Secret Sissy

Somebody's got a secret!

You're hiding it from the world. You're no manly man. You're a wimp, a panty slut, a a (go ahead - say it!) you're a secret SISSY! No doubt about it, your soul wears lace and your mind is tinted pink but we can't let that pussy out of the bag, can we?
We know that all of you sissies aren't able to go around flaunting it. You have lives in which you earn a living, have so-called normal relationships, and certainly, there are obligations that interfere with being who you really are deep down inside. We understand, but We also have expectations that you will do whatever you can to be the best sissy you can be.

Every day's a sissy day

panty cartoon A day without panties is like a day without sunshine. Women's thongs and men's thongs are virtually identical. By choosing solid colors, avoiding bows or lace, and trimming out the tags (if you choose women's thongs), you can wear your panties. Even if you must wear icky male thongs, you can still know that they are almost girly and certainly racy. A lace tank top can be worn under male clothing. Perhaps you can discreetly wear nylons under your pants. Remember to wear socks with your shoes. If necessary, you may claim that support hosiery is medically required for good circulation. (Note: this doesn't work if you are a 22 year-old triathlete.) Always sit down in the restroom to tinkle. This way you maintain a girlish position and can re-tuck your unsightly protrusion. Certainly one can maintain this feminine profile! Tucking is an important basic that goes virtually undetected by the untrained eye. The trained eye will understand and appreciate that you are maintaining your sissy self in secret. Depending on your sizes, you may be able to wear women's shoes and clothing that are similar to male shoes and clothing. You won't get that extra-girly appearance but you will have the surreptitious feeling that somehow, you aren't the man that they see. If you are really ambitious, you might take up competitive swimming. Competitive swimmers must shave their bodies to lower their resistance in the water. For secret sissies, who cannot shave for fear of being discovered, you can begin taking bubble baths and taking better care of your skin. It is important to use lotions and sunscreens and other cosmetics that protect and soften the skin. Listen sissies, times have changed and it is not uncommon for men to get manicures and even spa treatments. There is a big industry out there to cater to men's grooming needs. Just let them try to call you a sissy for taking better care of yourself! Oh come on now – you long to be called a sissy. You just don't want to suffer too painfully, so take advantage of primping that you can explain!

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WOW I have to say,.. That although I do not participate in this particular lifestyle,.. (being far too dominant in set in my ways to desire such an experience) I feel you deserve enormous kudos on the design and layout… Read more “ishmael”

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