Domestic Duties

domestic dutties
Nothing pleases a Superior more than an immaculate house - folded sheets, gleaming bathroom, and a spotless kitchen. And nothing pleases the House more than a properly completed and well submitted Domestics Report!

Domestic Duties

Report 889 – Maidhood 101

This one has to report a transgression that this one made. When i was prepareing dinner for my Mistress and her guest this one mad the error of placeing a fork that had spots on it on the dinner table ...
Domestic Duties

Report 872 – Introduction to Maidhood

Mistresses of the House,Please review this sissyÍs report for proper Introduction to Maidhood. The journey started when this worthless sissy maid had been laid off from he.r place of employment. With the severance pay, jaimelynn bought a CB6K after being ...
Domestic Duties

Report 855 – Just for Frills

As this sissy has always dreamed of having very own pair of panties adorned with frilly lace on sissy bottom, this assignment was "tailor maid" for trixie! In addition to completing this beautifully illustrated and documented assignment, and ...
Domestic Duties

Report 850 – The good sissies guide!

This sissy now happily accepts heÍr place in the home since Mistress took a well paid job with a position of managerial authority, and travels all over the world. This sissy is very much a lady and Mistress is the ...
Domestic Duties

Report 840 – Introduction to Maidhood

This worthless sissy would like to report on he.r efforts to become a better maid for he.r wonderful Wife and Superior. Ever since joining the House a year ago s.he has been constantly working towards being a good maid with ...
Domestic Duties

Report 838 – Maidhood 101

This sissy has been subservient to Wife for several years as Ms. has been disabled since 2000. You might say this one was 'maid to order' and has found natural calling in this situation. Although this one's Wife ...
Domestic Duties

Report 793 – Maidhood 101

This sissy wishes to report that Domestic Duties are accomplished with a smile and a curtsey. This sissy makes the bed as soon as she awakens in the morning. Keeping a clean house is a sign of respect for my ...
Domestic Duties

Report 688 – Maidhood 101

Arriving home after a long days work sissy fell fast asleep. Awakened promptly at 7am by Mistress and informed of the days agenda, her maids outfit had been carefully laid out for her. sissy began with a hot bath removing ...
Domestic Duties

Report 630 – Maidhood 101

A sissy must be of service to all women. She must also be of service to any men her Mistress selects. Especially important is for a sissy to learn to be a well rounded sissy maid in her mistresses house!This ...
Domestic Duties

Report 528 – Introduction to Maidhood

This sissy is lucky to have recently been given the privilege to do maid service for her Superiors. This sissy dressed in her hand made beautiful outfit with such a short skirt that revealed her frilly knickers (see pics). To ...
Domestic Duties

Report 466 – Maidhood 101

Your audrey is so sorry about her long blackout. But she has got good news: a Mistress has decided to help her become a real sissy. Her name is Lady Marlene and audrey is serving her and obeying her commands.audrey ...
Domestic Duties

Report 430 – Introduction to Maidhood

Hello sister sissies and greetings and respect to my Superiors here at the House of Sissify. The time has come for Kendra to share her story with the rest of the world. She hopes it will bring joy and hope ...
Domestic Duties

Report 394 – Maidhood 101

Today this sissy has some home work to do as he.r sissy maid training. S.he has had a warm bath and has done a careful shaving. Then s.he has prepared he.r sissy face applying he.r make-up and has done he.r ...
Domestic Duties

Report 359 – Maidhood 101

This assignment was given to me because of a imperfectly worded question. i like all other sissies have been curtsing to Superiors as is proper. But over time i realized that the curtsy does have different forms. That the one ...
Domestic Duties

Report 349 – Just for Frills

When choosing this assignment to do again, this one chose to do the panties as in the House tutorial. This one went straight away to her panty collection and went through it to find a pair suitable. This one chose ...

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missy messy maso

Just in passing – your site is an absolute inspiration, a joy to giggle through. The endless parade of those 1950’s tucked and bobbed pink-petticoated good-little-housewife cartoons is both mood-lifting, delightfully nostalgic in a delightfully non-serious way, and strangely gratifying… Read more “missy messy maso”

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