Domestic Duties

domestic dutties
Nothing pleases a Superior more than an immaculate house - folded sheets, gleaming bathroom, and a spotless kitchen. And nothing pleases the House more than a properly completed and well submitted Domestics Report!

Buddha Bowl

Preparing for Dinnertime!

sissy susan has learned that great joy comes from seeing her Wife relax after a work day and enjoy a wonderful meal, with no thoughts of a messy house, or laundry piled up ...
Good Sissy Guide

The Only Goal: Being a Good sissy

This sissy felt warm, safe, secure, and happy as she read this assignment. It describes her ultimate dream, to be the perfect servant for a Superior ...
lamb in uniform

Performance of Domestic Duties

Humility is often a strong reinforcement of this sissy’s place, so s.he welcomes the opportunity as it pleases he.r Superior very much ...
Breakfast by jenn

Cooking for her Superior

sissy jenn has been working on domestic duties for a long time and felt it was time to submit a report on this subject concerning preparing meals for the Superior and at times guests ...
Good sissy guide

sissy’s focused new beginning

This is not a one time check the box training assignment, but full acceptance and devotion to Her needs, which will lead to being “loved and cherished by any Superior!” ...

First Steps

Yesterday, this sissy found he.rself in a lull at midday with little to do. The thrill of thinking and fantasizing about he.r future attire and body had worn off, and 2~3 days of chastity resulted in more energy than usual ...

Working on being more focused on housekeeping chores

s.he understands now what a huge part daily house chores play in becoming a better sissy and showing her Superior that s.he puts her needs above all else ...
Apron Dress

French Apron Fancy Dress

This sissy loves the outfit and wishes that have got it long ago, the sissy apologizes for this ...
Being a sissy maid

Being a sissy maid

cecile will from now on of course keep up with her duties as a sissy maid to her Superior's household. It is becoming a life style ...

a day of domestic duties for this sissy french maid

Mistress likes her sissy slave to take a kneeling position in front of the door. This moment when she waits on her knees for Mistress to open the door is always very intense and she then feels her heart beating ...
ready for spanking

feeling so submissive while doing my maid duty

Mistress wants this sissy’s butt to be always available for a good spanking ...
house wife

Time to let my inner sissy maid run free

sh.e will make this a ritual and make sure that these expectations are ever present in her mind ...
nipple clamps

Following Orders

Today, this sissy french maid was ordered to dust the living room with a dust feather ...
mandatory panties

just for the frills

This sissy is grateful to her Superiors to learn how to sew her own panties ...
Joyfull cleaning

Joyfull cleaning

Its my duty as Her sissy to ensure the house is clean and after we had 10 people over last night the house surely is in a very bad state ...
The useful sissy must be skilled.

The useful sissy must be skilled.

Thank You so much for reawakening one of this poor creature's most heartfelt memories and aspirations ...
princess andrea

more than appearance

Being a sissy maid is more than the appearance of being one ...
cleaning the pool in panties

Girly Dutys

Just cleaning the pool in panties ...
A sissy maid cleans!

Concentration, repetition and practice make perfect

This girl read her assignment three times to make sure she understood. Bright and early next day she dressed as the house was empty ...
maid andrea

an eventful day of sissy maid service

This sissy asked what they required and his girlfriend said she had heard that sissy maids were good at sucking cocks and wanted to know if it was true ...

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