My Favorite Camping Trip

As an escape from the everyday doldrums, I like to go camping. I usually go to one of the camping parks that are about a hundred miles from my home. Sometimes I will go to an out of state park. I really like to go far enough away that I can be confident that I will not see anyone that I know or hear about deadlines and contracts. I am a staff writer and getting away from my normal environment for a few weeks a couple times a year keeps me fresh. I really like camping because it affords me the privacy I need and still allows me to be in the great outdoors with fresh air, trees and hiking trails and the like. I usually chose a semi-primitive camping area where I put up my tent but also have an electrical hookup for some of the necessities of life. Also these areas usually have a shower house that can be used day or night. Since I sleep in two or three hour segments at various times, the availability of these services is important to me. They allow me to break the normal routine of life completely and really relax. I am a bit of a sissy and when camping, since it is such a private experience, I always wear panties, bra, Stayfree Super Maxies, what ever outlandish outer clothing that I desire, can read whatever kind of books or magazines I like and can enjoy my gourmet, although instant, coffee and my Virginia Slims without anyone seeing and commenting. Even if some did notice, Who cares? There is no one that I know or that knows me and we will never lay eyes on each other again in this life.

A couple of years ago while I was on such a camping excursion I had a very interesting experience. The campsites at the park where I was staying were laid out so that each was rather private but were arranged in a circle around a central hub area. This arrangement allowed for privacy while making access to the sites very easy. It also created a situation that required less access roads within the camping areas.

On this particular trip there was a female camping at a site not far from mine. Setting at the table near the access side of our sites we could see each other and sometimes waved at each other or made some inane comment about the weather or something. I noticed that when she went hiking or for a walk to the commercial areas of the park, she usually always came by my site on the start of her journey. She would smile, speak or wave and that was about it. It is not unusual to see females camping alone these days. Everyone needs to have a way to relax and recharge, and many females like to camp all alone, just as I do. She was about 30 years old with long dirty blonde hair and a rather light complexion. She was a little tanned but like myself and millions of other fair complexioned people, her tan was more red tinted that than the cocoa color that most people try to achieve. She was about 5’ 6″ and weighted about 135 pounds. Although she was not what one would call a beautiful lady, she had a sort of attractiveness and there was something about her that stirred my imagination.

As I mentioned, I am a staff writer and usually write about mundane events in the work-a-day world. When I am camping, I write sexual fantasy stories. They are meant for my enjoyment only and are never seen by anyone but me. Usually I write the stories from the perspective of a female, or a trans-gendered male-to-female switch. Knowing that no one else will ever see them, I can let my imagination run wild and I can be or do anything I desire in the stories. On this particular trip, I was writing a story about a Trans-gendered male, with me as the central figure, who gets involved with a married man and all of the ensuing complications that arise from the relationship. Of course I also devised and wrote about great sexual sessions between the two lovers. I always put my writing supplies inside my lap desk and put it inside my tent when I am not using it. In several years of these trips, I have never had anyone trespass onto my campsite. Camping seems to be a rather safe environment for some reason

On the third day of this trip, Linda came by my site and introduced herself and said that she likes to camp here because it was so peaceful. We both commented that it was really nice when the weekend ended, most of the campers left. Of the ten sites in our circle, we were the only two campers still there on Monday morning. She mentioned that she was married, but sometimes went camping with her boyfriend. She very casually mentioned that her boyfriend was going to meet her here later in the week. She seemed very nice and after talking for a few minutes, she was up and on her way for an early morning commute with nature. It was nice to meet and talk to her, it made us like neighbors and that added to the feeling of safety in the campground.

The next afternoon I returned from a walk in the woods and found Linda setting at my picnic table. She smiled and said “Hi hon, I was waiting for you to return. I really wanted to talk to you.” Not thinking for a minute that anything was wrong, I smiled and sat down and ask how she was doing. She replied that it was kind of quiet today and that made her a little lonesome. She said she forgot her cigarettes and didn’t feel like walking back to her site to get them. She asked if I would give her one of mine. I was trapped, she knew that I smoked, and I was embarrassed to have her find out that smoked Virginia Slims. But I could not say “no.” I said “sure” and handed her my pack; she smiled, thanked me and went on talking. She started telling me about her husband, what a wimp he was, and that she stayed married to him for financial reasons. He is a professional person and travels a lot in order to look after his investments. She said that he really did not care what she did as long as it would not interfere with his business dealings or would become open to where it could damage his reputation. All he requires was that she attends social functions and is graceful in her appearances. She said he was a typical businessman and only cared about business and appearances.

