By steel doll

Being the personal slave of Mistress Rayne has its moments, but usually they are kept between Her and i and i just deal with the embarrassment and humiliation that She so loves to see me deal with. But there are times when I have to deal with embarrassment and humiliation when She is not around.

Last night was one of those times and Mistress Rayne has ordered me to write about it. i asked Her not to make me do this, but there is no denying Her and especially when one is in my position. Anyway, last night i met with a customer for dinner and we had some drinks and we talked about our jobs. Mike (the customer) mentioned that he was going to put a good word in for me with another prospective client that was a friend of his. This meant a lot to me and Mike was also a good friend. So, to get to the point, Mike said that he wanted to go out and play. i knew what this meant and i knew that it was going to be a long night.

Mike loved having vendors take him out clubbing and going to strip bars and to tell you the truth, before i was caught by Mistress Rayne i really enjoyed these nights out. But now, having to be in chastity and thongs, i am useless to women and flirting could be a dangerous game. Now days i am happy to just get off work go home, lockup and send my confirmation to Mistress Rayne. Tonight however, i was not looking forward to going out. Clubs are full of young ladies that are hot as hell and it is a very frustrating experience. Not to mention the bathrooms are dirty as hell and having to squat to pee, because of my device, is not only scary for fear of being caught, but the hygiene of cleaning the toilet is a real pain in the ass. Especially in clubs where guys just piss on the seat. Fucking nasty.

So, here we are, out at the club, getting drunk as hell and Mike says “Lets do it.”, which, of course means, go to the strip club. Now the last time I went to the club with Mike was before I got snagged by Mistress Rayne and we both had a great time. This time however, me being in chastity, and pink panties changed my evening drastically. Mike ordered the first lap dance and it was not long before another girl came over and asked me if i wanted a lap dance. i told her no thanks and she left. Mike looked over at me from between his girls breasts and gave me a wondering look. This happened a couple more times before Mike asked me what the hell was wrong. i told him that i was trying to be a good boy and he laughed out loud. Next he called one of the girls over and told her that he would like to buy me a dance. i told him no thanks, but he handed her 20 bucks and she came over to give me a dance. i quickly grabbed my phone and pretended i had to go outside to take the call. When i came back, Mike had two girls rubbing him up. i sat back down, not looking forward to continuing on the rest of the evening. i really just wanted to go back to my hotel room and lock up. i never thought i would say that, but God, i really did not want to do this anymore. It was frustrating, possibly extremely humiliating and possibly career damaging if one of these girls happened to feel my device and start laughing and telling people. Especially if Mike heard. i wanted to run, but i was stuck.

About an hour went by and i thought i might get out of this unscathed, when the girl that Mike bought the lap dance for me came over. She had a couple of her friends with her and she said to both of them “There he is, the cute shy one” all three stood right over me and started ruffling my hair and rubbing me all over. i said, as politely as possible, that i had a girlfriend and i was just here to hang with my buddy. They started laughing, saying that either i was gay or i really was a good boy. i told them that i was trying to be a good boy, but they were really making it hard. That started them laughing even harder and one of them (Candy) said “Really”? How hard are we making it?” As she said that, one of the other girls, Megan, reached down and tried to grab my schlong. i was barley able to cover up before she almost touched my locked up cock and found me out. The girls were really trying hard to get me to give in and were rubbing their tits in my face, bumping their butts against me and just trying everything they could to get me to cave in. Mike was laughing his ass off and i was just sitting there, red faced with my hands covering my crotch. The third girl, Rachel, decided to try a different tact and straddled me, trapping my hands down under her. i was completely stuck and she started grinding my hands while pulling my face between her breasts. Candy and Megan took Rachel’s queue and they both stood on either side of me and pushed their tits into each side of my face. i could hardly breathe, could not see and my hand was getting the fucking of its life. Every time i tried to say something, Rachel forced my head back between her breasts. This went on for about 20 minutes and finally they stopped. Mike was on the floor laughing hysterically and all the people in the club were cheering and laughing. i was mortified, embarrassed and just flat out humiliated. The girls all kissed me and went back to their respective stages.

Mike came over to me and still laughing, told me that was the best hundred dollars he ever spent. He went on and on about how they titty fucked me and that it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. It was just coming up on 2 A.M. and I was just about to suggest that we call it an evening, but Mike said that Rachel, Candy and Megan asked us to go to breakfast with them. i told him i was tired and he just looked at me like i was frigging fucked in the head. Mike then said, “Are you kidding me dude? you want to bag out on three hot strippers? “Give me a break!” i said “You’re right. i am being stupid.” Just then, the girls came up and asked if we were ready. Mike gave me a hard look and said that we were.

We went to a local diner and the girls chose a booth to sit in and you guessed it, i was put between Rachel and Megan while Mike and Candy sat on the other side. Actually, things were going ok until we ordered. Some casual chatting and then Rachel tried to cop a feel and I had to cover up. She stopped. A few minutes went by and Candy, across from me, started rubbing my leg and tried to put her foot in my crotch. i kept covered and fought them off the rest of the breakfast, eating with one hand, while keeping covered at all times. The girls just kept going on and on about what a good boy i was and how impressed they were with how strong my resolve was. i just sat there, red faced, wondering if they knew that i was locked up and had played with guys like me before. Finally, breakfast was over and i cannot believe i was happy to leave three hot women. They all gave me a peck on the cheek and tried one last time to feel me up. They left Mike and me in the parking lot and Mike slapped me on the back and said “Dude that was a fucking blast. I got Candy’s number!” i said congrats and then said ‘Take me home, bitch”. Mike laughed and drove me back to the hotel.

You would think it could not get much worse, but fate would have one more surprise for me. you see, i did not watch exactly which hotel Mike dropped me off at and i had to piss like an elephant since before breakfast with the girls. i wanted to go at the diner, but was worried that i might get groped while trying to get out of the booth or that, God forbid, one of the girls came into the bathroom to fuck with me. Anyway, Mike and I shook hands said good bye and i went to the back door of the hotel, barly able to walk, having to piss so bad. i put my card in the reader and it would not let me in. i tried and tried and each time the same result and all the while i was getting to the point that i could not hold it much longer. i was getting so mad at the door and about to piss myself. i had to pee so damn bad, but being locked up, i could not just go piss casually on a tree. i started looking around for a place to go and there was nothing but open lawn, but i had no choice. i squatted in the darkest spot i could and pulled down my panties and pushed my chastity device back as far as possible. i started to pee and some spray was hitting my thong. i just wanted to cry. It was just humiliating how far i had fallen for being a player to a locked up little bitch forced to squat on a lawn pissing on my panties.

To finish this up, the reason i could not get in the door, was because Mike dropped me off at the hotel next to mine. Fuck, was all i could think. i waddled over to my hotel with pissed on panties and went to my room. i showered, passed out and an hour later, my boss called, asking how the dinner went. i told him all was fine and he said great. Get dressed and meet me for breakfast. i felt like shit, but said i would be downstairs in 20 minutes.

Well that is about it. i have told the story as best i can and now i am sure Mistress Rayne will send it out and you, the reader, can now laugh at me also. This shit may be funny to you, but trust me, my friends, watch out what you ask for because if you give Mistress Rayne enough rope, She will hang you. i am living testament to that fact.


The end

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