Getting Real

Sissy Training Assignments

Social skills will make you shine!

Our debutants must present themselves appropriately to make the House proud to claim them as OUR sissies. We know you want to put your best high-heeled foot forward when you walk into the room. Heads will turn. What will they see?




Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet? We love this magical time where you can make a promise to ...
Will you be able to find a real Mistress?

sissies Everywhere & Not a Mistress to be Had

What's a sissy to do? It is true that for every dominant Woman, there are 50 or more sissies desperately ...

a sissy halloween

Don’t let it pass you by once again! It’s a sissies holiday dammit, and you can be whoever you want ...
What a filrt!

What a Flirt!

Flirting is fundamental to girlish behavior, yet good flirting is foreign territory to many sissies who may be accustomed to ...
So you want to tell Her?

So you want to tell her?

So - you want to tell your Superior that you are a sissy? You may even want to tell her ...
Watching the Faeries Dance

Watching The Faeries Dance

Don't take this so darn seriously sissies It's fun, it's adventure and it's play time. Spend some time watching the ...
sissy's ordeal

Safety, Meetings and sissies

You know you want it. You want to saunter away from your computer, put on your heels and have some ...
Secret Sissy

Secret Sissy

You're hiding it from the world. You're no manly man. You're a wimp, a panty slut, a a (go ahead ...


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i am so happy to have found your site, my Master sent me here. i am looking forward to becoming the perfect sissy slave, trained for the pleasure of others. Your site has given me real hope of achieving this… Read more “sissy slave domonique”

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girly legz
4 years ago

Well this sissy started so many years ago dressing up as a stewardess , the call them flight attendants now. With a short dress fishnets and heels at Halloween in my office it was my little foray into going out as a girl albeit under different pretenses. My little deep dark secret wanting be a girl. The guys and dolls at my office loved my appearance , i kind of felt proud of how i looked playing a role. i feel guilty now in a submissive way, know how society frowns on girls like me/us. i don’t really care what… Read more »

Reply to  girly legz
2 years ago

You should feel proud! The courage it takes to be a gurl in this f-d up society of ours? OMG—99% of the population does not have what it takes to present their innerself the way you did. Good Job! The first impulse for me was to Run! Be ashamed! Be Fearful! it’s taken a lifetime to turn that around. There’s only one Judge, and he judges us all when we pass on. Believe this–our society will be judged and most likely–found to be lacking. Lacking in Tolerance, Acceptance and Love. Don’t worry what other people thing. As long as you… Read more »