Then she started to tell me about her boyfriend. She said he was just the opposite of her husband. He was kind of a biker type. He was very rough and really treated her like shit. But she could not get enough of him. She spent almost an hour telling me all about him and the relationship between them. I came to see that he completely dominated her and that she loved it. She said that it was no secret that he had other women and that she had to work very hard to be able to be his number one “old lady.” At first I felt sorry for her but then I realized that she was where she wanted to be and doing what she wanted in a relationship.

She had mentioned that her boyfriend, Roger, had a younger brother named Don. She said he was a lot like Roger but somewhat shy in comparison. She had begun to tell me all about him also. He was over six feet tall and weighed about 185#. She said that he had brown hair and eyes and that she thought he was gorgeous. After she had talked for a long time about Roger, she concentrated mostly on Don. She said that Don had a real thing for TV’s and TS’s and that was all he “dated.” I did not comment and just continued to listen to her go on and on. While she was smoking my cigarettes and telling me the story of her life, I ask her if she would like a glass of wine. Even in the wilderness, some sense of civilization must be maintained. During the three hours we were talking, actually her talking and me listening, we drank two bottles of wine and had two more in the ice chest chilling. When she finished telling me all about Roger, Don and her life, she said that they were coming to the campground on Thursday and that she could hardly wait. Then she stared me in the face and said in a most serious tone,’” of course I am here for Roger, but you are all Don’s and I think he is really gonna like you.”

Of course I almost peed in my panties and I composed myself and said, “I think there is some mistake in your mind. I am not interested in anything like that. Why would you think such a thing?” She just smiled, got up went into my tent and came out with my lap desk and writing supplies. She said “I have been reading your stories and I think you are interested in what I have just told you!” I tried to explain to her that I was a writer and that a writer must be able to write about anything. I told her that these stories were just practice writing assignments, designed to get my creative juices going. She laughed and said “right, that’s why you wear a rag all the time and prance around like a little sissy and hide out in a campground so you can be more girlish.” I tried to say something in my defense but she interrupted me and said “on Thursday night, when the guys arrive, you are gonna be all Don’s. Just get it through your head. And as far as juices flowing, its not creative juices that are flowing in you, we both know what’s flowing through your veins and your mind.” I told her that she was wrong and that I did not want to talk about it anymore. She said “girl, and you better get used to being a girl, when Don goes to sleep on Thursday night, it will be with you after you have satisfied him in every way he desires.” With that she got up and said she was going to bed, that it was late, and she left.

I sat there trying to think how this all happened and if I should worry. I decided that there was nothing to worry about, my new friend would not be friendly to me anymore, she will joke with her boyfriend about what she knows about me and that would be it. So I went to bed. On Tuesday, I did not see much of Linda. She was away from the campsite most of the day. I was out hiking all day Wednesday and did not see anything of Linda until late in the evening when she strolled over to my site. She said “just think dear, less than twenty-four hours till fun time.” I said “I thought I made it clear that I was not interested in any of that.” “She said “don’t be such a bitch, besides you don’t have a choice.” She went back to her site and soon it was dark and everything was quiet.

I did not see hide nor hair of Linda until about noon on Thursday when I happened to run into her on a trail. She said “I may have forgotten to tell you, but Don likes his morning coffee in bed, so be sure to wake up before him and get it ready.” Then she giggled and was on her way. I was getting a little pissed over all of this, but decided that she was having a lot of fun harassing me and no harm was being done. So I just let it pass.

Later in the evening I saw Linda’s boyfriend and his brother arrive. The way she was climbing all over him, I thought she was going to rape him right then and there. They were all talking and drinking and having fun and it was getting late. I figured that Linda had forgotten all about me and I finally quit worrying and went to bed. I had fallen into a deep sleep almost immediately. I was not prepared for my wake up call.

