True Love

by vickie tern

We were screwing, as we often did mornings to take full advantage of my wake-up erections. She was mounted on my crotch and leaning back with Her eyes shut, slowly rotating Her pelvis on my cock, which had melted into something all Hers, deep and warm and wet inside Her. Heaven on earth, in our own bed.

i was on my back with my hands reaching out to mold and support Her breasts, thumbs brushing casually against Her distended nipples. She’d whimper now and then, and when i opened my eyes i’d see Hers closed, Her beautiful face concentrating on Her body’s sensations, that pert nose and delicate chin tilted high up, full brown hair tumbling everywhere as She tossed Her head to and fro in a rhythm matched to Her pelvic ecstasy.

This was our favorite position. Now and then She’d ask me to clamber up between Her spread legs and ram Her into the mattress, my weight crushing Her and my own thrusting dominating our rhythm. But more often She preferred to kneel lightly over me, in complete control of Her pleasures. Crouched down on Her, i could brush my lips on Her neck, and She’d invariably shiver. But while on top i couldn’t comfortably caress Her breasts, and as She once told me, She always felt pinned down. She didn’t like feeling pinned down.

So She was above me with my penis deep inside Her, revolving Her crotch on mine, a dreamy half-smile fixed on Her face. Twenty years married, kids all grown and gone, and still my heart melted to see that smile! i set up a delicate counter revolution that buried my shank far up into Her to the root. Just delicious. i closed my eyes and sent my mind down into my crotch to live forever.

Still screwing slowly, She said in a preoccupied voice, as if in passing, “you know, I’ve been seeing another man.” “‘Seeing’?” i opened my eyes. Nothing had changed. Hers were still closed. She was grinding down onto me as always. “What do You mean, ‘seeing’?”

“you know. Like now. Fucking!” “Another man? You’re fucking another man?” She was still moving on me, rotating Her pelvis, and my slick shank slid in and out of Her as She rocked back and forth. i waited. She moaned, “Ahhh, darling!” Once, contented. Then more silence.

“Why?” She looked down on me gravely, then closed Her eyes again and pushed. She seemed to smirk, but i realized it was only self-satisfaction, Her extra pleasure as She ground Her clit hard against my pelvic bone. “honey, why does anyone fuck? Because I like it!”

She lifted Herself up and thrust down, then up, then down, and let out a deep sigh. “Yesss,” She hissed in confidence to Herself. “I love it!” Then She leaned way forward on top of me, and the base of my cock pivoted against the inside of Her mound, its underside now thrust against Her wet, velvet vulva. Her hair fell over my face, and Her eyes became dark smudges. i looked up into them. Her expression was no longer visible.

“Ohhh!” She said. “My tits! Caress My tits, you sweet man! Caress My nipples!” She whispered. “Kiss Me! Push into Me! More!” i did all of those things.

“Don’t worry, lover, I don’t want to leave you! And I’m trying to arrange it so you won’t want to leave Me! you’re everything I need and everything I want! Deeper, ohhhh, yes, deeper! Yessss!”

Now She was writhing on me, Her hair waving back and forth over my face, Her tension mounting, Her buttocks heaving, my cock carried along inside Her helplessly, working up and down and around it relentlessly, passionately, gloriously as my own exquisite sensations poised for their great leap and then overflowed, spurted, hurled themselves into Her as She clenched and squeezed and clenched and shouted, “Ohhh, Yesss, Ohhh, Yesss, heavenly, ohhh, heavenly!” And then She collapsed on top of me, Her face pressed against my face, arms squeezing my neck, Her breasts squashed on mine.

i waited until i could find breath again. “Why, then, if i’m everything?” i asked. “Everything is good,” She said into my neck, muffled. “More of everything is better. Kiss Me again, sweetheart!”

i did, but i couldn’t believe we were having this conversation! It was unreal! Without thinking, i kissed Her as so often before, so many times before when we had just made love and were feeling especially intimate. She kissed me back so very tenderly, as if my mouth were a rare jewel, then after a few more deep breaths She sat back up on me and looked down on me, altogether pleased with both of us. i stared back bewildered, my prick not yet soft, still crammed somewhere inside Her.

“My precious!” She said to me. “My darling! I’ve wanted to tell you for so long now. And now I’ve told you. I’m so relieved! I’ve worried it might come between us, but now I feel so relieved!”

“What?” i said. i was dazed. Addled. What questions could i ask? What did i want to know? What not know? “For how long? Tell me again, Cynthia!”

Now She spoke more slowly, patiently, Her hands stroking my chest, enjoying the feel of what little chest hair i had. “I’ve been seeing another man, honey. Fucking him. Rob, you know him, he’s one of the younger men at your office. I’ve quit with my previous. His Wife found out and stopped him from coming to see Me. We’re still friends and She feels sorry for Me, but it’s the same with them as it was with Bill and Helene, and before that with Scott and Francine. With practically all of our friends, really.

The wives all feel sorry for Me, but They won’t share. Betsy was quite rude, in fact, telling Me to keep away from Cal. Actually warned Me to stay away! A shame, because Cal has the most beautiful cock I’ve seen anywhere. Any I’ve actually fucked, I mean. Even more beautiful than yours.”

“You’ve been unfaithful to me? With other men?” i said it, and immediately could have bitten off my tongue. But i was baffled! “Why?” Cynthia looked down on me, puzzled and a little annoyed. “I just told you, sweetie! Weren’t you listening? I like to fuck! You know that! I love it with you! I adore it with you! But I like it with other men too! So I do it with others! Only one man at a time, of course. Besides you, I mean.”

She looked down at me with real affection, and impulsively bent to kiss the tip of my nose. i didn’t turn my head up to kiss Her back. “Aww, you’re upset! Don’t be, sweetheart!” She bent to kiss me again.

“Cynthia!” i tried to get a grip on this lunacy! She’d been sleeping with half the men we knew, and i never knew it, and She didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with it? Their Wives felt sorry for Her? How could i make sense of this conversation? i tried. my penis still snugged inside Her was softening, a little, but it still felt good there.

Without realizing it i pressed up against Her to secure it inside for as long as possible. “my god, Cynthia! All those men? Our friends? Suppose i were to sleep with all of their Wives! How would you like that?” This was the craziest conversation i had ever had! None of it was real!

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