Vicki’s First Taste

vickis first taste

By vicki flint

My key in the door and its usual squeak announces my arrival. I see straight into the kitchen and our eyes meet. Even after 25 years She make my heart miss a beat. She looks simply fantastic. She glances at me and smiles.

She is smart and very much the business professional sitting cross legged on the stool with a glass of wine in hand.

“Remove you shoes and socks!” She commands! What does Madame have in mind? As I complete the task I see Madame approaching.

We meet half way up the hall. Her heels bring Her to just over my height and at last I feel Her body, my mind is sent wild by Her sweet aroma. We kiss softly but the gentleness is all part of the tease and the imposed “self-discipline”. As we kiss She keeps pulling away, then back allowing me to taste Her perfection once again.

“Hello my love” She whispers in my ear and then She runs Her tongue along my willing lips. I am exhausted after a long drive home but Her presences rejuvenates me and now my tiredness is replaced by eagerness, willingness. We kiss again, my hands caressing Her beautiful face; Her hands are on my chest.

She is my Goddess!

She slides Her hands into my jacket and over my shoulders, my jacket falls to the floor.

Now to my shirt buttons, She works fast and before I can catch my breath my shirt joins it’s companion on the floor. Still kissing but now with increased urgency my belt is removed and stupidly I try to join in.

“NO!” She says, as She clasps my wrists and pulls them away.

“Be still… Be quiet.”

My trousers are now at my feet. She pushes me backwards and I step out. She kicks them away.

As I stand there with only pants covering my excitement I feel Her hands at work again. She kneels and slides the offending item slowly down my legs and my manhood bounces out.

Now I am naked and unable to control myself. My hands go to Her face again to resume the passionate kiss.

“I said be still!” She snaps.

We kiss again. The only parts of our bodies that touch are our lips, our mouths, our tongues. My eyes are closed as I focus everything I have on this kiss, this feel, this taste, this smell, this fantastic moment.

From nowhere She pulls a blindfold and quickly deprives me of seeing Her beauty. I know not to resist.

Then nothing!

She moves away and I hear Her reminder. “Be still my sweet one… Be quiet.”

Minutes that feel like hours pass and I remain still, just as instructed.

Then suddenly my hands are pulled behind me and I feel the familiar cold metal cuffs slide on, followed by the click that ensures the removal of my freedom.

She pushes my shoulders down and I know to kneel.

The earlier text message just said, “Think of nothing but me – tonight will change everything!”

I had no idea what She could mean but “hey… who cares?”

I just drove and hoped for this moment and now… here it was.

She pushes me down again so I am kneeling in a low position.

Still She is quiet.

She moves forwards and I feel Her shoes against my thighs and the warmth of Her body on my face.

Then the soft satin of Her panties very gently touch my face.

“Stay still!” She repeats. Do not move a muscle.

She moves closer and pushes Herself onto my face.

My mind is intoxicated by Her divine perfume.

She pushes even more forcing my head backwards and the dampness of Her panties touch my chin.


This is an awkward position but I know not to complain.

As She forces forward I feel the dampness turn to wetness and I taste what I dreamed of for 200 miles.

“Lick… slut!”

The word slut is new and I feels confused but Her little noises of pleasure refocus my mind, She has me right were She wants me. The dripping satin confirms this and I eagerly lick not wasting a drop

Then She moves away.


I nod like an eager child with a new bag of sweets. She has become my addiction.

She steps away and in my mind I cry out for more but I know not to make a sound.

My hearing is heightened but my loss of sight and I can hear Her moving close by. Then Her fingers touch my mouth.

“Open wide slut!”

The wet gusset of Her panties is pushed into my mouth, followed by the rest of the garment.

“Close tight!” She snaps.

Next Her attention is focus on my nipples as She flicks them with Her sharp nails. They eagerly stand to attention begging for Her affection. Then the flicking stops and I feel Her pinch one then the other. The initial pain takes me by surprise and I take a sharp breath. Then… the burn!

She steps away and I realize that my two little friends are now clipped as the cold steal chain between them falls onto my chest.

“You, are late!”

All I can do is nod as speaking is not possible.

The love and tenderness is replaced by power and control.

Then a collar is fitted around my neck and another padlock is snapped shut.

“Stand up slut.”

It is difficult with no hands but I am given an encouraging tug on the collar.


We climb the stairs and enter the bedroom. The wrist shackles are unlocked but left on so my hands are free.

I am pushed onto the bed and fall onto my back. The bed is covered with a rubber Sheet. My hands are pulled out to spread eagle me across the bed. Click, click. Again, my freedom is removed.

“You, are late slut!”

The nipple clips are moving and soon I feel the pressure increase. The burn increases, as does my heart rate. I frown but know not to complain.

“Now… let’s cover that silly little cock shall we?”

Again confusion rears it’s head as I feel something like never before. Something is being pulled over my feet and slid slowly up my legs. It’s so soft I can barely feel the fabric.

“Lift your hips for your Mistress”

I do as She commands and feel a judder of excitement as my tiny dribbling cock is covered and I feel totally emasculated as She says…

“I won’t have any need for that again baby!”

Next my legs are spread and shackled into place. I lay there completely vulnerable. The panties are removed from my mouth.

Then I feel Madame climb over me, positioning Herself over my face for more Goddess worship?

She lowers Herself down onto my face and at long, long last I am given the chance to show just how grateful I am. I have been well trained in this art and Madame knows that all the training will bring Her wave after wave of wild wet climaxes.

As I lay there I am perfectly positioned to take delivery of every drop of Madame’s reward. My movement is restricted so Madame can have me for as long as She wants.

As She lowers Herself I take a big breath, I don’t know when I will be allowed the next one. Every breath of life has become a gift from my Goddess.

