were times when he wanted to raise his voice to her. But he just bit his lip. He was always afraid that some friends of his at the football team would discover that such a burly, brutish type of man could be twisted around Lois’ little finger. And if there was insult to be added to injury, it happened that evening in their parlor, after supper. Bill had settled down in a leather club chair for a look at the television set when Lois called from the kitchen.

“Look at this pair of panties, Bill!” When he did not come, she went to the parlor and angrily snapped off the television set. “There’s a terrible run. I’ll have to sew this up right away.
Silk is so soft and comfortable, but when it has just the slightest run, it can be ruined.” “What do you want me to do about it?” he grumbled.

Lois became infuriated. She stamped her tiny foot, shod in a pair of alligator open-toed shoes. The pencil-thin heel sported a decorative scheme of an ancient maze.., where helpless slaves were told to find their own ways of escape.

Sparks danced from the metal tipped heel. Bill caught sight of these and blanched. He always held a dread of Lois’ temper. She could certainly fly off the handle if she so desired.

“I’m… I’m sorry, Lois,” he said humbly.

“Well, if there’s a run in those panties, just sew it up.”

“But I can’t sew the panties unless I wear them.”

“But I don’t know how to sew, Lois,” protested her husky football player husband.

“Just try your best, dear.”

This surely did not satisfy the angry wife.

“Bill – you are going to wear the panties., and I’ll sew the run good and secure.”

“What?” he recoiled as though the sharp crack of a whip had been snapped beneath his exposed nose. “You mean that you want me to put on a pair of panties.., please, Lois, not that! I mean, what would the boys on the team think of me? Can’t you buy another pair of panties?” He dug into his pocket for his wallet. “Here… here’s the money,” he held out some bills.

Lois grinned at him. “Nothing doing. We’ve spent enough money on lingerie what with that thief always stealing what I hang out on the line.” She placed her hands on her hips and scowled at him. “Come on, get out of those sloppy mannish clothes and those disgusting pants. Put on some real clothes for a change. Get going, buddy.” She tossed him the silken panties. “I’ll be in the kitchen. Call me when you’re ready. And make it snappy, I’ve got things to do and want to sew up these panties because I’m going to wear them tomorrow.

Honestly, I just haven’t got a thing to wear.. with that thief having stolen everything.”

When she had disappeared in the kitchen Bill was left with his own thoughts and the transparent pink panties with the embroidered purple peonies. They were such flouncy things.., and he, a football player, with husky bulging muscles.., wearing a pair of panties! Talk about the house-broken male!!! Muttering angrily, half-aloud, Bill held up the silly looking frilly panties. “Darn it all, he mumbled.

“What’s that?” his wife’s angry face appeared from the kitchen.

“Nothing, dear,” he hastily apologized.

When she had gone back to the kitchen, humbly and meekly, Bill had no choice but to follow through. These panties were certainly expensive and it really wouldn’t do to let just this one run be responsible for throwing them away.

Bill shed his clothes, feeling rather foolish and chilly, just in his shorts. Finally these were put out of the way and then he stepped daintily into the pair of soft, silk and satin embroidered panties. As the gentle fabric caressed his muscular legs and upward around his thighs, he felt a rather embarrassing stimulation. He flushed furiously and hastily pulled the panties higher, up around his hips and finally the soft, protective elastic band was firm and secure around his full and rather muscular waistline.

The field of blue peonies were glowing along the inside thigh, rather tickling him and he had to wiggle. A side-glance at a mirror made the husky football player feel all the more embarrassed. He had frequently been compared to an Atlas, a muscular magnificence, handsome, thoroughly masculine with a superbly developed physique. And here he was a muscle man – clad in a pair of sheer pink panties which covered him from his corded muscled knees up around to his waist line almost obscuring the navel which was a proper fit.
Timidly, he called out, “All right, Lois.” He was sweating profusely, feeling very embarrassed. When Lois came out, her mouth opened wide into a perfect O.

