Deep Regrets

by sissy cindy

For the purposes of this story, Her name was Mistress M. She & i met about 18 years ago and went our separate ways about 15 years ago; something i shall forever deeply regret. We were both attending a commuter college in the city. i was an upperclassman and She a freshman student. She was to pledge a sorority and i was already sort of a big man on campus in a frat of my own. Other guys started to talk about asking her out, but i beat them to Her.

The relationship started out the way many do. After a party we had attended, She needed a ride home and She chose to come with me. We “made out” in my car. She was beautiful, sensual and seductively dressed. In time we became a regular item. Since we both still lived at home, with our respective families, our time together was while we were in school, evenings when we both finished our school, at after school jobs, weekends with both of us socializing on weekends and usually later winding up in “short stay” motels. Within the earlier parts of the relationship we discussed our sexual fantasies, She being more free about Her views than i was with Her at first. Her courage and lack of fear of own Her venerability was just one of many early examples of Her feminine strengths.

One night while She was masturbating me in the front seat of my car, after having enjoyed several orgasms of her own, (which was always the way i knew sex was supposed to be), She kept asking me about my fantasies. She kept me on the edge of ejaculation, and try as i might to avoid Her questions, She remained constant in her questioning and sexual manipulating.

“Tell Me… Tell Me !!!… I have to know …I want to know! Tell Me Now!”

i stammeringly answered, “Well, i kind of like, a, uh, umm, …”

“Tell me,” She pressed.

“i kind of like… the way Women pee.”

“Go on,” She continued, as She manipulated me.

“i like to see the way it comes out and the sound it makes and…”

“Do you want to watch me pee?” She inquired. “Is that all? And do you want to help Me wipe when I’m done? Would you like to help Me in the ladies room? Do you want to help Me pull my skirt and panties down? Would you like to kneel down before Me and lift my skirt and lower My panties and pantyhose when I’m dressed up? Do you want Me to sit on the toilet or to squat somewhere else? Do you want Me to pee on you?”

i responded the best i could, in an absolute daze of sexual excitement. “Yes, i kind of like all those things and i love the idea of helping a Woman, … You, that way,” i answered.

“Do you want to drink it sometime? Is that your fantasy too?”

“Yes, but i am not sure if i’d like to do all of those things yet.”

“Humm…i’ll just have to see about that. What else… there must be more… what other ideas do you have? Tell Me I want to know. Tell Me Now!” as She kept rubbing me, keeping me excited and on the edge. The more excited i got, the more loose my jaw became. i, uh, you know, kind of like Women’s lingerie and Their clothes.”

“Do you mean the pretty undies that I already wear or is there something more? Do you mean you’d like to wear some pretty panties and maybe a bra as well, maybe some stockings or a slip, humm… Tell Me…” i could no longer hold the words or truth back from Her.

“Yes all of that.”

“What else?” She continued.

At this point i could no longer, nor did i desire, to stop myself from explaining. All my fantasies came tumbling out in a flood of explanation. i told Her of my need to serve Womankind, the Superior Sex. How being Feminine and having a Superior Female guide me was my most deeply hidden desire and the most important part of the foundation of my sexuality. i told Her how i would like nothing better than to have Her dress me from the skin out as a female, on a semi-regular or regular basis. How i’d love to wear a dress and panties, stockings and a bra with makeup and perfume, to carry a purse, to be feminine, to be Her girlfriend, or anything else, at Her command. i became absolutely weak in my flood of submissive ecstasy.

Her response was, “Good…” as She finally allowed me to cum. It seemed to be a reward for confessing a truth She had long suspected.

Afterward She told me that She and i would have to do a little shopping soon. She also demanded literature on the subject of these fantasies, and wanted to know if i already owned literature on this subject and how often i jerked off to this, etc. She had some of my booklets and magazines to read shortly thereafter. In the meanwhile, most outside aspects of relationship remained relatively normal.

During the middle of the school week, there was a time for student activities or studying built into the college schedule. “Get your coat we have to go shopping,” She said while still amongst our lunch crowd. i excitedly followed Her to a nearby major shopping area containing a large department store. “You wait here while I go in,” She stated. “How long are you going to be?” i asked. “As long as I have to be, you stay here and wait. Be helpful to the Women entering and exiting the store; hold the door for them,” She said as She left my sight.