I woke up suddenly. I was lying on my tummy and was immediately aware that someone was lying on top of me and there was a hand over my mouth. I heard a mans voice say ” are you awake now?’ I made some noise that was muffled by the hand over my mouth. I was trying to struggle but for some reason I could not get my hands and arms to do what I wanted them to. The voice said into my ear “quite trying to fight, your hands are cuffed behind your back.” Then the voice said, “I am going to move my hand, if you make any loud noise, I will hurt you. Do you understand?” I made some noise and was sort of nodding my head. I was beyond the point of panic now and was trying to reason out what I should do to escape and not get hurt. I felt the hand move slowly from my mouth and I would have loved to scream, but I knew that nothing would come out. I was sleeping in an old tee shirt and nothing on the bottom. The voice said to me “don’t move and don’t make a sound.” I did neither. He got up and I heard some fumbling around soon he was back on top of me and I realized he had removed his clothes. Suddenly and without warning I felt him plunge himself deep into my butt. I let out a muffled cry of pain as he entered me, thinking I was being torn asunder. Then he began pumping my butt; I now knew what rape was like. Here was some man; I did not know whom, using my body as he saw fit and I was helpless to do anything about it. I was thinking to myself as he was violating me that he must have the very biggest penis on earth because it felt like it was a tree trunk or something. He got close to my ear and whispered to me ” start working that ass Make me fell real good.” Afraid that he would hurt me, I did as he said and began to work my butt, I had no idea if it was he wanted or not, I was a “virgin” in this respect. He used me in this way for what seemed like a very long time. Finally, to my disbelief that he could get bigger, I felt him growing inside of me and he became even more vigorous in his movements and actually carried me along with him. Then I felt an explosion inside my very sore rear end as he achieved the finality of his actions. Suddenly I realized that; so did I. He rode me until he had emptied everything he had inside me. He finally pulled out and said to me “that’s some nice ass you got there bitch.” And kind of laughed, the way guys do when they have added a notch to their totem pole by sleeping with some poor unsuspecting girl who they never cared about for anything except as another girl to have. I heard him fumbling around and realized he had a length of chain, which he looped through the handcuffs that still held my hands behind my back and rendered my arms useless. He then wrapped the chain around the center pole of the tent and locked it. He said, “I’m going to go shower, I am far from done with you. Do not make any noise. Do you understand?” I answered yes and he walked out of the tent.

About a half an hour latter he returned. He came in the tent and undressed. I could feel his eyes on the back of my neck as he said, ” did you miss me?” Fearing that a wrong answer would result in some kind of pain for me, I answered ” yes I did.” He said, “well I’m back now and reloaded for action.” I felt him remove the chain that kept me attached to the tent pole. He turned me over; my hands still cuffed behind my back. He climbed on top of me with his penis right in my face. It was very large and hard as a rock. He said, “open your mouth.” I tried to protest but it did no good. He said, “I said Open your mouth, wide.” I did as I was told, hoping to avoid getting hurt. He forced his whole penis in my mouth, nearly gagging me and began pumping in and out of my mouth. I realized he was actually having intercourse with my mouth. He said “start sucking bitch, and make it good. When I get done, if you haven’t given me the best head I have ever had, I am going to beat your ass big time.” Again out of fear, I did as I was told, and found myself concentrating on what it would take to make him happy and avoid me getting hurt. As he pumped up and down on my face, I sucked him as hard as I could. I felt myself trying to get more and more of him into my mouth. I felt him begin to pump harder and realized he was growing in my mouth. I was somewhat afraid, knowing what was coming. Suddenly he exploded and he said “swallow it all bitch, one drop comes out and your ass is going to hurt bad.” I swallowed everything he shot into me and then he said, “now make my cock the cleanest one in the world.” I began sucking and licking it, using my mouth and tongue to clean him. Finally he took it out of my mouth and said to me “you are a real good cocksucker. You and I are going to have a lot of fun together.” He sat down beside me and ask “did you like the taste of my cum?” I was lying there, totally humiliated and afraid. And I answered “it was wonderful.” Then he lay down beside me and whispered to me “Linda said you liked to be forced, she was right. You are one hot bitch.” Linda!!! This guy must be Don, and she was right, he has had me. She set this whole thing up. I thought, if I ever get loose, I will kill that bitch. Then he said, “I’m Don and you are mine.” I am going to let you loose. You are going to go over to Linda’s tent and get my things and tell Linda and Roger “Don is going to be staying with me and by the way THANK YOU!!”