“My, my,” she teased, then running her hand along the bulging panty-covered hip which made him squirm. “Look at the pretty boy. Billy, dear,” she pinched him, then tweaked his reddened cheek. “Tight, aren’t they?” “Don’t rub it in, Lois,” he said hoarsely, the deep flush creeping up from his husky bull neck right up along his ruddy football face. “After all, I’m all-man, you know. I don’t like to be seen in these panties. Please, Lois,” he pleaded, “hurry up and fix that run.”

“Very well,” she said gaily. “I’ll get my needle and thread.”

While she was gone, he walked up and down before the mirror. The bulges of his football muscle development certainly seemed incongruous with the dainty silk. He wondered how some of those screen sirens managed to look so carefully poured into a pair of silken lingerie.

“Taking a little walk?”

Bill whirled. Lois had been watching him, a smirk on her pretty face. Bill’s flush turned to a deep beet red. “Why don’t those heels make more noise so I can hear you pitter patter around the house?”
She smiled. “I just love to watch you wearing those panties, my football hero.” She held up the glistening needle and thread. “Well, come over here and I’ll start sewing.., and if I hear another peep out of you, I’ll make you get over my lap while I sew the run.., the way my own mother made me do when my own panties were ripped.”

Quickly, lest he get into more trouble, panty-clad Bill stood beside Lois while the sharp needle pierced the gentle pink fabric along the thigh and began its expert stitching. Slowly, the needle made its way upward until the job was finished.

With a sigh of relief, Bill said, “Now, do you mind if I slip out of these panties and get into my regular clothes?”

“Not yet,” she said harshly. “I want to see if that stitching will hold up when the panties are fastened to a garter belt and then some hosiery. Here,” she tossed him a rubber garter belt. “Put this on and then this pair of black mesh fishnets. It’s the latest thing in fashion, you know.”

“Yes, I know.”


“I… I mean, I know what I’ve got to spend so much money on you for.., now, look here, Lois, this has gone far enough…”

“It’ll go much worse for you, if you don’t do as I say!” Her face had become a masque of fury, her lips a bloody gash on her stark white face.

“Now, put on this belt and then those stockings…or I’ll get real good and mad!”

Bill felt a quickening of his pulse. He always feared this dynamic, overpowering trait of his wife. Unlike the fury on the football field where it was sportsmanship and fair play, when Lois was infuriated, she could be of such a ruthless power, that he dared not cross her. “Very well,” he sighed with resignation. “I may as well get it over with.” He slipped the rubber garter belt with the dangling copper snaps, onto his hips.
He had to wiggle and shimmy, much to his embarrassed discomfort, especially since Lois, with a peculiar smile of triumph, was watching his every intimate movement. If any of his rough and tough locker mates would have seen such a burly football player being cowed into wearing panties, garter belt and stockings by his tiny wife, he would never have lived down the humiliation. Finally, the belt was tight against his muscled waist. Then, he shoved his husky foot into the silk stocking, drawing it carefully upward until it was a very tight fit. Finally, the other stocking was in place, the garter belt snaps secured the hem of the stockings. Bill had to admit to himself that they certainly did fit well.

As an added dash of excitement, Lois insisted that he wear the rose-embroidered satin garter belt.., high up around his upper muscular thigh. Then she urged him to walk around and commented on how well he was able to wear panties and stockings.

“They do fit very tightly, Bill dear. And I’m satisfied now that my sewing will hold up under the strain. Now, go upstairs and get dressed and leave those things on my night-table.” Bill took his other clothes and walked up the staircase.., while smiling Lois watched him. At last, safe and secure in his bedroom, he was able to strip off the girlish panties, garter belt and hosiery and then put on his own clothes.

He paused, before leaving the room, to slowly open the bottom drawer of the dresser.

Lois never looked here because it was filled with his football equipment, clothes and supplies. He dug down deep until he felt the soft fabric of the “stolen” panties, silken slip, and those heavenly satin bloomers that had been “stolen” by the thief last week. To himself, Bill happily said, “I’ll have to practice wearing these in private. If only I could make Lois understand – then I wouldn’t have to pretend being a ‘thief’.”

The End

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