Her excursion took about 45 minutes as i stood there. “Did you help the Women as they came and left?” She inquired with a knowing smile. “Yes,” i responded. “Did you enjoy waiting for Me as I shopped for your first pretty little present?” “Yes. What’s in the bag?” My excitement was showing in my pants. “You’ll have to wait until Saturday night, and then only if you’re good.”

It seemed like Saturday night took forever to come. When we got to the motel room, She said, “Take off your clothes while I am in the bathroom, kneel down here by the bed and wait for Me to come out.” When She came out, She asked, “Well, have you been good all week? Have you been excited about your little present? I bet you just can’t wait.” Looking between my legs she said, “I can see you’re excited. Ok, beg to see what I’ve got for you.” “Please, please, may i see what you bought for me to wear, please may i see it?” “I believe Mistress should precede my name.” “Please Mistress M., may i see what’s in Your bag?” i begged. “Well all right, here it is.” Out came a pretty lacey feminine pair of Vanity Fair hipster panties with little pink bow at the top center of the elastic waist band. She helped me put them on and She used them to build up our lovemaking and, as i see it now, my fetishism.

The following weekend, She insisted i wear the panties under my clothes when we went out to dinner with our mutual friends. She kept on touching me on the hip through my pants pocket, smiling slyly at me and reducing me to a state of quivering excitement. Later when we were finally alone, she lovingly and dominantly presented me with a second pair of pink lacey bikinis with little bows on the corner of each hip, that turned out to be too small. They were castrating me even though we were the same size 7. She told me unfortunately this was a common occurrence in women’s clothes and something i would learn a lot more about in the future. She said that she’d give the pretty pink panties to her kid sister to use instead. Later she added, “Every time you see my sister, you’ll never really know if she’s wearing your pretty panties or not, you’ll always wonder.”

In the coming months Her dominance over me became more pronounced. While many aspects of our relationship appeared to the outside world normal, in my heart i knew that She knew what i desired most, to be owned and feminized by a dominant loving woman…Her. By this point, things had progressed to the point of Her having me attempt to drink Her ‘special drink’ directly from its source. i did not do too well the very first and only time because of the streams’ speed while lying on my back on the floor. She stormed off to the bathroom and finished relieving herself, then returned to give me a spanking for disappointing Her. After this transgression, She began to have me drink it from a glass She filled in the privacy of Her bathroom, with ice cubes, as i knelt in front of her. She enjoyed whatever i brought for Her, and drank water while standing or sitting in front of me. In the motel She would tie me to the clothes rack that was anchored to the wall and spank me or pull me over Her lap for my spanking. She seemed to like the over the lap position better since She could move Her legs and move my entire body around at Her will, allowing my total vulnerability, giggling as She did. She would ask me questions like, “Does My cunt taste good. I didn’t wipe very well today after peeing in the Ladies’ Room because I knew I’d have you here to clean Me with your tongue.” “Thank You for Your thoughtfulness Mistress, You taste delicious,” was my reply.

In time, She told me that, considering who i actually was, my masculine name no longer really suited me so She had to come up with a Feminine name for me. “I think I’ll call you janet; you kind of remind Me of a simple minded and passive janet.” Later, She measured my genitals with a tape measure, and even though my penis was as thick as Her wrist, its erect length was only very slightly longer than 5 inches. She began to tell me and then made me admit the truth, that i wasn’t really much of a man, since my little penis was less than the average length of six inches. Considering your “submissive sissy personality” and “the size of your tiny little pee-pee, you are more like a Female, but not really a Woman. Since you are still flat-chested, you are more like a little Girl, perhaps even a baby Girl.” i was Her property and all of me was Hers, especially the little pee-pee i had between my legs. Since you are so inadequately Effeminate especially between your legs, from then on you are to refer to those parts as your tiny little clit, and below as your labia and vagina, or generally as your pussy.” She started ordering me “to wear my tiny Girlish pee-pee tucked backwards between the legs, so no offensive unbecoming budge” was showing in an unLadylike way. When we were together, i was called Her little Girl, and She frequently asked me questions like, “How is My little Girl doing today? Has She been good? Have Her panties been wet or has She been good and kept them clean and dry all day? Did She remember to be tidy and wipe Herself after She sat and piddled into Her potty? Did She remember to use the ‘little Girls’ Room’ or did She stupidly wander into the boys room again? Did my little young Lady remember to sit when She made Her pee-pee today? (an offense punishable by regular spanking and ‘pussy spanking.’) Has your ‘little pussy’ been kept all clean and tidy? Let Me see it now little Girl, go pee pee, open your legs, spread your legs wider and squat.”

