Domestic Duties


Service oriented sissies are in demand!

What Superior wouldn’t want a sissy maid to make life more pleasant? Daunting though they may seem, managing these tasks can make or break a sissy. The House presents practical guidelines for the sissy maid in domestic duties!

Good sissy Guide

The Good Sissy Guide

All of Our girls want to be a good sissy. Learn how to take care of your Superior properly with
Sissy Maid 101

Sissy Maid 101

The maid is born. Suddenly, jobs that were once a bit onerous, now have become quite pleasant, even exciting --

Become a sissy maid – An Introduction

It was 'women's' work and accepted naturally. If you aspired to be a woman -- this was how! Her chores
mandatory panties

Frills for your panties

A sissy girl should be able to do sissy things! Sewing is definately a skill that can get you noticed,
Ready to start your training?

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This submissive sissy congratulates you on this fabulous website. s.he admits that at first i was wary and looking to see where it was another rip-off – as most of us are used to. However, your fantastic – with all… Read more “patty jane”

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3 years ago

This sissy has been out of commission all week but is starting to recover. she started her day getting on her knees and and scrubbing the toilet and bathroom…as directed by “The Flylady” and has drafted up her sissy to-do list. Next is a great guided meditation i found on the power of accepting your true self.
TTYl, jzemma

P.S. i am a sissy

Reply to  jzemma
3 years ago

So, this sissy isn’t as recovered from the 8 days of recovery and medication as s.he had hoped. .s.he is getting stronger but had an unfortunate event yesterday. her BFF since junior high school (female, same age) was nice enough to pop by with a bag of Chinese take-out after She got out of work, only to be affronted with this this sissy’s unprepared and untidy household. this sissy is still feeling mortally ashamed and disappointed with her self. While BFF is aware and accepting of sissy’s being a life-long transvestite it is, out of respect for Her wishes, on… Read more »

Reply to  jzemma
2 years ago

I would definitely given you a spanking if your household was as messy as you indicate!

girly legz
3 years ago

Today this Sissy Maid did her laundry and yes she takes special care of her panties and girly stuff. Wash Dry and Fold that’s what this little girl does. Prancing around the house today in her girly tank top and leggings. Sissy Slut is so tired right now and begs her Mistress for some time for self exploration. Housework and chores all done, Kitchen floor sparkles as does the stove. she is thrilled she was approved for her Masturbation Schedule and awaits with patience to get her special day. Coffee now , hoping soon for a cum dessert. i did… Read more »

leta love
3 years ago

This sissy is excited to sew a new pair of sissy ruffles. This sissy will wear them humbly.

4 years ago

Starting my Sunday morning cleaning chores. I am wearing my panties (as always), tight girl jeans and high heels. Sweeping, dusting and vacuuming in heels is difficult but it helps me to move as a girl should. When my mistress wakes up, I will bring her tea with the Sunday papers and ask what she would like me to fix for her breakfast.

5 years ago

i love this site and the stories and even though i would love and hate to being tricked into mattie in public it will never happen to me because i live in a small one track minded town in ky and my queen is more scared of that then i am lol a girl can dream and read the stories on hear and wonder what she would do if it did happen to me will join the site soon cant wait