First gently Madame focuses Her clit on my mouth and my tongue is put to work. Slowly Madame starts to lose Herself and moves all over my face as if marking me with Her wonderful scent. Madame uses every contour of my face to bring Her pleasure. I cannot see at all, the only thing I can hear is the delicious sound of skin and wetness. I taste Her, I smell Her, I drink Her. She allows me another short breath.

She stops for a brief moment to remind me not to spill a drop, but she knows there is no chance of that.

Then She settles back for more. Wave after wave She comes. I am soaked my hair is soaked and still Madame carries on. I hear Her moans and squeals and know what is coming. Madame builds and builds to a wild crescendo and as much as I try I cannot do as I was ordered and the rubber Sheet does its job. I know I will pay for that later!

Then Madame stops and rests on my body. Her heart is beating like a speeding steam train and our wet bodies merge into one. My excitement has not been noticed as it tents my new panties. I only wish there was a flag attached! We lay still and melt together.

Then Madame warm hands are between my legs. Soft and slippery Madame massages between my legs teasing my butt.

If only my cock had the power of speech! It seems that Madame cannot even see it. It has been 6 weeks since I was last allowed to touch myself and my balls want to explode.


OH My God!

Warmth, wet warmth and at last my dream comes true. I can’t believe that She is doing that! Oh my God! Never before has She even considered it but now She is, and my head is in a spin! Part of me wants Her to stop as I know how much She said She hated the idea.

I can’t help thinking how incredibly good She is at this, it’s like She is a knows exactly what to do.

I feel myself loosing control and shake my head madly begging Her to stop before I fill Her mouth with what She hates so much.

The pace slows and I regain my composure using every muscle in my body to suppress my 6 week sexual volcanic eruption.

This is sublime and wild and so very strange. Her technique is perfection itself!

Then total confusion sets in as I feel Madame climb off and move away… but still the warmth; still my rigid cock is receiving this sublime expert attention.

I feel the warmth of Her breath against my ear as She says…

“Do you like this, slut?”

I nod my approval, quickly realizing that my pleasure was being delivered by a complete, but incredibly competent stranger and Madame was standing by my side!

“You must not come, my slut until I say… do you understand!”

I nod and for some reason a tear trickles down my already wet face.

Then I hear Madame click Her fingers as if to give an order.

The pace is increased and I instinctively arch my back.

This was impossible, how can I control the rhythm how can I stop at the crucial point. How can I stop myself? I feel the beginning and shack my head trying to attract the attention of whoever it was. This just increased their speed and I feel a hand between my legs. A sharp nail runs from the base of my rigid cock to my butt. Then it stops, focuses and penetrates.

I shack my head even more. Begging to be let alone but wanting so badly not to. OH my God this is the hardest but most incredible moment of my life all in one!

Then I give in and forget the shacking head and thrust myself forwards into the mouth of my tormentor. If She wants something to punish me for I might as well enjoy it! The finger in my butt comes out and is expertly and very swiftly replaced by a dildo that seems so huge it will split me in two. It is pushed home in one smooth move and I gasp!

What the fuck is happening to me?

More tears poor from my eyes.

And then…. Bang!

I explode, like never before!

Still the mouth is at work and still the penetration continues. Again and again I cannot stop myself.

Then I feel myself fire again and still my bottom is shafted harder and harder.

Then, suddenly everything stops and is total still.

My heart is almost bouncing out of my chest and I whimper as the exhilaration slowly subsides and invasion force is removed. All I need now is to sleep, right here in all this sexual wetness I just need to sleep. But the pleasure giver is still on me.

This expert in torment crawls up my body and lays beside me still stroking my slowly softening cock.

“Don’t spill a drop and don’t swallow sissy! Not till I say”

What does that mean?

I feel a tongue probing my mouth and instinctive open to let it in. Then my tormentor delivers my reward and returns to me my 6 weeks of frustration and as we kiss in a delicious exchange my mouth is filled my the results of my own wild climax.

The kiss goes on and on. This is the first time I have ever tasted cum and I struggle not to gag.

Again Madame is whispering in my ear.

‘Taste it, feel it, smell it and most of all get used to it!

The kissing lasts another 5 minutes and as it does the volume of liquid is increasing till my mouth is completely full of a mix of saliva and cum.

OK sissy slut… close your mouth and be still!”

The wonderful kisser disappears, never to be seen again and I am left.

I lay still, chained, soaked, fucked in every sense of the word, with burning nipples and a mouth full of cum. Another tear! Why do I cry like a girl?

Madame speaks, “It’s almost over now baby and you have done so well!”

“Now… Swallow!”

I try but just can’t do it.

Them Madame hand is over my mouth and Her fingers are squeezing my nose shut.

“Swallow Slut!”

I shake my head to try and break free but She has me pinned down.

“Swallow Slut… NOW!”

I am out of strength, out of my mind and most importantly, out of air!

Gulp, gulp I feel the slimy liquid slide down my throat and yet another tear trickles down my cheek.

“You know you will pay for that, don’t you?”

Then I am alone.

Wet, tied and finally asleep.

I never find out who it was who gave me so much pleasure and kissed me so amazingly and I still await my punishment, which no doubt, one day will come.

The next day I awake in bed and my Goddess is asleep by my side. It seems like it never really happened. All I have is a shaky memory a tender bottom and wonderfully sore nipples.

Madame stirs, wakes, looks at me, smiles and says,

“Good morning my sissy slut, welcome to your new life!”

All I can do is to ask, Madame, who was that girl who…?

Madame smiles and says “Girl?”


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sissy jimmie gave a testimonial well over a year ago about how wonderful The House is. It has become so much more that the refuge sissy called it. The House has become a home for sissy. sissy loves making new… Read more “princess jimmie”

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