Spring time is cleaning time

Spring is the perfect time for the annual deep clean. Not just at your house or apartment, but at the home of your Superiors! 

It's more than a great way to reset, as this yearly chore also gets rid of winter's accumulated dust and dander and sets a nice preface for the new season.

Spring is of course the natural beginning of the years solar cycle - nurturing new beginnings, renewal, rejuvenation, emergence and birth. The dregs of the past year are tossed off, the old growth from previous eras giving way to the brave assertion of tender potentialities emerging from the uncertainty known as Spring.

If you want to win the support and attention of a Mistress - and what sissy doesn’t. Clean.

No Superior can resist such acts of understanding and care as finding Her home cleaned, new flowers arranged, and tangible efforts made to bring the beauty of spring indoors.

As sissies - one is particularly advantaged to serve in this fashion. A combination of caring and effort fuse in the art of cleaning and often times it is during spring cleaning that greater physical abilities are able to be leveraged. Need the windows washed? What about that ladder work? (in her short skirt of course)  Call the sissy!


Let's get started!

Cleaning the home from top to bottom may be a big task, but no worries honey - you can make the project more manageable with help from your House of Sissify!

Whether you choose to start at the top and work down,  or from the outside in doesn’t matter. Most important is to be in the right mind of service and joy.

No one likes to be around a resentful or angry cleaning person - especially your Superior. Take the opportunity to cleanse your mind as you clean the home and this way you will reap the greatest benefit of this ceremony - and thats about harmony inside and outside, for your self -  as well as those you serve.

Regardless of where you choose to start, be realistic in your planning and allow several days for this effort. By creating a realistic schedule you can focus on one task at a time (somethings are simply too good to rush!)  You can also look forward to completing each days efforts with a luxurious bath, sexy lingerie and well deserved rest.
You'll need several days for more involved projects, such as cleaning the attic and organizing closets but in due time, you'll check everything off your list—and have a sparkling clean home by the end of it.

Materials Needed

Before starting your spring cleaning you'll want to make sure you have all of the tools necessary to complete every task on your list. There are a handful of cleaning supplies you'll need, but your list will be largely dictated by your own personal cleaning methods. As a general guide, though, most spring cleaning kits should have the following:

  • Bucket
  • Clean microfiber cloths
  • Sponges
  • Reusable spray bottle
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Duster
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Vacuum
  • Mop

Each room of the home has a specific purpose as well ideas and memories connected to them. Allow yourself a moment to reflect on all the good times that have been shared in each room, connect to the beauty that is this sanctuary and thus be motivated to clean each space with the full awareness of the gift of being able to clean.

Lets start at the beginning. While your pattern will be unique, consider your pathway through this project.

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bree ann

This sissy has been so happy since finding The House of Sissify, it was a pleasure to be able to be able to give back a little after receiving so much. Truly without all of the hard work and love… Read more “bree ann”