The Spidanatrix

By steel doll
Playing with girls was not just a hobby but a way of life for Tim and things had always been easy for him from sports to women. Tim had just found this new site on the Internet and what intrigued him about this site were a category of women that classified themselves as a Dominatrix.
These women seemed confident, intelligent, and for the most part better than men. The part that really attracted him was the god awful beauty of these women. Tim had played with girls all through high school /college and had never found one that was his equal.
So, to find a self proclaimed class of women that openly stated that they made men their bitches was a challenge that could not be ignored. In fact it pissed Tim off that any woman could really think that they could best a male. Who did these women think they were anyway?

Tim had grown up learning from his father that men ruled the world and his family life demonstrated this fact quite pointedly. Tim's dad said, and his mother did and that was how Tim saw life. That was until he contacted The Spidanatrix on the new site he discovered and found out just what a dominatrix was and could do. Tim’s plan was to introduce himself to The Spidanatrix, send her a picture of himself and she would be dropping panties for him in no time. Tim’s good looks and charm always had this effect and he had no reason to think differently about this lady. Tim had done his homework on the web site and The Spidanatrix was hands down the most beautiful woman not only on the site, but the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Tim knew he had selected his prey well and now he just had to hunt her down.

She had an inner beauty that shined so bright, that it blinded men into making errors in judgment.

Beauty was not just skin deep when it came to The Spidanatrix. No she had always been blessed with outside beauty, but it was the inner beauty that shined so bright, that it blinded men into making errors in judgment, that she capitalized on quickly and efficiently. The Spidanatrix wrapped her victims up one strand at a time in her sticky web until they were helpless and completely in her control. Her intelligence, beauty, and confidence were more than a match for any man and her newest little pet was going to be fun to snag. Little boi’s like Tim were just so funny to The Spidanatrix. They all thought that their looks and a bit of charm was all it took to gain a Ladies interest. With Tim this was not only the case but he was also a genuine asshole, who thought men were better than women and he was going to be taught a hard lesson that would change his life forever.

For the past few weeks The Spidanatrix had been taking phone calls from Tim and learning much about him. Most of the time he called drunk and liked to brag about his six figure salary and how so many women wanted him. The Spidanatrix just listened and casually agreed with Tim to keep him talking. She was taking notes about Tim and little did he know that she would soon be spinning a web that he would never get out of. The Spidanatrix had a plan for Tim and the fact that he was oblivious to his eventual capture made The Spidanatrix wet with anticipation. The first strand of The Spidanatrix’s web had been spun and Tim did not know it, but his addiction to her beauty and voice was quite apparent. It was time for the next strand to be spun…

Talking to this self proclaimed Dominatrix was expensive but Tim found himself enjoying their conversations and more to the point he felt that he was almost to the point of getting The Spidanatrix to drop her knickers. Tim knew she was impressed with his looks, job, and his material positions. She was always asking him questions about his work, friends, family, and such. Tim was so impressed with how things were going that he just relaxed more and more in his conversations with The Spidanatrix. In fact he was beginning to think about her more and more while at work and in his dreams. Last night after getting totally drunk and explaining to The Spidanatrix why men were superior to women, she commented on how smart he was and that she was so totally turned on by his confidence that she needed to get off the phone and privately masturbate to his image and male strength. Tim got off the phone and smugly sent her and email from his company laptop explaining all the sexual things that he would like to do with her and attached a picture of himself holding his cock. Tim went to bed and had his first wet dream in years. Visions of The Spidanatrix haunted him and the pool of semen in his bed was the proof of his eventual down fall.

The Spidanatrix was on the floor not one second after hanging up with Tim, laughing her fucking ass off. He was so arrogant, ignorant and chauvinistic that it just was killing her with laughter. Oh this was going to be fun taking this little bitch apart and rebuilding him into her perfect little cock sucking slut. Mmmmm, The Spidanatrix was just licking her perfect lips when an email from Tim came in. OMG he was such the fucking stupid asshole!!! Not only did he mention all the stupidest things he wanted to do, and send a full body picture of him holding his penis, but he sent if from his company’s corporate email account. The Spidanatrix once again doubled up in hysterical laughter at the stupidity of this dumb, soon to be slave bitch of hers. This was going to be fun…

Waking up with a hangover Tim recalled the previous evening and laughed. He was happy about showing The Spidanatrix more of him and he was sure that she would want more. It was so easy to impress women with his money and looks. God Tim could not wait for tonight he was thinking that perhaps she would give him a free cam show and that would be the beginning that Tim needed to perhaps gain and eventual date with this self proclaimed Goddess. Tim was obsessed with the thought of eventually bedding this woman and taking her from behind showing her who was really in charge. He was really hoping that tonight would be the first of many that would conclude in Tim completely owning this woman. Fuck what a trophy she would make. She was already so infatuated with him that it surely would not be too long Tim thought with a smile.

The life of perfection and paradise was one which The Spidanatrix wore well. Her flawless beauty, Mensa level IQ, and in depth understanding of the male mind made her extremely dangerous. But combined with her firm belief and practice of Female Supremacy she was a Black Widow when it came to seducing, teasing, and eventually capturing men in her web. The Spidanatrix had been spinning her web around Tim long enough now that she knew he was mentally addicted to her and now she was going make it impossible for him to escape. Her next step was to induce in Tim the angst of addiction withdrawal by ignoring him completely. The Spidanatrix knew that little boy’s like Tim became complete idiots when they were deprived of the pleasure material they pounded their little puds to, and Tim was probably the biggest idiot she had seen yet. She was looking forward to this part of wrapping her prey.

LOL it had been a week of the funniest shit The Spidanatrix had ever seen. Tim had been trying to gain her attention for days now, and with each attempt at contact The Spidanatrix had a different excuse. She could sense Tim’s frustration building and knew that the time was drawing nearer to pushing this little bitch over the edge. His attempts in the last two days were bordering on begging and The Spidanatrix was about to give Tim all the attention he had been begging for but it was not going to be what he was expecting. The fun was about to begin for The Spidanatrix and the horrible realization was about to hit Tim square in the face that he fucked with the wrong woman.

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gina laVaLampe

It seems the House of Sissify has loosened the ground up beneath me and im descending, in free fall, accelerating by the vast gravitational attraction of Femininity.

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