True Stories of Sissification

Who knew that real life experiences can be so sexy?
Well We did! Of course they can - they're yours and you tell Us all the time. With your House training - each dream experience comes closer to your reality.
Feminization Stories



I was in Chicago on business and had my first experience with a professional role play Mistress this week ...
The Massage

The Massage

I started wearing panties when I reached puberty just as most TV’s before me. My very first orgasm was in my sister’s panties and it was fantastic ...
How Becky spent her Halloween

How Becky Spent Her Halloween

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, but Becky wasn't blue at all, dressed to the nines in a bridal dress ...
Amy the wicked step sister

Amy the wicked step sister

Growing up with a step sibling is weird when you begin living with them full time after years of occasional weekend visits ...
Sissy In The City

Sissy In The City

An english sissy spent three months in California on a work visa program - as a waitress and sex toy of a rich businessman! ...
vickis first taste

Vicki’s First Taste

I never found out who it was who gave me so much pleasure and I still await my punishment, which no doubt, one day will come ...
The punishment of annsmaid

The Punishment of Anns maid

Mistress Ann got serious and set out to make Her sissy understand just how perilous situation was! ...
Caught with Aunties panties!

Caught with Aunties Panties!

This would be my first chance to explore Aunties lingerie drawer and I was weak in the knees from the excitement and anticipation of it. I walked to her dresser and tried the top right drawer. Panties! Bingo! ...
Deep Regrets

Deep Regrets

When you find the perfect Female to serve, listen to no-one. Follow your heart, mind, desires and destiny. Love Her, live for Her, give to Her your all ...


Being the personal slave of Mistress Rayne has its moments, but usually they are kept between Her and i and i just deal with the embarrassment and humiliation that She so loves to see me deal with ...
Just Pretend I'm Your Girlfriend

Just Pretend I’m Your Girlfriend

I was headed for sex reassignment, but changed my mind - so for now, just pretend I'm your girlfriend ...
My Favorite Camping Trip

My Favorite Camping Trip

As an escape from the everyday doldrums, I like to go camping. I usually go to one of the camping parks that are about a hundred miles from my home ...
Chance Meeting

Chance Meeting in New Orleans

This is a true story set in New Orleans of the major events which prompted my progression beyond being simply a closet crossdresser ...
My First Real Man

My First Real Man

All of her sissy experience was quickly tested when she met the life changing Dominance of Mistress C and The Man; making her grateful for her new life as a woman and high class prostitute ...

Master Braxton

It was the worst night of my life. My life was about to change and there was no possible way to stop Master Braxton from making me his submissive whore ...
Surprise Surprise

Surprise Surprise

I got started when my older sister would dress me up for her friends. She loved to use me as her personal Barbie doll. All her girlfriends would join in and just giggle at the result ...
To Be a sissy

Am I Who I Think I Am?

I'm really hoping to meet a Mr. Right who knows what to do with a girly boy like me. I need someone who knows what I want, because I sure don't! ...

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