I did as Don told me. He uncuffed me and I went next door to Linda’s campsite. I opened the flap slightly and softly said Linda’s name. She replied “come on in girl,” which I did. I said that I was here to get Dons stuff because he was going to stay in my tent. Linda started to laugh and said, “I knew where he would be staying, but you didn’t believe me.” I was already totally humiliated and having to put up with Linda’s teasing was almost unbearable. I told her that I had to get right back and asked if she would just tell me where Don’s things were. She got up and showed me and said, ” well I guess I was right that Don would be sleeping with you.” It really pissed me off and without thinking about what I was saying, I said, “he has not been to sleep yet.” By this time Roger was setting up and when I said that he laughed and said “yeah, knowing that boy, there won’t be any sleep in that tent all night.” By now Linda was laughing hard and said,”there is Dons stuff, you better get back to your man, he doesn’t like to be alone when he is horny.” I picked up his things and started out and Linda said, “do you have anything else to say to us dear?” I stopped dead and remembered that I was supposed to thank Linda for sending Don. I turned and said, “I am supposed to thank you, so thank you.” Linda laughed and said “you will thank me more properly very soon” and she went back to Roger and started climbing all over him. Roger rolled her over, she threw her legs into the air wide apart and Roger entered her immediately. I was still standing there and Linda said, “honey, you can stand there and watch me take care of my man or go and take care of yours.”

I hurried out of her tent and back to my own, where Don was waiting. I put his things in a corner of the tent by mine and walked slowly toward the sleeping bags on the tent floor, not being sure what to do. Don asked me “did you thank Linda?” I said I did and he motioned me to sit beside him, which I did at once, still afraid to disobey any order. As I sat down, Don put his arm around me and I sort of melted into his arms with my head against his chest. I kept asking myself “what are you doing?” I knew I should be trying to get away, but convinced myself that if I tried and failed, that I would get hurt badly. Much to my surprise, I felt very comfortable setting there in Don’s arms. Soon I could feel his legs spreading slightly and he began to gently force my head to the intersection of his two legs. His very large penis was very erect and as I got to it I began to kiss it and lick it and tease the little slit with my tongue. I realized that I was working very hard to try and please this man, not because he was forcing me, but because I thought it was my place to find ways to please him. I kept wondering why I was doing this as I guided him into my mouth and buried my head deep in his crotch. I could see myself having oral sex with this man and doing everything I could to try to please him, I though I must have gone crazy or something as I worked my mouth and tongue around his gigantic shaft until finally he grew and grew and exploded in my mouth. Remembering what he had said just a few hours earlier, I was careful that not one drop leaked out and for the second time that night, I swallowed him. Sucking it dry and cleaning him up with my mouth felt almost natural now and I performed well. As he caressed my head, resting between his legs, I knew that he was pleased with me. I could not help but feel good about that. I thought to myself, “”It is going to take a lot to keep my man happy.”” Then I could not believe I had thought that. But there it was, I was thinking of him as “my man.” He pulled me up toward him to where my hands just reached his penis. He whispered “get it hard again baby, we are not done yet. So I began playing with him and massaging his penis, and to my total embarrassment, I was enjoying it.

