Will you be able to find a real Mistress?

Or How to Get Yourself a Real Mistress, Pansy-Girl

by Ms. Selena Alcott

What’s a sissy to do? It is true that for every dominant Woman, there are 50 or more sissies desperately vying for Her attention. It is also true that a lifestyle Mistress may choose two sissies out of all those candidates, if that many. All the rejected sissies wail and gnash their teeth, muttering under their collective breath, “How did that Sissy do it? Lucky bitch!” and on and on, until the rejected sissies grow terminally frustrated, and become bitter old republicans, like Bob Dole.

Don’t let that be you. Save yourself. It’s easy to do. The sissy that is chosen over all the others isn’t lucky… she’s smart. She’s also got an edge honey: it’s called doing your homework.

Here’s some simple steps on How to Find and Keep a Mistress who will Keep You!

Humble Thy Self

By the nature of the beast, the sissy is a very narcissistic creature. Though they profess to be submissive, they can be very passive aggressive. Though they claim to be devoted, they are often secretly clitty clitty bang bang, driven little horn-dogs with a hump agenda longer than their laundry list. Not appealing at all, in a girl-wannabe desiring to be subjugated and sissified.

A dominant Woman is looking for a user-friendly product. If She has to fight tooth and nail at every bend in your development, the Mistress will either give up and leave, or She will go shopping elsewhere for a better make of pansy. If the Mistress is experienced, then She can spot these trouble-making, unique-fixer-upper-opportunity sissies a mile away. She will not even risk a hello, for fear of how it might be interpreted by a desperate, yet damaged little poofta.

The solution is this. Start by subjugating yourself, first to the world. Become known for your good works. Treat everyone you meet as though you served them… and then really do serve them. Dale Carnegie claimed that the number one key to success was to say to everybody you meet, “What can I do for you,” and he was completely right.

Help stranded motorists. Walk old ladies across the street. Volunteer for something. Start a revolution in a third world country demanding better hair care and fashion coordination for peasants. Rescue a kitty from a tree. Try to serve someone, anyone, a least once a day, or wherever needed. Then, tell yourself after every good work that you live to serve. In no time flat it will become second nature, and before you know it, you will have become far more attractive to a prospective Mistress, simply through your learned nature, rather than through forced behavior modification.

Now, in the presence of this possible Mistress-to-Be… or in contact in any way, be it chat room, phone, email, or in person… be very complimentary. Agonizingly so. Look for every opportunity to say something flattering about Mistress. This goes a helluva long way, girls. Beyond compliments, talk about Them. Concentrate on Their story, not yours. Ask questions about Them, keep Them engaged and talking about Themselves.This is very powerful juju, sweetie. Try to keep Them talking, and be a very good listener. When prompted, give honest replies to questions. Woody Allen once said,“If you can keep a Woman talking ’til 4:17am, you will most likely get laid.” (Or, in a sissy’s case, beaten.) It’s misogynistic, but it also holds a grain of truth. I know, for saying that, I’m going to get thrown out of the femforce local chapter, for giving away union secrets, but an uninformed sissy is an unowned sissy.

A Secure Mistress is a Happy Mistress

Society is constructed in such a way that there are many, many safety nets for the male creature, so that a male doesn’t lose face, or standing in the community. The western puritan ethic view is that the male supports the Woman. It’s the way it’s done. It’s expected.
Some Women set out to build a life outside of this construct. The Woman may decide to assert Herself in the workplace, bedroom, the home, or say, striking out and getting a career. She likely has to work harder at it than the male in the same position.. and She probably is getting paid less for twice the work.

So when a Woman has Her own place, Her own car, Her own life, chances are She worked very hard for it, doing things no male monkey would dream of doing, to acquire the same things.

I want this made abundantly clear: the fantasy idea of the kept male sissy, forced to stay at home and slowly become feminized by a powerful Woman, just doesn’t fly in reality. It never, ever happens.

The first thing a sissy needs is a JOB. Say it with me, girls. JOB. Or the means to support your sissy self. If the sissy is really lucky, she’ll have a trust fund, but that’s highly unlikely, and besides, trust fund babies make crappy sissies… but that’s another rant entirely.

You can’t expect, nor should you expect, the Mistress to drop Her life and career to support your slacker sissy tush. Besides, why would a sissy, who professes to worship a Woman of the superior gender as her Goddess, want to inflict her broke sissy dependent self on Her. She wouldn’t. Becoming a girl is an expensive prospect. Very expensive. We’re talking clothes, cosmetics, wigs, foundations, toys, whips, floggers, cuffs, electroshock, electrolysis, radical plastic surgery, sexual reassignment surgery, voice therapy, brainwashing, and microchip implants. These things cost Big Bucks. Even if you stop at cuffs. We’re talking thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Look at it this way: dogs and cats are popular pets because they are easy to take care of and train. The cost is relatively affordable. The same goes for a sissy. You have to be an affordable, easily managed pet. If you can’t, it will be easier for the Mistress to simply buy an endangered lowland gorilla, shave it, put it in a tutu, and teach it to serve tea … and She will save a few bucks.