Months after She had me kneeling before Her, and She informed me that my name was to be changed again, “I’ve decided on a new name for you. I don’t think the name janet really suits you. So I’ve given you a new name, one that you’ll always use in the future. Do you want to know what is? Beg Me to hear it?” “Yes Mistress, please tell me my new name, please.” “Your name is no longer janet, your new name is going to be ‘pussy.’ A name that really suits you. Now what is you new name? Answer me!” “My new name is… ah…, um…, pussy. my name is pussy, Mistress,” i humbly answered. “That’s right pussy, good little Girl, good little pussy,” She dominantly responded. “And remember, that’s also what’s between your legs. It is never again to be referred to as a cock or balls, not ever! It’s a pussy, because you are now what you are supposed to have been, a Girl. Apparently the stupid doctor misdiagnosed you at birth as a boy. I am finally fixing all that. All that is masculine I am taking away from you. What’s between my legs that you worship will now be called my cunt. Is that understood? When you kneel before me and beg you will talk to my cunt and not directly to me. Sex is pleasure that I receive; sex for you is pleasure you give me or whomever I order you to serve. And since we are both Females, you are to purchase dildos and vibrators to give me pleasure since we do not have any cock we can use when we are alone. In time, all my girlfriends will know about you because you will serve them. Their now high opinion of you will diminish as you become just a plaything, just a little Girl or perhaps a French maid in front of them.”

“This shall happen at the first party I throw to announce your status change to them when we eventually move in together. Maybe I’ll let you serve them in the little Girls Room, which by the way is what you will call it from now on when you have to take your pee-pee or whatever. And you must beg for my permission to use the little Girls’ Room as well, have you got all that? Sometimes I will just have to say no to your request, and make you pee your panties just for a good laugh or to entertain some of my friends. Also, I want you to study all Females and be like them. How we walk, talk, move, the clothes they wear, the expressions we use. Did you ever notice how women lead with their hips when we walk, especially walking down stairs? It’s time for you to be more Ladylike and you’ll be punished for mistakes and not catching on quickly enough. You are also to sit when you pee-pee from now on and wipe in the front like a good Girl always, with no more excuses. I guess I’ll have to potty train you as a Female, but the changes in you this will produce will be worth it, I guarantee it. And I want you to learn how to curtsey. Do you understand, sweetie?”

“Yes Mistress,” i nervously responded quivering with sexual energy. “I can’t wait for your first period when you grow up. What fun we’ll have. You can eventually learn more about your period by changing my tampons, but of course you’ll be starting with sanitary napkins like all young Ladies do. Just think of the fun you are going to have shopping for all your Feminine hygiene and personal needs while I supervise you.”

In the outside world, i became an honorary member of Her Sorority as She was now president. On the surface, i had been a big help to the Sorority Women in general. In reality, i did as She told me to do. i was Hers, and She knew it. i received a plaque in honor of my honorary membership. Later that night, i received a traditional Sorority induction spanking over her lap.

i purchased many vibrators for Her to use, some non-phallic, some phallic, some large, some small. She used them at home when She was alone and i wasn’t there to serve Her sexual needs. Once She almost got caught by Her aunt as Her Aunt barged into Her bedroom without knocking. When we were alone, i used my tongue, fingers, vibrators and my “pussy” when She was in the mood for it, on Her beautiful gorgeous cunt, bringing Her to many powerful orgasms. One non-phallic model vibrator had 2 speeds and 6 attachable different heads. One night i was to find the head and speed that brought Her the greatest pleasure; for each mistake i was to be spanked 10 times while across her lap. She told me that since i was now a Female, it shouldn’t be too hard for me to figure out which attachment and speed would bring Her, another Female, to greatest ecstasy. i was wrong over and over again. She told me how stupid i was each time. i went through all the attachments and speeds before finally choosing the correct combination last. i was spanked and made to count each slap for Her, thanking Her for each blow, then made to beg for another before the next whack. As She picked up speed, each number or word i missed caused Her to start over. Before She was finished, i was good and sore, and more in love with Her and submissive than ever before.