Without much encouragement, Don got very hard again. He gently rolled me over, positioned my butt just how he wanted it, and took me for at least an hour. He would bring me just about to the point of climax. Then let me down and start over again. Finally, after four rounds of this, he had me bucking like a wild animal in heat. I wanted to reach that point so badly that I was doing everything I could dream of to get his giant love muscle to hit just the right spot. I was so wild, and so soaked and he just kept controlling my mind and my body, driving me wild. I had never in my life felt so much passion. It was hard to believe that just a few hours earlier, I was a virgin with no interest in having sex with any man, now here I was with “my man” making love to me and never wanting him to stop. Then finally he hit the right spot and I felt like big bang that created the universe was repeated inside me. I have never felt so good and so complete as I did at that moment. But Don was not done. I could not figure out where he got so much stamina. He took me to three more climaxes before he finally exploded inside me and filled me up with his sweet cream. Still inside me, he rolled us both onto our sides, wrapped me in his arms, and became quiet. I could feel him gently kissing me on the back of my neck and ears and just smiled to my self at the realization that he really did like me. As I lie there hugging the long, muscular arms he was holding me with, I felt so happy that Linda was not lying about telling Don to come and take me. I will have to remember to really thank her!!

The next morning I woke up at the first stirrings of the birds. It was so very peaceful and serene. I found myself still wrapped in Don’s arms and smiled to myself when I though about how good it felt and how natural it felt to be there. I suddenly remembered what Linda had said about Don liking to wake up to his waiting coffee. I gently kissed his hands, reluctantly slipped out of his arms, and quietly left the tent. I started the camp stove and put on a pot of water then got my towel, soap, shampoo, etc. and headed for the shower house. I stopped in front of the building that housed the shower stalls for men and women. “Since Linda and I and our boyfriends were the only ones in the area,” I thought, “no one would be there to see which side of the building I used.” I grinned and flushed a little as I thought about last night and decided that after that, no one on earth would consider me a candidate for admission into the “Men’s” side of the building. I had a long hot shower, washed my shoulder length hair, and generally made myself as clean feeling as I could. I powered and softened my body with some sweet smelling lotion, and added just a spray or two of Emeraude to a few choice spots.

Feeling very fresh and girlish, I headed back to the campsite to get my man’s coffee ready. When it was ready, I poured a large mug of black, actually red, coffee for Don and a mug of my Vanilla Cream for myself. I entered the tent, placed both mugs on a flat place on the tent floor, and climbed over Don so that I was straddling him. I started kissing him gently all over his face and nibbling on his ears and as he started to exit his comatose state, he smiled, put his arms around me and pulled me down against his body. He began kissing me deeply, searching the reaches of my mouth. I, of course, responded and begged him with my body and its special language to “take me, take me, take me please take me.” He laughed and said “Damn girl, you just can’t get enough can you?” I just smiled, rolled off him, fetched his coffee, and said, “Everything here is here for your enjoyment sweetie, just take whatever you want.” He said, ” you really learn fast, I need my coffee to get going in the mornings, but I like other things even better.” He sipped his coffee and said “well look what just popped up.” I looked at it, smiled, and winked at him. He motioned me over to him and situated me on his lap, lifted me like I weighed nothing and sat me down in such a way that as I settled into his lap, his gigantic love muscle found its way deep in side of me. All I could do was moan as I worked my ass up and down, back and forth loving the feeling of this man inside me. I grinned as I realized that I was actually being used to bring joy and satisfaction to this fantastic sex machine. As he fondled me and made me feel so glad to be his woman, I wanted him to never stop. He made me climax three times before he finally filled me with his hot cream. Then he drank his coffee and had me again.

There was no doubt in my mind that I was his “old lady.” I made up my mind right then that, just like Linda did with Roger, I was going to work hard and do what ever it took to be his number one old lady. When he was finally done with me, I had love bites all over the back and side of my neck. Anyone that saw them would know that they were applied by someone behind me. After he finished his “breakfast,” he got in his duffel bag and handed me a Printed, white tee shirt and told me to wear this at all times. I looked at the printing on the front and was surprised to read the semi-circular statement “Property of Don C.” and below that “and proud of it.” I put it on and modeled it for him. He said “you are gonna be a real good bitch baby.” I smiled, blushed a little, and replied “you bet I am!”

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may i request permission to speak freely from the heart? upon finishing chapter one of “Girlfriends” by Vicky Tern……oh, my, God…Mistress, i just don’t know what to say. oh my God, this really is home! God in heaven i’m going… Read more “danielle”

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