The better off financially you are, the more attractive the sissy is going to look to Her, and the more fun you are going to have. So get out there and make some money, honey. I mean, really make some money. Once again, we’re on a quest here for The Her, and I can’t stress the importance of this. Eliminate the financial burden, and you eliminate the biggest obstacle to your dreams. Believe me, the Mistress will happily handle your money for you, and She will spend it wisely once you earn it. Fear not.

Frankensteining the Mistress: Forget it, girl!

A lot of sissies have this whacked idea that they will just go out, find a Woman, and then during the course of a normal relationship, the sissy will slowly turn the Woman into a Dominant Bitch Queen. It’s a kind of reverse Stepford Fantasy. And it is quite doomed to fail.

Just as a sissy’s disposition is geared towards being a girl, a Woman’s disposition is equally set. She is who She is, and trying to change Her, to mold Her to your fetish fantasies, borders on abuse and is damned good grounds for divorce. You might be able to talk Her into playing with you in the bedroom and around the house, but if you’re going to demand that She change Her entire life because you hid your true identity from Her at the outset of getting involved, then you need to wake up, girly.

How can you expect for Her to love you for who you are, if you became someone else to be with Her?Madame Stewart
If a sissy enters into a relationship as a macho “Man’s Man,” and then turns into a flaming ponce at the full moon, the effect from the Woman’s point of view is going to be highly ill received. “I don’t know what happened! Jeff was such a man, then suddenly my panties started disappearing, and he may be wearing lipstick! I think he’s gay.” The Woman will no doubt leave, but not before She tries to get you some counseling, and maybe hook you up on a date with Her hairdresser friend.

No matter how subtly you approach this, it’s just not going to work. Despite the fact that it’s doomed to fail, time and time again sissies tell me that this is their intention. The Girlfriend wanted one thing, and the sissy is pulling a bait and switch. Forget about it. If it’s too late, and the sissy is already started down this road, then you have three choices: one, get out of the relationship and save Her the grief and shock of it all; two, find a professional Domme who will treat you as you really are, you wanton strumpet; or three, push your feelings into the pit of your stomach, where they can gnaw on your ulcer.

I wish I could say your desires are going to go away, but the more they are denied or indulged, the stronger they grow as you age. They may recede, they may ebb and flow, but they always come back, and they come back stronger each time. If, by the time you’re 40, you haven’t resolved this, chances are you will either be stark raving mad, or clinically depressed to the point of doing something really strange and extroverted. Do be sure to pick out a nice cardboard box under a bridge, with a view of the river. We hear that refrigerator boxes work best.

Finding the Mistress of your dreams and wildest fetish erotic nightmares

Really, the first thing is finding where the Mistresses are, be they professional or lifestyle. Just where do dominant Women gather? Where do they relax, hang out, play, shop? That’s where you start.

Now, I know plenty of sissies out there are content to stay a cybersissy and want a cyberMistress, and I’m all for that. It’s less messy that way, particularly if the sissy is already in a serious and/or legally recognized relationship, so I’m not going to concern myself with that. You have the House of Sissify for that honey. I’m talking about a real, live Mistress, with as much desire to dominate as your desire to submit. Do they exist for real? Well, maybe not like Wicked Wanda in Penthouse magazine, or Lucy Lu in the movie Payback. Chances are they fall somewhere between Ilsa of SS and June Cleaver in real life – and they can be found.

Research your area. Find out if there are any professional dungeons in town, or groups that meet with a BDSM theme. If that isn’t possible, then try looking for the drag show at the gay bar in your area. Mistresses seem to gather where the sissies are, as much as sissies desire to be where the Mistresses are. The fervor for attention is not as steep as you may think in places like these. Remember, your average drag queen is gay. That helps cut through the crowd pretty quickly.

Now, I’m not going to go into how you can small-talk, or buy a Lady a drink, or all that other stuff that’s involved to pitch a decent woo. I will tell you if a genetic heterosexual or bi Woman is at a drag show, then chances are She might at least entertain the notion of a romp with a wanton tart such as yourself, or She may have some hard experience in the scene. Now, if the Mistress is surrounded by, or escorted by, a crossdresser or crossdressers unknown, the chances She is a Mistress by inclination, profession, or disposition just increased. If She is dressed in fetish attire, then it’s even more likely Her hand has pressed sissy glutimous maximus before.

