New Years is the most exciting time of the year for the sissy in training! All of your goals and dreams are within reach if you just make use of a little bit of help from the House.

Feminization is all about transformation - a metamorphosis from who you had thought you were into something worthy of becoming.  As they say - inch by inch, anything's a cinch - but yard by yard, well girl - it's super hard!  So get comfortable and set yourself up for turning your dreams into your reality!

First let's unpack what it takes to start your Resolutions out right. Many a girl before you has already traveled this path.  We have already established that you want to be a good sissy. A proper accessory to a Superior. We know you can do it. 

It’s obvious isn’t it?

You have the need, the desire, and the passion. All is you need is a plan! This is where the House comes in.

With a guiding hand, a plan, a community - metamorphosis is almost a foregone conclusion.

Let's assess what it is that you have resolved to accomplish. It is imperative that it's in line with what your Superiors would want for you. Without that alignment - doubt and fear will come in the way, but with your Superiors support - each step will come about with fluidity and ease.

Don't try to do everything at once - but do start somewhere!

Often one of the best places to start is by making some notes. This is known as free association. Your deepest wishes and dreams will help you jot these down freely.

sissy quizAsk yourself what are the stumbling blocks at this point? Where would I like to see myself this time next year? How would I like my relationships to look as the year progresses?

Decide which changes you are presently ready to commit to. Example: "I currently am not feminized at all - I want to be extremely submissive and girlish but if I'm honest with myself - I will not be able to pull that off in six months.”

While realism is pragmatic - a sissy must always keep herself in check less her fear for action become an excuse for inaction and stagnation. Fear stops everything! There's a temptation, with the New Year, (especially for sissy's born with masculine traits) to run off a list of everything they've ever wanted to change. This "gitr done" approach is so overwhelming to a girls heart and resolve - it affectively puts all the passion on to the back burner for yet another day, week, month, year, decade, or sigh... a lifetime. Don't fall for it! You'll have better luck fulfilling one or two goals than you will with a list of fifty. You can always add new resolutions to your list later.

Make a Plan

Vital to getting from one location to another is to make a plan. It can be simple and fun!

Goal without a plan Once you know what your resolution is, try to break it down into bite size chunks. Ask yourself  "whats that one small step can I do now, that can move me toward my goal?" Stagnation is the threat to change, indolence is its action. It takes many stones to build an arch, many drops of water to fill the well, but all of these are simply made up of small individual, seemingly insignificant actions.

Perhaps it is smiling at yourself in a mirror and saying to your reflection, “you are a beautiful sissy” or to use your best sissy voice when next answering the phone. The House is filled with programs and lessons to inspire and make each step meaningful. Explore the options!

Nobody accomplishes anything of significance by trying to do it all at once. Knowing this, your plan simply needs to be enough to give you a place to start. To further your feminization, you might devise a plan like this:

  1. Look over the Behaviour Modification Assignments.
  2. Make a list of all the assignments that interest you.
  3. Pick one of these and try to accomplish it in one to two months. Think about what you will accomplish from completing this lesson. How will you do it? Will you devote a certain amount of time per day? Will you spend time on weekends?

Write it Down

Write down your resolution and your plan of action. Stick it up on the fridge, at your desk, on your mirror, wherever you know you'll see it. Write it on your Activity Stream. Share it with your sisters! That way you'll have a constant reminder of the resolution.


love being feminineYour honest commitment shows through your consistency in following the Training Regimen. Stick to your training routine come rain or shine!

Example: "In starting to shave my body more regularly, this sissy is learning how to soften her skin, move in a feminine way, and safely reach those hard-to-reach places. This is a good start on further feminization for me and this sissy is developing new discipline to reach my goals."


With this new method, the resolution becomes rooted, anchored, and resistant to backsliding. It becomes graceful and fine-tuned. In other words, it becomes second nature. New habits spontaneously persist, or are rapidly returned to; even in times of stress or disruption. But you must be consistent in returning to your routine!

Example:"I have been shaving consistently for longer than six months. It's feeling like second nature to me. I'm beginning to feel more girlish all the time."

kitty kitty kitty Constancy matters if a sissy is to truly transform, otherwise it is simply play acting, a costume performance designed only to satisfy ones leftover vestiges of male ego. But with constancy, it becomes habit, habit becomes nature, nature is reinforced by others in your life and your natural expression. As you become your authentic self, society will support you and what they now expect of you will no longer be a lie. What a huge liberation! A feminized person will have opportunities given and expected of them to become more and more feminine, while a poser will only be derided as pretending to be that which they are not and will only represent confusion. Constancy is key. Remember what We said - bit by bit its all a cinch. We don’t call the cat by only saying kitty once. It's kitty kitty kitty! Repetition of small actions pursued with consistency brings untold transformations.

We can't always be with you to truly force you to form good habits - but you should believe that We are. We would enforce these resolutions and you would be a better sissy for it.

Now, haven't you wasted enough time?

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!


Mistress Monique

I instructed my sissy, amandacecilia, to join your wonderful site a few days ago after I did a brief perusal here myself, with instructions that she show me anything she felt especially useful or insightful here. Needless to say, the… Read more “Mistress Monique”

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