The Massage

I started wearing panties when I reached puberty just as most TV’s before me. I had started with my sister panties and eventually acquired my own panties. My very first orgasm was in my sister’s panties and it was fantastic. One day, a friend of the family had asked my parents if I could help him out with yard work for the weekend. Brook was a bachelor in his sixties and had a 300-acre farm in Maryland. I was totally nieve then and only saw the chance to wear my panties without having to look over my shoulder. I expected to have my own room and not worry about my panties. I was excited and my parents said yes. The weekend came and I had my bag packed for the weekend including cotton brief panties with red, yellow or blue roses. Brook and I carried out the needed chores. The first night approached and we rapped up our work for the day. We went into Brook’s very large house were I went to take a shower as Brook prepared dinner. I was about 15 years old at this time. I removed my clothes and jumped into the shower. When I finished and dried, I slipped into my cotton panties with blue roses. It was very hot there so I put on my night shorts. It was cooler to leave the shirt off.

Brook and I had dinner and went to retire to the TV room. At this point, I was careless and did not realize that my panties were visible from behind, above the waistband of my shorts. Brook had noticed this but said nothing. As I went to adjust the TV at Brook’s request, he got a very good view of my panties. Later in the evening, Brook and I retired for the night. I thought that I would get a room of my own. Brook offered to give me a massage saying how good and relaxing it would be. I agreed and we went t the third floor bedroom which had two beds. I pictured massages lying on your stomach while your back is rubbed down and that is how we started. Remember that now Brook has a very close view of my panties. Brook removed his clothes down to his underwear and began working my back. The massage felt incredible and I almost fell asleep when Brook had me roll over onto my back. Brook straddled my upper legs and started massaging my chest. I was totally relaxed and my guard was gone. Brook slowly moved his hands down my stomach and in one very smooth unnoticed movement, he pulled my shorts down, exposing my panties. I was too surprised to do anything and Brook kept working me. My cock had been at attention for a while. I could not say anything as Brook stood up and removed my shorts. My throbbing cock was getting my panties wet as Brook climbed back onto my bed. He continued working my chest as he gradually moved down toward my panties. He began gently sliding his hands up and down my panties over my cock. I moaned slightly as he did this.

Brook then slipped my panties down just enough to expose my wet pulsing cock. Almost as suddenly, Brook took my penis in his mouth. I felt paralyzed as I watch his mouth take me in completely. It was incredible! I tried very hard not t cum, not realizing that, that is just what Brook wanted. I strained to hold back my orgasm, hoping that Brook would stop short of making me cum in embarrassment. I soon could not hold back my moans and after about ten minutes, I totally lost it and exploded in Brook’s mouth. I found myself screaming from Brook’s talented mouth and tongue. I heaved and bucked but Brook had me pinned down. The sensation was overbearing but I was helpless to get away. Brook knew how to work the most sensitive area of my penis. After my spent penis retreated, Brook stood up and complimented me on my panties. He said that I tasted good and asked if I wanted to try it. I did not know how to say “no” so I agreed. Brook told me to sit up as he moved over in front of me. There I saw up close and personal his cock bulging in his skivvies. As I sat there in my panties, I reached out and removed his 7″ cock. As I stared at his large member, Brook told me to taste it. I complied and found it to have a pleasant salty taste. I continued to taste his cock gradually taking it into my mouth. It was not long before I had his entire cock in my mouth and began working it. It was large and filled my mouth. The saltiness tasted very good. I continued working his cock in my mouth. Brook had a firm grip on my head. Suddenly, I felt my mouth flooding from Brook’s hot juices. I tried to pull away but could not. I then swallowed as Brook’s juices continued flowing. My mouth was nearly full again when Brook’s orgasm finally subsided. I continued working his rapidly shrinking penis along with a mouth full of his sperm. Brook removed his cock from my mouth as I swallowed again. My cock had come back to attention from that tasty experience.

The next morning, Brook was up before me and he had taken all my clothes. I went down stair wearing only my panties. Brook just wanted to see me in the daylight with my panties on. Naturally, I could not say anything about Brook because of my panties. It was a very pleasant experience.

Brook has since passed away but my panty excursions continue.

The End

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missy messy maso

Just in passing – your site is an absolute inspiration, a joy to giggle through. The endless parade of those 1950’s tucked and bobbed pink-petticoated good-little-housewife cartoons is both mood-lifting, delightfully nostalgic in a delightfully non-serious way, and strangely gratifying… Read more “missy messy maso”

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