There is some deductive reasoning involved here, and some observation skills required, so be alert. It may take a couple dozen trips to the drag shows and netherworld congregations to find Her, so be patient. Talk to other crossdressers. Find out about the scene. Pick up flyers for other events/clubs at the door, if you can find any. Explore the underground scene. Take your time. You aren’t going to find that rare jewel of a Mistress at karaoke night at the Ramada Inn.

With this kind of search, you’re going to have to step outside your comfort zone. You’re going to end up where the artists hang out, where the children of the night gather. And often those places can be a little daunting for the Sissy who has never stepped out of suburbia. Do you have a Goth Club in your area? How about an edgy gallery or coffee shop? There must be something out there.

If it involves travel, get your panty clad ass in a car and do it! This is your deepest desire, and it’s worth any expense to follow your dream. You want motivation? Here’s some: Picture all the long days and even longer nights your imagination has drifted to the thought of being dominated, owned, and sissified. Now think about how long the rest of your life is. Now tell me how inconvenient it is to pursue this quest. It isn’t sitting around wishing, baby. It’s getting out there and getting dirty.

Let the Mistress discover the sissy

Okay, hopefully, at this point, you have honed down the search to the Mistress you’re seeking, and the Mistress has decided to get to know you a wee bit.

First rule of thumb: let the Mistress discover the sissy. Oh, sure, you have told Her you’re a little sissy, and She agrees, but this is a courtship ritual as old as time. Granted, it’s a courtship ritual turned on its head, but it has all the elements of the classic chase. In the classic boy-meets-girl model, the boy chases the girl until the girl catches him. In this case, the sissy is the girl, and the Mistress does the catching.

In the classic scenario, the girl creates the illusion of the chase, even though it’s a foregone conclusion. This is exciting for the Mistress on the prowl. This is also tricky business. Give Her ammo to trap you – let a panty line show through your tight pants; let Her notice the bra under your just-a-little-too-sheer shirt. She will notice and pounce on that. It’s irresistible to a true Dominant Lady. Play embarrassed. This arouses the strong Woman. Give Her all the tools necessary to ensnare you. Be crafty, deceptive, even dishonest. Yes, it’s low and base, but that’s amore, baby – even in a D/s relationship.

Now even if you have been dressing and going out in public for years, even if you can paint your face like a grande Diva and walk in heels like a sleek silent panther, don’t let Her see that. Let Her be your guide, show you everything from the ground up. Don’t try to instruct, don’t try to resist, simply go along for the ride and love every minute of it.

A lot of the appeal for a Dominant Woman is that She can play dress-up, and She can impose Her idea of femininity on a willing subject. She might have a completely different idea of a Woman in mind for you. Indulge Her, be Her canvas, Her clay to be molded. If you can do that, then you’re in, sweetheart, and the games can really begin.

Well, there you are, sweetie. Hopefully you have the keys to the Queendom now. Now go little girl, up on that auction block with pride. You are a valuable item, well worth the time and expense a Mistress would want to invest in. You deserve to be collared, subjugated, humiliated, destroyed and remade along more pleasing lines.

Carpe Noctum, sweeties!

Ms. Selena Alcott

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  1. openminded sasha

    This paragraph was deeply touching “I wish I could say your desires are going to go away, but the more they are denied or indulged, the stronger they grow as you age. They may recede, they may ebb and flow, but they always come back, and they come back stronger each time.” Sissify is a Goddess-send because it is here where sissies can be understood and helped.

  2. girly legz

    Dearest Mistress
    This Sissy Maid is sad today. She wished she could wake up and find bigger breasts and be all woman! This pathetic panty slave needs encouragement sometimes. I know it takes time and it’s a process, she feels feminine and starting to look very girly, however it’s a transformation. Sissy Maid loves her new life, today she just depressed. I need a hug and kiss thank you

  3. gina marie

    As a new member of The House, this sissy appreciates valuable information such as this. Thank you Mistress for the article, sissy gina needs all the help she can get to make the right Mistress happy!


  4. michelle in the making

    Sissy has felt that she needs a firm hand on her feminization since she came back to the House. She is going to use everything this assignment has taught her to have the opportunity to earn a place serving a Mistress. Who in turn can make her the sissy she has always dreamed of being.

  5. stacey

    This was a great read mistress. I recently tried finding my mistress from an online dating site but found out in the end it was a scam. I was extremely disappointed because I thought I finally found the perfect mistress. But that won’t bring this sissy down as I’ll continue to search for my mistress who I can worship and submit to

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