Domestic Duties

domestic dutties
Nothing pleases a Superior more than an immaculate house - folded sheets, gleaming bathroom, and a spotless kitchen. And nothing pleases the House more than a properly completed and well submitted Domestics Report!

lila sitting pretty

Pretty clothes require special care

One of the most important areas of domestics for a sissy is that of clothing care ...
Feeling girly!

Not french but a french maid

This sissy loves to cook and clean for her Mistress ...

A Rise begin

Since sissy steffie entered the House, she has only been wearing stockings and panties under her normal clothes at home ...

One day of sissy maid’s diary

This sissy is feeling so happy, to live in the Superiors house and s.he wants to describe a typical lovely day. This sissy wakes up at 4:30 in the morning with a smile on he.r face and s.he goes straight ...
Domestic Duties

spring has sprung time to shine!

Now spring has arrived, sis likes to give her home a little bit more attention ...
domestic dutties

The art of being a good sissy

Yes , now this sissy understands why s.he was trained by he.r Mother ...
Maid Service

More Than a Costume

Dressing the part and focusing on the role itself will improve this sissy’s service and enjoyment of serving a Superior ...

Feminine Service Archetypes and Sissyhood

Maids, secretaries, housewives, etc. are more than roles to this sissy; they are “sissy-Heroes.” ...
Frilling her Softly

Frilling her Softly

This sissy had some past sewing experience, but loved to learn a new technique and use for this neglected past time ...
Serving By Doing

Serving By Doing

This past weekend, this sissy and he.r Mistress-Wife invited friends for a nice, low-key dinner. It was one of the first times in a very long time We/we have had for entertaining due to COVID. Mistress had to work the ...
Love your Mother!

Serving her Mother

This sissy really got to take away the sorrows of these daily tasks and to make the house a place of comfort, cleanliness and peace ...
Feeling girly!

sissy house keeping

To this day this sissy strives to do sissy house keeping right, for fear of punishment from her Wife and what this sissy's Mother might think of her ...

A sissy maid In Training

she will now actively seek out chores that need to be done and diligently complete them, hopefully before her Wife even notices that they need to be done! ...
frills for your panties

Sore fingers and Frills

This sissy thought it would be easy to sew lace on her panties. She bought the lace and panties with a lovely picture in her head of how they would look ...
A sissy maid cleans!

Deep Domestics

terrina's Superior complemented on how nice the house looked and how delicious dinner was. terrina believes all credit goes to The House of Sissify ...

sissy gets domestic

When sissy was told that Goddess Wife was having a day shopping at the coast with her friend, sissy decided to take a day off work to clean the house ...
Good sissy

The Good Sissy Guide, personified

My Ma'am has known of my sissy, submissive, bisexual needs since day one ...
domestic dutties

Glad to clean

This sissy's Superior was very happy to see her sissy in her proper place in the kitchen with her apron on ...
domestic dutties

Clean the toilet

Here this sissy can and will become her self as it should ...
maid to order

Being the Maid

Mistress,  I have become the maid for my Superior ...

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The House sure feels like home, so glad to be a part of it all!

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