Domestic Duties

domestic dutties
Nothing pleases a Superior more than an immaculate house - folded sheets, gleaming bathroom, and a spotless kitchen. And nothing pleases the House more than a properly completed and well submitted Domestics Report!

want you!

House Duties to make Her life easier

To be efficient this sissy looked up daily plans for cleaning the house and ways to help Mistress ...
love the smell of a clean house

love the smell of a clean house

She will do her best to keep her place in good order and well maintained as required of her ...
Maid Duties

Getting the hang of it

The desire of this sissy to serve her Mistress as Her sissy maid has become ingrained ...
domestic dutties

Laundry Service

slut loves making Wife happy, prancing around doing chore after chore with happiness in sluts mind ...

Domesticated lady

This sissy is complete knowing she is making her Superiors happy while being dressed as the perfect domesticated lady ...
kitty cupcakes lollipop

Cooking cookies and Making Tea and A.

This sissy has recently started serving a New Mistress and things have been amazing ...
Lace has been applied to Panties

Lace has been applied to Panties

This sissy has taken the time to put lace on a pair of her cute little panties ...

cooking english muffins

Remember, we exist to take away burdens from our Superiors. we also exist to please them. What better way to fulfill both obligations than by cooking something special? ...
maid service

Pride of the Maid

sissy is sure to clean those dishes after dinner is well. Her Superiors hands do not belong in the sink! ...
Domestic Duties

domestic diva

The Woman's happiness should always be sought after and cherished ...
Proper maids don’t get made

Proper maids don’t get made

sissy jess learned in this assignment that dressing up is one thing… However truly being the part is another ...
domestic duties

Sissy Maid has to Look the Part!

sissy's Mistress has asked her to always be dressed for the part of maid when doing her domestic duties ...
domestic dutties

House Cleaning

Mistress had left ankle cuffs with a one foot chain to keep her from "striding" ...
Serving Mistress

Serving Mistress

i wished her Merry Christmas and said it was my present to Her.. It was actually Her present to me to allow me to Serve Her! ...
locked sissy maid

Becoming melanie: Willingly or Not

As this sissy writes this, Mistress is inspecting her work. For each demerit Mistress finds she adds one hour in this sissy's uniform and forces her to buy one article of female clothing ...
maid service

Become a sissy maid

My beautiful and stunning Mistress absolutely loves an immaculate house ...
domestic dutties

Learning what it means to be a sissy

Nothing pleases a Mistress or my Superior more than an immaculate house. It brings Her joy and a peaceful state of mind ...
Domestic Duties

Mistress control

Last Sunday my Mistress give me job to do. i got in my maid outfit and sweep the whole house cleaned all the rooms and removed all the dust . Mopped the hard wood floors . It was so much ...
Serving the Mistress

Floor Scrubbing for sisssy

This sissy was thinking of how best to serve a Superior Female, when the opportunity presented itself late yesterday afternoon. When this sissy got home from work yesterday, s.he found her Wife in a state of despair. It seems Her ...
A sissy maid cleans!

An Introduction To Maidhood

Dear Superiors Curtsy This sissy has been privileged to experience the Sissify Staff instruction to learn about maidhood. s.he purchased a uniform and has been wearing it while cleaning the house, with two types of thoughts in he.r silly head ...

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Thank You, House, for being there so that us closet “sissies” have an avenue to express ourselves. This service is invaluable to us sissies so that we may express our sexuality.

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