Another night, after She had me make sure She was good and turned on, She ordered me to insert a large vibrating dildo into Her. It was at least 10 inches long and very thick. When it was fully up inside Her, i could see a bulge appear in the center of Her lower abdominal area as it moved. She bucked, moaned and groaned in sexual ecstasy and said, “Oh…this is great, this feels wild! Ohhhh… I guess this is what a real man in my cunt would feel like,” just before She enjoyed another orgasm of her many orgasms, crushing me, and any remaining ego i had left, in the process. i knew in some way, that She had meant every word.

i bought her Feminine lingerie, and She bought me the same. i purchased for Her more vibrators, creams, oils, lotions and other sex toys to please Her. She often mentioned that the next time we came to the motel, Her night would be a night of having wild orgasms, my pleasure would be restricted to a night of simply giving orgasms, there would be none of my own. Another night in the same location She, put make-up and earrings on me, did up my hair outrageously, sent me to the registration desk to ask the clerk for change for the soda machine and made me return the key when we left.

Soon after She brought me to a department store lingerie department to see what i’d like for myself. She held up nylon lacey panties to my hips and spoke in a loud enough voice, “Yes, I know you’ll look cute in these. These are the kind you like to wear, aren’t they?” as She tried them up to me on their little hangers for sizing. “Pick out something you’d like for yourself.” i was flabbergasted, panicked and in an altered state of sexually frenzied fear. i grabbed a pair of white lacey Maidenform nylon ladies’ briefs in my size. “These are not panties, these are Ladies’ briefs! I thought you told me you like wearing Ladies panties, but you’ve told me nothing about briefs! So which do you like better? Tell me! Should I put back these other selections and switch to all briefs or do you just want to wear these briefs sometimes and keep these other pretty panties I picked out? After all, I want you to be happy with these since you’ll be wearing them.” i chose to keep Her wonderful selections and the one pair of briefs. She made me get in the check out line and “pay for the panties and briefs, since they are for you.” All the other Women there, having overheard, gave Her knowing smiles and giggles mixed with a sense of ‘this is the absolutely correct thing for a Woman to do to Her companion,’ although some looked like the idea of Female Domination and Control had suddenly dawned on Them at that moment.

Once we were headed to our favorite take-out restaurant to pick up some food i had ordered by phone before a trip to a motel. Under my jeans i wore pink panties, a pink garter belt and pink stockings as per Her orders, in a bag i had a bra and nightie She had purchased for me and some other items. As i drove, She smiled at me as She touched my garters holding up stockings under my jeans as my wee-wee clit hardened, tucked between my legs. She was going on about our future together and how things were going be…Her Way.

“Sometimes, of course you realize, I am going to need to have sex with real adults, perhaps even some real Women because I’ve always wanted to try that and it’s time for that to happen. And of course with real men. I need some real big hard cock, I crave it, I ache for it sometimes. You know I need sexual satisfaction with people who are nothing at all like you, little Girl. I as an adult Woman need these things, because sometimes you really don’t do it that much for me, as hard as you try. I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you. Sometimes too, I really get tried of your annoying sissy horniness. I tell you to keep your panties dry and clean for me, but you don’t do that very well either, do you young Lady? What am I going to do with you? What am I going to do with you? Humm… maybe I should just have you fixed.

There’s a good idea! Don’t you think so? We’ll get your labia surgically altered. Or maybe really we should just get you a sex change. Of course, that’s even better! You’d be agreeable to that, wouldn’t you? Of course you would, my obedient little Girl! I could show you off to all of my Girlfriends, or anyone else, and you could serve all of us. Just imagine the fun I will have ordering you to lift your skirt and showing everyone your pretty panties; then pulling your panties down and showing off your new anatomically correct pussy to all my Girlfriends. I could even show them what little you were before I got you fixed. I could take pictures, before and after, although there wouldn’t be too much difference. Then you’d be truly and forever conquered. After all, you’d probably love getting to wear Feminine clothes all the time. And your panties and bras would fit you so much better. Just try to think, if you can, I know it’s hard for you to do that. You would have that perfect Feminine smoothness between your legs and in the front keeping your panties looking proper and girlish all the time. Then you’d really have to always sit to take pee-pee and wipe yourself afterwards, not cheating like you sometimes stupidly do now, forgetting to do it properly and get spanked for your silly simple minded, air headed mistakes. I think you like to make mistakes because you like being spanked sometimes. Do you like to make Me angry? No matter. I know you’d like being turned into real Girl wouldn’t you, sissy? A kind of Female pinocchio, a Pinocchia? A real little Girl. Eventually after your surgery, we could go cock hunting together; I’d be the gorgeous one and you would be the plain looking tag-along friend who gets my left overs.”

“Of course Mistress, anything you want is fine with me, i am Yours to command, i only wish to serve” i responded. Looking toward the restaurant from the car, She said, “I think our dinner is ready. Fetch our dinner, sissy girl,” She commanded. “But Mistress, i can’t,” i replied in trepidation. “What do you mean?” She questioned. Without thinking properly i responded, “You got me so excited i now have a huge hard-on, see.” She became enraged, “A huge hard-on, a huge hard-on? I do not see any huge hard-on! How can you have a huge hard-on? Girls don’t get huge hard-ons, only boys do! You just can’t get a huge hard-on between your legs. You’re just not capable. You are a Girl, not a boy. Are you trying to tease Me, pretending there is a cock I can use around here? I’ll even prove it to you stupid little pussy. What are you wearing under those clothes? Answer me! Are they men’s shorts or are they pink Girlish Feminine panties? Answer Me!” She yelled as i cringed inside. “Panties,” i responded. “Right. Now, do males wear pink panties or do Females?” “Females wear pink panties, Mistress.” “That’s correct! So, what does that make you, a male, or a Female?” “A Female, Mistress.” “Correct. Now do Females have cocks hanging from between their legs that erect into huge hard-ons?” “No Mistress, they don’t…” “What you meant to say was, ‘No Mistress, we don’t’, didn’t you?” “Yes Mistress, no we don’t have cocks that erect into huge hard-ons hanging from between our legs.'” “What do we have in our panties?” She continued. “i have a pussy in my panties and You have your beautiful cunt in your panties, Mistress,” i meekly answered. “And what happens to a Girl like you when a Woman like Me gets Her excited.” “Her panties get all wet,” i said panting. “That’s correct. What else,” She pressed. “Her nipples harden, Her clit gets all swollen and throbs and also Her labia swells up.” “So since you so poorly tried to tell Me I got you excited, say it properly now, you stupid simple minded pussy.” “i can’t go in there, Mistress, because you made my panties get all wet.” “So?” “Someone might notice.” “Nonsense, I go plenty of places every day with My panties all wet and no one has ever noticed. Do you think you’re prettier than I am? Do you’d think they’d notice a plain flat chested Girl like you with wet panties or before they’d notice Me with my panties all wet.” “They’d notice You always my gorgeous Mistress.” “Of course, then go get our dinner.” And i did, with a huge, er… with wet panties and all. Not so secretly, i loved this treatment. She used my lips, tongue and vibrators that night to pleasure her, and allowed me to kiss her breasts, vulva, feet and anus, right after my dinner, spanking and tears ended.

In time, She spoke further to me of Her idea of our ideal future relationship. She would have my first name legally changed to a Female name of Her choosing and my last name would be Hers. During the week She would come home from the office. i, of course would be there waiting for Her, having either gotten in earlier from my job, or if She made enough money, i would stay at home and be Her housewife. i would greet Her at the door by kissing Her feet and taking Her bag and coat. i would serve Her a drink. i would then undress Her and give Her a massage and cunnilingus, analingus or other oral adoration. After Her orgasms, i would serve Her dinner or perform further oral sexual adoration of Her as She dined. i would be dressed as a Female and probably on hormones, possibly fixed, possibly sexually changed. Sometimes i would be dressed as a Housewife and other times as a French maid. Evenings She would read or watch television as She relaxed, and was served and pleased by me in any way She wished.

Other nights in our future, either She planned on staying out late on a date with her women or men friends, or would hurry in and have me assist Her in dressing, in clothing i had layed out anticipation of Her choices, and grooming Her for Her date. Sometimes She would come home with Her friends and on weekends She would occasionally throw dinner parties (that might later turn into orgies – hetero, bi or lesbian) with Her sissy pussy as cook, maid, ladies room attendant and sexual servant.

Sometimes in the car, She would have me take my ‘pussy’ out from under my pants and panties in the front while i drove Her home at night, one part (my clit) through the zipper and eventually progressing to all three parts (my clit and labia) through the zipper. Sometimes She had me pull my pants down to my knees and sit there in my panties, garter belt and stockings or She would have me pull the panties down as well. Sometimes while driving, i had to bring Her to orgasm by hand while continuing to watch the road. Other times She would sexually tease my “pussy” to the edge of orgasm while driving. Regularly, She would demand to be fingered to orgasm while i drove with the other hand. Sometimes, i’d have to hold my urine, then perform a Ladylike squat outdoors in the dark, wiping myself with a paper napkin between my legs. Once in front of the car near a beach, She turned on the high beams as i squatted like a Woman while urinating as She laughed hysterically, with my pants and panties down and my garters and stockings showing.

i do not know if this is possible, but at this point in our relationship, i was drinking so much of her delicious ‘special golden drink’ and using my mouth between Her legs to make love to Her so often, i seemed to be absorbing a great deal of Estrogen from Her into my body. my breasts began to swell slightly and my nipples would erect when She got me excited. my pee-pee would seem to be delayed in reacting, taking more time to erect, or a very noticeable pause before erecting. my wee-wee seemed smaller, more compact, smoother and tighter. my labia (balls) seemed much smaller. my face and body seemed rounder also. i was holding more weight in my buttocks and legs. my orgasms were different. Less liquid was coming out and the sensation seemed more internalized, my body shook more violently when i climaxed. my emotions also had more mood swings, and i was prone to crying more when She spanked me and at other times. i was ordered to masturbate in front of Her and not ever dream of masturbating without fingering my vaginal (rear) opening. i did my best to please Her. She seemed very pleased by all of this.

In a motel, She spoke of bringing in some guy we should pick up, a real one with a big hard cock, who could really please Her. Later, if and when She grew tired of having sex with him, She mentioned he could use me and “my pussy,” since She said that She would love to see me ‘that way’. Next She ordered, “Go get the belt from your pants, bring it here and then bend over the chair.” Shaking, i obeyed and was belt-whipped for the first of many times in our relationship. She beat my ass and upper thighs. Later that night, She blindfolded me and hand dildoed me for my first time ever with a small vibrator, lubricated only with my saliva, although it didn’t go in too far. She said that in the future, as i grew, “my ‘pussy’ would have to learn to get wet on its own”. She mentioned that She thought that i was probably, ‘dry pussy’ still, because most Girls are very very nervous the first time they get laid. “Getting laid is something a Girl like you will have to grow to learn more about, and in time your pussy will stretch to accommodate bigger cock.”

i learned, after being whipped with my own belt on several occasions, to conveniently forget to wear a belt with my outfit. She didn’t mind this, i believe, because the belt She said that really suited me best was a Feminine garter belt, not the belts that men wear.

She had other fantasies as well. Early on She had a ‘rape fantasy’, and others about being tied down, wrestling, etc. i did my best to make sure these things happened to her satisfaction.

As i stated, that was many years ago. Once in each of our three years together, She would inform me i was not going to see Her that weekend. She had a date. This action was done very publicly in the small college we attended. The rumors and peer pressures were enormous. i really loved Her and was willing to give up my life to save Her if such a need ever arose. During the first year i tried to be understanding. The second year i was upset and hurt. The third year my lack of understanding caused our breakup. i was devastated and i didn’t realize that She had a right to do this. We were also both receiving extremely bad information and advice on relationships from our respective highly dysfunctional families and so-called friends (all of these friends i no longer have contact with today), so we never got back together. First She tried for some time to reunite, and when She gave up trying. i finally realized my ego oriented mistake, tried to reconnect, but it was too late. She was involved with someone else, the man She eventually married.

Now i’m married (not so very happily) to a Woman who came on lovingly strong just before the “I do’s,” but is seemingly more submissive every day and who has had many sneaky lesbian relationships behind my back. My relationship with my Mistress in this story was the most intense, loving, and best of my life; both the kinky and more normal parts. To quote part of an old song, “I would trade all of my tommorows, for one single yesterday, to be…” kneeling before this Goddess, begging to be Hers and giving Her the kind of life She truly deserves. She was truly the only Woman i have ever really loved.

Let this serve as an example to all submissive non-females out there reading this. When you find in your life the perfect Female to serve, listen to no-one. Follow your heart, mind, desires and destiny. Love Her, live for Her, give to Her your all; no abuse is too great to endure, no so-called humiliation too extreme. It is the destiny of all non-females to serve, and those of us who are awakened can never go back. Surrender to Her. Surrender and be victorious. There is true strength in submissively serving a Dominant Woman. i would gladly give my body for Her to use as She wished, in any way, even if it meant becoming Female. i do not care who knows it. i only hope that She stills reads publications like Yours, sees this letter and knows that, even though She, at last report, is married to the man She dated after we broke up, if She ever needs me in any way, i am there for Her, without condition.

The End

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